Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Question and Answer Session III [Group Submissions]

1:43 PMToday I thought I would another question and answer session and see if I can touch on some topics that have been submitted...

Q: Could you give us some more insight in the aids virus. Where does it originate from? Is it a natural disease or man made. Is it curable and how?  (Because there are several rumors circulating)
A. I see huge jungle plants.  Trees with huge leaves on them.  It looks hot and steamy, and then my mind takes to an image on the map and it hoovers around the equator.  I mainly see myself looking at South America.  Then I see bugs, and they are doing a jumping "dance" that looks like popcorn.  When I zoom in, they look like fleas.  It looks like the virus either was transmitted on or by a flea originally. 

I ask myself "If this is transmitted by fleas, why isn't it more widespread, and why more people don't have it? 
The answer I get is that, or rather see is, something that looks like a yellow cloud caused this virus to exist on fleas.  The fleas that were infected (it looks like it was centralized to this jungle spot in South America) transmitted this illness to animals (the primary one I see is a long haired orangatang).  The fleas then died that had the disease, so the disease carrying fleas were no longer a threat.  (I also think it is important to know that when I really focus on these "fleas" I keep seeing yellow eyes.  It seems like an important detail because my mind won't leave that..)

Is it curable?  
I keep seeing some kind of process. It reminds me of a scene on Falling Skies where this guy had to have his blood filtered and heated to kill a virus.  I see something similar to that in which your blood is removed, filtered, and then given back you through this tubing device.  I also ask how it completely eliminates this virus.  I get that in rare cases it can't because the disease too far gone, but when caught early, you may need to do a few of treatments, but it will work.

Q: What about Fukushima and the future?  Are the reactors doomed but they are keeping their mouth shut?
Will it be the end for japan because Im getting the idea that it is a lost cause
A.  I do see Japan going downhill.  Almost like they are just left to themselves.  I don't see a lot of assistance, or anyone rushing to the rescue.  I see them trying to do what they can to survive (meaning the government there will still have people working and trying to manufacture what they can in order to keep the economy going.).  It doesn't look safe.  I keep getting an image of a movie I saw in which a nuclear reactor went bad on a sub, and the men on the sub had to protect themselves in clothes that were better than nothing, but not the proper suits for nuclear handling- I see Japan doing that with their people too in regards to the areas around their nuclear reactors. (I believe the name of the movie I am seeing is K-19). 

I see a lot of hesitation with regard to dealing with Japan.  I also a lot of Japan turning into a dilapidated area.  They are population dense, so people are still there, but the homes look very run down.  I also see a lot of illnesses surging, but this will be banned from our news..

Q. The ancient Egyptians supposedly had healing and rejuvenation technologies. Can you see what they were? If they exist today?
A. The first thing I see is a grinding stone.  It looks like they would put different herbs in between two stones that were circular shaped and grind them.  After they were ground they stones had a spot where wires would be connected.  it then looks like people would hold the wires that were inserted in the stone and sit (and it looks like they were meditating or sitting calmly).  I'm being told that they vibrations from the different herbs (that were ground between the two stones)  would be transferred to a person through this wiring that came from the stones.  Once the person sat there meditating for the predetermined amount of time, they would then take the ground up herbs, and eat them.

I also get that this is now modern day homeopathic cures work.  I don't see it as rejuvenation, but rather more healing.  Now I hear a phrase that I have heard before, "All things that are wrong with the body are because you either need an element or you need to eliminate an element" and this the same concept.

Q. Could you give more insight into the Boy in the Box? Who he was, his name, and what happened to him? He has troubled me since I first heard about the poor sweet child. Thank you.

A. I first get that his parents neglected him, like he had to raise himself and was forced to grow up too fast.  Like he had to learn about the realities of the world.   It was like he was a naive child, but had a lot of adult instincts.  (I see that his mental capacity was important in order to understand him.)

Since his parents neglected him, I see he relied on other adults to help him.  I want to say an uncle or someone familiar that he knew and viewed as an uncle was the one behind this, meaning his death.  Like this person felt pity for him and took him in, but then that became abusive.  To the little boy "I keep hearing Joseph for a name" it was better to be abused than completely neglected. One day the abuse went overboard, and he was killed.  The "uncle" was scared of being caught and said the boy ran away.  In reality, he was dead, I see him (the uncle)  floating a box down a river ??

The uncle got away with it, but thinks about it (what he did) a lot.  To the point this guy (the uncle) is obsessed with it.  It looks like he even went mental, I see an institution and this guy in a straight jacket.

And that is all the time for now.  I will do another session later.  Thank you.  It is 2:38 PM.  Link to Audio


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I love these group readings!

Anonymous said...

Amazing reading, as always!

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Thank you Lynn for all your readings!

Can you please do a reading about Bruce Lee? the real reason about his death and if he has a message to us?!
I think he was a great being of light.!!!

“Do not be tense, just be ready, not thinking but not dreaming, not being set but being flexible. It is being “wholly” and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.” – Bruce Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

May I know how long can the AIDS/HIV virus survive outside of the body? I read some other alternative news media that the HIV/AIDS virus is very hardy and survive outside of the body for few days, contrary to what mainstream medical science says about it. Your comments please...

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Hi. I fallow this blog regularly. I have been having premonitions of invasions for quite some time. Would you concider doing a reading about the possibility of China and Russia invading the United States?

Psychic Focus said...

@6:24 am: I at getting that it usually dies within 1 day (24 hours) and can RARELY stay alive past 2 days (48 hours)

@2:00 pm: I would absolutely do a reading on the China / Russia situation. In fact, I think it is queued up for me to do a reading on

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Thank you for your readings. I look forward to reading them and check your blog frequently!