Tuesday, March 8, 2016

7 Unsolved Mysteries

Q. Lynn, I came across an interesting article.  Could you do a reading on these 7 unexplained?  Thanks. 

The Aluminum Wedge:  What is this?  What was it used for?  It was found 35 feet underground.
A. I do see this wedge as ET related.  I see these rather giant humanoid ETs here on earth and they are using "supersize" tools.  I notice that they swing these tool with ease (as if they are very light weight in comparison to their durability).  I see hammers, axes and something that looks like a baton.  This wedge looks to belong to one of those tools (however the handle was wooden because "wood allows for a better grip??").  

I also get that these Giants were the ones that bread with humans and created the "Giants" that once lived here on earth.

The Babushka Lady:  Who is this person?  What does he / she know?
A.  This was touched on in a previous Five for Friday reading.  I will copy and paste the excerpt here: 
"Image #6: Your Basic (Fake) Babushka Lady
Big JFK assassination mystery here, by popular demand. This is a still from the infamous Zapruder film — which may or may not have been manipulated — showing what people call “The Babushka Lady” (because no one knows who this person was, and they're dressed as someone's grandma with a scarf around their head), apparently filming JFK as he goes by shortly before he’s shot. Most everyone else in the Zapruder film has been identified, save for this one woman (if she is a woman). The film she’s apparently shooting (if that's what she's doing) has never been seen. So, who is she? Was she in on the assassination?
What Lynn Saw
"The first thing I get is I don't think this is a woman. This is some guy who works for the CIA who's documenting and directing the shooting. I feel like this guy is talking to someone else via radio, talking in this low mumbling voice. Here's the weird thing, I keep wanting to see a mustache or facial hair... if you could see him from the front. There's some kind of flowy scarf around the mouth so you can't see the man's mustache, or him talking into a walkie talkie. He's a friend of Bush Sr, who worked for the CIA."
Cicada3301 Puzzle:  This symbol pops up and no one knows why?  What is it used for?  The puzzle seems next to impossible.
A. I see this as a message to the PTB.  Specific locations are chosen and the symbol is one of change and represents a cycle of events about to happen.  I get when you locate the cicada you know the geographic area, and the puzzle isn't really a puzzle but rather a message.  Only a small few are meant to know what it means, and the message feels more like information and also a sign of caution.  I get that historically in locations where the cicada has been found some kind of geographic, economic, social or political event has happened.

Dighton Rock: People ponder who carved on the rock and why.  What is this all about?
A.  I see that hundreds of years ago (I want to say 500 years ago) a group of Vikings made their way through some of the rivers and passages and found this location.  They marked this rock as a way of saying "first come first serve" and laying some kind of claim to that area.  I see this location was (at least at one time) rich in minerals and vegetation.  It looks like an illness or disease had this group grounded for some time and their survival depended on them living off the land (which they did) until they were able to return back to the waters.

Green Children: These children appeared in Woolpit one day.  They were green and no one knows who they are or why they were green.
I looked at these children in a previous reading on Mysterious Travelers.  I will quote the text / reading below: 
"Two children appeared one day in Woolpit.  They were green in appearance, one of them passed away, and the other survived.  As the survivor ate a larger variety of food, she lost her green appearance. As I tune into them, I seem materialize as if they were walking out from the fog.  They look as though they are coming from one vibrational layer of earth into another (our current human layer).  I then am taken to a cave near Woolpit, and get that within this cave there is a portal that made the transfer from one layer to another layer physically possible.  As I try to see why they didn't just go back through the portal, I hear that it worked in some kind of "glitchy" way to where it isn't always open to allow this two-way travel (I see it like on Back to the Future when they could only travel one way, and in this case they traveled laterally, but to a different layer of earth)."

Pollock Twins:  Is this truly an act of incarnation?  Their sisters passed on before they were born and they had very strange similarities (birthmarks, play habits, etc).
A. I do see these twins as incarnations of their sisters.  It looks as though when the older siblings passed, they could not release themselves and go into the light.  When their mother got pregnant, they chose to "jump back in" and finish their human life journey. There was unfinished business and some kind of karma tied to that "business."  This does look like an example of reincarnation.

The Zodiac Killer:  This was a killer that was never caught.  What can you share?
A. When I focus on this person, I see that he (it was a man) had identity issues.  I keep seeing flashes of Silence of the Lambs, and get that the killer didn't portray himself to society they way he felt about himself.  There was some kind of identity or personality disorder in play.  As a mental self defense to this psychological "crisis" he detached himself from society and became unable to register or feel the emotion of others.  He got pleasure in harming people and hurting families to feel better about himself. I would best  describe this person as a sociopath (that is the word I hear).  [I am choosing not go to further down this darker path as this person looks to be deceased and of no harm to anyone else anymore.  I will answer questions on him, but I would rather not address the events of the crime.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Jason Liesch said...

In regards to the Zodiac Killer... once the murdering stopped, what did he do with his life, how long did he continue to live and how did he die?

Did he ever get better?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Jason: I get it stopped because he became very ill. He had a neurological condition in which he had tremendous shaking in his extremities that got worse as he got older. It eventually became so bad that it looks as though he ended up in a nursing home and was physically unable to commit these terrible acts. He died relatively young (late 50s) due to this illness.

Raymond G said...

I wonder if the places where the cicada are found can be a clue, other than the idea that they are placed in places where the PTB congregate. The design underneath looks like a bar code too. If this is a message to the PTB....how useful is it if they don't understand it?

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn thanks for another wonderfull post! Maybe we should change the title to "7 solved misteries? ;) There is another mistery I would like to direct your attention to, if possible: Mr Olof Palme Swedish prime minister was shot and killed 30 years ago (February 28, 1986) on a friday night while walking back home after watching a movie in downtown Stockholm. He was in the company of his wife who also got shot but survived. The murderer escaped unrecognized. Would you be willing to tell us who did this, and what was behind the killing (Mr. Palme used to send his body guard home early and used to appear in public unprotected every now and then)? Thank You! (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/27/world/europe/olof-palme-killing.html?_r=0)

Sy said...

That "puzzle" under the Cicada is actually a QR Code which is a type of barcode that you can scan and will contain a message.

Robert Schoen said...

Lynn, do you see a time when there will ever be an accountability for the Kennedy assassination? This election so far, other than the Cruz/Clinton supporters, is kind of a proof that a lot of people are ready to reject the force-fed story of the media and politicians. I keep waiting for Putin's bowl of soup of the truth! Thanks for your good work as always.

John Casey said...

Is the story that the Cicada 3301 is simply a harmless coders' game or recruitment tool just a cover story?

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi lynn! Thank you for the reading! I always check your site everyday for new blog features :) I just read this link on the Malaysian Airlines MH370 that disappeared exactly 2 years ago and wonder if you have any ideas as to who the man/crew member referred to here and what was his complicity in the disappearance or crash of the airplane. I've been really curious about what happened and in fact, I stumbled upon your site while checking the alternative news on MH 370.

capserone said...

Domestic Goddess: What link is that?

Domestic Goddess said...

@capserone: Gale Stein's Psychic Adventures Facebook page. She channelled 60 passengers who connected with her. The passengers don't actually say that they crashed in the water but it was more of a terrorist attack with young men who were walking down and guarding the passengers. One female crew member is arguing with a male crew member and asking him "How he could do this". Gale Stein is posting her channelling in her FB page 1 passenger/crew per day since the 2nd year anniversary last March 9.

The link is https://www.facebook.com/galesteinpsychic/posts/528645750659444

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Raymond: I get the people that are suppose to know what it means will know. It is as useful as it needs to be.

@Jaoa: I will have to save this for anther reading. It does sound interesting.
The cicada is in reality a message to the PTB. They play it off as a game, but it is much more.

@Robert: I agree with your point. People are starved for truth and a direction that is outside the box. We need to evolve in order to grown and sustain.

@Domestic Goddess: I did a reading on this a little while ago. It can be seen at http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2016/02/mh370-pilot-found.html

Alex said...

@Domestic Goddess

Thanks for the link to MH370. I think there's still a lot of mysteries left unresolved. I will be reading through all the messages from the 50 spirits to find out what exactly happened. This looks like a terrorist attack which is different from what Lynn said. Who is the young 'Indian' guy speaking Arabic who tried to throw a grenade at her? I don't remember any Arabs in the plane.

icqgirl 2 said...

Why do sociopaths exist? What is their role in the grand scheme of things?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Wait... where did the giants get the aluminum? Did they mine bauxite here on earth and process it, or is this aluminum from elsewhere? And did they use that as a wedge, for felling trees?? Doesn't seem like it'd be heavy enough.

@icqgirl 2 -- sociopaths exist so we always have someone to vote for.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@icqgirl: It is all tied to karma, balance and life lessons. In some ways we have to have the bad to appreciate and understand the good.

icqgirl 2 said...

@Lynn: Thanks for responding! :D

@Domestic Goddess: Gale Stein Psychic Adventures is amazing! It is frustrating sometimes how spirits can choose not to answer questions, or lie. The interviews also need a keen sense of interrogation.

Sara said...

Hello from Japan. Can you please tell me what you foresee for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020? So far the preparations have not been going well at all, and have been mired in mishaps and controversy. Will the Olympics be successfully executed?

Raymond G said...

Thanks for the link to Gale Stein. Very interesting and sad comments from the victims.
I know this is a ridiculous question....now, but I wonder if testimony from the other side will ever be admissible in court ?

Daniel said...

Very amazing article i was searching on Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of the World and i found your article pretty useful thanks for sharing