Saturday, April 19, 2014

Monsanto / Pro GMO / Tobacco and Marijuana

Q. Wealthy tobacco companies were in the pocket of politicians and looked unstoppable in the 80s- though eventually they were toppled. Now Monsanto and pro-GMO lobbyists are in that position and seem to be making permanent changes to our food system. Do you see them being overthrown - and when? Also, will we be able to reverse the damage they have done?
A. As far as tobacco companies, even though the question didn't specifically ask this, I see that they weren't exactly toppled, but rather saw a vision and allowed the perception that they were toppled.  They have their focus on the manufacturing of marijuana, and that is why they allowed the cigarette industry to take some heat.  They have the infrastructure to process marijuana, and make a ton of money at it, so they are actually have a clear vision of where they want to go.  It will take a few years to get the acceptance level where it needs to be, but it will be a steady move in that direction.  

Monsanto and Pro GMO people are out to make a lot of money.  With the increased chemtrails, pollution, weather manipulation, etc, it is harder and harder to grow organic food unless it is protected in greenhouses (which I see the trend for this either rising or soon to be on the rise.).  They (the Pro GMO) people are using what they say is a "phenomenon" of strange weather as an excuse to use their products because they (the GMO) are resistant to natural things that effect organic food.  

The GMO food, when I focus on it, is in a sense (I always get) "false" food.  You can ingest it, but it doesn't give you the same nutrition as "real" food.  It doesn't have the nutritional content, and when you eat it your body may feel full, but it is in a sense starving.  You need more of it, and it still doesn't fulfill a void in your body.  

I don't see this as overthrown for a long time, because our government politicians are making lots of money with lobbyists.  I cannot see a time in a near timeline where they are taken down.  As far as reversing the damage, we just need to not use their products and plant real seeds. It "feels" like an issue that could be reversed if we planted 'real" seeds on a huge scale.  I see "real" seeds having a HUGE value with the proliferation of GMO taking over so much.  The more GMO foods are grown, the more organic food will be valued and "real" seeds will be a very hot commodity.  

That is all I have for now.  It is 10:30 AM.  Thank you.


Bee E-lightened said...

When will it all end?!?

Why there's no anonymous to make a comment anymore why is it asking for sign in?!?

Sandy M. said...

I was wondering the same thing! Its not a good thing....

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Bee E-lightened and Sandy: I am temporarily doing this because I was getting some strange comments. I needed a way to have people post in a way that wasn't anonymous.. I have no problem with constructive criticism (helps me to be better or look at something differently) but this was more of a negative undertone. I don't plan on leaving it that way. I am sorry for the inconvenience, and I plan to change it back in a few weeks.

Love and light,

a2k said...

Do you really see Marijuana as toxic?In India,We have called "Bhang" /Cannabis which has Marijuana.This practice of drinking Bhang is standard here in during festival "Holi" since Vedic Times.I believe Cannabis taken in limited quantity once a while is beneficial for health.Is it so?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Siketa: I'm happy to do this... I will copy this into my drafts and delete it here. It may take a few weeks to appear, but be patient. I don't disregard and requests. -Lynn

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I do not see it is toxic. Then I hear the phrase "it is from the earth." I see a picture of Native Americans sitting around. It looks as if I am seeing a life cycle (in a sense). They are smoking it, it goes into your body, your body takes what it needs and then it goes through your body and is given back to the earth. I hear something about the smoke itself being hard on your lungs, but if you can filter, eat or take it in a capsule of some kind, it can have some positive health benefits just as a homeopathic medicine helps. (it is considered a homeopathic)

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