Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is a thought? Does it have a physical property? Do thoughts affect the physical? Do thoughts have vibrational frequencies? Thank you!

1:13 PM  I'm first visual is of a person and they are holding their head with both hands and as they complete a thought I see it is taking a small amount of energy, then your brain processes it, and then more energy is expelled.  And as it is expelled it looks like a brain wave is being sent out of your forehead.. I'm now having an image of a person and they are receiving that brain wave and shaking "yes" as if they can understand the thought without it being spoken.  It looks like it happens instantaneously also.. As soon as the brain wave is received by the other person it is if it requires no energy to understand it.  My impression is that energy is only spent to create the thought, but once it is created it can be understood telepathically   One thing need to clarify, is that this type of thought (referring to the non-spoken transference of thought) looks like it is done by the more spiritually evolved people.... For most humans, thought occurs the way I described without the auto transference of the idea/thought.  When I think about thoughts affecting the physical I see it as more a negative or positive attitude with the thought... I see putting negative thoughts out and in return you will see more negativity.. The same works with the positive.. I also see the negative and positive thoughts regardless the nature seem to affect the individual creating the thought even more than the thought effecting anything environmental or around them.. It's like it effects the body first and then moves outward.  To answer the last part of the question..I do see a vibrational frequency to thought... As I see the brainwave leave the mind the wave does leave in pulses which I interpret to be vibrations.. I'm seeing negative thoughts having faster pulses than the positive thoughts.. It's like the positive thoughts have a beauty in they are flowing in a harmony.  And that''s really all that I see... 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Are the Chinese & Russians only going to invade the US for land? What about allies of America like Australia, New Zealand, state of Hawaii & countries with American military bases? Can you see troops entering these countries? Do any Euorpean allies come to the aid of Americans? What happens to the United Nations?

8:37 PM -  Ok.. I will break it down by questions...I do see them, the Chinese and Russians invading for land and I am actually getting a visual of their military perched on a strategic towers throughout the farmland.  The motivator behind it is food..I see Americans working the land and it is American farmers driving their own tractors, but the Russians and Chinese have control of the food and how it is distributed.  And it looks like they take what they need for their people, they let us keep a very small amount, but it feels threatening towards Americans, like if they do not work the land and do what is expected they will be shot.  I mean the Chinese and Russian military have their guns pointed at the American workers the whole time that they are around the crops.  I can also see a group of farmers who want to sabotage their crops with some kind of like poisonous pesticide that makes the food inedible or toxic when you eat it and they get caught in the middle of planning their plot by one of the Russians and they are immediately executed.  So this is really serious.

Q-What are our allies doing?
A-I see many of our allies on the brink of financial collapse and they are also terrified of being invaded.  It is like they say the support us, but the do not have the financial backing to send troops in...they almost feel like they are at the mercy of the Russians and Chinese because the Russians and Chinese have the majority of the worlds money.  And it seems like the Russians and Chinese use coming into the United States as a message to the rest of the world, because the United States is thought of as being so strong, so if they can get control of part of our land, the look at what they could do to the rest of the world to,  that is the message that I am getting. 
Q-Can you see troops entering these countries?
A-I do not see the Chinese or Russians in any of our ally countries, I sense they do not feel like they need to...I am not getting an impression of anything like that.
Q-Do any European allies come to the aid of Americans? 
A-I do not see any European allies coming to our aid, but what I do see is some kind of underground railroad to Canada.  Canada is somehow sympathetic toward what is happening here, and the image that I am getting is how Mexicans smuggles themselves into the United States, that is what Americans are doing to get into Canada.  But it is done on a very secretive basis and the advantage that the Americans have going to Canada is that they blend better with the people vs the Mexican / Americans.
Q-What happens to the United Nations?

A-The United Nations is still there, but when I focus on them...They look like a bank...Like they are the World's bank.  And they are OK with the Russians and Chinese occupying our area because they see the debt that we have to China, so they feel like we owe them and they are collecting on debt that we owe.  I feel like they are turning their head at all the treatment of people, and their main focus is just trying to balance the world's economy.
Q-What happened to the US's superior military?
A-I would not say we are bankrupt, but we just do not have the money to maintain it.  We still have a military it is just reduced in size, by maybe half.
Q-Why does China need Russia's help?
A-Hmm... OK...I am getting that China feels that they would be stronger to have Russian's support them, and Russian's like the idea because they want the food also.  But fast fwd about 10 years, China is going to slowly take over all the handling of the US and they will end up booting Russia out too, to try to keep it all for themselves.  So basically China is going to back-stab Russia once they get their situation in shape.
Q-Is the US divided at this time?
A-Yes, by the Mississippi River.
Q-What is the Eastern US's view of the West's occupation?
A-They do not like it, and they are scared, they worry that it might migrate to the East and they just feel very cautious about it.
Q-Can you focus on who is the President at that time?  What do you see?
A-I see Barack, and he is waving to the crowd, but then I see this white guy with fluffy gray hair and it is NOT Biden and I have no idea who it is, it is no one I have ever seen before, he looks like he is probably 55-60 years old.  And he kind of reminds me of Ronald Reagan, like I got an image of Ronald Reagan in my mind.
Q-So is this to happen in the next four years, or does Barack remain in politics?
A-I feel it is going to be towards the end of his term, because it looks to me like the image of campaigning.
Q-What happens to the civilian population?
A-I see many people heading North into Canada, East across the Mississippi, and then there is like a mountain chain and people literally hide in the mountains.  And then once it becomes fully occupied it is like the entire West is on a lock down.
Q-Will UN confiscate the worlds gold?

A-When I see the UN, it has stacks of Gold and I feel like that is what they have done.  I do have a strong impression that they have confiscated all of it.  And I am actually seeing like a backhoe somewhere in DC like where they say the gold is, it really is not their, but they had to give the real location because if we did not turn the Gold in to them they would issue us no currency.  It is buried underground in some sort of concrete.
Q-What about civilians Gold?
A-I see civilians hanging on to it, they still use it to barter, but to some degree it is like contraband.
Q-Do you have anything positive you see about this time?
A-I see people going back to a lot of bartering, and using their skills and knowledge.  Society feels more neighborly..
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What are the conditions behind current world events? the mental, physical, spiritual conditions? The ideas that drive the attitudes of those people who have a lot of influence over world events. The physical conditions that affect these influences and the broader picture from a spiritual perspective.

1:27 PM  I immediately sense that the people that that are making decisions and influencing the lives of others are driven from fear.  And I feel like they don't realize why they are scared.  I also kind o feel these people in high positions getting guidance from other individuals that are more spiritually involved.  I almost see a sense of desperation from the those people with the highest influence.  I also think the knowledge that they have isn't because they have developed themselves through any kind of spiritual meditation or enlightenment .. I truly feel they base their decisions on both fear and the influence of people that they have sought out.  I also see a lot of selfishness..and self if they are looking out for themselves and those that are close to them.  I keep hearing the phrase that "money is the root of all evil" and my impression is that it applies to this situation too.  I am also getting image of oil...and it coming through to me that "if you have it, we want it, and if you don't, we don't really care about you.."I also feel that I should mention that the people with all the influence are "hidden" and the voice you see and hear are puppets to the real individuals.  I'm also getting an image of stone cliffs and rocky mountainsides..making me feel these important people reside in that type of I focus a little more, I can also see that they appear to be neither white or black..but another race with tan skin and it isn't coming clear to me what race they are.. And that is all I'm really getting.. I will say that this reading did come through pretty strong to me both visually and in the emotional feeling I felt..1:40 PM Link to Audio

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tisho said... Hi I really want to know about the ascension process? When is it going to happen, how is going to happen; Will you and I ascend, and anything else you can say about it.

9:35 PM - This is coming through to me like a video game, specifically it seems like "Abe's Odyssey   Is that one you played?  Yes.  And I am seeing five little creatures and they are standing up with their heads slouched over, and they are all snoring like they are asleep, and then Abe walks over to each one of them and he starts tapping them on the shoulder one at a time, and the get this Ah ha moment and as each one awakens and they experience their Ah ha moment, the screen pans to the little creatures point of view and it is like colors are brighter, and it is like they are in a dream but that dream feeling is their now reality.  And my impression is that when ascension happens it will be slightly different for everybody as far a time frame, like it might be a two to three week process, one person might get it on day one, but another might not get it till day 15 and I am feeling like you cannot wait for it to happen or even obsess about it happening.  It will just happen, and I also see it happening when your mind is at a relaxed moment, like driving in a car thinking about nothing or when you first wake up in the morning or go to bed at night.  And I feel like the experience will be that people will realize that there is something much greater out there and there is a purpose to life and learning, but the biggest thing will be understanding all of those things.  And I also see people realizing that they are just a speck in this infinite space and time, but not in a negative way, but more like there is such a potential to experience many more things.  I also feel like ascension even though you cannot wait on it or obsess about it you have to be open to it to allow it to happen.  I feel like people who are blocked to the idea won't be able to experience it because their physical and mental state cannot accept that heightened knowledge, it is like I am getting an image of someone in a mental institution because they were forced to see or understand something that they mentally could not grasp and it actually was detrimental to them, but for someone with an open mind, and craving like heightened spiritual experiences it will be amazing.  As far a when this will happen, it is not coming through strong to me but I am getting something about the middle of 2013, which interprets to June to me.  But again that was not clear.  I kept hearing the phrase "the wheels are in motion now", and when I tried to focus deeper on that it was like I was getting the mental message of it will be done by the middle of next year, which is June of 2013 (timeline).
Q-What brings about this change?
A-The image I see is a picture of the sun, and something passes in front of the sun because I see like a dark circle in the middle of the sun, and what happens is it has something to do with some intensity of the sun in conjunction with the gravitational pull from this object that is blocking the sun, and it creates some type of energy that in turn increases human's vibrations to where they are able to tap into that higher spiritual energy.
Q-Is this the same object causing earth changes?
A-No..Because when I picture the red comet, it is somewhere else, this is something from like behind the sun that comes from behind the sun and rotates in front of the sun.  And it is like for some reason we normally do not see it, but whatever path this thing is in, almost in the shape of a planet, it is bigger than a moon, it comes between earth and the sun.
Q-How large is this object in comparison with the sun.
A-I would say a third of the size.
Q-Has it always been in our solar system?
A-Yes, I feel like it has.  And being on Earth looking up at the sun, directionally I feel like this red comet is coming from the left, but this other body is comes in from the right, from behind the sun, and comes at us from a counter clockwise position.  Like around the sun to the front.
Q-Does it orbit and is in lock step with us, is that why as we orbit the sun, it is always on the opposite side?
A-Yes, that is kind of how it played out in my mind.  But something changes with it to kind of sling it in front of the sun.
Q-Is it planet, alternate earth, what do you get?
A-I do see it like a planet, but I do not see it as having life on it.  it reminds me of what the moon looks like except for much larger and it's many shades of dark brown.
Q-When will we see it in front of the Sun?  How long will it be visible?
A-I am feeling like it will be visible like with a telescope for up to like 2 months before it is actually in front of the sun.  And then it will pass over and be visible for another two months, but the peak of the ascension will be when it is directly in front of the sun.  It will appear to be in front of the sun for a good week to ten days.  We will still have daylight because it does not block everything, but it will feel more filtered.  Like how when you put a shade on a lamp.
Q-How do you feel about this reading.
A-Actually kind of surprised, I had seen the red comet and it's affects on a lot of readings, and I never even considered or seen any other image of any other body out their affecting us.  I feel excited to go through the ascension process and I think putting in words you could never really describe totally what it will be like to experience.  That is really it.
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Please see other reading on Ascension, I will append your question to it.

Mike Lee....Hi I stay in Singapore and various sources predicted that Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam will sink in the upcoming pole shift. Could you be very kind to help us to focus in this region to advise if we need to migrate before the disaster hits?If yes, where shall we go??? Thank you so much for helping billions in Asia. Bless you.

9:08 PM - After looking at a map, I feel like the more north you go the safer you are.  I feel like the central part of Malaysia is the safest area to be in.  I feel like the coastlines of Malaysia will be flooded, and the water might go in a couple hundred feet.  The visual I am getting is, like I am looking at the ground level of the whole area, and the central portion of Malaysia just seems higher to me.  And I see a lot of people congregating to that area in the middle of the country.  I am also see a lot of people just carrying baskets of whatever they can, but I sense that there were warnings that people ignored and the people thought the could wait out what was happening and those are the people that are only able to gather a few items before they leave their homes.  Along the coast, the houses that are there, looks like a lot of one story buildings and at the highest point it looks like water reaches about a foot below the windows, and then it seems like it recedes over a month or so, and then people are able to go back to their homes to salvage what they can, but even when they are doing that the water is still higher because I can see their feet slopping and it is like over their feet and at their ankles.  But people just want to try to retrieve what they can.  That is kinda all I can see.
Q-Is there any tsunami threat?
A-No I do not see it as a tsunami, and I do not see it like a hurricane, I see it more as some very violent storms, but not to the degree that it is classified as a hurricane and I see that warnings go out and people are bull headed to believe it, and I see that the people that try to stay are the older people and the younger people actually do take the advice and head toward the central part of Malaysia.  I am also getting a sound in my head, that sounds like some kind of grumbling in the earth, it is not thunder from the sky, but in the ground, and I am asking if it is earthquakes, and I am getting that you will feel mild earthquakes, but it is more the result of some kind of volcanic activity around you, but the volcano is really far away and you will just be feeling the shocks in the ground from the volcanic activity.

Q-How long do they have to prepare from now.
A-I am getting spring, but spring to me means March or April of 2013. (timeline)
Q-Anything else, How did you feel about this reading?
A-I felt good about the accuracy, but I sometimes feel a little kinda gloom too.  Because I hate to see anything bad happen to anybody or see anybody displaced out of their home.  It just kind of left me with a negative feeling.
Q-Focus on some positive things around this time, what do you see.
A-I see people being brought together, I see strangers kind of uniting with other strangers and developing amazing close bonds like they were family.  And I see people like unplugging from their electronics and having face to face interactions.  And people out of necessity might do some physical labor that they did not even realize that they could do and build a lot of self confidence.
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thank u 4 ur information, ur amazing.. i live 4 hrs above San Francisco on the coast in Shelter Cove. i have 3 places i could possibly move to soon. Flathead lake, Montana Salmon Creek-Redway California Murphys, ca. in the sierra Mts. my date of birth is 6/29/58 @11;21am name kymberle wright thank u and ur husband for helping us

9:00 PM - As soon as I read that question immediately I felt Montana is going to be your safest place, I see a lot of trees more particularly pine trees, and I get a sense that hunting would be plentiful in that area.  I am also seeing that there is not a dense population there.  It just feels like a more safe and secure area to be in...I see a white home that looks like it is two stories and it is situated on some wooded land, I feel like this is your house and I can even see a little to medium sized dog running around outside, and it is barking at those dandelion puffs that fly through the air.  And I get a sense that you are content and happy at that location.  That is really all I see.

Q-Is this her current home, or future home.
A-I feel it is in the future, and I feel like when they find this home they know it is where they will want to settle, it will just have a sense of completeness to it.  I see it as slightly older viewed as a fixer upper, but she actually likes that, rather than it being brand new.  It is like she has an appreciation for things that are older.  And I think it might have a spigot or hand pump for a well on the outside and she will think that that is really cool.  Thats it.
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recently (11/10) a Denver TV station aired a report on fast UFO's being video`d over Denver. ( I live in S. FL and have personally, been seeing and capturing video of these since Jan. and doing so I feel was the catalyst for my awakening. Can you please focus on them and tell us about them? If they are piloted? If so by whom? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

Now jumping to your Florida situation I feel those were genuine UFOs.  I keep seeing a pink glow around them..My initial reaction was that it was they Greys and then I doubted myself but I am going back to the Greys and um that feels like the right answer.  I feel like there is some kind of earth change that they are monitoring that is around Florida and I keep wanting to say the coral reefs.  I sense that they are interested in the earth changes that are going on now and what is to come but there is something significant about the reefs.  I feel like the way they (reefs) are changing and affecting the animal and plant life will some how trickle down to affect the human.  And more specifically I am getting that the water temperature is changing and the current that flows through that area is different, and I feel like this is an indicator of more things to come, but they are drawn to that area for that reason.  That is all I am getting if you want to ask me questions.

Q-Has there the been an increase in UFO activity in the last year, if so by what percentage?
A-If has increased a lot more, on a map the spot that is lighting up as the most increased is the Nevada area and the Southeastern part of the United States.  And the increase I am getting a number of 50% increase.
Q-Why has it increased?  What are they doing?
A-It has to do with they feel that humanity itself is kind of volatile meaning that as technology increases and we make all this man made stuff, and parts of society start to depend on everybody else rather than self reliance.  We are in a fragile state and I feel like they are hear monitoring us watching us.  I am also getting the phrase when the time is right.   Like when the time is right they will intervene, but that just has not happened.
Q-If they were to intervene what would be their course of action?
A-I keep hearing that it would be stealthy and it would be some type of introduction of technology, but when I ask specifically what, I am leaning toward medical technology, but I cannot get clear image on what exactly it would be.
Q-So there is not plan to reveal themselves to the public?
A-I do not see that happening in the near future.  It is almost like were are not ready or accepting enough for that to happen, and doing so would be more detrimental than beneficial.
Q-What is your impression of this reading?
A-I feel it was pretty good, it came through pretty clear.   I do not feel like they are here to harm us, the thought of making a presence or feeling confident enough to interfere with our lives feels initially scary but when I think it through I do not really see it as a bad thing.  I think they really do want to help us.
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Hi you have talked a lot about earth changes but have not mentioned New Zealand,Christchurch has been plagued with earthquakes for the last two years,this is my hometown and i am very worried about this area! please can you tell me what changes you see there particularly ChCh?

8:35 PM - I do see a lot of earthquakes, I do not see them as disastrous but more of a nuisance, I can see pictures falling off the wall, things falling off of book cases but I do not see it as destroying the structures around you.  In some weird way I think you will kind of get used to it.  I feel like this will be short lived thing that you will have to deal with, I am getting the month June as if you can deal with the nuisance until June it will start to resolve itself.  I think you may have to deal with boiling your water.  I am getting an image of someone boiling water.  I am also seeing a lot of like smoke in the air, I think will have a volcano threaten to go off but it won't really happen and when this smoking is happening it smells really strange, like has a metallic smell to it, I can almost taste it in my mouth.  And I think that will happen toward the beginning of the year, and that smoke and that smell might last for 3 to 4 weeks.  And that is kind of all I am getting.

Q-What will New Zealand be like say 3 years from now.  Will it still exist, be underwater, have grown?
A-I actually see an image of a grassy pasture with goats in it.  It kind of feels like countryside like to me.  Like kind of simple and old fashioned.
Q-Can you zoom out and tell me what you see.
A-It looks like the most northern part and the southern part are underwater, but the central part of the country looks like it is fine and thriving.
Q-How will it fair during this "Mega Quake" that is felt around the world that your referenced in previous readings.
A-I feel it will be OK, it will be viewed as one of those nuisance earthquakes that they feel and I do not even feel that they will see it as any more significant that what they are already going through.
Q-Any advise for New Zealanders?
A-I see the main issue being water, even more than food.  If they could store water I see that helping them in the future and that would be my best advise.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I wanted to ask you more about this coming red comet in March, 2013. I'm hearing other psychics report this. Please go into more detail about it and describe the electricity/static you also felt would be a problem. Can you focus on the Sun and give an idea as to whether the solar maximum -- the 11 year cycle -- will be weak, or if it will be strong? Thank you so much. Of all the topics, I feel this is the most pertinent and important, if some kind of extra-solar body truly is on approach, we need all the information we can get and we need to be prepared.

7:35 PM - One of the first feelings that I get is the outside will start to taste really strange, almost metallic in your mouth.  And things will start to smell like an Ionic Breeze (ionized air), and I stay consistent with that feeling every time I focus on it.  I also feel like when this comet approaches, once it is close you will feel a weird static in the air.  And it feels like pins and needles and at times you will even see your hair stand up like you do when rubbing a balloon against your skin.  I also see myself also getting shocked all the time, on door knobs and cars and light switches when you go to turn them on and off.  For me it feels really annoying, but then I see myself growing a tolerance to it, and I see myself using the back of my hand to touch almost everything before do anything more with that grounded object.  I see newer machines and technology, for example cell phones, iPads, and computers either not working or in some cases have just periods of the day where they will work and then periods of the day where they do not.  I am seeing the front of my cell phone saying searching..searching..searching... as if it has moment where it cannot find signals, but then I also can see myself using it at other times of the day.  I am getting an impression that whether it is day or night has some impact on when things work.  And it looks to me that things have better reliability at night vs the day.  He he (laugh),   Um.. Cars go through the same issues and I see people with older cars not as affected, so those machines work.  But then I am getting a funny image also of people driving old like lawnmowers and like tractors out on the road like to the store, and I can see our Giant Eagle parking lot and it is this bizarre thing of tractors, riding lawnmowers, older cars, and their are still new cars their it is just they are not reliable transportation especially in the day time.   

Q-Is this electronics malfunction due to the sun or comet?
A-I keep seeing it as both as if this is all interconnected.  I feel like right now the sun, it is hostile toward us, but at the same time dealing with this approaching comet and it's disruption to our gravitational pull has made us more vulnerable to, I do not know what you call flares, because I feel like earth is weak right now between core of the earth and the crust of the earth and the atmosphere, it is like those three things are not in sync right now because of the comet.
Q-The earth has a magnetosphere, that protects us from the solar winds.  Is this shield down due to this comet.
A-That is exactly what i am seeing as this comet approaches it's gravitational pull on us has the core and the mantel and the crust, along with the atmosphere completely out of sync.  In my mind the picture I am seeing does not show those items rotating in sync the way that they should be.  It is like that unity is broken down.  Which makes us weak and vulnerable to anything that the sun sends in our direction.

Q-Will humans be harmed by the solar radiation?
A-Um, a couple things, I see people sunburning very easily and people even that might not burn as easily such as African Americans will still burn, so people need to be extra cautious when they are in the sun, and the second part of that is I feel like they are going to start doing a weather advisory regarding the sun, like they will have humidity, air quality, but they will also start including something regarding the sun intensity and people need to pay attention to that.  I see it as survivable but people need to take a common sense approach to it.  And those that do not will tremendously increase their risk for skin cancers, I am even getting a vivid image of cancers on your ears, right at where your nostrils are, like cancers will show up where we never have experienced them before, and people need to be responsible and head those advisories when they happen.

Q-Will the 11 years solar cycle predicted to be at it's maximum be strong or weak.
A-As I focus on that question, the image I am getting is this coming summer for the United States, I am seeing a big hot white light, telling me it is going to be very intense and very strong this upcoming year starting around May or June 2013 (timeline).

Q-From things I have read, the sun when were young seemed more yellow, now it seems white.  Is this true?  Has it changed and why.
A-Ok, the message I am getting is that it has always been a white color, however, our atmosphere has changed from when we were kids, and I am seeing a weird pair of glasses, that when I put them on it seems yellow like when we were kids, but when you take them off and look at our current sky it does look white hot.  So it has not changed, but the earth conditions have.

Q-Why can we not see this comet now?
A-Hmm..What I am getting is the phrase it's hiding, it's hiding, but if you know where to look you can find it.  And depth wise in our viewing I am seeing an image of the moon in the sky, and I am seeing an image of the sun, and directionally it is right in between it, but so, so many miles behind.  And right now it is so small, to the naked eye it looks like a star.

Q-Have others seen or capture on camera?
A-Yes I believe the have and with a powerful telescope I see that you can see it, you just have to know exactly where to look because the magnification would be so high that you would have very limited viewing once you looked out of your telescope.  It would have to be pointed in the exact location.

Q-When this comet is at it's closest point to earth, how large is it when viewed from earth using the moon as a reference?  Note the sun and the moon when viewed from earth are the same size.
A-I am seeing one thirty second (1/32), the size, but also hearing the phrase "That even though that sounds small, it will be much more magnificent than what you think".

Q-Can you describe what we will see.
A-It looks like a really bright star, but the edges look kind of pink and red, but that is just the very edge, the center actually does look like a star, white.

Q-Is it star?  Like a sun? Or more like a rock, what cause the pink red glow.
A-I just, up close I see it as a comet, which looks like a fireball up close, and the reddish rim is caused by the rapid movement in conjunction with, there is some kind of gas inside of it that comes out when it moves, that mixes with the speed and creates the fire look.  I want to say methane, but it is something much more than methane, but I feel like that is part of the name of whatever the gas is.

Q-So does it generate heat? And is it magnetic?
A-Yes,  if it were still and not moving, touching it would leave a dirty rust on your hand, like it is made out of iron, but it is also porous like it has a ton of dimples in it, like a golf ball, so I would say it is magnetic, but the polarity of it almost has repelling force instead of an attracting force, because I do not see things being pulled to it, but as it goes through the atmospheres, things kind of float away from it.  So I do not really understand that.

Q-Has this comet visited earth before?
A-Yes, and what I see happen was we had a earthquake on a global proportion, and what I am hearing is the phrase "The sound that was heard around the world", well this was an earthquake that was truly felt around the world.

Q-Will there be another quake such as this?  If so when?
A-I am seeing that we will have earthquakes, depending on where you live it could be very minimal, but I see it most affecting the ocean by Alaska and I see it again over by Australia and I keep getting this repeated image that looks like the center of the earth expanding like the core it is expanding, but where it is releasing it tension from this expansion is by Alaska and Australia   And I see Alaska with more of an earthquake, but over by Australia I am starting to see the release more in the form of volcanic eruptions.  I feel that this will happen like March or April of 2013 (Timeline)

Q-Will governments aware of this event ever release the information to the public, and if so when?  Who would be the first?
A-I am getting a consensus of NO because it would create mass hysteria.  So I do not feel that anything is going to be broadcast or released over normal media.  Now I do see the ability to get information online, if you can find reliable sources, but the normal broadcasting channels are not going to put that information out there.

Q-Why do you think other psychics are picking up on this?
A-I feel like the energy from this event is becoming so intense that people are tuning into it and they are feeling it and they are seeing it and it is just very intense.  And I feel like the closer the time frame gets the more stronger the images and feelings come through.

Q-Will anybody die due to these events, if so how many?
A-I do see people dying, and it is from a wide variety of things, between natural disasters, food shortages, some of it is not instant, but through this process on a global scale, I am getting around a million, but that is not immediate, that is the trickle down from everything that happens from this.

Q-You typically report doom and gloom, mainly based on the type of questions asked of you.  Do you have anything positive to report on this same issue, can focus on the positive aspects of this event.
A-I see people getting more thankful for what they have, I see communities becoming communities.  I see people being more active and healthier due to the limited amount of artificial food that we currently have.  This scare will make people want to be more self reliant.  People will start to go back to the older ways of gardening, people will start to have a garden.  Also something about prescription drugs, people will start to learn how to function off of them, they will still exist, but the usage will go down.  The main thing is just the overall closeness that people with begin to get with people.

Q-What about society's distractions, like TV.
A-I even thought, or had a thought too that people will be using entertainment less and do more learning.  For example, I see you (my husband) working on a car, and you are teaching the kids how the motor works and what different things do.  And the kids are more involved in learning practical applications of life, rather than watching the same reruns on television.

Q-What do you see for governments?
A-I see the government will still be there, but is will not be as big.  I feel like we will be going back to a more simpler time in life.  But one thing I see is that we are going to go through this adjustment and people will be humbled and begin to work on being self sufficient and that sort of thing.  But over the next twenty years or so all those little luxuries will creep back up on us again and I see the whole being scared and being thankful and appreciating what you have, I see that fading, and this current lifestyle of excess slowly will creep back up on us and we will have to make a strong effort to keep out priorities straight.  And I feel like people in power and people with money are going to try to get you hooked on all the junk that we have now.  And we as people will just have to not let that happen.

Q-What do you see of money, taxes etc.
A-I do think that the dollar is going to collapse.  I think China is really going to try to get the gold standard back.  There will be a lot of bartering and that is how we will avoid taxes on some things.  I feel like during the change we will be doing away with electronic transactions and things will be more physical assets, cash.  I am getting something about the U.N. will control the currency, or the auditing of the currency, and it will be like a world currency of some sort.  But I feel it will definitely will be backed by precious metals.  And that is all I see with that.

Q-When do you see people quitting their jobs, when is this change undeniable?
A-I feel like by March 2013 (timeline) it will be evident that there are changes going on with the earth that do not have simple explanations.

Q-Do you see people working throughout these changes, with no electronics during the day.  What do you see them doing for money, payment, food?
A-I see as electronics start to falter, many things are done on cash or trade only.  I do see stores still operation, but the cost of goods is much higher than the current rate.  I also see that you might have a very limited variety on certain items as well.  You will be able to get things, they just cost more and you will not have the selection that you have now.

Q-Without electronic transactions, how do you pay your property taxes, electric bill etc?
A-I see them setting up locations in different parts of town for example, you could go to your local Walmart, pay your utilities or whatever bill is due, pay in cash, and then the utility companies and property tax companies will just send a courier like once a week to these designated locations to pick up their payment.

Q-But most of the money is electronic, there is not enough printed paper to account for all the electronic money in circulation.  Like will I still owe for my house, or will debts be wiped clean.  How can they account for them without the computer records?
A-I feel like the debts that will be due are like your towns money that you owe your town, like your utility bills, I feel like property tax will be like a flat value that they tell you that you owe.  As far as mortgages and credit cards, I see that being suspended, you will still owe it, but there is not system to bill you or to collect it or to update payments.  I even feel like your utility bills will be a flat billed amount, and it will be base upon how many people live in your house.
Q-That could be due to the electronically reading meters and billing.  A flat rate is much simpler.

Q-Can you describe this U.N. money?
A-I see the U.N. collecting all of the precious metals and they are the ones who issue money and they also audit the money to insure it maintains it's value, but it creates a worldwide standard that is interchangeable among all the countries in the U.N. and it also serves to protect all of the countries involved because you do not have to deal with the exchange rates and current daily values of money.  It is just a consistent form of currency.   And then I see them doing something about each country has to turn in what is backing their own county's money at the time and that is how they determine how much money to issue back to that country.  It is like you exchange your gold and silver and then they calculate how much in new currency that is worth and that is how much you get.

Q-Will they try to confiscate the citizen's gold and silver to turn into the U.N. or can people use gold and silver a alternative currency.
A-I do see people using gold and silver as an alternate currency, but it looks like what they do is they charge a tax on transactions used with gold and silver and that tax goes back to the government.  So you can do that, but it is almost like the penalize you in a form of a tax for doing that.

Q-Are you personally and mentally prepared to this comet?
A-I hope so.  That was a good reading but it was long.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I would like to know about a place called "mystery Babylon" I don't know whether or not the holy bible has been seriously altered in ways to manipulate humanity, that is my impression however I could be wrong. At the end of the bible a section called revelations mentions a place called "mystery Babylon", I would like you to speak on whether it is a fictional place or a place in existence today that people are unaware of.

9:09 PM - As I read that question I am immediately drawn to a location north of the Mediterranean sea and I think it is place that used to exist that does not exist now, and it was a place that people went to that was viewed as exotic.  I see people wearing togas, I see the women with dark curly hair, but not because their hair is naturally curly, they dressed themselves up to look nice.  And their was something significant about their skin, they grew some kind of plant their that looked like an aloe plant.  And they would take that juice out of the plant and rub it all over their skin, and it served as a moisturizer and it had a sheen about it.  Most of the people that lived their did laborious jobs.  And they actually worked for the outsiders that would come into that area.   It feels more like a pit stop that people would stop by during their travels.  And it looks clean and they had a couple of fountains in the center of town for the people that live there and the people that traveled through to get clean drinking water.   That is kind of all I am seeing.

Q-What happened to this place?
A-I feel like it is underwater..I think it was located close to water like the town part of it had a lot of sandiness to it, but the other parts were lush and green.  It feels as though it was flooded out.
Q-Was it place spiritual worship?
A-Spiritual YES, but religious NO.  It was more a place of meditation and higher thinking.
Q-What happened to descendants if there were any?
A-I feel like this area is somewhere that people knew of, they would visit or they would travel through it, but it does not look as somewhere where people would put their roots and actually live there so I do not think there are descendants of that specific area.
Q-Like tourist resort?
A-Ya, but I would not call it is tourist resort it is more of a just like a beautiful and exotic place that people would go but tourist feel cheap to me.  It feel like more than that.
Q-Do you get anything on why it is reference in the revelations?
A-It is coming to me that being a place of spiritual awakening and embracing higher level thought, and along with that I kinda feel like it was a sexual awakening too, as if the two being correlated with your physical body in conjunction with your spiritual mind.  So with people evolving physically and mentally it feels like it would be threat on the church because  it was not a place of religion but was much deeper than that.  The church felt like it was a place of sin because people did not practice from the bible, but rather from within themselves.
Q-Was this place destroyed by god?
A-No I do not see it that way at all, there was a flood but I feel like it flooded all that area around that body of water, like the whole perimeter around the body of water grew larger.  It was not just specific to that spot.
Q-How many were there on an average day.
A-I am seeing between 5000-7000.
Q-Is it multicultural?
A-Actually I see everyone fairly the same, dark hair and kind of olive skin.  So for the most part I would have to say within the same culture.
Q-What is your impression of this reading?
A-I feel pretty good, the images came through pretty strong, I am curious to see what this place really was.  I had never really thought about it or heard about it, so it was pretty cool.
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Can anything travel faster than the speed of light? Does light, photons have a medium of travel? Does a black hole create a rip in space and time?

8:45 PM - Ok...The word that came to mind is thoughts, like mental energy or mental connections are instant..But as far as a physical tangible thing that you experience or can see I do not see anything traveling faster than the speed of light.

Q-Does light, photons have a medium of travel?  
A-I am envisioning what I think is a light photon and magnified it looks like a air bubble with this center core being so bright that it almost looks white, and as I see that photon travel I see it just traveling through space without having a specific medium to travel in.  It looks as if it gets it's energy and speed and power from that white light in it's center core.  And that is how it goes from point A to point B.
Q-Does a black hole create a rip in space and time? 
A-Hmm.. Let me focus on a black hole..A black hole DOES feel like a rip in space.  I feel like it is a portal to a new either dimension or place in time.  I do not feel like viewing it, a black hole, is a rip in time.  But I feel like if you were to go through it you would have a completely different experience, that it would take you somewhere completely foreign and it feels like a combination of whirlpool and a like a vacuum.  I feel like if you get too close you have no choice but to go through it.  You can ask me questions now.
Q-Does light contain knowledge?
A-I do not necessarily see it as knowledge but it looks like an incredible amount of energy, and that energy is held in that white core within the photon.
Q-Can you go further on the speed of thought?
A-Well when I first ask myself if anything was faster than the speed of light, my mind came up with the word thought.  So i focused on that and it just came to me that thoughts were instant and then I got an image of how some aliens communicate through thought and it is like instantly as they had something that they wanted to communicate, you knew immediately what that was.  It was an interconnectedness mentally.

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hi there, i would like to know how effective orgone is at reducing wi-fi rays, etc and does it have an effect on diverting chemtrails. If not, what is the best method of diverting chemtrails, especially from harming plants. thanks for your time, I appreciate what you are doing for everybody. kind regards julie

8:02 PM - When I think about orgone, I think when hold it or are near it it does something to your aura, I can envision a person and they look like they have a purplish light around them.  I feel like it increases your vibration and the increase in vibration is what repels a lot of electronic and garbage in the atmosphere from harming you.  I am also seeing people placing orgone in flowerpots and underneath their pet's beds and my impression is that it helps to boost the vibration of any living thing not just humans.  I can see that it would help plants, if you have a very large crop I feel that placing orgone around it would help but in my mind I am seeing that you would need a lot of it and have it placed close together like every five to six feet.  So the quantity and also I feel like you cannot bury it very deep, like six inches or less is what is in my mind.  So between the quantity and the depth, that seems like the obstacle, but, it would be effective.

Q-How do you see orgone in relationship to electromagnetic waves, like microwaves ovens, radio waves, wifi, etc.
A-The way it plays out is that it increases your vibration to where it forms an invisible shield around the living thing that is using it and it is like the waves bounce off the shield rather than going through the living thing.
Q-So it does nothing to transform it, just protects or forms a bubble around it?
Q-Does it affect chemtrails? Or what is the best method to divert chemtrail in order to protect plants.
A-I do see orgone but it is also somewhat labor intensive depending on the size of what you are trying to protect.  There is something magnetic about chemtrails and that is why orgone works.
Q-Have you ever used orgone?
A-I use it all the time, I use it when I do most of my readings, and I sleep with it beside me at night.
Q-Do you feel it helps you and how.
A-I feel like it boosts my psychic ability when I use it.
Q-Can you give more information on your experience with it.
A-Well the first time I used it I was at a class and we were practicing psychometry.  I was holding a piece of orgone and it belonged to someone else, but that was the item that I received blindly to perform a reading on.  As soon as I held it I immediately noticed that it got really hot and then I had one of the most vivid readings and it was very memorable.  I connected with this person's grandmother that had passed away, I felt like I connected to this person spiritually and I knew exactly where they were in life.  It was very powerful.

Picture of some orgonite that my husband has made.

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