Monday, January 2, 2017

Priority Blog Request: ISS Space Station Scam

Hi Lynn,  Hope you had a wonderful X-mas with your family!

And here come my questions:  RE:  ISS Space Station Scam

Over the years people have studied the video and photo footage of the ISS (International Space Station) and found some weird contradictions and discrepancies, which would have one conclude that most of the footage has been heavily edited / photoshopped or even completely faked, for example: 

  • The astronauts bumping up and down during interviews (indicating they are inside a Zero G plane)
  • Scripted speeches, overly happy smiles and often ridiculously childish demonstrations of the effects of microgravity (more entertainment than scientific exploration)
  • The female astronauts always having their hair demonstratively open and standing up (as if fixed by hairspray)
  • Floating air bubbles appearing during space walks (indicating the scenes were filmed underwater inside a swimming pool)
  • Wrong perspectives or proportions of earth, no stars or galaxies visible (which imply photoshopped images) etc. etc.  

Q. So does the ISS actually exist as such and float around the earth? (There are actually a few amateur photographs that seem to prove its existence)?
A.  I get there is a station that follows earth, but I see it more like a satellite and not a manned station..  I don't see humans actually living on it.  This station looks robotized and controlled remotely.  Positions of the satellite can be shifted and photos can be taken (but I also get that what is taken is not what is shared because the distance isn't far enough to get accurate photos of earth, and true photos would raise too many questions).  

Q. Do the ISS crews really travel all the way up to the station with Sovjet rockets, stay there for months on ends and then return safely to earth or is there some chicanery going on?
A.  I get that the crews are sequestered much like the jury of a trial (those are the images I am shown).  They are forced to sign legal documents that require secrecy, and taken to a remote military location.  They really are gone for months at a time, and kept safe here on earth until they are required for a video, PR statement or some kind of testing.

Q. If so, how do they make sure that the handful of civil space tourists, who paid 10 million per trip, would keep silent about the deception involved?
A.  I get that the tourists will be heavily vetted, and some kind of complication will prevent the complete "tour" from happening.  It feels like there is one delay or issue after another.  The few that will be "allowed" to go (who also have strong ties to the Powers That once Were), will get a huge "discount" in exchange for a false statement on how wonderful it is/was.

Q. And why seem to be China, Russia and Europe faking their footage, too? Is there a global agreement?
A.  I do see some kind of "alliance" going on with these countries.  It looks like a few things are going on.  If the truth about the challenges of having humans too close or crossing through the Van Allen belt due to the radiation were to come to light (which also sheds truth on the inability to land on the moon), then other countries would have to admit some things they also lied about (or hid which is the same as lying to the people).  They don't want that information being released.

The satellite stations also cannot hold an orbit far enough away from the earth (due to the constant radiation bombarding it) to get a clear photo of the earth.  Seeing what they are able to remotely see would raise a lot of questions (and then I hear continent size and even shape of the earth from that distance just wouldn't make sense).

i also get that the footage has to be "doctored" because of the ET life that are in space all the time.  Until disclosure occurs, we won't be able to see a clear and accurate photo.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

1/3/17 Follow Up Questions: 
Q.  You say that the astronauts are taken to a military base. How do they get out of the rockets which supposedly take them up and how do they get back into the reentry capsules that fall down from the sky and land in the desert of Kazakhstan?
A.  This looks to be all filmed like a movie.  Then I hear that is Kubric can do the moon landing, with current technology they can certainly create footage to share.  People only know what they are shown. 

Q. What about the many amateur photos that show the space shuttle docking with the ISS? Have those been remote controlled then, too?
A.  Yes, the radiation is too intense for human to live within that "station."  They are great with the remote controlling of equipment (and have this technology fine tuned). 

Q.  What happened to the hundred of millions of dollars that have been invested in the civil space program?
A.  Some is used for the "station / satellite," but most has been allocated for the military and weather manipulation programs.  I also get that part of the "job" of this satellite is to monitor weather patterns (hot spots, cold spots, etc) so when HAARP is at work, it can enhance accuracy.  It works in tandem (part of the function) with the weather manipulation on the ground.  

Q.  How have they been able to keep up this illusion of human space orbit for so many years when there should be plenty of intelligent engineers and scientists that could debunk the impossibility of this program with hard technical facts?
A. People innately want to believe what they see (for example, the moon landing).  I get that if you were to seek out information, there are plenty of engineers and scientists that have posed questions, but disinfo agents do what they can to misdirect people away from that information.  During my focus I was shown / told that the Van Allen Belt and radiation levels are the biggest challenge and reason why this cannot exist in the way we are being shown.


Athenry04 said...

I knew that Tim Peake, with his stupid somersalt, had not been anywhere near space.

Christy M said...

It amazes me the number of people willing to lie to their fellow humans on behalf of the elite.

Robert Schoen said...

Now that you point it out, I can't stop laughing about that woman's crazy hair. It's also very interesting the coordination of false information about space agreed to by all these countries. I wonder if they all are equally in the know about CERN and agree with their secret agenda.

While the fake space program can only go so high, what about the real program with Saucers so say go to a colony on Mars. Is that true, and how to the ships beat the Van Allen belt?

Rene Leighty said...

What about Google Earth? Your comment about the pictures not looking accurate/confusing raised some questions about the whole Google Earth website. Are the pictures accurate? How much is doctored from these photos?

Alex said...
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wendy tascione said...


Freestar said...

Lolol 😂

Freestar said...

They all agreed to silence about Antarctica. Why not space?

Wry Wrath said...
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Wry Wrath said...

Lynn, great info thank you. I get the distinct "vibe" that the questions posed were extremely pointent and may have been asked by an individual very close to this program, maybe governmental to some degree. Do you get the same feeling...? Happy 2017!

JJ said...

1) hard to access this site today (always, URL doesn't exist)... Had to click three times to get through.

2) re: this reading today. It's just sad. All of it. :(

EA RW said...

You know what's funny that it's nasa endorsing and motivating all these little kids and science minded people. They all fall for this and it don't even occur to them that they have been lied to.
Kinda sad... if you ask me.

John Casey said...

So how do the so-called secret space programs operate? Does this mean their ships can only function inside the Van Allen Belt? Or that their ships are all remote controlled?

Unknown said...

Does the "breakaway civilization" have the radiation problem solved? Obviously the aliens have managed to cope with it.

Mark Noeth said...

Awesome reading thank you... Oddly enough I was watching youtube vids on flat earth, the old Japanese map with the extra 33 continents, water firmament around the earth, and Nasa space walk with air or water bubbles. So many oddities we don't understand or are not allowed to investigate... I have a friend at work. His son went to CSU to talk to the professors before enrolling. He said the Physics professors were the most closed minded people he ever met. I've noticed that with Archeologists as well over the years. It is really disappointing.

Freestar said...

Makes you think that as many ego driven people must gravitate towards all the "sciences" (not just surgery) for ego purposes more than true interest in their chosen field.

Freestar said...

That's what I wonder. Or have they accessed portals and can materialise ans dematerialise to "space travel"?

Alex said...

Hi Lynn

If humans can't go through the Van Allen radiation belt, how are humans ever to go to Moon, Mars and beyond?

How did Aliens manage to land on Earth in the first place?

China is the only country that has plans to land humans on the Moon in the future. While USA is the only country that has plans to land humans on Mars after supposedly 'landed' on the Moon in 1969.

loralei5551 said...

Where did all of our pictures of the earth from a distance come from? Those beautiful blue pics of the planet taken from space? Artist's rendition?

A Fox said...

You also have Buzz Aldrin making odd comments on Twitter and then deleting them about how it was all faked etc.. actually I don't know if anybody ever asked Lynn if those buzz aldrin tweets are real or not.
That guy just looks like he's holding secrets & dying to release them. Hes definitely somebody to watch because if he gets terminally ill or passes away, he may have information released that he's always wanted to get off his chest.

JJ said...

She did a reading on this a few posts earlier.

icqgirl 2 said...

This is a classic case of making up lies to cover up past lies. One deception after another until the lies get more and more outrageous and unbelievable. It also gets increasingly more difficult to justify the lying and to cover up.

Eventually, inevitably, the truth leaks through. The infallible, confirmed truth. The truth all at once, washing away all fabrication.

At the moment, truth and facts are marred by little lies ("the best lies are truth,
plus or minus one fact") and a "crazy conspiracy theory" reputation.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments. Great discussion here! I get when we master the vertices and the portal alignments, then true travel will be achieved. We will get there.

A Man Called Da-da said...

HOW can so many people in government live such a lie? For so long? It's unconscionable.

siketa said...

Natural and man-made portals. ;)

Alex said...


The bible has lied for a longer time to humans and still is.

Mark Noeth said...

I thought Aldrin was dead, died around the 20 something of last month. Saw it on the cover of a magazine. Buzz Aldrin 1930 to 2016. I had my friend look it up last week because I saw the magazine cover. He said he was dead. Another Mandela effect...

Cheryl Bane said...

@ Mark Noeth. . .maybe you're thinking of John Glenn? He died December 8, 2016.