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SC Guy said... There have been rumors that the gold stored in Ft Knox and other official U. S. vaults for the benefit of the United States and for safekeeping of other counrties' gold is either missing or the gold bars are clad with gold on the outside but are actually filled with tungsten. Germany has recently asked for its gold to be sent back. Is the gold missing from the U. S. vaults? If so, where has it gone and who has it?

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I do see many empty vaults, however they are still guarded as though they contain the gold many people think they do.  The scenario in my head shows this like a play and the people are actors.  My mind is jumping now to a scene in a show called Game of Thrones, in which there is a safe in a city and once the actors gain access to this safe they see it is all an illusion, and nothing is in it.  I also many safes with minimal gold, and i see people taking one or two bars at a time from this "minimal" pile, as if it being syphoned off slowly.  Government officials that are in the know of this situation are very alarmed about... and that is what created the need to make "false" gold bars.  I am also getting that government is very worried of an audit from a global type agency.. and I keep wanting to say UN or someone affiliated with the UN.  I see this UN affiliate wanting to get all the gold from all the countries eventually.  They would then take all the gold and issue currency based on quantity of gold each nation had to contribute.  For example, if the US contributed 10 million gold bars the UN would issue money equivalent to the 10 million gold bars submitted.

As I pose this situation in my mind, and focus on the US government, I can't express  how much anxiety and stress is involved in not letting the UN accomplish this.  The US knows that it will be very detrimental to the the US dollar.. and the new currency issued by the UN is NOT the dollar. It something completely different and backed my physical collateral. This new process also will hinder the US government from being able to print money as needed.  I see people with a lot of money and power fighting this- and these people are being shown to me with distorted faces, much like on tv when someone is being interviewed and trying to keep their identity a secret- as if these people want to remain faceless and nameless.

These "nameless and faceless" people worked with government (they aren't part of the government) to devise this tungsten plan... Part of what going on is that other countries (I'm seeing a world map with "pings" of light over random areas in europe, Africa and southeast Asia) are questioning the validity of how much gold we really have.  This question is what is pressuring the UN affiliate to consider alternate currency.. The tungsten plan is show or give the illusion we have more than we have to make other countries feel we are trustworthy and also not cause a 'run" on the gold we do have.  The nameless people are worried that if the other countries demand their gold several things will happen.  One, we actually lose gold from our custody.  Two, if we lose the gold and are forced to "buy" this new currency with gold, we can't buy as much, and the country as a whole has much less money.  Three, if we prove ourselves to be dishonest we lack credibility with other other countries more than we do now. and Four, we heighten our chance of dollar even more because we prove we don't have the backing to support it.

Q.  Where has this gold gone?
A.  I immediately see a truck driving over the country of China [on a world map].  It is a huge dump truck full of gold.  It isn't a security or Brinks truck.  It is huge!  I'm being told that most of our missing gold has been sent to China. 

Q.  Why China?  We are we sending our gold there?
A.  I first see this as some dirty  underground type deal.  It looks very secretive and I see this gold "transaction" being done the dark of night.  I also see that China's military is involved, but it looks like only a few are in the know.  I also see it being delivered to what looks like an abandoned military type camp.  The building looks like solid concrete, dome shaped, with a metal door.  And the door looks like a safe door, but is the size of a huge garage door.

I'm not getting that all our gold was sent to China, but a large portion of it.  It was for collateral.  They negotiated some terms with us that they would continue to trade with us and aid us with money and investments but we had to relinquish some of our gold which was one of our greatest assets.  They could see that we were having financial problems due to the wars we were fighting overseas, and agreed to aid us, but only under those conditions.  

As of now, this is all I am seeing, but I think I would like to focus on this more and continue this reading... 
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Anonymous said...

Corruption is their mantra.....sad world....Babylon needs to fall

Anonymous said...

Always great readings!!! I was wondering with all the talk about North Korea and the Anti-Christ, do you see anything that pertains to the Rapture or the Second Coming of Christ? Thanks for all the great readings you do!!!!

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Yes please try to see something about Nort and South Korea.

Anonymous said...

Yes what is really going on with North Korea? Smoke & mirrors?

Psychic Focus said...

I just completed my Korea reading.. Thanks.