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Hello. I'm really curious about the truth behind mythologies (Greek, Roman, Norse, etc). Like, are the stories completely fiction or is there really a (physical) 'being/alien"' named this or that god/goddess that visited earth long time ago? What is the origin of these mythologies? I'm especially interested on Norse mythology. Where did the idea of 9 realms come from? And the story/event of Ragnarok? Why is there correlation amongst the events and characters of all mythologies? Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your work.

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When I focus on this to gain some clarity here is what I see... I see that thousands of years ago earth was visited by alien life.  There are many different races of aliens, just as there are many different races of humans.  Some were kind, some were negative, some flew and some were huge- there are many different physical appearances.  I see that aliens walked the earth with humans.  

The thing that stands out as I view this from the outside is how humans viewed aliens (not all but many) in awe, respect and to some extent fear. Aliens would come in on their "flying machines", had fire, and exhibited technology and physical traits that were "god-like" in comparison to what humans were capable of at that time.  Out of both respect and a fear of the alien abilities, they were treated as a god.

Some of what was witnessed by humans was documented, but it was mainly done in the form of pictures rather than written language (many cave drawing depict these alien beings and also their "flying machines' or wings used for flying).  I am watching the ET they call "Thor" appear on earth behind an enormous thunder crash- almost with the same effect that a magician would have (as I type this). Also mythology was developed to preserve the stories, and when you have no word in your language for alien or space ship- you use the most primitive explanation that you have. 

I then get the phrase that "Many people view humans as this time as primitive, but they were intelligent.  They just had a different set of technology, experience and language.  They shouldn't be discounted.  They knew what they were talking about, and were very aware of what was happening around them."

The aliens were involved in human life less and less (at least visibly) as time passed, but the oral stories went on.  The pictures only show so much, but the real stories are what was passed on from generation to generation.  I see stores being told around a campfire.  There is a lot of truth (from the perspective of those that lived during that time and using the best of their ability to explain these beings). Things were added along the way to make the myth more sensible (I am watching the game of telephone being played.) and I also hear that your rational brain tries to fill in the blanks as a story is passed on, but there is much truth to these stories.

Some mythology is Greek based, some is Roman, and what I get is that certain areas were exposed to different types of ETs.  Depending on your experience and exposure, you had a different myth to explain the events happening in your life.  ETs didn't visit everyone, they had there specific geographic areas of interest (much was due to the loyalty of the humans that kept them coming back). Some Gods are fairly specific to certain geographic areas, but others are more universal, and I will explain below...

You question specifically about Norse myths and Ragnarok. I get that prophets have been an important part of all culture, and Norse people sought answers and anyone who could assist in gaining insight were valued.  All cultures have had some kind of premonitions, and Norse culture did the the same thing.  I get at one time there were ETs that visited, and I also see that just like human races fight over land, ETs fought over territory on land and the sky.  As the humans viewed (and also participated) in these wars, the story of the Gods were formed as a way to preserve the events of that time.  The Gods that participated in these wars over space shared geographic areas and that allowed them (the same God) to be in many different cultures' mythology.  I also get that the same ET could have a different name depending on who was telling the re-account of what happened.

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Anonymous said...

Aliens aren't who there were suppose to be.

Anonymous said...

This was an awesome read. It actually reminds me of the God of the bible admonishing the people to serve him and not the gods of other lands. The bible actually says this. So it sounds like ETs claimed certain geographic areas and expected the humans who lived there to be loyal and worship him, or else. And here we are way over here in America serving a god who presided over another land and another (Hebrew) people. The book may have been shared globally but I honestly don't think the laws of the bible even pertain to us.

Siketa said...

Have Americans really found something:
1) under Bucegi mountain in Romania
2) in Afghanistan cave?