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Oak Island

4-11-2014 1:56 PM
Q. I watched the first season of "The Curse of Oak Island" and I'm intrigued by the whole concept of the "money pit". Who built this elaborate construction hundreds of feet deep- containing platforms, messages and even booby traps?
A. The first thing I see is the discovery of this island, and it looks as though someone of power.  I see red velvet which leads me to the direction of nobility...The nobility sent people scouting, the scouter were to look for treasures, whether it was resources, gold, food, even trees.  Specifically I see enormous pine trees.   I even get that smell of Muir woods in California.  It looks like a scout actually found Oak Island hundreds of years ago.  I want to say early like, the 1500 to 1600's.  What brought them their or attracted the scout, were these huge trees.  I feel like there was something special about the height, strength, and look of these trees.

So as they were scouting the land on this island, I see some kind of a cave system that like went down and had different open caverns.  It had a unique feel because it seems like it did not take much struggle to go fairly far and deep down.  The discovery of this island with this cave system had this feel of finding a treasure.  It is like I see this excited scout coming back to tell the King of the great thing that was found.  It seemed more important than the tree that originally took him there.

I see the King as being really excited too, but he did not act upon it right away, but I see him talking with this small group, it was like a council of some kind.  It was like people were slowly allowed to join this group, but the King was definitely the organizer of it.  Then it looks like it was determined within the group to go to this hidden cave system, and I hear something about them making one of the caverns a backup vault.... Then I ask myself why and I get that it was very unsettling times, people were always at battle, there was always a war to get more, but keeping wealth or something of value away from the castle and the realm was almost like an insurance policy.  So this place was a secret location used by the king and only known about by the King and his most trusted allies.  I get that the King and his council would take secret excursions there, hold meetings....I also get that the more that they put there, the more secure they wanted it because there were times where it was either unattended or guarded by only a few people.

I get this Indian Jones feeling about this cave system.  It naturally was very easy to go through, and all the booby traps were added, it was like the current structure was manipulated.  I also hear something about it being so dark...and the King made a big deal about how dark it was in the cavern that they met, and he actually held a meeting in which a lot of his councilmen painted something reflective on the walls to make it less dark....only in the cavern though.

Q. Why did they build it. Is there a treasure/artifact buried there?
A. As I focus on the island right now, and think about what is there...I do envision some gold...but I will say that when I see the pile, it feel haphazard as if someone ran down there and could only grab what would fit in their hands and ran they were being chased or someone was behind them and they had to hurry.  The  other thing that I see in the Cavern where they met, are these old historic looking maps.  I feel like the paper isn't paper but it is like cloth.  I also feel like I see skeletons, one has a sword in it's hand, it looks as though that skeleton tried to fight off whoever was coming in to grab gold by the handfuls.

And to back up a little, it looks as though what happened was the King that organized this died or was overthrown and when that happened one of his councilmen betrayed him, told someone about the treasure and that is what lead the action to the island to try and steal what they felt as though the times were unsettling.

Q. What were the Maps of?
A.  The image in my mind is like the northern part of Europe, England, the Northern part of Asia, and their were a bunch of waterways outlined on that same map that went to the Northeast of like England.  Out towards Norway / Sweden, and that area.  Then there was another map that had like the southern part of Europe, and then it had the Mediterranean sea on it, but it just had certain cities pinpointed around the sea, and it has this very incomplete feel to it.

Q. Who was the King?
A.  I cannot get the specific, but when I stare at a map in my looks as though it is coming from the southern part of England.  

Q. Is there treasure still there and can it be retrieved ?
A.  I do see that there's still some gold, from a historical perspective I see these ancient maps, I get an image of battle armor.  I see clothing, but I get this sense that when you touch any of the cloth under their, it falls apart like it is all dried out and half rotted. 

Q. Are there any entrances to this cavern system still in existence?
A.  The image that I saw was submarine circling the perimeter...and it looks like they are able to go into this cave from the outside of the island, and then I ask myself "How does that work?"  and then I get an image of how the toilet flushes, and the water goes down and then it goes way up high like a trap, and then back down.  It looks to me that once they go into this cave, they will go through this tunnel system, it will appear to stop...but in reality if they go up, then it looks as though the cave dries out and they are able to proceed from their.

Q. Some believe the Ark of the Covenant is hidden there by the Knights Templar, is this true?
A.  That actually....feels like that could be true, but I cannot get a clear image to verify it.  I see the gold, I see the guards, I get the Indiana Jones connection....but I just can't see a confirmation on the final piece.

Q. Was the pit that we see today an entrance that was sealed, and if it was sealed, is there another way into this pit?
A.  As I said, it looks like there is a cave system that exist either on the perimeter or underneath this island.  Back when the island was functional, that did not even occur to them as and entrance because they did not have that type of underwater technology.  And it just looks that if you can get into that cave system, you reach a point where you are able to come up from the bottom and manipulate yourself into the dry caves.  I feel like people are going about it the wrong way, trying to enter from the surface, when in reality they need to come from underneath.

Q. How did the King and his men enter?
A.  I get that when the King used this, he did enter from the top, but he did use a different entrance, and it looks like something intentionally closed his entrance off.  It sounds loud, like an explosion or something, and I see water filling this hole. 

Q. Then what was with the booby trapped shaft, and how was the King to ever retrieve his treasure?
A.  I get something like, He's the one who helped to design the booby traps, so he knew how to deactivate them, or at least his people did, and then I hear that if he could not keep his gold, he was going to make sure that nobody else got it either.  He was very protective and was determined not to let someone else come in and take what he felt was his.

Q. Is the treasure even worth pursuing?
A.  I kind of hear this laugh, and then get that it depends on who you are....the historical feel of like the maps and then items and the swords are amazing, but it just depends on what it is worth to you.
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Thank you Lynn. Enjoy reading the questions, and what you receive, are shown. Love your honesty!


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Hope it's not extreme detail map, any royal treasure and luxurous sword.

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@11:20 PM: I am unclear what you mean.. I did have about four different requests on this topic, so I chose it. I have about 110 requests in a queue right now. When I am ready to do a reading (which I do often), I read though, and energy for one will just pop up, and I go with it. I save all the requests and plan on addressing them- it will just take time. With a family, I am limited to how much time I can donate (even though I love it and I get a lot of happiness from trying to share truth and energy). I do have to put the needs of my family first. I apologize if this topic didn't interest you, or if you don't feel I am fast enough, but I am hopeful something on this blog peaks your interest. Thank you for the feedback!

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