Monday, May 5, 2014

Q & A: XVI: MIsc Health Questions [Group Posting]

Q. I am interested in your opinion about Targeted Individuals / synthetic telepathy. People are really getting hurt by this secret weapons war on American Citizens. How can we stop this individually? Who is behind this and why? Transhuamanism? 
A. When I read this I immediately think of "psychological warfare" (words that I saw in my mind).  The focus is to give people the illusion that certain actions are really of their choosing, and the decision the people in power want is made freely and not forced.  I see a magician, and they are waving a wand over someones head, and the words that come out of their mouth match the desired result.  It looks like a trick based upon hypnosis...

I also see that it could be an individual, but the image in my mind is more like a targeted group such as the middle class, men, women, mothers, certain age groups, that type of thing. The telepathy or sending a message can occur in the form of marketing, tv programs (and I get it is called programs for a reason because they program your thoughts and opinions), radio, etc..

The higher ups with an agenda are the ones that keep it going. It really looks like an art that they have mastered. For example, people have the illusion that they are voting for a republican or democrat without realizing these individual groups funnel back to the same source.  False flags are also a way to program people by using fear. Even simple things like telling certain groups they need to look a certain way is programming in order to make you buy materialistic things you don't need. Then I hear "you can't even watch a news program without being told you need this drug or that drug."

There is a lot of targeted telepathy going on.  It benefits politics, pharmaceutical companies, merchandise, food, all kinds of things.  How to avoid it- pay attention and learn to realize what are your thoughts versus what thoughts you are told to have.  As a mass society it isn't going to stop, but self awareness can aid in protecting you from it.

Q. Could you do a post on ayahuasca? Is it positive or negative for spiritual development? Does it damage your aura or third eye, or help you see truth?

A. What I see is that this herb / weed can give you some clarity, but I also see that once the effects of the herb / weed wears off, it is difficult to remember what you "discovered" during your experience.  It is as if it is so intense when you experience it that something in your mind "burns out" making the memory once you are off the "experience" very faded like a dream.  What I see people doing is either recording (audio or visually) their experience or journalling what they experience so they can reflect on it later.  

I see it spiritually enlightening, however, the memories will be more complete in your subconscious rather than you conscious mind.  It will take deep meditation (or reference back to your recordings of the event) to fully process what you learned and understood.  You may not understand it as well either when you revisit your experience because part of the understanding is viewing the experienced through a different part of your mind.  

I really see no damage unless you do it too much.  You have to allow your mind to process what is learned and not use that herb / drug to find all your answers.  If you abuse it rather than develop your own self along the way, I see it will create a block.  It is a tool or aid, not the thing doing all the work. 

Q. How good is the water from Reverse Osmosis,electricity based+ UV rays based water purifiers like Aquaguard,kent,etc.It is rumored that excessive purification of water cause the water to lose its essence,leading to lower body-immunity.
A. I see the electric infused + UV osmosis is good at killing bacteria, parasites and those type of living things, but it doesn't rid the water of fluride, chlorine and other various chemicals.  A natural, charcoal type filter looks to be the most gentle and effective way of filtering water.  I do see too much processing can "kill" the essence of the water, but I see that tied to processing (or cleansing) associated with chemicals and not the charcoal type filtration.

Q. May I ask if Jim Humble's MMS (28% sodium chlorite + citric acid) really is effective in curing aids, cancer, malaria and dengue fever (as they claim)?
A. I do see this as effective IF the patient takes this during the early onset of symptoms.  Once the disease or illness progresses too far the immune system is too weak to react, even with the MMS.  I In some cases I do see a full recovery, and other (depending on what type of cancer and with AIDS) I see it more like a remission that will need followup treatments.  It really depends on when the MMS is given and how damaged the immune system is when the MMS is administered to determine the real prognosis.

Q. I was wondering if you see any bigger issues or pandemic situations with the current Ebola and MERS-COV outbreaks and if the US should be worried. Thank you.
A.  I see these illnesses coming back because of the amount of international travel.  Diseases that appear to have died off are coming back in areas that haven't seen it for many years.  Unless you travel to an area that has outbreaks, I wouldn't be paranoid, just cautious (I see a lot of hand washing) and use common sense.  

I see pockets of the US having problems with this, but I don't see a countrywide epidemic (at least in my mind during the near future).  It feels to get isolated and be in larger cities.  I see special quarantines being set up within hospitals and treated very seriously so it isn't spread.  Keep educated and keep hygiene on the forefront of your mind.

Q. Hello! Again, thank you for your time in answering all of our questions! You are truly a divine being. I know lots of people with MS. Can you look at this dis ease and see what the cause might be and what can be done to either manage it or cure it? Thank you and god bless!

A.  I see MS (which I too have) being caused by many different things.  In general, it looks like the person has a very sensitive nervous system, and depending on what you are sensitive too, it can cause the MS reaction to start. I see some people have a toxin in their body (from something they eat or something found in pollution), other people are sensitive to waves in the air which can include higher amount of electric (if I walk near higher powered electric lines I "feel my teeth discharging static electricity").  Other people have a virus that "hides" in their brain and spinal fluid, which can cause the reaction.  I see this disease as being very unique to the person, but it ends with the same result of the body's immune system, over-reacting and attacking itself. 

Different approaches can be used to manage the MS depending on what symptoms you are having.  Rest and allowing your body to repair itself is very effective.  Various types of fish oil and cod liver oil are healthy for the nervous system (I always envision this coating the nerves and creating a calming effect).  Natural sunlight looks to help self regulate hormones and chemicals in the body.  I also see B vitamins being beneficial.  Some people need all of this, some need a combination, and some require something else depending on what is going on.
Q. Please take a look at Lyme disease. My daughter suffers from it as well as many friends from the New England area. I did read that it may have been released from Plum Island either intentionally or by accident. It may be militarized and a weapon. Is it from a tick bite? What is the best way to treat it? Many take strong antibiotics for years .

A.  I first see instead of antibiotics a more natural way to cure or force remission is to use FrankincenseCinnamon  and Tea Tree essentials oils combined with a small amount coconut oil (in order to dilute and prevent skin irritation) on the bottom of your feet (I'm not a doctor but see a lot of things in terms of organics).  Doing this a couple times a day looks to really help the patient. 

I do see Lyme disease as being something that was mutated. It looks like there was an experiment that created this (unintentionally), and it was never mean to get out. Somehow different birds carried this out of this island location. It looks like this island was a branch of the CDC (?) that was isolated and used to create immunizations and drug test, tics bit animals being tested and this mutated into the current day Lyme disease.

Q. A diabetic cannot eat very many carbohydrates, so the best protein for them is meat because it has no carbs in it. In a previous post you said to eat fruits and vegetables to clean your body, but what about diabetics? Do you have a different suggestion for them? Thank you very much.
A. I still see a plant based cleanse.  Some plants must not break down into harsh sugars. ? I see an aloe plant, and the juice is being squeezed from the center of a leaf. It looks like aloe juice is good for cleansing and also I hear "flax seed."


a2k said...

Dear Psychic,Regarding cleansing of water,you told that chlorine is harmful.But in some water-purifier(like one I have at my home) uses chlorine tablet like thing for killing germs plus charcoal-filter for removing material-pollutants.Now Is chlorine also harmful?Then what's the best way to kill germs since charcoal filter can not kill germs?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I read this and doubted myself that maybe it was chloride that was bad (so I had to check google)... Actually chlorine in larger amounts is bad for your body. Chloride in trace amounts as well as chlorine in trace amounts is ok (in fact in a pinch you can sterilize water into drinking water with a few drops of chlorine bleach). That might not have been a good example for my mind to pull forward, but it isn't healthy in large amounts.. You shouldn't be able to pungently smell it.

Tracy said...

Would you be so kind as to tell what you see when you look at fibromyalgia? Any insight as to causes and effective remedies/treatment?

Anonymous said...

Great reading, wonderful questions, thank you PF and everyone. I have a further question on MMS. You saw that it is helpful with cancer if taken early enough...would it also be helpful as a way to prevent the onset of cancer? If so, how might it best be used?

RFK Pope said...

Regarding the first question about Target Individuals (TI), I remember you stating that you do not Google or research topics before meditating on them, so perhaps that's why your reading addresses societal programming rather than the true meaning of TI. A Target Individual is someone who feels they are being bullied/intimidated/harassed by an organized effort. With this additional knowledge could you provide a reading on who is doing the targeting, how they choose the TIs and why they target them?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@mtpeach: I see this as a last resort type of drug. If you have contracted something that is otherwise incurable or you have very little hope, then you can use it. It doesn't look like the same thing as a vaccine, but rather kind of toxic like chemo.. If you know you have been exposed or you have no other options, then you could consider it, but after looking at this a little deeper I don't see a healthy person that is not at risk using it.

@Tracy: It looks neurological and muscular to me. Almost like the little strands of fiber (looks like little hairs that run through your muscles) that make up your muscles (I see a pieces of meat that is marbled with fat) becomes inflamed and then constricts really hard and shorten. These little fibers look to separate from the muscle when that happens and sends this message via the nerves back to your brain with the message being stiffness, tightness and soreness. Then I see a woman on a table having acupuncture. done which gives great relief.

This condition feels like an environmental condition versus genetic. It looks like (and I hear concepts that Louis Haye talks about in her books) in today's environment with the stress, expectations (some self-created) the internalizing of this stress is a huge factor. It looks like either serious life choices need to be made or stress reducing activities need incorporated to manage this- walking, biking, yard work, laughing (just saw this). Life management is almost crucial in dealing and managing this.

@RFK Pope: I'm sorry I took a spin on the question. I do see this happening as well. I see this being done by special interest groups and people in power to pass an agenda. For example, say you have a politician that is being lobbied, but the politician is on the fence because what the lobbyist wants is directly against what the people want and he/she is up for re-election. The lobbyist may result to these TI tactics. I see a lot of it surrounds around different sounds and pitches- For example, if a lobbyist has a meeting with the politician that day, the lobbyist may have it organized that the politician receives several "fake" phone calls, but what happens is the politician answers the phone and there is a high pitched noise on the other end that they can't even hear (I see a dog whistle). It does something chemically to the brain, and by the time the lobbyist meets the politician he is much more able to be influenced, and later looking back not know why. This isn't how every example goes down, but this was the scene that played out in my mind. I do get that most of it has to do with sounds and frequencies behind those sounds.

Zornitsa Stoyanova said...

hello Psychic Lynn and all the lovely people,
regarding MS - I was watching David Wolfe and Dr. Mercola the other day talking about MS, shoe wearing, vit.D, emotional traumas and raw food, maybe will be interesting for all of you concerned
here is the video ( the MS part starts at 1:10 )