Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Access Consciousness Bars

Q. Hi Lynn, Thank you for all of your blog readings, I love them all and look forward to them!

Wondering if you could see if you think Access Consciousness Bars are a scam or real? So many for and against (some even say cult) but I just did a course and it had some energetic feel to it. 



A.  As I tune into these Bars, I see them as a very real and powerful thing.  

I get an image of an ancient time (at least a few hundred years ago).  There is a huge line of people waiting outside of a oriental woman's hut.  It looks as though people travel from all over to get help and be healed by this woman.  She looks to talk with her client for a few moments before she begins her session (to make a spiritual connection), and then begins to work on their Consciousness Bars.  

I hear something about this being an ancient healing practice that was discovered and used in the Orient.   It was first used on people with mental health challenges (to purge and process past traumas and karma), and then later evolved into a physical and spiritual therapy as well.

It is also coming to me that depending on the person, and what they are dealing with or wanting to purge, you may not want to do all 32 bars or areas at once (it is too much for the system to process).  It is better to pick a few areas to give a more intense focus, and then quickly go over the other areas and build up to a full system purge.  After a session you may go through intense emotions (cry, be angry, recall memories, etc) and that is a GOOD thing.  That means you are processing ideas, subconscious thoughts, past life traumas, feelings, etc that have been suppressed, and from there purging and healing begin to occur.

Overall, these Access Consciousness Bars feel like a good and positive thing.  Be cautious of costly courses (I hear there is lots of free stuff online to get your started).  If you do chose to connect with a teacher / mentor, trading a fair wage for knowledge and support is very reasonable (but be careful of those that want to charge a large sum).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

I had never heard of this before, but it seems like an incredibly useful tool to look into that could help a lot of people and might even be something that can assist people to be more receptive or prepared for the 'event.' Thanks for posting this and to the one who brought it up.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I had not heard of it either. It was a really cool topic and I really enjoyed "looking" into it. :-)

Valley of the Blue Moon said...

My dad used to have an itchy scalp and would offer us kids a penny for every 2 minutes of scalp massage. We grew up making $.30 giving Dad hour long scalp massages as we watched our favorite evening TV shows...that was BIG money back in the 60's. In my 20's, I would offer scalp massages to my friends knowing the unique massages would offer aid and comfort. One day a psychic from New Zealand was touring the US and I had an appointment to meet with her. The morning I showed up with my friend she mentioned that she felt quite ill and was not ready for company. My friend, a massage therapist offered a full body massage and she accepted the offer. I offered a head 'massage' and she agreed. She sat in a chair and I proceeded to 'work' her face, ears, forehead, along her skull, the base of her skull and along the neck. Eventually I focused around her face, sides of her head with large sweeping circular motions throughout her scalp. It was automatic and my fingers moved as though they were moving to a form of music in my head. 5 minutes into the massage, her body shook and then she went back into relaxing comfortably in the chair. After 30 minutes I slowly moved my hands away from her. A few moments later she opened her eyes and asked if I was aware of the fact that at one point she went out of her body. She then proceeded to explain to me that there were native American spirits watching the process from a window. They explained to her that what I was doing was a form of healing practice he would perform on his own people back in his time. He described himself as the tribal 'Medicine Man' and the he was accompanied by the Chief of the tribe. It was the woman's going out of her body that called attention to the two spirits. The Medicine Man explained that was how he traveled through time and space to allow him to provide remote healing to his extended family members.

Mike Corder said...

The bar technic itself may have some value however it's part of a package and that package, Access Consciousness, leaves something to be desired. Can one get the bar treatment without the rest, I don't know. Access Consciousness is described as a Scientology Cousin. I call it the happy cult. Read about its history of channeling Rasputin and aliens. I am not a joiner anyway.

Mike Corder said...


addresses Access Consciousness

Jac JacJacqui said...

Im the one who asked for this as i did a course on the weekend and was in 2 minds about it. Mike I agree with you, but as a healer i cant deny i felt the energy and i have since used it on a client and she had a wonderful experience. I wont be using the words they use as i just do not resonate with them and find them kooky and odd, but i will use the actual healing part only in my toolbox.

Lynn I truly appreicate you doing this! Love from Jacqui x

Mike Corder said...

So I wonder how i find a practitioner like you without sitting through the rest? Were you encouraged to take the whole program or was the only focus this technic. I think this group co opted this technic.

Jac JacJacqui said...

I dont know Mike, I had never heard of this until I had it done to me in a kinesiology session - i didnt seek it out first. They did sort of advertise doing more programs and I just didnt show any interest as Im not looking to spend thousands, no one should be charging that for something to simple. I certainly have issues with some of the things that were said and felt like I was an outsider looking in.

Mike Corder said...

great feedback, thanks. I think the technique is much older then 1990. The founder of Access Consciousness claims it was never of earth before 1990 when he invented it. There truly isn't much new of anything except to our recent awareness. I believe the bars treatment is thousands of years old if not older

Buddhist Lady said...

If anyone has been watching Leah Remini's expose of Scientology...wow!! Just mentioning a kinship with that mind cult-false imprisonment group should make anyone beware. I agree, though. I think that this might well be a valid technique which was cultivated and practiced by ancient Native Americans and resulted in true healing. The unfortunate aspect of our world today is that culture is dominated by the desire to control...whether for money, sex, or simple energetic submission.

The article Mike referenced said:

"But there are even more troubling aspects to Access Consciousness, such as the kind of behavior control it foists on its Accessories, such as exploiting and manipulating them financially, and instilling strict obedience and dependency upon those who follow this path.

According to Hassan, Access Consciousness instructors teach that a person should divorce themselves from their family if they fail to provide them with money. They’re also taught to view promiscuity as a way of expanding 'one’s sense of self and gain experience', which is why they encourage women to have three men in their lives."

I agree with Lynn. Pursue this area with freely available knowledge and instruction; stringently avoid anyone who tells you to disassociate yourself from family, friends, and cultural/business associates.

Jac JacJacqui said...

I took issue with the teacher (who i did really like) saying repeatedly that her kids and this person can "out manipulate you in a heartbeat" - thats not something i would promote, manipulation! also, they knew i was vegan and they started saying stupid things like "wow vegans are so unreasonable, plants have feelings too so i can eat animals". i mean really - i just thought they were all a bit nuts. but the actual healing part, well im a healer and i feel energy so it was easy for me to grasp that part. the rest i just glazed over.

Alex said...

Would this not be the same as 'Chinese acupuncture' reworded to 'access consciousness bar' by certain people?

Sean Nash said...
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Sean Nash said...

Chinese acupuncture is the same wisdom. This is a method of opening up energy blockages by activations by working , opening and connecting with the meridians. This is a method and there are many modalities one can procure the release and healing of blockages- meditation with intent for this as one example.

I remember an experience I had a few years ago where I decided to go to a past life regression hypnotherapist. She had performed the relaxation process and was inducing me into a light trance state. Once I was prepared in this way she began her walkthrough suggestions. I started to wither around on the table and was experiencing very pointed pain at specific points on my right side, mainly my arm. She asked me what I was experiencing and seeing. I then said to her what my higher self and guides that I could see all standing around me said and what I saw. What was said to me ( in my head) was that very clearly ," there will be no past life regression today. We are working on your meridians and this will take awhile". I relayed this to the hypnotherapist. I felt like I was receiving acupuncture. After an hour and a half it was over. Then instead of showing me my past I was shown what I was to invent in the future. The lady said ."wow , that has never happened before during a session and I actually saw all these little pin lights around you". She just let it play out until I opened my eyes and said we are finished. . It was strange indeed. Lynn sure see's things with true clarity and wisdom.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. I see a lot of you are wondering about finding a good teacher. As I read through some of this, I did feel in the reading that there are some people that will try to use fear and create an urgency feeling to get you to "buy" their program. A good teacher will charge a fair wage and teach from the heart. If they do anything other than that (like make someone who has a belief of being vegan uncomfortable) or say rude comments, move on. They aren't right for you.

Alex said...

From what I see, these teachers just used what they learnt from Chinese acupuncture which also work on energy meridians and rebundled it under a new name so that it sounds mysterious. The only thing that's different is fingers are used instead of needles so it's less effective.

Pamela F said...

I have received and offered “The Bars”. I took training classes with different
Access Consciousness Facilitators. I would say it felt like a head massage
that clears the thought patterns. Similar to a computer being defragmented.
I have also had acupuncture done. For me The Bars has been more rewarding
than acupuncture. I did question some of the Access Consciousness
rules and fees. I decided to offer The Bars along with my other Coaching Programs. In offering The Bars it has helped ex military veterans, people that have highly
stressful jobs along with people wishing to make big changes in their lives. I like
to charge on a sliding fee schedule. Its rewarding for the giver and the receiver so it can be gifted with no fees involved. I hope this helps!

Mike Corder said...

I asked my acupuncturist about the points shown for Bars Treatment. There might be a few effective as acupuncture points but not overall. The process sounds more like a Reiki Procedure

Alex said...

Lynn has already said that this originated in ancient Orient ie. East Asia so it's not something new.

I have also studied some acupuncture points so I recognise a few of these points. If we use needles, it's called acupuncture and if we use our fingers, it's called acupressure.

Don't make it more complicated than it actually is just to make more money from the gullible.

Jac JacJacqui said...

Pamela F - it did help me, thanks so much for your comment!

I def dont think it is useless - I felt it, and I dont care what any of them are named, labelled, where they came from or how old it is - that was so never my point, what does that even matter if it helps even just one person? If it works it works - and im an energy healer, so I know im just a vessel for universal love and energy xo

ps mike it is not the same as reiki but at the same time its all similar as its all just different ways of giving and receiving healing energy at the end of the day.