Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hi can you please do an update on the Boston bombings? How is Jahar doing over all in this? Does he know he may get the death penalty? if you could let us know anything else about this case,i would appreciate it.

6:50 AM:
I have been asked several questions regarding the Boston Bombing event, so I thought I would take some time to do a follow-up.

Q. How is Jahar doing?
A. He actually looks kind of numb.  I see him walking about, his head is hanging low, and the best way to describe him is numb.  I don't really see much emotion from him.  He is rather "blank."  I will also say most times when I see him he is carrying a black leather covered book with golden triangles on the front.  This book mean a lot to him, and in some sense it feels like a "friend."

Q.  Does he know he may get the death penalty?
A.  He does realize this.  At first he had this sense of injustice, but I see that he has sort of given up and he is leaving this to both fate and faith.  He has a strong belief in religion and is really praying. Most of the energy he has goes into praying.

Q. Is there anything else?
A.  When I focus on him, I get a sense of him being alone and forgotten.  He spends a lot of time reflecting on his life, thinking about his brother, he goes through periods of anger, but overall his is numb. I don't see his attorney working for him, and he is going to be punished for this crime.  I even get the impression that his attorney is getting an incentive to not really work for him, and the US government wants him to be the label for this crime.  Jahar has accepted his fate, and is working on making peace with it.

I have done several readings surrounding this event.  I have attached links to those readings as well:

Thank you.  It is 7:04 AM.


Anonymous said...

Wow I knew it wasnt them...they had no anger or malice in their eyes. Im happy he is accepting his fate although unjust in this life but maybe paying karma from another life and learning some sort of lessons.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, thank you very much for your readings!
as far as I know, some souls come in to the physical reality to experience specific life paths, while others just want thing to unfold for them as they go. Can you look if Jahar has incarnated in this life specifically to go through this and to experience such injustice?

Anonymous said...

In one reading you said you saw him dead around 40 yrs old in prison. Then in another reading yu said you saw him alive and going back to Chechnya. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
Thank u so much for the reading..if u don't mind i have a few questions.
-When do u see the trial date where the finalize the "verdict?"
-Was Jahar's destiny/fate already written out for him before he was born?Like was him & his brother really suppose to be at the marathon at that exact date,time etc?
-Did anyone really get hurt or die at the marathon such as martin richard?
-The "victims" such as jeff bauman,adrianne haslet-davis,sydney corcoran & mother & anyone i have missed,were paid actors?
Thank u

Anonymous said...

Maybe she saw him dead in Chechnya prison... ;)

Psychic Focus said...

@ 11:19 PM and 3:39 AM: I do see him going back to Chechnya and spending time in prison and eventually passing away there... I can't see him being released.

@ 12:21 AM: I can't get a clear timeline when all of this will happen, but it feels far into the future. There is some kind of stalling happening. I do think real people suffered some injuries, but the people being televised with the "major" injuries I get are actors. I specifically see a guy with no legs (don't know his name just seen on tv) and I get he hasn't had legs for a long time- it didn't happen at this event.

Anonymous said...


does jahar cry in prison?

what does jahar do the whole day?/is he talking with anyone or completely isolated?

who does jahar miss?

Jim Wangering said...

You have not mentioned the "angels".

I am Gerald Chun. I have hidden cameras in my house.

You can free Dzhokhar by revealing
the truth.

By remaining silent you are participating in the world's evils. What will be the karmic results of your allowing this evil to happen?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@2:45 / Jim: I am not following your comment.... I am sharing the truth based on what I see. (No silence just honesty from my perspective of what I am able to view). I am not focused on evil, but rather the positive energy around us and the truth that we want to know.

If you are telling me that you have seen angels in your home cameras, that would be an amazing experience.

Love and light-L

Jim Wangering said...

You understand exactly what I am saying. You possess information that can free Dzhokhar.

Everybody does, but everybody is staying silent and more importantly they don't want to see Dzhokhar free.

Annoyomous can set Dzhokhar free but they have no desire to do this.

Everyone could have stopped the Aurora shootings, the Sandy hook shootings and the Boston Marthon
bombings, but they let it happen.

Even the victims of the crimes are remaining silent.

People are jealous of me and do not want me to succeed.

In the summer of 2011, I claimed I was the reincaration of the emperor Heraclius.

There was a party in my honour, but I wasn't invited. All of my old friends,and many people I don't know showed up. They all claimed to care for me and said they loved me but none of them came to my aid.

They were faking it. They were their for the party and the attention. They were jealous that the attention was centered on me.

Same is happening with Dzhokhar. All those people on the Free Dzhokhar sites do not want to free Dzhokhar. They are there for the party. They want to seen as fighting for a just cause. But they are full of it. Everyone knows. It is all a lie.
They could have free Dzhokhar already. They don't want to.

They want the party to continue.
They enjoy the new social contacts that they've made.

They want Dzhokhar's trial to continue in a state of limbo indefinately. They have no shame,
they are parasites.

Denying me the information I seek,
is a dark act. You condemning an
innocent man to death or imprisionment.

You are allowing the evil deeds in the world continue. You can stop them. If more blood spills it will be on your hands.

You have the power to free Dzhokhar. You can reveal the truth about the angels and me.
You save more lives in the future.

You can play a role in freeing
people from the corrupt powers that run the world.

Do not condemn Dzhokhar to this fate out a feeling jealousy.

You can free Dzhokhar.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thanks for the reply Jim,

I am doing what I can to spread truth (at least the truth as I see it from my perspective, images, etc..). I have handled many of the topics you have discussed. I have even done private readings and discussions over this topic and others.. Please keep in mind that I am one person, and I am not the enemy- I am just doing my part to share what I see one reading/blog/discussion/email at a time. Positive energy and thoughts going your way.

Jim Wangering said...

All the people at the free Dzhokhar sites can do more to free him.

You are not doing enough to free
Dzhokhar. You know who I am. You can free Dzhokhar.

You are not telling the truth about the aliens. The beings you are referring to are created by beings that call themselves angels.

I refer to them as Djinn. They are non corporal beings with great power. Some of them manipulate things behind the scenes and are responsible for many of the world's evils. They are responisble for the Aurora shootings, Sandy Hook Shootings, and the Boston Marathon bombings.
You are only mentioning the low
level people. There is a pyramid
structure of power. You are not mentioning the ones at the top of the heap.

I have a connection to the akashic records, but the information I receive is fragmented. You have the information that I need.

Would you let Dzhokhar stay in prison or die to deny me? If you are full of light as you say why won't you help me?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Jim: You may also want to read the links on the bottom of this blog posts. I go into great detail to explain what I have seen. I too see this as a pyramid of power, and in more of my readings I have seen alien influence on our human lives. I had not made the connection that the aliens are the ones influencing those highest people in power, but when you say it I could see that to hold some truth.

I will say I am not holding back, I am sharing the truth that I see. You seem to be very connected with your higher self- perhaps you should be the one to organize a way to release him- start your own blog or movement and allow and encourage people to join your cause. You also speak of sources that I have not made a contact with- so you may be more spiritually advanced or tied to this situation than myself.

I would be happy to contribute to your cause by giving any insight or knowledge I have. I'm happy to try to fill in the blanks (just don't know what your blanks are as I am not in your vibe). I have limited resources and connections, but still happy to share information with you.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Jim Wangering... I saw your comment in my filter, and I wanted to explain why it isn't showing here on this thread.

I am very open to comments, good and bad, but something more is going on regarding my conversation with you. When you first approached me you acted as though I wasn't doing something I should, blaming me for the situation and expecting me to complete some desired action. As I have kindly expressed in my previous comments I share truth based on what I see- I don't hold back, just give an honest perspective based on what I am able to read. I am NOT the soldier you are seeking, nor am I to blame for this situation. I contribute what I can in the name of spreading truth- but I have limited means, and that sharing of the truth is the limit of my capability.

I have actually thought about you, partly because of the nature and tone of the comments, but also due to some personal emails I have received regarding your comments. I would really encourage you to meditate and talk to you higher self. I feel your chakras are off balance, and you need recentered. Specifically your blue and violet chakra. Your imbalance is leading you to the negative.. Having said that, I further get that the reason people don't follow you, or listen to you is your approach. When you have a desired outcome (as you do here) you have to approach people in a way that makes them want to follow you rather than attack, accuse and blame them. Take the help you get, accept people as myself have limitations, put the intent out for greatness, and you will get what you seek. With a grounded approach, and focus on your higher self, you can probably achieve your desired approach. Light and positivity will go much further than you current perceived approach filled with negativity.

I am closing the dialogue between you and I for now.

Go with love and light,

B.Lauree Fair said...

What about letters from Jahar's supporters? Does he get to read them or does the prison throw them away?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@B: I get that the prison reads them first, and depending on what they say, he is allowed to get them. If it is just "talking" then they are fine, but if people try to write evidence statements? of something about clues or things to look at (strategy, information, etc), those letters are confiscated.