Friday, December 4, 2015

Five for Friday #24

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a special Five for Friday #24... which actually sports SIX photos, because one's a dud. Speaking of dots, let's connect some. Note that, while I normally fold in my own questions into Lynn's responses, I'm going to be including my thoughts/questions from now on, along with Lynn's answers as, a lot of the time, these same questions are asked by folks in the comments section.

(Note that when Lynn and I do these sessions, she typically records them, and this one was #2222. No idea what that means, but it might be instructive later on, as most things are if you think about them.)

Image #1: Your Basic Red Anomaly
Is this your Red Comet? It was accidently captured on film by some folks in Glendora, CA [MUFON Case #72721]. What’s that energy around it?

What Lynn Saw
"I don't get it's the Red Comet I've talked about before. This is a UFO that portaled in, and the glow is from the energy and heat from the portal into our world. They're headed to an ET base in a mountain nearby. They look like the nice whitish-looking grays we've written about. We've seen these a lot lately. Wow, I feel like Disclosure is soon. There's this huge influx of ETs coming here right now, like a beacon -- and they're not leaving. It's like they're waiting for something. These ETs feel friendly. It's like they're coming here to protect us and guide us through disclosure."

Image #2: Your Basic YAMA (Yet Another Martian Anomaly)
Ok, is this really a dome on Mars, or a fake? What’s the reason for showing us this? If real, is it human or ET? And what’s the purpose of the dome? Mars looks so sad.

What Lynn Saw
"It does look sad. So dead. Ok, I get this is really a dome. It's a human base. We've been trying to learn how to live on Mars. This dome is like a greenhouse, where they're learning how to grow food. That's one of the fundamental building blocks of creating a society, you need food."

[Da-da: "Mars. Feels like a dead subject. Is the planet itself dead, spiritually?"]
"I know what you mean. It almost feels like a wasteland that they're trying to bring back. I cannot see it ever being a happy, habitable place."

Image #3: Your Basic Siberian Portal
This is a recent capture of sky activity in Siberia. What’s going on here? I’m guessing portal, but I always say portal.

What Lynn Saw
"Ok, a couple things. I want to say portal, too. It's going to be pulled through the cone. But moments later, I hear that there was this huge BOOM. Like it wants to make my eardrums pop. I'd be curious if there were any noises reported."

Image #4: Your Basic Giant Thai Donuts From Space?
This bizarro pic from Thailand allegedly shows gynormous ET craft. Real, fake, or car dash reflection? If real, who are they and what are they doing there?

What Lynn Saw
"It's funny, I was expecting you to say something about donuts. Ok, I can't connect with this being real."

Image #5: Your Basic Pacific Anomaly
Here’s another interesting sighting out over the Pacific. Check out this timelapse video of it:

It looks like it goes BACKWARDS, but that video is forwards… I think.

What Lynn Saw
"I know the whole Hollow Earth thing is hard for you to believe sometimes (it took some time before I believed it!), but I get that we have certain portals here and there, over Washington State, near the Egyptian pyramids, and over oceans sometimes, too, among other places. This is an active portal from the Hollow Earth, a transference from the surface to the inner realms. The portals are everywhere.

[Da-da: "Inner-earth-wise, when I ground now, before meditations, I connect to that energy ball at the earth’s core (should I not be doing that?). And is it… singing? vibrating?"]

"It does have a hum. I can't hear a singing sound, but it's a low hum. The core is called an inner sun (how I've heard it), but looks more like a bright plasma ball. You're fine to connect to it. It's very grounding."

Image #6: Your Basic (Fake) Babushka Lady
Big JFK assassination mystery here, by popular demand. This is a still from the infamous Zapruder film — which may or may not have been manipulated — showing what people call “The Babushka Lady” (because no one knows who this person was, and they're dressed as someone's grandma with a scarf around their head), apparently filming JFK as he goes by shortly before he’s shot. Most everyone else in the Zapruder film has been identified, save for this one woman (if she is a woman). The film she’s apparently shooting (if that's what she's doing) has never been seen. So, who is she? Was she in on the assassination?
What Lynn Saw
"The first thing I get is I don't think this is a woman. This is some guy who works for the CIA who's documenting and directing the shooting. I feel like this guy is talking to someone else via radio, talking in this low mumbling voice. Here's the weird thing, I keep wanting to see a mustache or facial hair... if you could see him from the front. There's some kind of flowy scarf around the mouth so you can't see the man's mustache, or him talking into a walkie talkie. He's a friend of Bush Sr, who worked for the CIA.

[Da-da: Ha! I knew that was a guy. Calves and posture seemed wrong for a woman. Friend of Bush Sr, eh? Is he still alive?]

"I actually don't see him alive. I get he died a decade ago. He tried to whistleblow some of this and was murdered."

Sadly, that's all we have for this installment. Da-da could do this all day. Oh, wait... he does. Join us Friday-after-next for Episode #25.


Shifting said...

Hmm, not sure there's anything unusual about that supposed flare-up in the ocean - your video link presents it out of context. Watch this instead:

siketa said...

The most important sentence: "Wow, I feel like Disclosure is soon."

Serene said...

Dada you are so always put a smile on my face and make me chuckle!!!

John Casey said...

Let me second that thought. You are a hoot, Dada, and I, for one, am grateful for anything that makes me smile, as I am for Lynn's vision.

Babushka MAN! Amazing. And an ET revelation completely, I hope, out of the hands and manipulation of the PTW is also most welcome.

It might, one day, be interesting to do a reading on Medvedev's matter-of-fact statement some years back to a group of reporters after a press conference about ET info, which was quickly swept under the rug by media as him making a joke. I seriously doubt he was joking, but it might be useful to know for sure.

Thanks Dada and Lynn!

siketa said...

Medvedev interview

"Men in black" Russian documentary

Astrolofting said...

Are the white Greys here to attend some summit meeting? =p

They Live said...

Another wonderdul Friday reading! These portals and some E.T. crafts look ethereal, are they actually spirits?
There have been weird planes flying over here in Atlanta, they look like commercial planes but fly low and are silent, some look like they're levitating. They fly around parts of Ga a couple of weeks at a time then move on to another spot. Are these CIA/military aircraft surveillancing the area for yet another nefarious plan?
Many thanks :-)

Camryn Villarruel said...

Disclosure is soon. Lynn how soon? Im ready

John Casey said...

Sorry to chime in again, but I'm guessing the Mars greenhouse dome would have been left in the public photo on purpose as some sort of suggestibe non-disclosure, one that could be denied and "debunked" easily later on, if need be. Or is this some kind of inside joke, something that insiders would find amusing given that they have all the information, as we have only what they let out, similar to the "greif" woman in all the false-flag events from the last Five series?

icqgirl 2 said...

How do we make sure that the ET's who will disclose themselves are good guys? Humans having ET friends to hang out with would be wonderful.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@JohnCasey ~ Which then makes the whole Mars "Curiosity," and all the other rovers, part of a grandiose disclosure-trickle campaign, to perhaps eventually cause us to spend untold trillions sending (more) humans to a dead world that's going to stay dead. Send the cabal there. They deserve it.

And thanks to all for the kind comments.

Ma'at said...

The Marching Morons. Careful. I get that that might be something "they'd" realistically try to do, absent your friendly white greys.

The pressure of the stupidity today is breathtaking.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I feel like disclosure is soon... Like right on the horizon.

The bad ones have been here (reptilians), and the ones coming are trying to counteract the damage they have caused. Have no fear that the good guys want to come in and help us be the earth we can be.

Ryno said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryno said...

Who's bringing "Disclosure?" The same government(s) that lie and instill fear into the people and are constantly at war or another group (including E.T.'s) that want the power and control among other things?

Shifting said...

Re Image 5 - 'Basic Pacific Anomaly' - selective video editing and not a portal, just a light reflection off Jupiter. Watch the whole thing here:

Love the rest of your interpretations this week though Lynn!

Hagle Family said...

A few years ago, I went to a talk and book signing put on by Beverly Oliver, who claims to be the babushka lady...hmmm...

Bee E-lightened said...

Will there be a physical, spiritual, political shift once there's disclosure?!? What will be the phenom behind it beside letting the mASSES know their presence?!?

Eva Witte said...

The number sequence 2222 indicates that newly planted ideas are beginning to take form and grow into reality for you. Your manifestation will soon be evident, so maintain a positive attitude and continue with your good work. Keep holding positive thoughts, continue positively affirming and keep visualizing. The reaping of rewards is just ahead of you.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Eva: xoxo. Thank you.

@Shifting: Cool video.. Thanks for sharing.

@Ryno: I see it being the few bringing the info forward to the many. I also see it being more forced by ETs (the time for humans to do it their way has been up for a while now).

@Bee: It was be totally different. Religion loses a lot of influence, and a new age and different type of enlightenment will emerge. Many unlikely people unite, and others lose control.

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn, I so happy, happy, happy that you feel disclosure is imminent...I've dancing and dancing and dancing with Xmas carols ("Dancing around the Xmas tree in the good, old-fashioned waaaaaay!") (Of course, the cats watch me with a wary eye and refuse...utterly dance with me.) and look for more grand drama on the stage of life...of the Earth!!! I've already told Da-Da he's funny...I don't need to again!! Love, love, love the "Five for Friday." Make sure to turn up the Xmas carols about happiness, peace, and love so everyone else can get a little happy at the stoplight...because everyone is so stressed out in their cars!!! Maybe Putin tried to bare-chestedly embrace them!!!

Hagle Family said...

So you think she is bogus?! ;)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Buddhist Lady: :-)

@Hagle Family: I do see her that way.

Psychic said...

Lynn: you said disclosure is soon in 2015, and now it is 2017.

Does that mean you were wrong?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Psychic: I would say I either saw it wrong or there was some kind of free will intervention that prevented it from happening, which caused the time lines to shift..

Psychic said...

Oh, i see. Thank you Lynn