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Are the people who created religion (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) the same people who have been removing Christianity from society in the 21st century, as in communist Russia, China and now in the U.S.? Why is God being removed now and what role does this play in the New World Order?

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I see when religion was first brought about it was done out of goodness and looking out for the greater good.  I see it being sincere and done as a way to provide hope and faith in something else that was much bigger than just your physical situation that were in.  The image in my mind standing out is a poor family, they have dark skin, look to be asian or indian, and they are very poor.  They look hungry and are wearing very tattering clothing.  I then see a man show up and he is sharing some kind of religious words or inspiration to this family.  Regardless of their situation  that faith of a better life after death gives them the courage and inspiration to deal with anything, knowing in the real end of it all they will be rewarded for who they are not what they possess during this physical lifetime.  

Once big power....people with money and influence realized the power behind the need people felt in faith, many, not all, but many of the churches prayed on this... I see there being very genuine and caring people in religion, but a lot has been corrupted, much like politics, government and other things that were once good.

I see the people that introduced religion as good hearted and positive souls.  They really believed in what they preached   {I see and feel passion and compassion].  I see when it was introduced some people really fought the ideas and concepts behind religion.. I keep getting images of pagan symbols... as if religion really competed with these symbols.. it was a hard fight to make people believe, but the people that pushed REALLY believed in what they said even if it was wrong.

Q.  Why is religion being removed from Russia, China and the US? 
A.  I see two things going on.. One, and I see this mostly with communist countries.. Religion gives hope and provides something to really focus and believe in.  These countries want the focus to be preservation in the country itself.  They also don't want  the distraction.  If people have nothing else to really believe in, then they have to worry about this current life and what they are doing with it, rather than think they going to a heaven or "greater place." 

Two,  Many people are starting to "awaken" or question things.  We have so much technology and information, people can ponder and research things that don't add up.  Rather than take things on pure faith because that is what you are told or taught, people question it.  I'm getting images of people reading much more on the internet and social groups like forums being developed.. People compare notes and experiences.  People, well some people are much more in tune universal energy and knowledge...

Q. What role does this play in the New World Order?
A.  I don't see the decreased following of religion being manifested by the same people that are creating the New World Order.  In very controlling countries, such as China, I see this as a government tactic... In the US, it may be a little from the government, but mostly it is people who are becoming more freethinkers   I see the the New World Order being something separate . if looks completely disconnected from religion...  When I focus on the New World Order, I see the concept being more of how government is organized and run rather than having a certain or absence of religion.. I can't see a definite tie between the the two.

That is all that I see.. Thank you,
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Anonymous said...

When I was younger (I'm now 53) I used to believe that religion was meant to be a force for good, nowadays however I think differently. In part this is because if religion was meant to bring us closer to The Divinity, so how come there are many religions which view things so differently?

OK, there are many many good people who are deeply entrenched within religious systems who do a lot of good work within their communities. But is this because of their religion - or their innate goodness as incarnate souls?

At times I wonder, in times historical did some visitors from 'elsewhere' tell early humans that they were God, ie: the highest Divinity, with intent to trick humanity and in the process split us from the true Divinity? Did they even change our DNA so that we lost the ability to discover the truth or oursevles?

Is it even possible (warning, this will sound heretical to some) that the event upon which three very well known 'religions' are based actually involved humans being tricked in this way? I might be wrong in this; but if the Exodus happened at the time Planet X came by then maybe the causes of many of the events which followed could possibly be understood in very different ways than are taught in Sunday Schools.

Why would they do this? Possibly because they found our emotional (etc) energies to be a useful source of nutrition. Its often said (online) that we humans are 'farmed' by non-physical beings who want us divided into warring factions so that we do not 'ascend' out of their control in the present era.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my inquiry. This was enlightening, as always.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be accurate about this religion when power hungry group of people corrupt original charity based caring, genuine passionate, pure heart and positive minded had a hard time fighting against power hungry group of people. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely.