Saturday, April 12, 2014

Question and Answer Session IX [Group Request - People of Interest, Past and Present]

2:27 PM
Q. What happened to Steve Fossett?
A. I see him flying in a plane and something gets into the propeller or engine- it looks white and I want to say it was a bird.  I get that the engine somehow quit and he was floating or coasting.  It feels windy, and I sense that he glided a while (I get a long while as if the "wind ride" was a ride on its own), but he was at the mercy of where the wind could guide him.  I get that he really did crash, but it is much further away from where they thought he should have due to the wind blowing him so far.  

Q.There is growing evidence that Hitler lived comfortably in Argentina many years after the end of WWII. ( 
Can you see if this is true and why would the OSS help him? What did the US have to gain from hiding his survival?
A. I do not see a connection to Argentina, but I do get a connection to Antarctica.  I have attached the link below to a previous reading reading what I saw and him being hidden in Antarctica.  I still see it the same way- he got out of the country through this underground tunnel system, and escaped south.  He also hired a body double to stand in for him during the final days of the war.  I see Hitler as the stern, strong man on the outside, but on the inside he was like a very scared man.  His insides and confidence didn't match how he carried himself on the exterior.

Q.What really happened to Autumn Radtke, CEO of Bitcoin exchange First Meta?
A.When I focus on her, I get this sad, depressed feeling.  She had so much as far as career and intelligence, but I get she was very depressed, as if she felt all alone.  When I look into her eyes, I get this sense that people didn't really know her, and I see this image as if she was screaming for help, but no one could hear her.  She had some kind of disconnect, and her confidence in her work life was not equal to those same feelings in her personal life.  Her smiles seem forced, and I get that many times when she carried herself it was an act- she had to fake her smile. I do get this was a suicide, but I don't 
see it related to Bitcoin.  I see this as surrounding a lot of personal and emotional issues.

[*Update: Something about this post was nagging at me, and for the past few days she was off and on in my mind.  I get a strong impression that even though this was a suicide, someone or a group of people associated with her work had a huge influence on this.  She tried to hide her feelings, and put a smile on her face, but I keep getting this bullying vibe. I still don't see it related to Bicoin itself, but rather some treatment by people associated to Bitcoin.]

Q. Hello Lovely Lady, Karen Hudes, a world bank whistle blower, recently stated that:
"There is a second species on this planet. They are not extraterrestrial, they are very much with us, and they made maps in the previous ice age. They are very distinct from homo sapiens." I would be grateful if you could check out your perspective.

A. As soon as I read this I get the image of a being that is half alien, and have human.  It looks like Karen was describing a race of people that interbred with the aliens and created a hybrid human / alien species hundreds of years ago.  That DNA is still alive today on, however heavily diluted.  People with that DNA do walk among us, but I don't see the first generations of that species in our current day.  

In my mind I want to summarize this as hundreds of years ago aliens mated with humans and created a cross-breed of human.  Those humans were intelligent, and shared some alien characteristics.  They created maps of the ice age, and were given that knowledge by their alien ancestors.  Those people in that form are not alive, but there DNA lives on.  Those people have interbred with all human races and this DNA is very diluted.

Q. I am grateful for your insights and clarifications into so many questions. I am curious to know more about ORGONE. Wilhelm Reight a scientist from Germany came to the United States only to be persecuted by our government. One of his discoveries was about Orgone. Can you see how this benefits our existence now and in the near future?
A. I first see him as very spiritual person and had a connection to his higher self.  When I focus on orgone (and my mind is an image of metal and crystals compressed in an organic medium - picture on the right). 

I actually do see many benefits.  I see the energy of the crystals being compressed and magnified and the metal partials serving as a beacon to draw the energy down onto itself. It looks to be very effective in drawing in energy and for doing energy work (or Reike) on ones self. I also see that orgone has a property within it to repel negative waves (such as cell tower waves) because the energy of the crystals creates a bubble effect (in my mind looks like a force field) to inhibit those waves from coming near the central point of the force field (where the orgone is located). NOTE: The picture I found somewhat illustrates the force field effect I see in my mind emanating from the orgone itself..

Q I am so amazed by Dynamo ''the magician impossible’ ‘Could you explain if he is like Jesus or those are just magic tricks. Really hard for them all to be magic tricks.Truly amazing..
A.  I get some message about him being a master at illusion.  He most definitely has skill, but these really are based on his keen perception of the mind, and understanding how people think.  He has a strong intuition, and I sense a psychic ability about him where he is very good at almost instantly reading people. I also want to use the word mentalist.. He just understands the mind, peoples thought processes, and almost knows what people think before they do.  I see him as a gifted individual.

Q Would be interested to hear from/about celebrities who have passed and the truth behind their passing- 
A. JFK: I see that he was really was killed by the CIA for being (the message I get)  "too honest." There was a story he was about to uncover, and it was or felt threatening to a lot of people, and they had to quiet him.  I get they pleaded with him for a long time, but he stayed true to what he thought.  I also see him speaking, as if some of the "story" got out, but they made sure that he didn't get the rest out before having him killed.

Michael Jackson: There is a such an imbalance of energy when I focus on him. I get that psychologically he was very confused.  I get an impression that even though he was an entertainer, he was uncomfortable around people.  I really do see this as drug induced (or playing a large role), but more out of carelessness than being an intentional. He was in a sense haphazard with his health.

Princess Dianna: I see a lot of aggression with this.  I also get a quick glimpse of Price Charles, but I can't get a complete connection.  It is as if he had some knowledge or this- but again, I can't get anything strong connecting it. I get a strong sense of aggression and anger behind her death.

Marilyn Monroe: I get a message about this being an "encouraged suicide." It was centered around alcohol and drugs, but I get that someone else was there, that was in much more of a sound mind encouraging her.  It was as if she was in this sad, depressed state, and someone was feeding her alcohol and drugs until she overdosed.  When she passed out, it looks as if they snuck out of her room (or the room) like a dark shadow.

Q Can you do a remote viewing on Amelia Earhart?
A. When I focus on her, I see the map of Africa pull up.  I get that her plan ran into trouble and she was able to make a very rough landing in the western part of Africa,but she suffered some serious injuries.  I also get that she was helped by some locals that lived in the area, but she was never conscious enough to even tell them her name.  I then see that she suffered an infection, that led to a fever, and she passed from those complications.

Q. Can you please do a reading on the mysterious death of the young Canadian girl, Elisa Lam, whose body was found inside the water tank of Cecil hotel. Thank you so much.
A. I get that she was mentally off. Not ill, but very off..  It was like she was sleep-walking as if it was induced or hypnotized...  I get a sense that if you tried to wake her, she would be startled when she "jumped back" into this reality as opposed to her sleeping one.  I also see that how she was that night, was not her. As if when she walked into the hotel, something transformed. I can't see drugs, I can't see alcohol- it is as if mentally something happened to her. I believe when she died she was in her "sleep walk" frame of mind and had no idea what she was doing.

Q.There has been a number of wrestling fans that have been surprised by CM Punk suddenly leaving the WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble, keeping himself away from the public eye ever since. Some have speculated that there were a few reasons for him leaving the company: fatigue, not getting what he has been working hard for, a sudden change of plans, etc.

Q. It would seem that based on recent events since leaving, he is said to have completely moved on. What seemed to have been going through his mind at the time? What might he plan on doing later?

A.  As soon as I read this, I get there is some illness he is sorting through.  I also get that he takes performance enhancers, and it is negatively effecting him (his life and physical health)  and he needs to purge his body.  He doesn't feel he can continue wrestling without the enhancers because of the changes his body will endure and the adjustment to living a healthier life.  I see he will come back (eventually). He just needs time to sort his life and health out.

Q. Hi. Could you please see if Michael Schumacher would come out of his coma? If so,when?
A. I do see that he will recover slowly.  The image in my mind is that he is starting to now, but it looks like how a kid wakes up from a nap.  Their eyes are closed, and I see body jerks and twitches.  It is as if he wakes, but it is a slow and steady process.

Thank you.  It is 3:38 PM


Tian Tian said...

You answered about Elisa Lam case, but if you could try reading more. The hotel has a dark history and the place is said to be haunted. You couldn't sense anything paranormal about her death? If you could see her video of her time in elevator before death.

Unknown said...

There has been recent information about remains of Amelia Earhart. Some confusion about the bones they found. Is it possible that she was really a man. I could see why this may have not been disclosed.

JJ said...

You had two very different answers to Elisa Lam- anyway to connect both answers? First answer was 2013. Second answer was 2014...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@JJ: I just quickly looked at it.. I think in the earlier one I tapped into her stumbling onto something, or being tied to something negative. As a way to silence her, she was either drug induced (in a stealthy way to make it look natural) or mind controlled which led to her death.. To clarify this better I would need to do another reading, but this was what I got quickly..

Rick Guy said...

"A. I do not see a connection to Argentina, but I do get a connection to Antarctica. I have attached the link below to a previous reading reading what I saw and him being hidden in Antarctica. " this is what you wrote on this post. Now do you notice the you wrote "reading" twice? That's been happening to since the beginning of 2017. I know that can be just a mistake but the thing is, I see it a lot in everywhere. Even in places that simply can't have miswritten. Like in google. Places like an iphones app. What the hell does that mean? Anybody have any experiences?