Monday, September 16, 2013

Question and Answer Session IV

7:57 PM And today I thought I would do another question and answer session.  It seems like people really like to hear me hit on a few different questions [topics] per session, so here goes...

Q. If we evolved from ape like creatures and over time have become the human beings we are today - how will we continue to evolve? What do you see us humans looking like in another million years? What is the state of our evolution? I always wonder if the aliens who visit us are ourselves in the future coming back (as we've learned time travel) to study ourselves.
A. The first thing I see is a face.  What I really notice is how smooth our face is.  There are are eyebrows, no stubble, our skin looks flawless.  It reminds of the texture of a doll made from synthetic materials.. I also see we have large full lips.  Reminds me of fish lips.  Our skin has what I would call a "sun-kissed" quality to it.  I wouldn't  call it white or tan, kind of in between (on at least who I am seeing).  

I also get a sense of people looking a like, as if there aren't many variances among people. People also look fit. Then I hear the phrase "survival of the fittest" as if the weak either couldn't or wouldn't survive in the future world.  I see a lot of tight, form fitting clothing.  Then I hear that "clothing should be your second skin."

People also speak in broken syllables   Like they enunciate every syllable of every word.  It [the tone of talking] reminds me of a robot, however, the voice is human.  

I really get the vibe that the future human are almost super-human...

Q. With all the anti-gun talk from politicians I would like to know if they will indeed remove our guns from us in a door to door early am attack or will they just simply remove the ammunition from our shelves?

A. I first see them limiting the ammo for the guns that they don't want you to have.  That won't eliminate the guns that are out there, and it isn't doesn't give them a clear inventory as to who has what.  I see there being a need for the government to know who has what due to buying, selling privately, gifting or inheriting guns.  What they will then do is release this "flagged" ammo to public [referring to the ammo that was previously held off the shelves], and require that you provide info on yourself when purchasing..  Most gun owners will buy ammo they don't even necessarily need if they see a shortage, and then realize it is available.  This is a tactic to gain your info and know who has what.  

The next things I see happening is a forced registering of your guns and then you will have to pay a "tax" on this ownership.  It feels similar to how you have to buy license plates to make a car legal.  In this situation I see you having to pay a tax on certain guns to make owning them legal.. I then see them using this tax as a way to eventually seize guns when needed.  Like the tax will just continue to increase (I see the tax going on length of gun barrel??  The longer the barrel, the higher the tax.)  Once you can't afford the tax you either have to sell the gun to someone who can, or surrender it to the government. I also get that a homeland department will be the ones to control this..

Q. I would just like to know why all of a sudden it seems like Governments all over the Globe have put such a High Priority on passing all of these gay and lesbian rights. There are so many things going on in our World right now but it seems like they are focusing on this one issue with such urgency. Can you give any insight into that? Thank you!

A. The first thing I got was that governments don't really care that much about these rights, it is a distraction from other issues.  They are pounding the media (at times) with gay rights but it is because they are avoiding other stories that may evoke "real" reactions..massive reactions. There are economic/financial issues, justice issues, democratic issues everywhere.  There are also underlying motives and causes to these "issues" and as people are side-tracked with gay rights for example, they are much less focused on what governments don't want you to be focused on.  I getting an image of a magician and he is using smoke in the background to distract the audience from a movement of playing cards on the table- governments do the same things with gay rights- gay rights are the smoke...

Q. Will drugs be legalized in the future?
A. The main thing I get is that pot will be [legalized].  I keep hearing "Philip Morris"- as if he is trying to get it legalized, but also in a way that he can make profits.  Like he is working on the logistics.  Packing, sorting out how it will be taxed, manufacturing, etc... The biggest reason it hasn't gone full blown is because the financial backers of it don't have their stuff sorted out.  

Q. There have been many reports of sightings of mermaids, from ancient times to the modern times. Can you confirm the existence of these mermaids and if true describe how they look like and their living habits.
A.  I have actually meditated and seen mermaids.  They are unattractive.  They have a slimy appearance.  They look like they would feel like a slug.  They have a human looking face on a fish body. They have very needley looking teeth.  Some are hairless, and others have patches on hair upon the human looking head.   The one I saw looked to be about 3 feet long.  I also get that they are mainly located (or were located) around the equator.  I have also 
[psychically) read them (the topic of mermaids) and found them to be closely related to dolphin DNA.

Q. Are animal/human hybrids being developed?
A.  I don't see a hybrid being formed, but what I do see see is that they are using animal parts (organs, tissue, etc) in humans to test compatibility.  The one things I see specifically is a human without an ear, and they are using tissues from what looks like a pig to develop this human ear.  So it looks like parts of animals may be used in a human, but there is no mix of DNA between human and animal that I am able to see.

Q. What was the first human language?
A.  I see the first way we communicated was like a form of Morse code and we used clicking our teeth together and also making a "grunt" sound.  We have (developed) symbols (by sounds or sound combinations) for words that came from this "clicking" and "grunting."

Q. Can human consciousness be transferred to a computer?
A.  I get that it can, but this is just in its' infancy.  I see that a person can stand either touching or near a computer, and the computer though heart-rate, breathing, body temperature and a frequency (which seems to be a frequency your brain gives, like a brain looks like waves coming from your brain) it can detect very simple items.  I get that lie detectors kind of work this way, but what they are developing is even more sophisticated because they have learned how to read these "frequency waves" that your brain gives off involuntarily.  I seems that people can learn to trick a lie detector, but this newer technology cannot be tricked...

Q. With the recent events unfolding and the Russians becoming even more daring. Can you tell me if they will actually attack Alaska or are they just playing games as some countries do? Is there a date to be prepared for this attack and where in Alaska is most likely to be attacked.
A.  I can't get a date, but I can tell you this... I see a sequence of events unfolding before Russia will be involved with the US.  I don't see an immediate threat until this event occurs.  There is what looks like a bomb going off in the south part of Asia.  It doesn't look like China.  It looks like a country to the west of China, but it also doesn't feel like Syria either... Somewhere in between.. At that point, Russia is going to go against the the US, and that is when will have to be concerned with an attack.  I don't Alaska being the target, but rather some island off the coast of California.  Russia looks to come in from the west onto this island, and it is an air attack.  

Q. Our history has already experienced the persecution of Christians, famines, sickness (black plague, etc) and devastating earthquakes. Therefore, my question is: Does Revelations describe events that have already happened? Where and what is the "Kingdom to Come"? Does this mean the bible and its promise of reward are not actually applicable to modern day Christians?Thank you!
A. I see the bible as a collection of stories.  There looks be truth in everything, however, some may be embellished.  I don't see the embellishment as intentional, but rather a person trying to write a story (based on memory or other stories) and piece bits of it together to make it logical.  I do see a history of persecution, famine, sickness and earth changes.. When I focus on the kingdom to come, I get that it is different for everyone depending on how you live your life and what lessons you learn..  I also get that your true reward is one that you find in yourself.  Then I see Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz clicking her shoes to go home in the end, and she realizes she has had the power all along.  I see that we as people have the power within us, you just have to find it, and when you do, that is your reward.  Nothing is bestowed on anyone.. The most valuable lessons you bestow upon yourself... The "reward" you are seeking will only be found in your true internal self.  It cannot be given.

Q. The locals here in New Mexico say we live in a bubble. As if the outside world does not affect us in real estate, education, health. What do you see for New Mexico in the next year?
Thank you for answering everyone's questions. 

A.  I see New Mexico tied to the rest of the United States.  I see that California, what is does and earth changes associated to California will highly impact New Mexico.  I see some kind of tie between both of those states.  Economic trends, jobs, etc will effect New Mexico just as they effect the rest of the United States..

And that is all I have for now.  It is 8:54 PM.  Thanks you.  Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response on Russia. I have another question this week as to what Cimah is. Cimah or the 7 stars.

Thanks for addressing Russia. Do you do personal readings? One that could be exchanged through email?

Psychic Focus said...

Yes I do. Please see the tab on the home page of my blog called personal readings. I have info there. :-)


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy readings your posts.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I asked the question about the Kingdom to Come but your answer was vague. I really want to know what the bible is referring to. Is the Kingdom to Come actually here on Earth and a world where one group is in power, like the Jews which seem to have obtained global power? Or is the Kingdom to Come a place we go after death that is not on this Earth? Thank you!

Psychic Focus said...

In reference to the above comment.. it is almost hard to put in words... I see a lot of activity happening in the sky, and it looks scary, but brilliant at the same time. I see bright lights, almost like explosions, but way up high, almost out of our atmosphere. As if it it is happening by the moon or beyond. I looks like it is saying what happens on earth, or rather what will happen on our earth (our kingdom) is being foretold by what has already happened in heaven (our skies). It looks to be a premonition in my mind.

Anonymous said...

You were spot on with your "Taxing Guns' here is link to an article of them doing so.