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I wanted to ask you more about this coming red comet in March, 2013. I'm hearing other psychics report this. Please go into more detail about it and describe the electricity/static you also felt would be a problem. Can you focus on the Sun and give an idea as to whether the solar maximum -- the 11 year cycle -- will be weak, or if it will be strong? Thank you so much. Of all the topics, I feel this is the most pertinent and important, if some kind of extra-solar body truly is on approach, we need all the information we can get and we need to be prepared.

7:35 PM - One of the first feelings that I get is the outside will start to taste really strange, almost metallic in your mouth.  And things will start to smell like an Ionic Breeze (ionized air), and I stay consistent with that feeling every time I focus on it.  I also feel like when this comet approaches, once it is close you will feel a weird static in the air.  And it feels like pins and needles and at times you will even see your hair stand up like you do when rubbing a balloon against your skin.  I also see myself also getting shocked all the time, on door knobs and cars and light switches when you go to turn them on and off.  For me it feels really annoying, but then I see myself growing a tolerance to it, and I see myself using the back of my hand to touch almost everything before do anything more with that grounded object.  I see newer machines and technology, for example cell phones, iPads, and computers either not working or in some cases have just periods of the day where they will work and then periods of the day where they do not.  I am seeing the front of my cell phone saying searching..searching..searching... as if it has moment where it cannot find signals, but then I also can see myself using it at other times of the day.  I am getting an impression that whether it is day or night has some impact on when things work.  And it looks to me that things have better reliability at night vs the day.  He he (laugh),   Um.. Cars go through the same issues and I see people with older cars not as affected, so those machines work.  But then I am getting a funny image also of people driving old like lawnmowers and like tractors out on the road like to the store, and I can see our Giant Eagle parking lot and it is this bizarre thing of tractors, riding lawnmowers, older cars, and their are still new cars their it is just they are not reliable transportation especially in the day time.   

Q-Is this electronics malfunction due to the sun or comet?
A-I keep seeing it as both as if this is all interconnected.  I feel like right now the sun, it is hostile toward us, but at the same time dealing with this approaching comet and it's disruption to our gravitational pull has made us more vulnerable to, I do not know what you call flares, because I feel like earth is weak right now between core of the earth and the crust of the earth and the atmosphere, it is like those three things are not in sync right now because of the comet.
Q-The earth has a magnetosphere, that protects us from the solar winds.  Is this shield down due to this comet.
A-That is exactly what i am seeing as this comet approaches it's gravitational pull on us has the core and the mantel and the crust, along with the atmosphere completely out of sync.  In my mind the picture I am seeing does not show those items rotating in sync the way that they should be.  It is like that unity is broken down.  Which makes us weak and vulnerable to anything that the sun sends in our direction.

Q-Will humans be harmed by the solar radiation?
A-Um, a couple things, I see people sunburning very easily and people even that might not burn as easily such as African Americans will still burn, so people need to be extra cautious when they are in the sun, and the second part of that is I feel like they are going to start doing a weather advisory regarding the sun, like they will have humidity, air quality, but they will also start including something regarding the sun intensity and people need to pay attention to that.  I see it as survivable but people need to take a common sense approach to it.  And those that do not will tremendously increase their risk for skin cancers, I am even getting a vivid image of cancers on your ears, right at where your nostrils are, like cancers will show up where we never have experienced them before, and people need to be responsible and head those advisories when they happen.

Q-Will the 11 years solar cycle predicted to be at it's maximum be strong or weak.
A-As I focus on that question, the image I am getting is this coming summer for the United States, I am seeing a big hot white light, telling me it is going to be very intense and very strong this upcoming year starting around May or June 2013 (timeline).

Q-From things I have read, the sun when were young seemed more yellow, now it seems white.  Is this true?  Has it changed and why.
A-Ok, the message I am getting is that it has always been a white color, however, our atmosphere has changed from when we were kids, and I am seeing a weird pair of glasses, that when I put them on it seems yellow like when we were kids, but when you take them off and look at our current sky it does look white hot.  So it has not changed, but the earth conditions have.

Q-Why can we not see this comet now?
A-Hmm..What I am getting is the phrase it's hiding, it's hiding, but if you know where to look you can find it.  And depth wise in our viewing I am seeing an image of the moon in the sky, and I am seeing an image of the sun, and directionally it is right in between it, but so, so many miles behind.  And right now it is so small, to the naked eye it looks like a star.

Q-Have others seen or capture on camera?
A-Yes I believe the have and with a powerful telescope I see that you can see it, you just have to know exactly where to look because the magnification would be so high that you would have very limited viewing once you looked out of your telescope.  It would have to be pointed in the exact location.

Q-When this comet is at it's closest point to earth, how large is it when viewed from earth using the moon as a reference?  Note the sun and the moon when viewed from earth are the same size.
A-I am seeing one thirty second (1/32), the size, but also hearing the phrase "That even though that sounds small, it will be much more magnificent than what you think".

Q-Can you describe what we will see.
A-It looks like a really bright star, but the edges look kind of pink and red, but that is just the very edge, the center actually does look like a star, white.

Q-Is it star?  Like a sun? Or more like a rock, what cause the pink red glow.
A-I just, up close I see it as a comet, which looks like a fireball up close, and the reddish rim is caused by the rapid movement in conjunction with, there is some kind of gas inside of it that comes out when it moves, that mixes with the speed and creates the fire look.  I want to say methane, but it is something much more than methane, but I feel like that is part of the name of whatever the gas is.

Q-So does it generate heat? And is it magnetic?
A-Yes,  if it were still and not moving, touching it would leave a dirty rust on your hand, like it is made out of iron, but it is also porous like it has a ton of dimples in it, like a golf ball, so I would say it is magnetic, but the polarity of it almost has repelling force instead of an attracting force, because I do not see things being pulled to it, but as it goes through the atmospheres, things kind of float away from it.  So I do not really understand that.

Q-Has this comet visited earth before?
A-Yes, and what I see happen was we had a earthquake on a global proportion, and what I am hearing is the phrase "The sound that was heard around the world", well this was an earthquake that was truly felt around the world.

Q-Will there be another quake such as this?  If so when?
A-I am seeing that we will have earthquakes, depending on where you live it could be very minimal, but I see it most affecting the ocean by Alaska and I see it again over by Australia and I keep getting this repeated image that looks like the center of the earth expanding like the core it is expanding, but where it is releasing it tension from this expansion is by Alaska and Australia   And I see Alaska with more of an earthquake, but over by Australia I am starting to see the release more in the form of volcanic eruptions.  I feel that this will happen like March or April of 2013 (Timeline)

Q-Will governments aware of this event ever release the information to the public, and if so when?  Who would be the first?
A-I am getting a consensus of NO because it would create mass hysteria.  So I do not feel that anything is going to be broadcast or released over normal media.  Now I do see the ability to get information online, if you can find reliable sources, but the normal broadcasting channels are not going to put that information out there.

Q-Why do you think other psychics are picking up on this?
A-I feel like the energy from this event is becoming so intense that people are tuning into it and they are feeling it and they are seeing it and it is just very intense.  And I feel like the closer the time frame gets the more stronger the images and feelings come through.

Q-Will anybody die due to these events, if so how many?
A-I do see people dying, and it is from a wide variety of things, between natural disasters, food shortages, some of it is not instant, but through this process on a global scale, I am getting around a million, but that is not immediate, that is the trickle down from everything that happens from this.

Q-You typically report doom and gloom, mainly based on the type of questions asked of you.  Do you have anything positive to report on this same issue, can focus on the positive aspects of this event.
A-I see people getting more thankful for what they have, I see communities becoming communities.  I see people being more active and healthier due to the limited amount of artificial food that we currently have.  This scare will make people want to be more self reliant.  People will start to go back to the older ways of gardening, people will start to have a garden.  Also something about prescription drugs, people will start to learn how to function off of them, they will still exist, but the usage will go down.  The main thing is just the overall closeness that people with begin to get with people.

Q-What about society's distractions, like TV.
A-I even thought, or had a thought too that people will be using entertainment less and do more learning.  For example, I see you (my husband) working on a car, and you are teaching the kids how the motor works and what different things do.  And the kids are more involved in learning practical applications of life, rather than watching the same reruns on television.

Q-What do you see for governments?
A-I see the government will still be there, but is will not be as big.  I feel like we will be going back to a more simpler time in life.  But one thing I see is that we are going to go through this adjustment and people will be humbled and begin to work on being self sufficient and that sort of thing.  But over the next twenty years or so all those little luxuries will creep back up on us again and I see the whole being scared and being thankful and appreciating what you have, I see that fading, and this current lifestyle of excess slowly will creep back up on us and we will have to make a strong effort to keep out priorities straight.  And I feel like people in power and people with money are going to try to get you hooked on all the junk that we have now.  And we as people will just have to not let that happen.

Q-What do you see of money, taxes etc.
A-I do think that the dollar is going to collapse.  I think China is really going to try to get the gold standard back.  There will be a lot of bartering and that is how we will avoid taxes on some things.  I feel like during the change we will be doing away with electronic transactions and things will be more physical assets, cash.  I am getting something about the U.N. will control the currency, or the auditing of the currency, and it will be like a world currency of some sort.  But I feel it will definitely will be backed by precious metals.  And that is all I see with that.

Q-When do you see people quitting their jobs, when is this change undeniable?
A-I feel like by March 2013 (timeline) it will be evident that there are changes going on with the earth that do not have simple explanations.

Q-Do you see people working throughout these changes, with no electronics during the day.  What do you see them doing for money, payment, food?
A-I see as electronics start to falter, many things are done on cash or trade only.  I do see stores still operation, but the cost of goods is much higher than the current rate.  I also see that you might have a very limited variety on certain items as well.  You will be able to get things, they just cost more and you will not have the selection that you have now.

Q-Without electronic transactions, how do you pay your property taxes, electric bill etc?
A-I see them setting up locations in different parts of town for example, you could go to your local Walmart, pay your utilities or whatever bill is due, pay in cash, and then the utility companies and property tax companies will just send a courier like once a week to these designated locations to pick up their payment.

Q-But most of the money is electronic, there is not enough printed paper to account for all the electronic money in circulation.  Like will I still owe for my house, or will debts be wiped clean.  How can they account for them without the computer records?
A-I feel like the debts that will be due are like your towns money that you owe your town, like your utility bills, I feel like property tax will be like a flat value that they tell you that you owe.  As far as mortgages and credit cards, I see that being suspended, you will still owe it, but there is not system to bill you or to collect it or to update payments.  I even feel like your utility bills will be a flat billed amount, and it will be base upon how many people live in your house.
Q-That could be due to the electronically reading meters and billing.  A flat rate is much simpler.

Q-Can you describe this U.N. money?
A-I see the U.N. collecting all of the precious metals and they are the ones who issue money and they also audit the money to insure it maintains it's value, but it creates a worldwide standard that is interchangeable among all the countries in the U.N. and it also serves to protect all of the countries involved because you do not have to deal with the exchange rates and current daily values of money.  It is just a consistent form of currency.   And then I see them doing something about each country has to turn in what is backing their own county's money at the time and that is how they determine how much money to issue back to that country.  It is like you exchange your gold and silver and then they calculate how much in new currency that is worth and that is how much you get.

Q-Will they try to confiscate the citizen's gold and silver to turn into the U.N. or can people use gold and silver a alternative currency.
A-I do see people using gold and silver as an alternate currency, but it looks like what they do is they charge a tax on transactions used with gold and silver and that tax goes back to the government.  So you can do that, but it is almost like the penalize you in a form of a tax for doing that.

Q-Are you personally and mentally prepared to this comet?
A-I hope so.  That was a good reading but it was long.
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Anonymous said...

I would buy solar panels to harness the solar flares.

Psychic Focus said...

I think that is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Will this static/electricity effect just the USA? Will Australia also have these problems?

Psychic Focus said...

I think some areas will be worse than others, but the static will be everywhere. During the night it seems not as intense, but it will always be there..

Anonymous said...

This comet might be this one

Anonymous said...

please try and view safe places in the usa. how far will the water come in on the eastern coast, gulf coast, west coast? feet or miles at various points, ie. Bethany Beach, DE and Atlantic City, NJ., Los Angeles, central Florida, Etc... Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can you see how england will be affected by this please?

Unknown said...

Think of USA, Africa, South America, Australia, all these countries had peoples living in the stone age. Yet Europe wasn't with cites, streets, Governments, weapons of metal. Seems something happened way back then that stopped civilization in these other countries right in their tracks, made their life come to a stand still. Imagine if you will something similar happening today on such an immense scale that all our life's would be set back to stone age..

Unknown said...

So is this infamous "Nibiru?" And will Colorado or Las Vegas be good or bad places to be?