Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q & A: XI: Religion [Group Request]

6:46 AM
In doing this post I feel I must say that I know this can be a sensitive topic.  I feel a form of caution even doing it because I understand the sensitivity that is tied to personal belief systems.  I am giving you strictly what I see..

Q. Who is Jesus Christ? Should he be worshiped? Why do Christians worship him? Is that the way he looked as depicted to us?
A.  When I focus on this, what I see is that he was a great man.  He has special abilities in that he was very connected to his higher self.  In a sense he was very intuitive and was "psychic."  His connection with the collective consciousness, higher power (some call this higher power or universal knowledge or oneness, God) were very strong.  Visually he was a normal man, but he had a unique ability to see and understand things with a lot of clarity, so much clarity that he was said to be the son of God because of his connection on a spiritual level. 

Q. Should he (Jesus) be worshiped?
A. When I put his image in my mind and ask that, I see him shake his head no.  I try to pry more, and it is because he was truly a humble man with a special gift that he wanted to give people.  He cared and loved people, genuinely.  He was real, honest and just wanted to make this place on earth better.  He feels honored to keep his memory alive, but the word "worship" almost seems too much.

Christians worship him because of his sacrifice.  He was real, his story as he existed on earth was (mostly) real, they saw him attempt to share his gifts of enlightenment, and he was punished for that (it intimidated the powers at be).  It was so powerful, they couldn't not share his story (they were compelled to share it!). 

I also see that part of the worship was out of fear because he did have special gifts, and viewed as how people see "seers" on tv now.  They thought his death would somehow bring down a wrath on those that didn't show their respect and appreciation. I get that some of the stories have been embellished to make him even more than he was, but the base foundation of who he was is very true.

Q. Thank you very much for you attention to all. When one reads this headline: "Pope Francis 'stuns' congregation by confessing to an 'ordinary' priest" do you get the feeling it is just another one for the show? Thank You again!
A.  When I focus on this, I get that these are some of the feelings Pope Francis has on his own self.  He is trying to express some humility, and relate himself to his followers.  The Pope views himself as a man that is married to his religion, but he doesn't think he is better than other people for it (but I get he enjoys the following and he views it as an honor).  I wouldn't say it was "show" but rather him being humble as a way to connect and built trust in his followers (and possibly build up his following.).

Q.Hi Lynn, as we near Easter, was wondering is the cup that Jesus used in the Last Supper still around, and if so, where? ("The Holy Grail")
A. I see this image of it being dropped in molten rock(looks like gold).  Then I see a bunch of people (men in white robes with different colors of velvet adorning them) doing some kind of ceremony and saying it was being given back to the earth..??

Q. This is in regard to the Latter Day Saint religion (Mormon). Was the Book of Mormon written by Joseph Smith himself, and was he a true prophet? Was he really a good person or did he try to deceive his followers? Did he really receive a visit from Jesus or Angels? And did he start the practice of polygamy for selfish purposes? The Mormon church is filled with wonderful, kind hearted and well intentioned people, I'm just curious about the true foundations of this church. Thank you very much for all you are doing.
A.  I see Joseph Smith as a normal man.  I get that he meditated or prayed in hopes of connecting to something bigger than what was here on earth.  I also get that he found a connection through a spiritual conduit.  I don't necessarily see that when he did make that connection it was with Jesus or Angels (when I get that type of connection I usually see something beautiful or a white light) but rather something in the form of an ET (I see an image of "ET" which is my mental symbol for alien life).  The connection was strong, even though I see it as mental only and not in a physical connection sense. During that mental connection he received a message that he wrote down.  He (after the spiritual event) sat and deciphered the message and put it into words that he later could share with people. 

I see the reason as why the Book of Mormon accompanies the bible and isn't a bible itself is because it is a completely source of information coming from different place.  The bible are stories as they were recorded as they were remembered.  Then I get a message about "history is only remembered and retold by those that write the books." Then, I hear that even with all the interpretation of the bible, so much was left out.

Polygamy...I see that part of the perpetuation of this belief was to either convert people, or have people be born into it.  I see that polygamy was a way to increase the population while still having the unity and responsibilities of a family base.  One man could have several women pregnant at once, versus being loyal to one woman and have one child at a time.  They were boosting the population in order to increase the religious base.  

Q. Is there really a prime creator God among all other gods?Does he look like a tall human being with Trishul/Trident in his hand,very long uncombed hair,wearing a snake in his neck,known by the name "Shiva", in his manifested form?Then is there, Brahma(Creator god),Vishnu(Preserver) god as depicted in Hindu Mythology?
A. When I think of who is "God" or who / what created all the "Gods" I see a bright light, as if I am staring at the sun.  I get an impression of a soul without a body living in this light.  I also feel like I want to turn my head and not be able to stare at this light.  My impression is that in our physical bodies were are unable to see "him" or "it" directly, and that is a privilege we gain upon death (to see that bright light of energy and gain full understanding of the universal consciousness).  

As far as giving the prime creator physical characteristics, I can't really see any.  The image is light, energy and heat / warmth.  These other people may have seen something different from me, but for now I can't confirm or deny what they are saying.

[As a final note, I am not religious, but I am spiritual.  I have had exposure to church as a child, but have never studied the bible.  My impressions are strictly what I see and hear. Love and light-]

That is all I have for now. Thank you.  It is 7:40 AM.


a2k said...

Well thanks a lot!I really enjoy such long Q&A session(as compared to single ones!,oops!! :)) Thanks on behalf of all.

Cumene said...

Thanks a lot Lynn. I love your honesty. <3

benykp said...

Thanks Lynn,

I wonder if you have time to just read the bible ..and if you could sense the books in the bible or the Words that Jesus spoke. It may take some time but that would be a whole new level of understanding based on what you can perceive.

And did you actually see Jesus in your mind? That's awesome.

I am actually trying to sort your foundation would be Jesus, but when you add on aliens ...I think I will leave it as a interesting read because I just don't know how to link up with the contents of the Bible.


Fuji Bougie said...

Lynn, I find that we worship Jesus and/or God because we sincerely want to believe that someone can protect us from the hardships and heartbreaks of life. But these things occur anyway, no matter how much we pray. A child dies too young, a daughter is raped, a parent gets terminal cancer and never recovers no matter how much people pray. The worst happens all the time. It makes me wonder if there is really a Jesus/God that intervenes in our lives when we pray to Him. And if we are naive to attribute the good things that happen to Him. What are your thoughts?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@benykp: I did visualize him, and he was an ordinary man that walked the earth. He had a very spiritual connection, and I see him look up to the sky as if his answers came from there.

I don't read the bible. I only know of the most common stories from exposure to the internet, church as a child and discussions. I may have a different understanding if I did read it- I can't say, but worth pondering.

@Fuji: As I read your comment I immediately get that sometimes people put too much faith in things other than themselves. People don't give themselves credit (and at times take accountability) for their own actions and intent. It is more comfortable to shift the responsibility or blame to something else. The power of the mind and intuition is remarkable, it just needs to be listened to. In a sense praying is an organized or official form of relaying an intent for something to happen. I am not telling people to abandon their belief system, just encouraging people to believe that not all the things that happen in life (good and bad) can be attributed to "Him."

Unfortunately horrific things do happen- there is free will, life paths and lessons that need to happen to allow spiritual growth to occur. Then I hear a quote that "The sweet can't be so sweet without the sour." Without a contrast of horrible things, we wouldn't be able to experience the greatness of something wonderful- it would all blend together and highs and lows are necessary in our experience of life.

brillantez said...

Are missing passangers of South Korean ferry alive and well?
What caused the sinking of the ferry?

Ryno said...

What do you see when you focus on John and the book of Revelation? Did John really experience what he wrote about, made it up, or have some hallucination?

wendy tascione said...

Your answers are very consistant with many books i u get the feeling being human is luke being an organic video game where we learn or experience...a virtual reality for souls? Also are we stuck in incarnation? DO WE exist to create negative energy thru suffering for other entities to feed like archons? I notice every human eventually suffers some how.

Baku Matsumoto said...

if you can do a reading of Buddha, or Tibet buddhism, appreciated!.,

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Ryno: I see that many of the things did happen, but they were spread out in time and they were a chain reaction to previous events. For example, in my mind I see a disease occurred, the element of death and the volume of dead bodies being around caused another event that caused the next. I see it did happen, but some scientific things (that weren’t understood) caused the next chain of events to spark. There is most definitely an element of this being real especially to those that lived through it.

@Baku: I see Buddism as a way of learning to be in touch with your higher self. In fact my mental symbol in my mind for meditating is the Buddha position (when I see people are either doing this or needing to do this to get more in touch with themselves). The focus is enlightenment, and they pray to this god to achieve this goal. This belief is that there is more knowledge out there, and it can be achieved through your own mental focus.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Lynn!

On this Easter weekend, can you explain Jesus' Resurrection? Did it happen as described? Did he actually rise from the dead and appear before others? Did he ascend to heaven and sit at the right hand of God?

Additionally, is the shroud Turin real? If so, how was the image created?

Thank you so much!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ nicknolteshair: Check the main page... Just did it :-) In honor of Easter it felt right to do... Love and light, Lynn

Alex said...


The modern bible is man-made and the words are spoken by evil men to twist the truth.

Things like you live only one lifetime, animals are created to be killed are all rubbish.

Any psychics know that we all have multiple lifetimes as written in the Buddhist scriptures. A soul can be reincarnated as an animal.