Monday, April 14, 2014

Q & A: IX: Health [Group Post]

6:24 AM

Q. Please do a focus on natural remedy to cure Disease TB, infection in chest area, especially in Old-aged person. What could be eaten to boost immunity so as to ward off the infection?
A.  The first thing I see is a person inhaling what looks like steam.  Then I see a Koala Bear in a eucalyptus tree, and realize it is telling me that some natural herbs or oils should be put in this steam or vapor bath that someone is inhaling.  This action some how opens up the airways and provides some kind of relief.

As far as boosting the immune system.... I see all kinds of fruit.. oranges, grapefruit, limes.. and they are all citrus based.  Then I see an image of a kid chewing on the rind, but spitting out the inner juicy part as if all the nutrition is in the peel and not the sweet part in the middle.  (Is is possible to juice or grind the rind and eat it?).

The last image I get is someone putting something on the bottom on their feet (it is greasy and I want to say coconut oil) and wrapping their feet in saran wrap. I get the impression that the person is hot (at least their feet are) and in a sense sweating something out of their feet.

Q. Are radiation based devices like Cellphone,Microwave,Wi-fi,etc. a real threat to health? How can we avoid all those?

A. They are not generally good for anyone, however I see some people are very sensitive, and these waves can trigger certain autoimmune responses that are not desirable. It would be difficult to avoid the waves (unless you geographically remove yourself) but you can try to manage the effects. 

I see two things happening.  For sensitive people these waves interfere with the way your nervous system works.  In effect short circuiting some the natural flow and creating issues that way.  I see this image often (twice yesterday!), and I see it again now, but a form of oil (could be fish, omega 3 fatty acid, etc.. depending on your body and what feels right for you) can help to minimize these effects. I always see this the same way- healthy oils to a person is like oil in a car, lubricating and soothing to the system.

The second thing I see is that they waves can mutate cells or cause some kind of free radical in the system.  In my mind I see a constant detoxifying process going on (especially in areas where these elements are high). to rid yourself of the free radicals or toxic buildup.  I see your body tries to naturally purge the results of the waves, but potassium (I get the image of bananas) can really help with this. I also see people drinking huge amounts of clean (no fluoride, chlorine, etc) water to flush their systems out.  

Q. What is the most effective thing you see that can either be ingested or applied to scalp to support regrowth or prevent further hair loss?

A. I see a few things with this.  I see a fruit that is green on the inside, and the guts look mushy, has an oily residue with black seeds on the inside.  It looks like a kiwi, but that word doesn't "feel" like the name. I see a map of South American, and feel like this fruit is grown in the northeastern part. I also want to say that it starts with the letter "G" or "Gu".  I see people making smoothies and drinking them, and also applying the oily inside to the scalp as a lotion.  I haven't researched what this fruit may be, but I am hopeful the person asking may know or someone can help to expand on what that may be.

Q. What is your take on ADHD? Is this for real or pharma invented to push ritalin on kids, or maybe a little genetic and exaggerated? Thanks

A. I first get that there is a time and a place for pharmaceuticals, however, most things can be treated by looking at the environment.  I get that a lot of ADHD is food related.  There are a lot of things added to food, and people have various sensitivities.  To some, it isn't as evident, but others, especially growing children, it can make a big difference.  Artificial sweeteners are one of the worst (is the message I am hearing), and food dyes (I see Easter egg coloring pellets) are also up there.  For kids experiencing ADHD, it looks to me that if parents really monitored what food there were putting into their body they may realize that it is an allergy or sensitivity for a certain ingredient causing their behavior or attention issues.  

This is a real problem, but can be managed (many times).  I also get that there is no money to be made by telling parents to eliminate certain chemicals from a child's diet, and it is also requires a lot of effort to pinpoint what the sensitivity is to.  It is much easier to provide a pill, and the pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money off of it.

Q. I have never believed the idea that AIDS came from Africans that had sex with monkeys. I'm suspicious that it was a man-made virus created to decrease certain populations. In the 80's AIDS hit the gay community extremely hard. If the powers-that-be did in fact infect homosexual men to decrease their numbers, why are the powers that-be-today doing everything possible to encourage homosexual activity?

A.  I see AIDS as being created as the result of humans being tested for various immunizations.  I get that during the various stages of developing a vaccine they tested the vaccine on Africans... which started the onset of AIDS. I do not see that Africans had sex with monkeys, but what I do see is that monkey DNA was a component of the immunization... which infected monkeys transferred their AIDS disease to humans. They didn't intentionally make AIDs, but it was a side effect of negligence. 

I also get that when the Africans were infected, there was a time delay between the vaccine and the onset of symptoms, making people think that this vaccine was safe and ok for use.  They made a premature judgement before using it on the US population.  I also get that as people got the illness it took them a long time to specifically determine the exact modes of how it was transferred to another person.  

This immunization was put into population dense areas.. and I sense a negativity about it as if it was intentionally (after realizing the results) released in geographic zones that had a high homosexual culture.. Both heterosexual and homosexuals contracted it, but the homosexual population was very much adversely effected.  Then I get this feeling of fear and uncertainty, and actually see a gentleman walking and this target is following him as he keeps looking over his shoulder.

I then get a final message to be cautious of all these Shingles vaccines.. I get that some of these "batches" may be off and not tested as well as what they should be. (??)

The following are links to readings I did concerning cancer.  You may also find these interesting:

And that is all.  Thank you.  It is 7:18 AM.


Baku Matsumoto said...

The fruit must be Guava!!
but Pitaya also has black seeds.

Christie5264 said...

Orange peels are often used at Japanese restaurants to make their Ginger Sauce. It is what gives it consistency. Hope this helps! :-)

Fernanda said...

Not guava, there are other plants that are unknown even in Brazil... Try abrico, graviola, guariroba. I will try to find more.

The wrap around the foot could it be vick vaporub wrapped on feet? I heard it helps a lot

Zornitsa Stoyanova said...

I think the fruit may be Soursop, also known as Guanabana. It supposedly slows the growth of cancer cells and it's grown in northern South America

A Scholar Heart said...

To the question about remedies for hair fall:

PF said "a fruit that is green on the inside, and the guts look mushy, has an oily residue with black seeds on the inside.
it starts with the letter "G" or "Gu". I see people making smoothies and drinking them, and also applying the oily inside to the scalp as a lotion."

Could it be Indian Gooseberry? To confirm just google image Indian gooseberry and see the pics. It is green with blackish seed. It is a famous catch all remedy for hair as well as bone related problems. In India ( and on internet sites) its powder, juice, oil, pickle, sauce, etc are readily available. Its oil/powder/juice is not only externally applied on scalp and hair as rejuvenating growth boosting packs, its juice/fruit is also consumed for overall health benefits. It is also used as a necessary ingredient in numerous herbal/ home remedies for numerous other problems as well but it is definitely most famous for hair growth.

Phyllanthus emblica wiki will tell you not even 1/3 of its benefits.

Thing to remember is 'Indian gooseberry' and 'gooseberry' are two different things.

YourPsychicFocus said...

I looked at some of the images. The gooseberry looks right except for the seeds looked black in the image in my head (maybe I just didn't get clear images online).

I also checked out the graviola and guariroba. Guarioroba didn't really match my image, but the graviola connected with me.

Looking at these, if I could combine the gooseberry with the graviola, I think I would have it. .

Fernanda said...

Indian gooseberry does not grow in South america. I found another herb called jaborandi, a plant, the oil is used for hair, but there isnt a whole lot of information n it nline.

snooky said...

In answer toWhat is the most effective thing you see that can either be ingested or applied to scalp to support regrowth or prevent further hair loss?I believe this is a passion fruit also know as Granadilla in South Africa but has a purple skin there, some passion fruits are gold or yellow and others are red skinned. It is the Maracuja Oil extracted from the seeds that increase natural hair growth.