Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hi, could you please do a reading on blood types? Is there any value in eating for your blood type? In the future will people still need to donate blood? Where do they originate from? Any other information? Thank you!

7:03 AM
 I see two different things happening simultaneously with regard to the development of a blood types.  My mind takes me back to the the early onset of life.  The first thing I see is this mini explosion happening.  It looks like something imploded on its own self.  It appears to be this smallest molecule that was so pressurized it created an explosion, which created the first life forms. The image I get is a person holding a piece of dust on his thumb, and then he takes his forefinger and pinches the dust as hard as he can, and from that an explosion occurs, and then life appears as if it is a magic trick. Then I get the message that this created the base blood type of O.

During the same time frame as this implosion was occurring, I also see the alien races creating life forms on earth.  It was as if earth was a experiment, (I see an image of an ET looking in a microscope and at earth is the image they are viewing).  They experimented and created life.  I also get that this explains how different genes were introduced (dark hair, blonde hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, etc). Evolution and geographics also played into what genes were turned "on" or "off" but that is how the various genes were introduced into our DNA.. The base blood types from this experiment was type A and B.

I also get a message that people can't judge and determine who came from what, or what their lineage is because it is so much more involved that just a simple explanation. What I now see is an upside down family tree where the roots are at the top.  There are two huge roots holding the tree to the sky, and those look to represent both forms of the onset of life. From there we interbreed, mix cultures, and interbreed more.  The result of our melded lives created all types of people and genetic combinations.  It also caused our blood to be further distinguished as positive, negative and sometimes both A and B.  You may have O blood, but no one is purely anything anymore- it may just represent a base- The main message is that no one is elite so this information is not a judgment tool, it just provides you a starting point.

People do need to continue to donate blood.  I don't see a synthetic for this.  I see blood as oil for your body, and just as certain engines require certain types of oil, our body is that way with our blood.  

I cannot connect to a value in eating your blood type- I see that blood is broken down by your stomach acid into its basic components. Eating blood gives you vitamins (I taste iron as I type this), but the nutrition is equally absorbed regardless of blood types. For example, if you are type O, but ingest type A blood, you get the same nutrition as if you would have eaten type O blood.

That is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 7:45 AM.

I did a reading on Rh factors a while ago, and since this is sort of related (in regards to the reading) I wanted to attach the link below.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I think the eating for blood type question was misunderstood. It doesn't mean eating actual blood although some cultures do this as in South American blood sausages made from animal blood. I've heard they're quite tasty but not actually courageous enough to try myself.

Eating for blood type I interpret meaning eating a certain ideal mix of food (high protein/low carb, or high carb/ low protein and fat, or a mix of protein/carbs) depending on blood type (O,A,B,A/B) +/-. I believe there's some truth to this because some claim that a certain odd mix is ideal while others may feel weak and sick on same diet only to feel better when they eat the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

Yes, eating for blood type was meant if eating meat is more important for blood type 0, and eating corn more important for blood types A and B etc...

Anonymous said...

Did you explain the big bang theory? Alien did this? Where is God in this?

Mule said...

Yes, definitely a misunderstanding. Are certain foods found to be more nutritious for certain blood types?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 8:18 AM: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding (thanks for clearing that up.). In my reading I actually envisioned people eating capsules full of blood, as if it were a vitamin..?

I do get that different foods effect different blood types. The image I get is similar to one I had before. I see a lawnmower, you can put in a certain type of gas /oil and it may run, but if you change up the gas / oil, it can still run but run much better. I do get that your body is like a machine, and what you put into it can directly effect the performance results (feeling, emotional state, energy, etc).

@10:47 AM: I don't know if the implosion was the big bang theory. I just saw it as this most smallest speck pressurizing in on itself and exploding. I feel like the universal conscientiousness / knowledge / God influence (I see many words describing a similar event or feeling) being association to the implosion.

Aliens had an influence in mankind, but more from the scientific side.

Anonymous said...

Re: Inner Earth -- Jules Verne fiction, "Journey to the Center of the Earth" seems to imply that he "saw" life in the center of the Earth. What are your thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying my question about eating for blood type posters! I ask as I have read a little about this topic and what the ideal foods/drink are for my blood type and it is definitely unintentionally reflected in my diet. Ie; I am vegetarian, my blood type best suits this type of diet etc etc

Thanks again for the response PF

Psychic Focus said...

@ 3:18 PM: I have actually done some readings on the hollow earth / inner earth theories. To the right is a list of topics I have done. If you click on the hollow earth you can see some of those. Let me know if you have any questions. -Lynn