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Was the Sandy Hook shooting done like the MSN said or were there a number of people involved and it was basically a False Flag event ?

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This question brings me back to a previous reading that I did when I touched on this subject.. Um, It always plays the same way in my mind.  Two guys walk in with Lanza, and Lanza is in a total glaze.  Like his eyes are very glassy.  The two guys that walk in with him have a scruffy beard and are wearing tan carhartt coats.. The impression is that the coats and not clean shaven look are a costume.  I then distinctly see the two guys take out handguns and start to shoot up the school, and it looks like they don't walk much further than the foyer of the building.  Lanza stands there almost like a zombie.  When the two are guys are done they go over to Lanza. One holds Lanza strait up in a standing position and the other kneels down in front of him and shoots him under the chin and in a straight up direction.  Now that I am replaying that in my mind, I see the guy kneeling actually take the gun and put it in Lanza's hand and the guy squeezes Lanza's hand and pretty much helps Lanza commit a suicide.  Lanza is completely out of it.. has no idea what is happening and looks like he doesn't even know where he is.

After Lanza is shot the guys leave the gun that shot Lanza with Lanza, the other handgun stays with the real shooters, and the two guys flee...

Q.  I try to see where are the going? 
A.  I immediately get the image from the movie "Red Dragon" in which the killer sits in tree to view what is going on.... I then jump to this situation and realize that these guys flee to some nearby woods and sit in the trees while all the chaos starts to happen.  They don't run far, and in fact are close enough to see what exactly is going on..

Q.  Did they escape and how?
A.  I see them looking at the crowds forming.  Once all the parents and everyone else is there, they come down from their spot in the woods, and blend with everyone else, and leave...  They use the crowd as scapegoat or rather their opportunity to get out..

Q.  Was anyone really killed.. some theories state that no one was really shot.?  
A.  I definitely see that Lanza was killed along with two other women.   One was Lanza's mother, and the other was a women that looks to be in her early 30's dark hair and attractive.  She was in the same room as Lanza's mom when Lanza's mom was shot.  I see the guys not wanting to shoot her, but there was some disagreement about witnesses, and that there couldn't be any.. I see and feel a lot of guilt toward that, but the guilt only lasts minutes, if even that long.   This is very "mission" oriented 
[Note: After the reading I was looking over this.. I never actually saw the children being shot, just the adult women and Lanza.  I saw many bullets being shot, but not aimed at anyone.  Just many random bullets being shot all over the entrance of the school.  They were fired off really fast, one after another  all in complete randomness.}

Q.  Was this indeed a false flag event?
A.  This definitely was much bigger than Lanza alone.  In fact Lanza looks like a puppet in this.  I keep going back to this phrase in my mind about Batman and Batwing.. The big guy who was the head of this operation goes by the nickname Batwing... I just keep hearing that over an over.  He had an agenda to get assault weapons off the street, so he prayed on the emotions of the masses to accomplish this.  I see this man being also tied to the movie theater shooting...again the Batman and Batwing thing just keeps coming up.  I see the movie theater being the big event that was supposed to trigger this [getting assault weapons off the street], but when it didn't work they had to really change their approach... They knew they needed something that America would really be moved by... And now I hear something in Bugs Bunny's voice that says, "something despicable"...  so that is how the Sandy Hook event was planned.

Q. Do I have any final thoughts?
A.  I think this whole thing is really sick and disturbing.  I believe people need to be honest and not pray upon emotions, but we live in a sad world that people in power will do desperate things to get what they want.

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Anonymous said...

God intervene quick!

Anonymous said...

I really don't believe that he ever existed. The photo they use of him is distorted, just my thoughts. Do you really sense he is a real person? Wonderful site, keep up the great work.

Psychic Focus said...

I think he did exist, but he looked more like a puppet... or rather a person without conscious thought.. He definitely didn't know what was going on.. I could be wrong. He just didn't seem "right".

Christina G. said...

Based on all of my research, which is extensive, and my own intuition, I do not believe the Adam Lanza existed at all. His photos, depicting him as an older young man, are photoshopped. They obviously used a real person(s) in his photos, but he's not "Adam Lanza," but merely photos of one or more children/teens (probably within the government intelligence community) used to create "Adam Lanza." Adam Lanza's mother, if she existed at all, was likely a government intelligence operative who has moved onto other intelligence projects.

The only shooting that went on that day were government agents shooting up the entrance and perhaps a classroom or two as part of a false flag.

Sandy Hook was a classic and badly orchestrated black psyop. It almost certainly had to have been approved by the POTUS since the DHS and FBI were on scene and headed the "investigation."

No children died, and if any adults died (which I doubt), it's because they were not part of the government intelligence community and they knew too much. There have been a few deaths/disappearances after the fact; these non-government victims apparently learned too much during the days and weeks following the "massacre" and refused to keep quiet.

Frank Berst said...
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