Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Q & A: X: United States (Government, Economy, International) [Group Post]

7:10 AM
I have had several questions regarding the affairs of the United States.  I wanted to take some time to focus on these. 
Q. Oh dear, a new article came out today about some major budget cuts in medical, social security and vet benefits. What is really going on?
A. I see this as a warning of the state of the solvency of the government.  Higher people in government realize that it cannot continue at the current pace (unless some kind of drastic action happen.).  I see some kind of talks going on that if the top earners (like top 5%) in the country paid a higher portion of taxes they could fund these programs, but there is a resistance.  I see the top wealthy folks saying that this system is so broken, that they can't make up for people on the lower end not contributing as much into the system- it just perpetuates it even more.  I see government trying to reason with them saying the divide in wealth is the problem- they are taking money from the system faster and taking more than what they put back in which continues to create an even bigger divide- that is what is perpetuating the problem.. It looks like a stalemate..

Then I ask myself, why doesn't government just make a tax law on the top 5% if they feel so strong that it would help?  I get that the top 5% have a HUGE influence in politics, funding, backing campaigns, etc that they have to give them some kind of preferential treatment.  They have to win their decision rather than force it.

Q. What is the relationship between the United States and other major world powers like the Chinese and Russians?
A. I see China and Russia as a clique in high school.  The United States tends to float from clique to clique, saying what they need to (and quite good at it) to be apart of the various cliques and gain ultimate popularity.  I see the US behaving as if they are neutral, but with an agenda of being and maintaining popularity.  Many countries even feed the ego of the US "clique" because it is easier to get along with the US "clique" than go against it, whether they believe in what they say or not. 

I do see a shift of energy happening, and some other countries don't really care if they are popular or not.  They are tired of worrying about popularity, and realize that if they work together, they can make their own "clique."  I see the US being called out more and more (regarding truths and actions), because the fear and intimidation isn't as effective as it was.

Q. Can you see how the Occupy Wall Street movement started, how it got so big so quickly, and eventually vanished? What was the spark, and when did it start falling apart? Do you see something similar happening again?
A.  People as a whole are tired of the current state of the economy and government alluding they are working for us, when in reality they are working for themselves. I see this energy move over Wall Street like a fog, and people just reacted on it.  A small group talked about it and organized it, and the momentum grew- it did get huge fast.  I see that it would have continued but Occupy Wall Street was more of a peaceful protest, and they were countered with threats, violence and fear... I see you can only fight peacefully in violent situation so long before you are defeated. I do see these types of protests rising from time to time, but the government will be sure to shut them down.. Government will do what they can to make sure a takeover by the people doesn't occur- even if our rights are infringed upon.  They will say they are "protecting people" as an excuse to turn on their own people.

Q. Do you see a "bank holiday" in the near future for the USA? Or a bank "bail-in" in the USA (like Cypress) whereby the banks will essentially steal a portion/percentage of American citizens' money in banks' savings accounts or retirement accounts (ex. 401k, IRA's, etc...). Thanks for all you do!
A. I see what they do when things are close to a collapse is there will be a skimming from the top, meaning they will go into any electronic fund (stock, IRA, etc) and anyone with a predetermined amount (I want to say $1 million), will have a portion automatically deducted.. I then get this image of rage, revolt, people are in an uproar- the government will then say for the next "x" amount of years, they will give certain tax breaks to those individuals that had their money essentially stolen as a way to repay the money back.

The other thing I see is before this happens the rich get some kind of warning.  This warning allows them time to pull their money and stick it in an account with another country.  Part of the "rule" of this bail in is that they can only touch US funds, so this is how the top avoid being as involved in the "bail in."

Q. What do you see about new world order? Is it real?
A. I do see a flip in power.  I see China rising, with Russia right behind them.  I see the UN getting involved in a lot of world affairs.  Our financial system will be completely redone.  Gold will be sought after more than ever.  The US will get the checks and balances forced on them.  It will be a big adjustment and life will be different (and in a sense very humbling to a lot of people in power).

Q. I am wondering if there will indeed be some kind of emp in the US. Whether it be from the sun or an "enemy". I know that preparedness is always a good thing..sometimes I question myself on if I am doing the right thing in trying to prepare..I know we can't prepare for everything. I think you get what I mean? :-)
A. I don't see a military EMP hitting us, but I definitely see radiation and solar flares coming our way that creates disruptions to our grid.  It doesn't look like a nationwide blackout, but I see "pockets" of electrical outages, some rather severe. It feels extremely hot outside when it happens (it could be summer 2015, but it feels sooner like summer of 2014).  Above food and water, the concern is gasoline- that seems like that is the item that is most needed, but not accessible.

The other side effect I see is people with autoimmune issues will experience more symptoms or flare-ups when these flares are ejected toward earth. 

Hi Lynn. The city of Detroit suffered from the loss of 70,000 industrial plants sent overseas and subsequent bankrupting. I recently saw on tv that young, unemployed Detroit citizens are removing scrap metals from abandoned buildings as a means to earn money. After the war in Liberia, West Africa young men there also removed scrap metals from bombed out and abandoned buildings to earn money to survive. The fact that America has been brought low to the same level as a third world country is shocking. Was the corporate exodus of industrial jobs and bankrupting of Detroit a planned event? Was Detroit a test-case to see how Americans would respond to becoming impoverished?
A. I see Detroit as having a much bigger plan.  It looks to me that they bankrupted (or allow the bankrupting to happen) Detroit in efforts to make money in the end.  The once thriving city is left in shambles, but the current state is allowing investors to come in and make a lot of money.-Invest cheap and make a ton of money in the end. I also get a sense that the much of the investing will be done by over seas corporations and people. I see that allowing this to happen was part of a larger master plan to fulfill predetermined agreements. and business deals.

Q. Russia hopes to sign a natural gas deal with China in May which would bypass the US dollar(petrodollar). Is this of significance in your earlier timeline regarding US/Russia/China events?
A.  This is significant!  China and Russia are doing there best to aid in the collapse of the dollar.  Once the dollar is bypassed a new currency can enter the market, and China wants to control the new currency in the way that they US has controlled the dollar.  The only difference is that China has the gold to back the dollar, versus what I see with the US.  It looks as though the US has skimmed gold from its holding and only has a fraction of what they allude to have.  

Q. Much is being heard of New US treasury notes.It is told that they have been printed and ready for circulation.It is a matter of time that old US dollar(USD) is replaced by new US treasury notes(USTN)by making an announcement to public in general.Do you see this happening soon?If so, will the US federal reserve become dead?
A. I see them trying this when the dollar is close to collapse (it won't be announced in that way), but I don't see it (issuing USTN) going over because it is still essentially backed by nothing.  The US is really struggling to find a solution to fix the dollar and keep the control out of the Chinese hands.

Thank you.  It is 8:14 AM.


a2k said...

What you are telling is a World-defining/Altering event(Collapse of dollar)Do you really believe, the profound implication of this.There will be a full collapse of global economy as every single currency is pegged against dollar.With the demise of dollar,severe economic fall out may happen to every country on globe.I am quite amazed how would they tackle this large shock.Being honest,I am really not able to comprehend what are you projecting?

YourPsychicFocus said...

I see that a new currency is already in place (or planned out) or close to being released, and it will be controlled by the UN. There will be overlap in ridding of the dollar as this new money is brought in. It won't be one day the dollar is here, the next it isn't- there is a slight transition that takes place.. It will be a huge hit, but something will already be designed to take its place.

Fuji Bougie said...

Do you see the foreign corporations that are coming in to buy bankrupted Detroit as Chinese or Russian corporations?

Baku Matsumoto said...

Some chinese are already buying lands in Detroit.

Sejanus said...

The problem is rich get richer and just keep the money in the banks. They have to pay more tax or simply spend more for the distribution to work better.

PewPewPew said...

Would it be wise to invest in the Chinese Yuan? Do you see their currency staying the same/ holding value?

a2k said...

One more thing,Dear Psychic,In one of your old posts,you mentioned that in July,the dollar may max out/collapse or near-collapse.Do you still see the date of collapse or is it extended?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Fuji, Baki and Sejanus: I see that you are all on the right track. I see this happening now- not really a future plan, but occurring now and being planned out.

@ PewPewPew: I am not familiar with the Yuan, BUT if it is backed by gold, that is worth considering. I see that the new currency that will be introduced will be backed (if the Yuan isn’t, it will phased out too, but it will hold its true value or closer to true at that time.) by gold.

@a2k: As I think about this, I still see July/August being very uncertain with regards to the dollar. When I did some recent focusing on this, I saw a Christmas tree, which clues me in to December 2014 /January 2015… but definitely the last part of this year something will be showing more clearer signs.