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Is it possible using magnetic fields or some form of stimulation to activate inactivated portions of the brain that are responsible for psychic phenomena? Scientists say that 95% of human DNA is not being expressed, what is that DNA responsible for? Has genetic immortality been discovered yet? Will population control be instituted?

7:50 PM - I first see that we used to use a lot more of our brain than we do now....I also see that our brains used to be larger than what they are now, but they've kind of shrunken down or atrophied because the parts that are not stimulated and used have shrunk down in a sense.  I keep getting the word "telekinesis" it is coming to me that people used to, thousands of years ago used to have much more intuitive abilities than what we have now....

I also see a lot of those intuitive abilities being tied to a person's subconscious....I am sorting out in my mind why we stopped using these intuitive abilities which created the atrophy in our brain, and the vision I am getting...I am seeing humans interact with what looks like and alien species, but the communication is more on an intuitive level rather than a physical level.  Some of this alien species lived here and some were just visitors, but a lot of the interaction was what I refer to as mentally talking to one another rather than using your voice.

Even though the alien life still interacts with some of us here, I do not see it at as grand of a scale as it once was, it looks like people used to have ceremonies welcoming them here multiple times a year, and now it is just a select few people that see them very randomly.  So over time humans out of lack of use, did not really lose the ability to be intuitive, they just forgot how to tune into it.

Q-Is it possible using magnetic fields or some form of stimulation to activate inactivated portions of the brain that are responsible for psychic phenomena?
A-I do see magnetic fields working but what happens is that during the stimulation the brain almost gets like surge and like a swelling as if it is flexing.  But then when the surge is over and your mind is able to relax, that is when your intuitive abilities start to peak through.  It looks like it becomes more effective right after that excited peak state, like when you are coming down off of whatever stimulation you have created.  I see your brain as being like a muscle that you have to work, and as you work at it the more developed you will become.

Q-Scientists say that 95% of human DNA is not being expressed, what is that DNA responsible for? 
A-Hmm....a...I am getting the phrase "unexpressed knowledge" meaning it is thoughts and memories and actions of previous lives and our current life that we do not know exists.  I am also getting that that is just part of it, not the whole 95%.  And I am getting the word Deja Vu.  And I am getting another phrase as an example and it is saying "The way the bird knows to build a bird nest" it may not have been taught, but it is instinct that is ingrained in your DNA.  I am just getting all these examples, another is "How you know a smell is foul", you are not taught that, you just know it.

Q-Has genetic immortality been discovered yet? Will population control be instituted?
A-I do not see immortality or population control, but a lot of genetic mutating is being done, and I am seeing something about the perfect race or perfect species is the word that I want to say.  And they look kind of like albinos. Their eyes are very ice blue....But I will say that when I think of this species, there is something not right about them...they look like they do not have a normal soul.  Um..they act like humans, and are considered human, but emotionally they are like robots.

Q-What kind of electromagnetic stimulation can cause the flexing of the brain to trigger a state of intuitiveness?
A-I see a picture of a device, and it looks like a TENS machine, and they are putting a pad on the left side and a pad on the right side and stimulating current that way.  And it gives a sound of static electricity snapping, and I see the first reaction being kind of like a static shock, but the after affect of that creates like a relaxed state that allows someone to exercise their intuitiveness.  

Q-When you describe left and right side, which body part do you refer, and what separates this from electroshock therapy used on mental patients?
A-I am referring to the head, above the ear on either side.  And it is actually very similar to electroshock therapy.  I see that after you get his initial shock you get a moment of clarity, like outside distractions and noise do not interfere with your own personal thoughts.  I also see this as temporary, but that one experience can be enough to show you what frame of mind you need to be in and what it feels like.

As a side note, this does look rather invasive to do and there is much healthier and natural approaches to tuning into your intuitive abilities.  For example, focusing on meditating can be just as if not more effective and in a more holistic way to achieve that intuitive result.

Q-You spoke of telekinesis, was this similar to "Using the force" referred to in the Star War films, and how did it work.
A-I see it being used in the following way.  I see an extraterrestrial  he is talking to an Egyptian because I see pyramids.  And without ever moving their mouths, they are having a mental conversation back and forth.  Then the ET wants to see a scepter that they Egyptian is holding, so he mentally asks to see it, they Egyptian is holding his hand out, he lets go of it and the ET flies it over to him and they are standing about 5 feet apart.  And no one was in shock or awe over it, it just seems that was the way business was done.

Q-Could groups of people move large objects such as stones with telekinesis?
A-Immediately when I read that I thought of the pyramids, I am seeing groups of people gathered in a circle, and I am talking like a couple hundred people, and they are absolutely moving...the image I have is like a stone that has a carving on the front, and that is what is being atop of stone platform.  They are putting it up on this platform.

Q-If one were to try to practice telekinesis, what object would be best to start with, metallic, organic, what?  And what should they focus on?
A-The image that I first get is an image of compass, and what I am seeing is that you need to focus on the needle and try to move it from the direction that it is pointing.  And that is the best and first thing to really practice this skill with.

Q-But what do you focus on in your mind in order to do this?  Do you ask the needle to move, visualise it?
A-You are going to focus all of your energy on that needle point, and you give it this internal will that it is going to move, you put this intent that it is going to move, almost like a demand, not a question.  And when you stare at it, you get some kind of a connection and you will actually feel that energy or focus in conjunction with the command and that is what you have to practice on, not losing sight of that focus.  You cannot let an outside noise or distraction, you have to wholly be absorbed in that task at hand.

Q-Going back to DNA, is it just another form of subconscious memory, and does our children, since they have parts of our DNA also retain this memory of past lives and or events?
A-Yes I do see our DNA like that, our children do have some of our memories, but what happens is that your children's memories are diluted, one because it is not their own lifetime experience, and two because their DNA is not just purely yours, it is diluted with another individuals, but I am getting that they could even have a dream or a memory of something that their parent did, that they never actually lived through themselves if part of that DNA peaked through.

Q-Are we meant to have access to this memory, and how can we work to gain access to it?
A-I am getting that the proper term is that you are meant to have availability to it, because some of it you are not meant to remember out of self defense I guess...and the best way to gain access to it is to meditate, but that would take a lot of practice, and those memories are not easy to retrieve.  A more effective way is through either past life regression, or hypnosis.

Q-You mention mediating in many of your readings.  Most people do not really know what this term actually means, or know how to meditate.  What is the best description of this exercise?
A-Simply, meditating is eliminating all of your outside distraction and focusing on your inner thoughts.  Being in tune with all five senses.  Sometimes during a meditation you might smell something, hear something, or taste something.  All of it is relevant to what you are kind of in tune with at the time.  For example, you may put the intent out that you may want to know what career path you want to go on.  So you really focus on this topic and then you clear your mind and then you see what images come to you and what feeling you have with those images along with any other sensations.  And it is a way for your subconscious to connect with your conscious mind and help you get a complete message or better understanding.

Q-What does one do if they try all the above, but do not sense anything with their senses?
A-For some people this can be really hard, and for some it is easy.  For someone new trying, pick a time of day that you feel the least distracted, for many people it is at night because your daily to do list is not on the forefront of your brain.  And when you lay in bed, visualize something comforting to you, it might be a color, it could be the sky, or an ocean.  And you stare at what you have chosen.  So if you are looking at the sky, just focus only on that sky, and see what thoughts come to mind, you might see a kite in the sky, so you follow the kite and see where it takes you, then you might see a bird.  But you go down all of these paths where you are being taken, and in the end you usually receive some sort of a message or you feel insightful to a question that you have.  And if during your meditation you find your mind wandering on something miscellaneous, then you immediately take yourself back to your starting point of the sky.  And many times people start with 2 minutes at a time and you have to work your way up.  Everyone is completely different with this.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting reading!!!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

How intriguing. Meditation is hard for me because am easily distracted. My mind is always racing. I have to try hard at it.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that the harder I try to meditate the more elusive that calm state is. If I allow the bombardment of thoughts and don't resist where they take my mind then suddenly without warning I find that calm state of mind. Preface the meditation by relaxing your body starting with your toes and work your way up to the top of your head. Also creative visualization is a fantastic idea!
Great reading ty

Henry Jordan said...

I have heard a lot about telekinesis. People who showed this are said to be fake. But I believe in it. It is the mind power that send the waves of some kind outside of the body. It has not been proven yet. But I believe it.

Henry Jordan
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Anonymous said...

Actually it's true about we have to cultivate intuitive if not you won't experience the advantage of having one.