Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boston Bombings.. [Group Post]

8:55 AM I have had a lot of requests regarding the Boston Bombing.  I wanted to compile a list of questions and create a postings with questions and my thoughts....

Q. Hello, This is regarding the Boston bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. You say he will be killed, but do you honestly still feel that? Even after his mother has spoken to him to let him know how many people support him. Please tell me is it possible to change it, if so how? I do pray for him. But please tell me is there any way to change to help? Is there any chance it looks brighter for him now that he gets support? Please tell me. 
A. I see a flood of images with this.  The first one is a guy with gray hair.  He looks to be in his 40s.  My gut is that is is going to die, but I feel like this image is telling me that he will be closer to his 40s when he dies.  He is also still in prison at this time and I see him wearing an orange jumpsuit....   I also want to say that he dies of what appears to be natural causes.  I see him grab his chest.  It looks to be something with his heart, however, I sense he is poisoned by something he drinks.. [I see him grab his chest and my eye focuses on a plastic cup of water and my mind won't leave that image.]

Even though I don't see him die soon, I still get the image he will die in prison at a relatively young age...

Q. I find mediums/psychics to be very gifted people, thank you for sharing that with us. I just ran into your blog 2 days ago and read about your thoughts on the Tsarnaev brothers, the bombings, and Sunil Tripathi and felt that what you said makes so much sense. Ever since this whole thing, since day 1 there was this gut instinct that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was/is an innocent young man, however I couldn't come to any conclusions regarding what role his older brother played. I wanted to hate these 2 young men in the beginning, however I couldn't bring myself to do so, there's something about them especially the younger brother that doesn't tell me that he is evil.  He seems like a pure soul and there's some sort of light about him... Something I can't really explain. I noticed that on your blog the last update on the brothers was sometime in May, if its not too much to ask, would you be able to do another update as to what has happened since then, I have a few topics that I would very much appreciate if you covered! I feel that a lot had happened since then, I want to know if this will somehow change Dzhokhar's fate...

1. Dzhokhar's mental/physical condition
A. I see a lot of emotions running through him.  The first thing I "see" is a little boy that is just lost.  He looks to be piecing all this together.  He is still trying understand the story himself.  He is confused and surprised at what he is being accused of.  As if when he is confronted with the allegations he is genuinely surprised.  I keep hearing he phrase "this is just a dream, this has to be a bad dream."  It is as if he tells himself that to get through the day.  I see him as depressed, overwhelmed by the situation, but this feeling of confusion seems to overpower it all.

Physically, he looks just ok... I don't see him as being neglected, but I don't see him as great either... It is as if he is just existing right now and trying to make it one day at a time.

2. Now that he has been indicted with 30 counts, what do you see in store for him? I really hope this young man does not end up in Supermax in Colorado, how do you see his life ending up down the road? I'm honestly having a gut feeling that he will plead not guilty on July 10th at his arraignment. Will this somehow change the fate you had mentioned before (killed in prison). I find it hard to believe that this boy survived 16 wounds (as stated by his mother in an update last week) just to end up like that. There has to be a better plan for him, a higher purpose for his life!
A. I do see him prison.  I keep getting this tug like his country is trying to get him released to to go "back home."  It looks like he tries to fight the system here.  He gives it a good effort.  Eventually he runs out of time and resources and accepts his fate.  Once he realizes he is going to be stuck in prison, he tries very hard to get transferred back to his country.

When I focus on that question, my mind is "stuck" in that tug of war between countries.  He does serve a long part of his sentence.  I keep getting that it is through the next presidency.  It won't be our next president, but the one after that will be in office when he finally gets to go back to his native country.

3. Will he ever be able to physically see his sisters and parents again?
A. I get that he will.  He will be heavily monitored, and I see it kind of as a torture for him.  Meaning, they will allow him only a few minutes.  As if as soon as they start to speak, the visitation over and no real visiting actually occurs.  There is no touching and they even video record the entire meeting.  It looks like they see each other and as soon as they acknowledge other, the time is up.  To answer the question, they see each other, but the whole thing feels very strange.

4. What are your thoughts on the alleged "boat note confession" said to have been written by Dzhokhar on the wall of the boat. Was it really him who wrote it?
A. I actually don't see a confession.  I see him laying there on the floor of this boat.  He is scared, hungry and tired, but above all he is scared.  He looked to his older brother for guidance.  I feel like he [meaning Jahar] was not a leader type mind, but more followed his brother with this situation, so he was kind of lost at moment [being stuck on the floor of this boat].  I keep hearing the phrase "I love you mom.." as if that was the real message on the boat.  It was like he knew he was going to die and was giving out his final words to his family.  I don't see a confession by him... In fact, I now see the image of Tom Hanks on Castaway.. Just this lonely, lost, boy, feeling vulnerable and helpless...

5. Did the boys really murder officer Sean Collier and carjack a man?
A. I'm getting that the whole time all of that was happening the boys were in hiding.  I just keep seeing this reckless behaviour from the police and military.  The theme to COPS in playing in my head and I just see these high speed chases as if the cops where almost out of control trying to find these boys.  I also get that the boys could hear everything that was happening, but couldn't see it.  As if they had access to a radio, but not tv as they were hiding. I also see that every time an event unfolded they would have this look of "shock" and fear.  They couldn't believe what was happening and that this was being blamed on them. I also get something about "they couldn't have made this up in a story if they tried" like the idea around what was happening was so far fetched they couldn't have even dreamed it up.

6.. The brothers went to the gas station according to reports while they hijacked Danny and Danny was in the car. Why were they at the gas station? Did they know they were suspects at that time?
A. I get that they knew they were suspects, but they didn't realize the severity of the situation yet.  They didn't even comprehend the manhunt that was starting.  They were actually nieve in the beginning of how far this would go.  I see that they even got a snack in the gas station... Looks like trail mix.. They also acted like if they laid low it would go away, and the manhunt would begin for the correct suspects, at least that was the mentality in the beginning of this.

7. What is Katherine’s thoughts on this whole thing? Did she really love her husband Tamerlan?
A. I see that she really did love her husband and that she still grieves for him.  She is still shock over it like the reality of it still hasn't sunken in.  I also see that she feels like she has to secretly grieve.  She feels like in public she has to pretend she is detached from him, but privately she misses him. For her personal safety she has to express some kind of public shame, even though those are not her true feelings.

8.  Does Jahar think of his future in terms of marriage,children,college..etc ?
A.  I don't see that as his primary focus right now.  He is more of in the mind of surviving a day at a time... The thoughts of his future are more as a day dream and feel unattainable now.  He is really more worried about what is happening now to even think about what could happen in the future.  When I think about this question, I see his face with horse blinders on showing me that he is very focused on the current situation to the point he can't really focus on anything else.  He is so consumed that his mind can't wander...

9.  Will the people who really did this ever come forward? In other words, will the world find out that Jahar is innocent? If so, when will they know? In time to save Jahar’s life or no?
A. I can't see them coming forward.  I get that the truth will be labeled as a "conspiracy theory" [I hear the phrase "conspiracy theory" over and over ] and that is how they will devalue the truth.  The real story will be out there for people that seek it out, but will never be brought forth officially...

And that is all I have for now.  It is 9:49 AM.  Thank you. Link to Audio

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for the reading. Although he will spend the rest of his life like this, in jail and a disgrace to the public, I hope his soul will remain strong. I will continue to pray for him.. Maybe; somehow, it will make things a little easier on him.

Anonymous said...

Please post more often, it helps to know that you're okay. Your long absence leaves me worried, as the nature of what you're doing is not easy, and could be dangerous. Please be careful. Peace.

Anonymous said...

In question 2 you mentioned him going back to his country so does that mean he will go home before he dies or will he die in jail before he does home?

Anonymous said...

In view of the recent terror alerts, do you see anything "happening" in August or September? The authorities seem to think the threat was serious enough to take unprecedented action in closing 22 US embassies around the world.

Anonymous said...

Re: Aug 2 Terror Alert......

Some analysts and Congressional officials suggested that emphasizing a terrorist threat now was a good way to divert attention from the uproar over the N.S.A.’s data-collection programs, and that if it showed the intercepts had uncovered a possible plot, even better.

Psychic Focus said...

@ 8:24 Sorry I have so much time between posts.. Summer is just a hectic time.. Once the school year begins I hope to have much more time to dedicate to my blog.

@ 11:24 PM My gut told me he would be in his own country when he dies. He still was in prison, but I will say the prison didn't look "maximum security." He looked like he was free to walk about and socialize with other inmates.

@ 2:55 AM and 8:38 AM I see this terror alert as a smoke screen for something.. The news is trying to divert attention. When I have thought about this I have had 3 things come to mind and I can't seem to settle with just one of them. 1. There is something going on and this is totally a distraction 2. The US is planning an attack on our people and this "warning" will allow the people to be more accepting and less in shock when it happens because "they told us so" and 3. The threat of an attack scare people and the govt is more easily allowed to take our rights and our privacy because we feel they need to in order to protect us... I will say that number 3 resonates with me the most...

Anonymous said...

1) Is President Obama in on this deception or is he unknowingly just a pawn in the much larger picture?

2) Does it have to do with the economy? Are they expecting the markets to crash and therefore need a tighter control over things?

Psychic Focus said...

@ 7:23 I feel that he knew "something" but didn't know exactly what was going to happen. It was intentional b/c they needed a sincere response for everything to play out.. He knows the real story behind it, but they wanted him to not be prepared for the what, when and how...

They are concerned with overall unrest. It definitely feels economic/financial, but I feel like it grows to something much bigger. I do see the economy as the seed that starts a much bigger thing... I see other countries being heavily involved.. My mind always goes to Russia and China in a negative energy way...

Anonymous said...

Any clue when things may start to happen?

One youtube poster who has an autistic child with a fairly accurate record in predicting events zeros in on October 1. Although things can start unraveling before then. Here's the video link:

Gem said...

I hope he's found not guilty. He seems like a good person. My heart breaks for him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell if the brothers had previous contact with the FBI? A woman who once worked for the FBI said that it is highly possible that they used the brothers for information but then needed to get rid of them. The Boston Bombing was the way to do that, set the brothers without them knowing and take away their voice. I'm just curious... it is a good point...

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