Thursday, October 24, 2013

Can you tell me about information regarding "God", an individual's soul, and how it is all connected? What exactly is God? What is the soul, and what does it signify?

2:08 PM And today I thought I would do a short question session on the above question...

A.  The first thing I get is that when people focus on "God" it means different things to different people.  I actually envision a white hot and golden light in the shape of a ball.  It also [referring to the ball] has movement around it as if it was spinning.  I also see what looks like specks of light floating into and out of this bright ball of energy.  The sight is so overwhelming I can't help but stare at it, but at the same time I want to look  away because it makes my heart race and makes me keep wanting to take deep breaths like how a person feels during an anxiety attack....

The next thing I get is that all living things whether they are plants, animals or humans, all contain a soul.  [or piece of this white light]

Q.  I ask myself, What exactly is our soul? 
A.  The image I get is as follows:  I see one of the specks of light leave the main "ball of energy."  That speck of light goes to the donor (could be plants, animals or a human).  i see this speck of light reside in the person's chest..  After the speck of light is implanted, I see each chakra light up.. it starts at red, then goes orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and ends with white on their crown.  Then after the chakras light up, it looks like some kind of electric jolt in their brain..and as I say this I see Frankenstein come alive.  This jolt seems to activate the brain in or of the living thing...[this sparks the onset of life]

Q.  Do the souls connect us as one?
A.  They do connect as one.  The "specks of white light" that are within us all allow us to connect psychically or rather spiritually with one another.  The challenge is to learn how to open up and accept that as communication.  Most people have some kind of experience in their life that is what I would call unusual whether it is thinking of someone and they call, having a dream come true, feeling deja vu, saying something someone else is thinking... but most people rationalize that away as coincidence  but really I am being shown in my mind through the above examples that it is more than coincidence, it proof we are all connected.  

Another example I am being shown is that most people have an inner voice, or guide or conscience.. This inner self is a guide of a spiritual sense.  When something is troubling and you seek guidance  many times times you will get the answer because you are putting the intent to the collective conscience or "ball of energy" that we are all apart of.  I get that many times when you ponder things in your mind, you get answers from or for your "greater good."

Q.  Why don't we always get the answers we seek?
A.  I get because some things you aren't suppose to know in order to fulfill your life's purpose and keep you on your path.  The the lotto [for example] pops up- Lotto numbers are hard to predict.  If they were easy, there would be way more many winners.  Certain life journeys don't want you to have the easy way out; therefore, you have to work and make decisions accordingly   It really depends on the situation you are in as to how much spiritual or collective guidance  or even what kind of signs you will receive.  

Q. If there is a "God" (could be called God, Buddha  etc) or Collective Light / Consciousness, why is there so much good and bad?  Why aren't things all good?

A.  The first thing I see a yin yang sign.  The good and bad provide some kind of balance.  Good and and or bad can't be measured without each other.  If everything was good, you would have no concept of what good really was.  Then I hear a quote from a friend that always says "The sweet isn't so sweet without the sour."

Then I get that souls sent here on earth to experience different forms of life.  Some do good and do wonderful things, while others are quite the opposite.  I see also that the people here doing horrible things (like stealing or manipulating) don't even realize that they are perceived as bad.  Good and bad is a judgement that we determine based on society rules or morals, but not all people see this behavior within themselves.  

The next I realize is that we all do things that we don't view as wonderful, whether it is being frustrated, having a bad day, maybe anger waiting in line, etc.. but as a person you try to do things to outweigh the bad.  Like be generous  or donate, or volunteer.  Life in general is a balance like the yin yang sign, we just try to favor what in our own view is the white.  But, to some people, what we see as black, they view as white.  Good and bad are in some senses a form of a test of judgement... [Everyone is sent here to learn something different and their perception of how they impact themselves and others isn't always clear.. It is part of their journey.]

And that is all I have for now.  It is 2:43 PM.  Thanks.  Link to Audio.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

While reading about Nathan Mayers Rothschild on wikipedia, I noticed it included a rather odd quote which came from a book written in 1962. It seems to describe Rothschild having non-verbal mental conversation: "An anonymous contemporary described Nathan Rothschild at the London Stock Exchange as "he leaned against the 'Rothschild Pillar'."Eyes are usually called the windows of the soul. But in Rothschild's case you would conclude that the windows are false ones, or that there was no soul to look out of them. There comes not one pencil of light from the interior, neither is there one gleam of that which comes from without reflected in any direction. The whole puts you in mind of an empty skin, and you wonder why it stands upright without at least something in it. By and by another figure comes up to it. It then steps two paces aside, and the most inquisitive glance that you ever saw, and more inquisitive than you would ever have thought of, is drawn out of those fixed and leaden eyes, as if one were drawing a sword from a scabbard. The visiting figure, which has the appearance of coming by accident and not by design, stops just a second or two, in the course of which looks are exchanged which, though you cannot translate, you feel must be of most important meaning. After this, the eyes are sheathed up again, and the figure resumes its stony posture. During the morning, numbers of visitors come, all of whom meet with a similar reception and vanish in a similar manner. Last of all the figure itself vanishes, leaving you utterly at a loss". This sounds to me like telekinesis, which you have written about. What are your thoughts?

1:58 PM Today I thought I would do a reading that was a little different, so here goes...

The first thing  I see is a person (I presume Nathan) and he has this energy about him that is very cold and lacks emotion, good and bad.  He has a soul but it is like a vaccuum.  As if everyone he is around, he pulls their energy to make up for his lack of energy.. I don't interpret this (referring to the question) as he has manifested these entities [with his own eyes], but rather it is someone describing Nathan's interaction with people.  It is like they are witnessing him (referring to Nathan) vampiring energy from other individuals, leaving the individual feeling like something is missing.  It looks like the individuals are left in a very confused, trans-like state.  I hear the phrase "What just happened?"  

Then my mind wanders and "sticks" on current day politicians.  It is like they (the politicians) also vampire this energy off people they are around and live in emotionless states at times.  I don't see it as ALL politicians, but a good bunch.  

After my mind leaves that thought, I am being asked the question "Could they be reptilian in nature?" and then I go blank as if I am to ponder that question and come up with my own deduction.. It was asked in such a sarcastic way in my mind, that I feel there is truth in that statement....

And it is 2:10 PM.  Thank you.  Link to Audio

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is the real purpose behind the most recent government shutdown? And is the new affordable healthcare plan going to do more harm than good for the populace?

2:06 PM
I see a lot going on with that... It almost looks like a flag or signal to other countries, as if to say "it's happening."  I ask myself, "What's happening?"  and it looks like the US is about to under go some major changes.  I see this shutdown as a way to wean people off government assistance gradually.  They are slowly taking away or reducing programs.  It looks like a way to get people used to not having programs or rely on the government, but in a VERY slow way...  

I also see this shutdown creating an excuse for the government to place military people in strategic locations because as government programs are reduced, or people are upset with what the government is doing.  There is going to be civil unrest.  They [the government] uses this "unrest" as an excuse to have military everywhere.  It looks like a mild form of martial law, but isn't full blown martial law.  It looks like it is focused only on certain cities.  [The main, large cities.]

i have also seen that China will begin to take some of our land, and then that image made sense to me.  What looks to happen is eventually we are not going to raise our debt ceiling, making us very vulnerable to China because we are going to struggle paying what we owe.  China is also going to demand more than just interest payments.  China then is also going to try to get the gold standard back in place (and I see dump trucks of gold being driven by Chinese) because they have a lot of gold.  Between the US having a struggle with the debt ceiling and paying China, our dollar is in trouble, which gives China that much more power in convincing the world (looks like UN?) to take the gold standard back which boosts China's economic power.  When we continue to struggle with this situation,  we end up bartering some land with China in order to reduce our debt. I see that China will not erase our debt with a land trade, because they still want control.   

I am getting a time frame of 2014-2015 for this to become very real..  This shutdown is just the beginning...

And is the new affordable healthcare plan going to do more harm than good for the populace?
I see in the beginning it being rough.. Doctors look frustrated, people are frustrated because it look like the doctors load is increased and it is difficult to get appointments. it just looks busy.  It looks like there are too few doctors and many more patients.  Doctors look rushed and stressed out.. 

Having said that, it looks to level out down the road.  This "surge" of new patients, really calms down.  More "clinic" looking places open up for common illnesses, vaccines, check-ups, etc.  It looks difficult in the beginning, but ends up becoming more efficient and accessible to people in general.  [My time from for this to level out looks to be 18 months from when it is implemented.]

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:32 PM Link to Audio