Saturday, April 19, 2014

On This Easter Weekend...

Q. On this Easter weekend, can you explain Jesus' Resurrection? Did it happen as described? Did he actually rise from the dead and appear before others? Did he ascend to heaven and sit at the right hand of God?
A. I see that when he died, he still had a strong spirit about him.  So strong, that he felt attached to earth and was not ready to leave this place and go back to to God or the universal consciousness in the heavens.  He felt as though he had to leave a message, impression, something so people didn't give up hope in goodness and everything he stood for during his physical existence.  I see he had many people follow him and believed in his intuitive skills.  In a sense he made people feel better for just having been around him.  When he died, it was very emotionally and destroying to many people and he didn't want to leave the earth without something final, something that gave hope.  

It looks like he was able to take his soul in the spirit form and materialize it for some (not all but the ones that also shared a deep connectedness to him).  He was viewed and seen by these people just as some people see spirits today, and some encounters are very real, as if they are really there and not just an apparition.  He made his self seen in that light (with a strong visual form) with that intensity.  After he showed his sign and gave people hope (and in some ways a signal of the life and energy still present after death) he did ascend to the heavens to be with the universal consciousness (and some people refer to this as "God" or the "Oneness, " etc.).  To some they say the right hand of God, and others believe something else, it is really what your belief system tells you is right, but ultimately he went back to the energy that we are all made of, the term I want to use is "universal consciousness".

Q. Additionally, is the shroud Turin real? If so, how was the image created?
A. I get that it is real, but doesn't go back as far as the crucifixion of Jesus.  I see it was done to document a death.  It looks to have involved burning something that smells toxic with reddish berries to create the imprint or drawing. I see people with cloths on their face when they created the medium used to do the imprint.  I also see that it was imprinted onto the cloth similar to a stamp.. I see an artist making a stamp with very fine workmanship and this medium was used to stamp this impression from the tablet / stamp onto the fabric.  After the image was stamped, it was hung in the sun to permanently set.  I get the impression this technique was used on other things too.  There is also an element about that makes it feel like something that was highly respected (both the art of making it and the finished product.)

And that is all I have.  It is 8:30 PM. Love and light-

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Mariam Eluma said...
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YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Mariam: I do see him really being crucified. I get this his abilities were a huge threat to people in power during the time (he was genuine and really tried to help people out of a loving heart). He wasn't killed for what he was doing to help people, but more because he threatened those people in power and their beliefs.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Hello, I read some book saying that there were two different figures described as Jesus.

One as real saint; Another one as healer.

The stories about those men are mixed into one legend. Is this true???

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this reading. Do you see that He will return to Earth? Did He really promise that He would return?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I do think this is true, but I see him as both a healer and a saint- but people may have only experienced one side at a time. It was as if the same man lead a double life, only showing one side at a time.

@ mtpeach: I sort of see his spirit as always with us. I don't see him in a physical form, but rather manifest himself to look very physical, but still remain in his spirit energy.