Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can you please do a reading on The Book of Aquarius that was published free online by Anonymous in 2011? It claims to give the true recipe for the Alchemist's Philosopher's Stone - the physical recipe to create unlimited gold, immortality, etc. Several historical figures, including the mysterious Saint Germain are claimed to have used the Stone. It is meant to take 1.5 to 7 years to make from scratch. If this is real it could change the world. Thankyou!

1:52 PM

I do see a book.  It is very ancient.  The paper looks man-made, meaning it looks thick and also the edges are torn.  It is covered in leather and the side the bound with string.  It is very old / aged looking (meaning this book).  I see it is written in a code.  It looks symbols.  I'm being told it is to protect the contents.  I'm also getting that this book does exist, but the original is buried in the middle east.  The copy that was published, is not based from original, but rather an interpretation of the original. 

Q.  So, this book did exist.  Where did the information come from?
A.  I see myself looking at the stars.  And, I am being told that the info came from somewhere far away.  It wasn't created here (the knowledge).  It was transcribed in the original book from an outside being. Meaning, an outside being or alien communicated to an individual that is dressed like a monk, and that monk coded the information into this book.

Q.  Why is this not widely used?  It could make the world better?
A.  I see a finger being shook at me and hear the a message about "we aren't ready."  "We can't handle it yet. " If we really used the knowledge in this book,  it would destroy us."  "There is a time and place, and now is neither.  Too few people have too much power, and it would only get worse."

Q. What is really inside the book?
A.  I see this book being divided into two main sections.  I get words "Self" and "Substance."  

I see the section labeled "Self" doing a lot of work with the spiritual self. Not religious, but spiritual.  It seems that there are chapters on: self healing, increasing vibrations, I hear the words "returning to oneness" meaning in my words the central consciousness, meditating (I am seeing a guy sitting with his legs crossed and he is meditating.  I can see his spirit/soul actually rise up apart from his physical being as if he knows how to separate his physical being from his spiritual self.   This part  of the book has a lot of importance to it, as if you aren't allowed to proceed to the second section without having  a complete understanding of the first. It is now coming to me that you can't embrace and (how do I want to say this..) share gifts  of value (such as gold, technology, etc..) to the world without first having a society that shares this spiritual ideology and true internal belief of connectedness with one another.  "To bring about such gifts before one is ready would surely be their demise." (?)

The "Substance" section stands for something else.  I want to say "Sustainability" but it is strictly related to the physical self.  I'm getting a phrase about  "it is an informational guide and contains everything."  Then I hear "it is the wikipedia of its time." But then I hear "it is even more sophisticated that wikipedia."  I see this portion is technology based, and from that everything physical is possible.  It includes architecture, I'm getting flying machines, I'm getting that it isn't making gold from nothing BUT telling how to refine or extract it from the earth.  How to find the gold, what is looks like in its raw form, and how to process it to look like the gold we know. I see it explaining other precious metals too, like silver and copper...I also get that the reason that people say they are making these from nothing is because when you start, the raw materials look like you have nothing worth anything.

(I would like to think about this a little deeper too....)

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 2:24 PM Link to Audio


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Cool reading!

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This was interesting! I just read 'The Alchemist' and it's amazing to read your insight about what the book was based on.

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Wow! Thank you for the reading!

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I love your readings. You always give an interesting and unexpected point of view

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I have a question. You said there was "a book" that contained the information to the philosophers stone. But you never mentioned if "The Book of Aquarius" was that book.