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Is there a real threat from comet ison this fall? Do you see any significant events on or around October 1st, 2013? Could this be an excuse for the powers that be to false-flag a black out and martial law, with bank holiday? Do you see anything like that? Then, when we pass thru the tail/debris (early 2014) we could get hit with who knows what ,even a space virus or Black Death. You have said that we will see electricity go wonky as the red comet comes closer. Can you try again to pinpoint a date at which all will be aware of the changes coming? How bad will it get? will the sun become so intense that only those underground will survive?

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A. The first thing I see is a lot of activity in the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.  It looks like huge chunks of ice keep breaking off and apart...The ice is like huge pieces like the size of house.  And the ice breaking off looks like a sign for more things to happen later, but the ice is the first event.  Then I see ice storms...and a lot of the North Eastern part of the US, and it looks to be in Maine / Vermont area, but it radiates out from there.  And it looks like the weather that they get is brought from the Atlantic Ocean inland, rather than being brought from the West Coasts towards the east.  It looks like the weather is coming from the North.  The East Coast gets his way harder than the West Coast.  And it looks like fall hit our country (or the United States), at two different times.  Like the East coast jumps almost straight to winter, but the West coast is like stuck in the high temperatures of summer.

Q. Is there a real threat from comet ison this all?  

A. It looks to me that, we do not get hit by a comet, but some debris around the comet makes it's way into our atmosphere.  And it looks like it hits, either in, or really close to Greenlands, like the northern part of Greenland.  And that is what causes, those huge chunks of ice to break apart, and then it starts this weather chain reaction.  I see New York, and the Northern states above New York, hit with a lot of snow, almost blizzard like, and I keep flashing to that movie we watched, the one with all the snow at the station.  The Day After Tomorrow.  My mind just wants to focus on the snow in that movie.  I keep seeing December with that also.  Like we will see all that snow in December.

Q. Is ISON this "Red Comet" you have previously referred to?  
A. I cannot get a connection between the two, but when I focus on ISON, this comet looks white hot to me, with a fire in the center, as if it burns hotter than what I call the Red Comet.  So visually the do not look the same, but I cannot tie a name to it. 

Q. Do you see any significant events on or around October 1st, 2013?  
A. I get an image of this ice breaking off, and when it does, there is a huge wave that is behind it, and it looks like a bunch of that cold arctic water get pushed..and it comes from the North to the South.  And I seeing the currents being totally messed up by that.  And I get the impression that a lot of sea life dies in the process too.  I cannot see a lot of water being rushed on shore though.

Q. Is there going to be an excuse for the powers that be to false-flag a black out and or martial law, with bank holiday?  
A.  I do not see a false flag, what I do see are a lot of military exercises going on at that time.  And it looks like there is going to be a lot of active military people with their supplies strategically put in a lot of places, to where it looks odd....and we are going to be told that it is for like a military drill, and then they are going to go back to Hurricane Sandy and say that they do not want that to happen again, and that we need to have our people ready and available, and that is why there is a need for all these "practices".  And the citizens are comfortable with that because they feel like the government is looking out for their safety.  I also get that while these practices are going on, the president is going to be in Colorado, because they are going to be doing a drill for him too, but the reality is that they do not want him on the coast at all.

Q. Are we currently experiencing any pole shift effects.  Like is the East coast moving further north, while the west coast is pulled down.  Could that explain the differences in weather you see in the US?
A. Ok I get that we ARE experiencing some pull, and then China lights up..and I am being shown that thats why China and some countries are experiencing so much flooding.  And then I am getting the Mediterranean sea, I am being shown that it too is off balance because of this.  But the drastic changes have to do with after this ice breaks looks like huge pieces that look to be the size of I want to say Texas, and it gets broken into house like sizes.  It is completely shattered.

Q. Does this raise ocean levels at all?
A. Well I see that after the ice breaks off and the surge of water goes down the Atlantic, it looks like it pools up around the it looks like the sea level is decreased around the North pole and it increases around the where the equator should be, and it tries to level out, but it never gets back to the level where it started.

Q. When we pass thru the tail/debris of ISON (early 2014) we could get hit with who knows what ,even a space virus or Black Death?  Do you see anything when we pass through tail?
A. Other than the ice being affected, I do not see any diseases or viruses being introduced.   I get that our Sun may look different to us, like there is a haze or a fog, like it does not look as bright.  I also feel like I taste something the air is colorless and odorless, but you always have this nagging, like dirty taste in your mouth.  Kind of like the taste that you get after you walk through a fog machine at Halloween time.  I cannot see any illnesses correlated with that.

Q. You have said that we will see electricity go wonky as the red comet comes closer. Can you try again to pinpoint a date at which all will be aware of the changes coming? How bad will it get and will the sun become so intense that only those underground will survive?
A. My mind is so locked on March 21st, that I CANNOT get a different date. I keep asking myself, and I still see as the date, even though March 21st has passed.  Ok I get that prior to all of these changes, and event to look for since I cannot get a date, there is going to be an intense, what looks like a meteor shower, and it is not going to be one that you need a telescope or be at a certain spot to see, it is going to look like fireworks going off in the sky.  And the visual I get is a firework and it has one central bright spot and from that one spot, like six different flairs go off of it, and it is absolutely enormous.  And right after that happens, that will be the clue that your Red Comet is there.

The main thing I get in regards to how bad it is going to get is to be cautious of those who say they are there to help you.  Then I see people flocking to government aid or shelters or that kind of thing, and those people who seek assistance look as if they have a harder time than those who try to fend for themselves.  I see the government programs starting out as being a great thing, BUT then I see like military and they are taking people by the edge of their shirt and like forcing them around, like they start out nice but then end up treating people like animals.  It is like that human emotion starts to become extinct.  I would say that they lost their humanity, and the people on their own go through rough times but they have a sense of like when they meet other people there is like a bond and a respect for not giving up.  Like an unsaid sense of community or belonging.  I see the military and the government really underestimating the people that did not flock for help.  They actually kind of leave them alone to an extent.  They are so consumed with dealing with the people that they say they are helping, that they really do not really worry about the little communities.

The Sun is intense, but is tolerable.  People actually embrace the sunlight.  It is like I am seeing some old time indian tribe and they are celebrating that the sun is even rising.  And they are saying something about that it is bringing life and growth, and it is necessary for survival.

Q. These changes you see, what is the interaction,  Is it a space object affecting the Sun and then Sun affecting earth, or space object directly influencing Earth or a combination of both?
A. I see this first affecting our moon, then the Earth, but really no influence on the sun at all.

Q. The Kolbrin Bible and many ancient cultures document a space object known by names such as, Nibiru, The Destroyer, The Doomshaper, The Red Comet (Mayans), and Wormwood?  Do all these cultures describe the same periodic visit of a space object the has adverse affects on earth, and if so, is this your "Red Comet"?
A. Ok, as I focus on those names, I see them all spelled out in my mind, and they are all written in the same font and the letters are all on fire, red fire.  It looks like those are all the same thing, just called a different name.

Q. Did ancients with knowledge such as Moses already know of this object and use it's coming chaos that was to follow, to his advantage to free slaves like in the bible's exodus story?  Did he use his knowledge to manipulate the situation before him as with the 10 Plagues of Egypt.
A. The first thing I get is an Egyptian pyramid, and then I see someone viewed as a god standing on top of this pyramid, and it looks like he is getting advice from these men who climbed to the top of this pyramid, like spiritual advice and guidance.  And the guy that is standing on top is not able to see these visions himself, but he has faith and believes what he is told.  And then he takes what he knows and he uses it to scare the people beneath him, and I see him trying to get the people to give him what he wants and he is threatening them with thunder and earthquakes and things that he knows will happen.

But when he threatens him and then these things happen he gets an even stronger following and loyalty.   So yes their were enlightened people, that were able to gain power and loyalty by having this knowledge.

Q. Has this object affected earth before, and what is it's periodic cycle in earth years?
A. Ok I get 514, and it looks to be 5140 years.  Hmmm....I get that it has affected earth before, and the the last time that it came by our dark side of the moon had a fixed smaller moon.  Meaning Earth, our moon, and this other object on the dark side of the moon were in alignment.  And that object that was there was knocked or actually pulled from the dark side.  And I get also that our moon used to be close to us and when gravity pulled the object from the dark side of the moon, it pulled out moon out a further distance from earth.  I get that it used to be between 15-20% closer than what it is now.

Q. Has the face changed that we see?
A. I see a visual of a spiral of it turning as it was pulled.  It looks like what we see now, like 3/4 the same face of what we saw them, and a fourth of it was from the dark side that turned when it got pulled.....I see the object that got pulled away from the moon, it was drug behind the comet, but then snapped into another planets orbit and became a moon there.  My mind keeps taking me to Jupiter....and it looks as if it became a moon to Jupiter.  This objects was always on the dark side, and I am getting that humans could only see this object once in a blue moon, so they knew it was there but only very rarely was it visible.  It was a circular and about a fourth of the size of our moon.
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Changing the subject slightly, how do you think those people who go up to mars will get on? I think the world is preparing for meltdown of our planet and perhaps have sited Mars as our new home in the future.

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Although it is not explicitly said, you mentioned that around the time of October 1st period there will be martial-law like conditions. Do you see the economy collapsing at this point in time and is that why there will be so many "active military people with their supplies" in operation?

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Eric Leigh-Pink is another psychic who has a Facebook page and blog "World Predictions" where he has consistently posted of an upcoming tsunami of sorts. His tsunami predictions are the most and longest (numerous predictions on the same topic of tsunami) than any other prediction I've seen him do in the past 1.5 to 2.0 years. Let's hope our timeline changes so these, what could be, devastating things don't happen.

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