Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hi Lynn!! I searched the blog to see if you have ever talked about grids and nothing came up, soooo, I was wondering if you could tell us about the grids that are all around us, earth, universe etc. I am very curious about this especially because yesterday, my husband and I dozed off together on the couch. I was in and out, (the kiddos were playing) and I all of a sudden see a grid in my mind. Later my husband wakes up and I tell him about it and he said he saw one too. He said he was above the universe looking down at a blue grid over the universe. I thought this would be an interesting topic seeing that maybe others are seeing grids as well.

Q.  What did we see?  What do the grids represent? 
A.  I get that as the both of your were dosing in and out, your brainwaves were in a meditative state (not quite asleep, but not awake either).  During that meditative state, the two of your sort of "synced up" and experienced a mini joint meditation.  

I get that what you saw was actually the "blue print" of the solar system.  I hear that all things can be fundamentally broken down into geographic shapes, and those shapes build upon one another.  Each shape pairs with a specific frequency (I'm being shown how water will change based on the vibration that is sent through it).  I cannot be certain what vibration or frequency you were viewing, but you were not only in tune with each other, but you both were in tune with the specific frequency of the geometric shape that formed the grid (allowing you to visualize it in your subconscious).

Q. Do colored grids mean anything? 
A.  I get the shape is more significant than the color.  The more lines to the pattern, the higher the vibration you are tapping into.  For example, the picture I put up has four sides to the individual component of the much larger grid pattern.  If there were six sides (a hexagon), it would represent a much higher vibration.  ALL different patterns are there, but you can only view what your system is able to see (just like all spectrums of the sun are present, but our human eyes can only see a small portion).  

I get that the color is more tied to the chakra that you are working on or would benefit you to work on.  I see blue tied to the voice, throat, communication, etc.

Q. Does this tie into the recent energy surges we got between December 16th through 26th? or The Event? 
It is somewhat tied to The Event, but more importantly, I see it tied to and overall awakening of the human subconscious.  

Q.  Does it have anything to do with spiritual growth? Thank you for your time and insight!!
A.  This is very much spiritual growth and tapping into a universal subconscious.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-


Christy M said...

What would we do without you, Lynn? These are very challenging times, spiritually speaking.

whitelite 1111 said...

Lynn, I am so grateful for your insight on this!! I can't wait to tell my husband! We have been experiencing some excellerated signs and spiritual breakthroughs since this happened. It's been exciting, emotional and a bit exhausting. I hope others will share their experiences as well!! Happy New Year!

Buddhist Lady said...

Very cool.

Raymond G said...

That is amazing. I wonder if all the worlds in our solar system have this same grid or if it is unique to us. Lynn, were you aware of this grid before you RV'd it recently or was it new to you? I was just wondering if you ever tried to RV the 'Source' that gives you your abilities and if this grid aided it.

I think it's pretty interesting that the Poster and her husband had the same vision at the same!


Chatty Cathy said...

Lynn, your readings are so timely and self-affirming. Thank you!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Hm. Is that a chicken up there or is it just the way she's holding the grapefruit?

Sean Nash said...

To research this , look up Metatron's Cube (from Greek Meta+Tron meaning Beyond+Matrix). This pictured view supplied of this is the Macro . By adjusting the Magnification ( like using a microscope) from macro to micro you will see all geometric forms as mentioned by Lynn. You will see pyramids, the Flower of Life and even the "eye" with the pyramid;every molecule, every atom-everything created is of this blueprint. If one were to search online Metatron's Cube and look at all the different pictures , you will see all the pictures are different magnifications of the Metatron Cube. All universes, galaxies , cosmos and you name it: everything in creation is this of this as blueprint for all that is. Right down to your DNA. Metatron is the Creator of creators. What has been created, by man's/souls lowering of vibration, in-between is the fog that blinds us; commonly called the VEIL. The raising of our frequency high enough that rises above the frequency of the Veil is the much talked about EVENT. Just ask Metatron to show you in your meditations or dream time-I did. RV is limited to the Astro( created by man/soul and the only level accessible by the RV process) , this process is of the Ether ( all dimensions and densities of pure creation). This is researchable if one takes the time of interest to do so.

joy said...

BLUEPRINT OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM. hahhhh....awesome info. Thanks, Lynn.
I've been "remote viewing" for a long time but there are things and structures out there that my linear mind can't figure out . hehh...
METATRON..? Thanks Sean Nash :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments!

Sean: Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with the structures I bump into when I fly up in dreams. They are like a mesh of power lines, I haven't seen them lately (too busy doing other things in dreams, I guess) but when I run into them I have to wriggle through them to get higher in the stratosphere.

Anyone else notice this phenomenon in an altered state or in dreams?

Sean Nash said...

Thanks Lynn! My right ear is unplugged :). I wanted to add one thing. I read your session on Time Travel and Cern-I think they are related .I can see the Metatron Blueprint in the design of Cern and I really think the "dirty little secret", is in part,their science attempt of creating a portal or vortex for time travel. As you said, "they are close". They are close in my opinion also but that is as close as they will get as you also said- their science is limited; so close but so far away. The science for time travel is within said Cube but will not be understood by scientists (blocked) because of intent.

Prerequisite to Time Travel is the Power Of Love (Huey Lewis). Hehe.

whitelite 1111 said...

Sean Nash I'm going to look up Metatron!! Very interesting!! Thanks!!

joy said...

I have a question for Lynn. I hope you can address it.
I get to see (clairvoyance) the outcome of what I intend to do.
Sometimes, I get to see that "it's not gonna happen" or "something you will not like will happen, instead". So, I just stand there frustrated(in my mind) and watch the situation unfold as I have clairvoyantly sensed.
Question: Any suggestion on what I can do to make an unfavorable outcome move into my desired direction...?
Thanks, Lynn.

Sean Nash said...

I found this video today by some sort of chance. Everything I have said about this topic and then some, and then some, is in this video. Very well put together and not boring- very worth the time to watch in full. Good, now Metatron can talk in my ear about something else lol.

Your mind will never think the same again! This video is very scientifically, mentally and spiritually factual.

Serene said...

Thank you Sean for the video, I did enjoy it very much and will share. Happy New Year!

joy said...

I actually have a gizmo, a talisman that was given by METATRON thru one of his outlets, that could ,..during up your pineal gland stargate, repel blackmagic,that could heal and integrate the physical-mental-emotional bodies with that you're always grounded in your SPIRIT.
Take that,...Sean Nash. :) :) :)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

This has been a great discussion. Thank you for all the sharing! Hugs :-)

Sean Nash said...

Hello Joy,

I also have something similar , probably from the same lady that specialises in such creations. They are wonderful and can feel the electromagnetism from them- made specifically for the person it is for. They have a power radius of 13 feet.

I just share here what I have in ability to know, investigate and write if the topic is in alignment with the focus session. Inventions have become stagnant and mainly are just reformations, modifications and improvements of what has been invented over the past 70 years- nothing really new and life changing/enhancing apparatus . I am just sharing here the premise for the new and fantastic inventions that are coming manifest that will even put the computers today in antiquity and many other things. All forthcoming inventions will be of the known science of the Flower Of Life and/or as it is also known as Metatron's cube. Truly exciting things coming. I prefer to say manifested rather than invented.

Not sure of your "take that" smiley humor but it made me laugh as intended :) lol.

joy said...

"Take that" with Smiley face means I love you too, Sean Nash....and I'm like a kid wanting to share a new toy.

joy said...

Sean Nash. I appreciate you and all that you are sharing with us.
Thank you, dear brother.

Sean Nash said...

Thanks Joy, It was funny I just didn't get it lol.


whitelite 1111 said...

Thanks Sean Nash!! Can't wait to watch it!!

Sean Nash said...

To whitelite1111,

I watched the whole thing. He sure did a great job on it. All of what I have come to know is in there plus so much more and is explained well. I just came across it the day I posted the link. The egg of life, the tree of life, the flower of life, Metatron cube, it is all there and is one micro and macro of the same! Very well put together in an easy to follow scientific way. Now the inventions to come!