Monday, September 28, 2015

Refugees Flooding to Europe

Could you please do a reading about the high number of refugees, which are now flooding into Germany. It is estimated that this year alone are coming 1 million refugees, next year 2 or even more million.
Already now, there is not enough housing space for the 1 million refugees. They already have occupied sport arenas, military barracks, business rooms etc. Many refugees have to live in tents and winter is coming....

There are mainly coming men (over 95 %). Do they want to bring their families later? I just heard about the "Hooton Plan":  The Harvard University professor’s proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies. “The objects of this measure,” wrote Dr. Hooton, “include reduction of the birthrate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.”

This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. “During this period,” he went on, “encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.”

Q. They whole situation is really crazy and does not look good for Germany future, IMO. What do you see? Why is this allowed?  What will happen?
A.  I see that this is a manufactured situation created by the US, Britain and Israel. These three powers have combined efforts for many reasons in order to strengthen their political foothold to try to maintain control... 

Right now there are tensions brewing between China / Russia and the US.  North Korea is also angered, but they are a secondary concern as of right now.  The US needs a foothold in Syria to monitor what is going on between China and Russia, and also form some kind of barrier to make trade or interactions a little more difficult (especially now that China is influencing the stock market with their tactics, which was in part "pay back" for the manipulation of oil prices).  The best way to do that is to destabilize Syria, make sure their fighting forces (the Syrians) are depleted so they cannot be recruited to fight, and put US (and British) soldiers on the ground in that area.  As I tune into this situation I see the movie Confessions of an Economic Hitman come to me as a clue as to how this plan was established and executed.

I also see that Europe doesn't want to fight with the US (should the tensions with China and Russia escalate).  They will ally the US as a "safe haven", but don't want involved in a war or confrontation.  These countries have created question in the eyes of the US, and there is concern as to what side they would pick if Russia were to show some dominance or force.  Creating financial struggles to make sure they cannot fund a war and having a huge influx of people creates a situation in which there is no way they want to side with anyone.  It is like Europe has a dormant feeling with regard to fighting.  They have far bigger concerns right now, which is how this was planned.

There is a focus on Germany with this as well.  Germany has to "play nice" and act as a team since it was blamed for World War, but deep down Germany holds a lot of resentment because the facts that were relayed and handed down through the generations were manipulated and changed.  Germany wants to break away, but won't be allowed.  The Germans also wanted their gold back, which is a huge threat to the US because as long as the US holds their gold, there is some hold on the country.  In looking at this more, I also see the current Volkswagon scandal tied to this as well.  This VW situation now coming to light, and push back will be directed at the German company which will be costly and also effect their reputation.  Germany needs us to sell their cars, and I see some kind of barter or deal being forced out of this situation.  I see a cartoon play out in which a character representing the US is talking to a German character, and the US is saying, "If you won't play nice WITH us, we will force your hand in ways you cannot imagine."

I ultimately see the US occupying Syria, and they will fight off some of the radical groups in the area that don't like the US and can see what is really happening.  Europe will be in a major financial crisis, and I see the wealthy going in and buying things for pennies on the dollar.  The wealthy look to get wealthier, and the poor look to pay the price.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn, Europe will be in ANOTHER FINANCIAL CRISIS??? Does it come with US$ reset???

kirtan gajjar said...

Hey Lynn, In the news I've heard that Russia has sent troops in Syria to fight for current president Bashar-al-assad. How will US take control over Syria after this? How will the game play out?

Lisa said...

Thank you Lynn for this so important reading, which you have done so fast :-D.

I suspected the same reasons and countries which are responsible for the flooding of Europe and especially Germany and it is great to get this confirmed.

The question is only: how will this develop? In Youtube videos of the Greek Islands of Kos and Lesbos, we could watch the riots which the refugee-men put in exhibition there. Now, only some days/weeks in Germany, there already are many riots in the different refugee housing locations, and in the end, many hundred rioting men are involved for example. Also, there are reports of rape and forced prostitution of the few refugee women there.

Many Germans are just wondering how long it takes that the rioting starts also in the streets and not only between the refugees but also between refugees and German population.
Do we get a civil war in Germany? Will it already start this winter?
Could you please elaborate a little bit further how the situation will develop? Does Germany really get even more refugees next year (many millions)?

When will this financial crisis start?
I heard once that before the financial crisis starts in the US, it will start in Europe.

Will Germany be able to expel many of the refugees again? There are also many who are not from Syria, but Albania and Pakistan which want to stay....

And what about Angela Merkel, the german chancellor? She had a very good reputation before the flooding, but now, it looks that this had changed the opinion of most Germans about her (traitor) and probably, she has to resign? What do you see?

BTW, I heard that the German chancellors have to sign three letters of submission to the three Western allies of the WWII before their swearing-in ceremony. This explains, why Merkel just did (this) because it was told her to do....

The enlightened one said...

I frequently read national socialist newspapers, and in the comments sections you will often find comments accusing the Jews for being behind the immigrant flooding, and wanting to destroy the white race because they consider it a threat. I think it's not too far from the truth to be honest.

I am not saying Nazi Germany was completely innocent either, but the Jews were a big cause for WWII. Germany started to sack Jews from leading government positions. I think this is quite fair and sound, given that the Jews were highly overrepresented within the government. The Jews responded to this by declaring economic war on Germany, virtually starting the war. This made the German people starve, to which Germany responded by arresting Jews.

The founder of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner believed that there are two major demons, Lucifer and Ahriman. Lucifer encourages people to regard themselves as superior, and Ahriman to the opposite. The Jews and the current democratic world would be an example of the Ahriman strain of evil. It teaches people to view themselves as inferior and that the physical is all there is.
Lucifer and Ahriman according to anthroposophy

The Jews as a race have a higher verbal intelligence, but slightly lower spatial intelligence than other races. This means their foremost strength is manipulation and propaganda. This of course doesn't mean all Jews use this for sinister purposes, but many are.

The inhabitants of Atlantis were white-skinned and blue eyed. It's survivors founded the great civilizations of Egypt and America.
The pharaos were white
Mystery of red- and blonde-haired egyptian mummies
Video showing blonde Egyptian mummies
Blonde South American mummy

I think it is clear there are strong forces which want to destroy the white race. I think white people is a great benefit for mankind, but receiving millions and yet millions of immigrants who have nothing but contempt for the culture and traditions of white people is not the right path to go in order to be of service to mankind.

loralei5551 said...

Why are some countries, like Hungary, "allowed" to keep their borders closed while others take the lion's share? How is it that the wealthy Arab countries are taking no refugees from a country that is one of their brothers?

Camryn Villarruel said...

@ Enlighted one: Egyptian Pharoahs were a mixture of african and semeric tribes with the later mixture of greek. Over all they were African Black. Mummies in China were also found with red haired an tall; however, it doesn't mean the ted ones created the Chinese dynasties. All races are valuable to our human society. Love and peace out💖

The enlightened one said...

@loralei5551 The United Arab Emirates have huge tent camps with room for thousands of refugees standing completely empty. Instead of using these, they have plans to build hundreds of mosques in Germany.

@Camrym Villarruel
"All races are valuable to our human society". Tell that to the Satanic Zionist Jews who murder Christians and want to extinguish the white race. I mean seriously, where do you find the most racism today? In Israel and parts of Africa. Where do you find the most tolerance? In white-dominated western countries.

Baku Matsumoto said...


Hungary has the biggest jewish community in Europe. Some NYC/Hollywood jews are from this country. That is why,

The enlightened one said...

@Baku Matsumoto
Hungary has one Jew per 200 non-Jews, according to this list. This is the same rate as Britain, but France has a still higher rate, and alot of immigrants. So I think the Jewish population alone cannot explain Hungary's immigration policy. Rather, I think it depends on the close ties to Russia, which is anti-communist and anti-massimmigration. All the Eastern European countries have very close ties to Russia, and just like Russia they have close to zero immigration. Since these countries haven't got as generous social welfare as Germany and Sweden, they aren't as popular targets for immigrants either. Many so called refugees aren't fleeing at all. They are simply seeking a higher living standard.

Camryn Villarruel said...

I see so in your view, there is a conspiracy to kill off caucasians. Ok wow, if u say so. Divide and conquer. How can humanity move on from race and skin color? As long as there are distractions to keep us ocupied we humanity will not be able to move forward and achieve world peace. Enlighted one ok. Live long and prosper.

scorpio1995 said...

It's quite ironic how "the enlightened one" has such a primitive, unlearned position. White people are responsible for atleast 50 million deaths over the last 400 years of imperialistic colonialism, white "exceptionalism" which is actually stolen technologies of ancient cultures. "Enlightened One" if Egyptians were white why aren't there any pyramids in Europe, hum? Isn't that where whites originated?

Sad people have this point of view yet have the nerve to call themselves enlightened.

Robert Schoen said...

I was recently in Germany and this influx was all the news and the people, insteadof asking why, felt they had to prove their humanitarian intent for caring for a desperate group. Your reading of this situation seems right on. Germany is a wonderfully homogenous and truly democratic nation, where there was diversity of the populace already and public transport and the infrastructure was first rate as if to say all people are important, not just the wealthy. I hate what the Unitwd States has become, or perhaps always was, a vassal state of England, just like Israel. What if they gave an election and nobody came?

The enlightened one said...

@Camryn Villarruel
It is true that mind has great power over matter, but we must not forget that matter has great power over the mind. Genetics and racial attributes have a great influence over people. Having an awareness of how different genetical makeups will affect people does not contradict world peace. On the contrary, if you are aware of the differences between races, you are more likely to be able to integrate them into a harmonious whole.

I may be enlightened but I have the freedom to use that enlightenment as I please, and I want to empower the white race because I think it would benefit the world.

Speaking of pyramids, there are pyramids in Europe, and they are bigger than those of Egypt. Bosnian pyramids

If you took your time to read my post, you would find that I think the early pharaos were white because they were descendants of the Atlantean survivors.
They were responsible for the pyramids in America as well. The different races of Earth originate from ET species which have interbred with humans throughout a vast span of time. So do (originate from ET species) much of the ancient wisdom that was accumulated in Atlantis, and which has been preserved in secret societies such as the freemasons.

Pernille said...

Thanks for your reading Lynn. If you go up even higher, what is the greater purpose of the Refugees Flooding from Africa and Middle East to Europe? What is ‘God/the Universe’ planning?

The enlightened one said...

Is it the truth? Or is it just an illusion? If we manifested only positive things.... would we be motivated to find out their cause? Would we then learn about our power to manifest? Still a good question to ask about this as for any challenging circumstance.

scorpio1995 said...

It's so sad how white civilization got us to this point of demonic overlords but you still have delusional people believing whites are superior to blacks. Do I have to break it down for you? whites are the LATEST inhabitants of this Earth and all you have to show for it is destruction. EUROPE where whites are from was a BARREN freezing land when Egypt and China were powerful for thousands of years. you are diluted with Neanderthal/rhesus genes. You can't even live in the sunlight without burning. But you are telling me you guys lived in Egypt, land of the Sun?! you can't even use the power of crystals to their full ability without melanin in your body. use your brain. admit that you've stolen the ancient technologies because of jealousy and inability not from "long-lost" lineage. Bosnia is on the Mediterranean, and most likely was created by a visiting culture NOT an indigenous one. Show me a pyramid in Germany or somewhere else in western Europe before you can even hope to be taken seriously.

if you do so, maybe you will start being enlightened. right now, you are pretty far from enlightened. just a willfully ignorant, racist narcissist who obviously doesn't even have a lick of this Atlantean power from 50,000 years ago that you so proudly proclaim.

And all of you worried about this refugee invasion should have thought about that when YOUR GOVERNMENT LEADERS tried to dispose Bashar Assad. You are getting thousands of refugees sure, but there are MILLIONS in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Refugees are 20% of Jordan and Lebanon's population. But you really have the nerve to complain when you just now open your borders. It's sick. While Saudi and UAE play you like chumps having you take care of a problem they helped you start.

Ryno said...

As a "white person" myself, I believe that white people are the easiest race to manipulate. Generally speaking, white's fear more and therefore try to dominate and control the "situation."

What a beautiful thing the humanity of Earth truly is. I am hopeful we will embrace this opportunity to change the current path of separation to one of freedom, respect and love.

Serene said...

This blog and forum is about waking up and and finding the truth about what is going on in our world today. Calling anyone a "willfully ignorant racist narcissist" benefits no one and simply feeds into the anger and resentment already present all over the planet, the last thing any of us need do. Life experience teaches that limited viewpoints are just that, there are always more facts and situations to be considered that we weren't aware of to begin with. If we want to change the world, it's very important to start with our Self first.

EA RW said...

How about the vatican! it 's not a pyramid, but it's ancient like ceasar's rome. The roman catholic church still dominates in Europe (read roman cannon law).

"Can. 97 §1. A person who has completed the eighteenth year of age has reached majority; below this age, a person is a minor." There is your government.

According to some news stories russia wants to fight syria by itself?

Volkswagen still hitler's car. After all these years they finally caught naughty VW cheating.
How about the oil industies? do they (VW & others) get a lot of money? Are they also behind this charade.
Lying to the public and finally change the software in their engines so they don't get the mileage as they say. And now Porsche is also in for a big suprise. Another company with ties to WW2. It's just like they were waiting for the right moment. Now we have finally another scandal to be bothered with.

scorpio1995 said...

@Serene I'm going to assume you agree with "the enlightened one" since you found it more pertinent to chastise me than the admitted white supremacist who is the embodiment of what's wrong with the world today. Literally his point of view is the same as Albert Pike 33rd degree mason AND the founder of the Ku Klux Klan.

Sorry that I insist that people atleast act to their exaggerated opinion to themselves, without contradiction.

John Casey said...

Thanks for this. Lynn. It confirms what figured was going on, the usual suspects working hard toward joint interests, first to get NATO ground troops into Syria, and second, to keep Germany from making a united front with Russia/China. It seems like Mr. Putin has played them to a draw now in both Ukraine and Syria. On one hand, can't help but enjoy the idea of the McCains and Newlands of the warmonger crowd with smoke pouring out of their ears, but on the other hand, I fear they will now double and triple their efforts of remove him from power by any and all means, even if that means open warfare.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for this post! BTW do you see a risk of European Union splitting due to the crescent number of people fleeing to Europe, once Germany cannot scope with them all!? thanks!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the feedback, comments and info. I enjoyed reading through the comments, and the different perspectives all have value in making us think outside the box. Europe is in dire need of our positive energy, and I do see a crisis happening again. I also see that there is a direct attack on Germany, while some other countries sit back and allow it to happen without realizing the world economy is only as strong as the weakest link (this will effect everyone no matter how much you try to insulate yourself). We are much stronger when we work together than put energy into destroying each other.

Serene said...

Scorpio, Enlightened One and all others on this blog, I apologize if I have offended, that was not my intent. Peace and Light to you. Please let us all combine our positive energies to raise the current vibration of the planet.

Lisa said...

At the moment, life is going on as usual in Germany. And actually, because of many volunteers and a lot of support to help the refugees, Germany managed quite well to house the many refugees so far.
So far - but my concern is, that this flooding just will not stop. Another million or even more people - would be too much.
And, unfortunately, it seems that the refugees start fighting each other for no big reasons (just for example when someone is pushing to the front of the food line). A lot of police power is already used up for this and then, such videos are to watch (in the City of Erfurt):

Nothing about this in the official news. It seems to be from Sept. 18th, 2015. So, just wondering if this kind of rioting will spread.
As said in the beginning of this comment, at the moment, still everything is peaceful in my hometown, but - well, the question is how long.
Thanks again Lynn for this reading.

The enlightened one said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The enlightened one said...

@scorpio1995 It is true that white civilization has been use as a tool for great destruction, but we must remember that wars have existed within basically all societies. I agree that dark forces have taken a particularly strong hold among the civ's of white people, but I think this is predominantly because if you control the most potent races of a planet, you can use that to subjugate all other races.

I think neither black people nor whites can be safely said to be the first inhabitants of this planet. It has been inhabited far longer than we can imagine, with intervals of destruction in between. Many great civilizations and races have come and gone on this planet. Actually, there once existed blue-skinned people on this planet. They were highly spiritual but eventually disappeared. According to the legends of Zulu people of South Africa, there once existed an androgynous population on Earth.

As for Egypt "land of the sun", you must remember that several thousands of years ago, there were forests and grazing lands in the deserts of Egypt. If you go to the highland of the Sahara desert today, you will find solitary olive trees which are thousands of years old, and which are remnants of the forest there. The climate would also have been much different at that time, with more rain.

The reason there are no pyramids in Europe is probably because most of these lands were far from Atlantis, and were scarcely populated. This being said, of course there are other great monuments in Europe like the Stone Henge and the Cern.

I think you cannot blame white people for what the corrupt leaders do. Most leaders of the countries of Europe have no real sympathy or loyalty to the people of their country.

scorpio1995 said...

@Enlightened one
Can you show me proof of "white potency" other than the use of warfare to dominate? I'm talking currently. You insist upon this supremacy without providing any examples. Yet you have the nerve to call other cultures racist and Europe the beacon of equality when they are the reason there is a race based society with whites idealized and blacks demonized. You create apartheid in South Africa, Jim Crow in the US and so on. Do you see that happening in other countries before whites created race? I'm going to go ahead and answer that for you. No.

I never said blacks were the first inhabitants. I said they were the first human inhabitants. It is an important distinction. All of humanity came from Africa. They are dark skinned people. Why? Because it protects from the Sun while using it's energy to charge the body. It doesn't matter what Africa looked like 10,000 years ago. It still had a temperate climate which necessitates melanin, has nothing to do with rain. Even Asians have melanin. Whites. Don't. Have. Melanin. You are the only one claiming a relationship between Atlanteans and Egyptians. For one, the amount of time between the 2 societies is so vast as to be irrelevant to the creation of Egypt. Just like Egypt didn't create Sumer, the ancient Aryans and so on. And they were supposedly white skinned. So they would have been unsuitable for even a temperate climate. Then they realized that after 10,000 years and went to Europe and propagated themselves there? Really how does this make sense to you? Why didn't they bring their special pyramid building technology? Had it been phased out with something new? And considering what current Africa looks like now, the only thing you can assume is that they got darker over the years? we both know (hopefully) that that's not possible.

Thank you for your wisdom and I've always appreciated your kind demeanor.

You didn't offend me

Flood said...

This is a great discussion!! Learned a lot from everyone!!

@The enlightened one...This statement from you struck me as true, and very potent..."If you are aware of the differences between races, you are more likely to be able to integrate them into a harmonious whole." I agree!

Ultimately, I think we all agree we shouldn't fight over the differences between the races of humanity. Although every race, naturally, probably has it's own set of positives and negatives, and we also shouldn't deny that if that is indeed reality.

Let's get these energy/soul sucking vampire being controllers off the back of the races of humanity first. Only then will we be more able to see the natural strengths and weaknesses of the races of humanity, without their negative influence and control. Everything done up until this point, unless you go
waay waaay back has been under the stress, control, and manipulation of these dark beings. Let's get them off our backs first, and then maybe we can all bring our full skill sets to the table, hmmm? :^)

Flood said...

I forgot to say this in my last comment, like I said I think we all agree that ultimately we shouldn't fight over the differences between the races of humanity. Ultimately, we are more alike then different I think, and besides, we are all one and we all come from the same source/God/creator. We are all children of God, as they say.

scorpio1995 said...


"Ultimately, I think we all agree we shouldn't fight over the differences between the races of humanity. Although every race, naturally, probably has it's own set of positives and negatives, and we also shouldn't deny that if that is indeed reality."

Who is fighting over "difference of humanity" ? That was not the point at all.

Flood said...


When we were talking about Sasquatch weeks ago you made a comment about the 2 different created versions of man/humanity? Can you direct me to a little reading material on that? I have a vague knowing/idea of this already but I would like to understand more? I think this is related to the great flood of ancient times and the garden of eden and terms such as adamic human and so on? I've read the Founders, Avians, and Felines created humans and reptilians and then both humans and reptilians spread through the universe and eventually came to earth. I've read 22 different types of Ets crossbred with us or tampered with us so what is the bigger category of two types of mankind creations/experiments?

That Hamilton Women said...

This particular page has become a mirror image of mankind's woes.

Flood said...

I read once that the first humans, that strictly evolved from earth and only earth based dna, were the aborigines from Australia. Maybe Scorpio is right though, and they came from Afica, I don't know.

Also reportedly there are underwater pyramids off the eastern coast off the United States. I think they are in the Bermuda Triangle region, also some off of Cuba. They are 3 times the size of Cheops! Also reportedly 65 million year old pyramid and mummy found in Crimea, which is in the corner of Ukraine. If true that would make it the oldest pyramid in the world. Here are some great links on many ancient structures found, Dublin Mick covers this stuff well at his blog

Flood said...

I'm sorry I can't resist, then you tell me what the point is...since my perception is so off and I have no idea what I'm talking about here...I think you need to take a chill pill fella...

scorpio1995 said...

The point was that "enlightened one" is literally spouting off white supremacy in attempt to recreate it as actual history. All I did was show how it's obviously not possible his hypothesis using history and what is obvious today. Had nothing to do with "differences of humanity". I just used "a difference" (skintone) to show why he was incorrect. Flood you shouldn't believe everything in the internet as the aboriginals didn't just "appear" on Australia they got there by boat. And they have much resemblance of Africans from their skin tone to their hair texture.

And I'm chill, I just don't believe in letting ignorance propagate in the spirit of kumbaya. People come here to gain knowledge, not fill their head with more propaganda.

Flood said...


It appears to me your point was to have a discussion on the white race and black race, as well as other races...or maybe your point was to just talk smack about the white race, I don't know... I know what the point of my conversation was...I am trying to add to the discussion and speak the facts, as I see them, about the strengths and weaknesses of each race(differences), while hopefully not descending into negativity and rascism...I think we have to accept the fact that there are differences...but once again, ultimately the most important thing is to remember we are all from the same source/creator/God, we have more things in common than we have differences, AND WE SHOULD LOVE ONE ANOTHER BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!

Flood said...

I think this needs to be said, I think there is an agenda out there from the PTB to DESTROY ALL RACES! I think they want us all to breed and mix together to become one undifferentiated homogenized race that is all the same. Why? I think they believe they can control us better that way! I'm not saying race mixing and hybridizing is neccessarily a bad thing, I think in some cases it can lead to evolution and a better human. But the idea of mixing all races into one undifferentiated homogenized race that is all the same does not strike me as a good thing. I think the races have their own strengths and weaknesses and we should keep that and celebrate that. Personally I like the fact that there is variety. I think it would be boring if we all looked the same.

scorpio1995 said...

Can you show me where I seemed I "was to just talk smack about the white race"? I always like to learn how to express myself better.

I just don't understand how this became a conversation of differences when all I'm doing is showing how false and dangerous "the enlightened one" opinion can be. I expressed that he had the same opinion of celebrated racist and occultist of TPTB, in case you don't know who Albert Pike is. Nor do I know why race mixing came into the equation. Did you forget "enlightened one" is the one who brought race up in these comments and immediately descended into racism by his declaration? Is going to be one of the few places on the internet where a racist gives a free pass because he claims to be "enlightened"?

Flood said...

@Scorpio...You ask sir, and I give...The tone of your second comment had the tone of talking smack.. I am not going to say anymore than that, I'm not interested in getting into a pissing match with you, so let's just drop it...

As for The enlightened one's first comment... I happen to agree with the statement that there are forces out there that want to destroy the white race...As for the stuff said about the Jews I don't know about his comments, but I know that Jews hold a lot of powerful positions in global media and banking, and it appears they are a key player in the manipulation and control of humanity...Scorpio did you know that 90 percent of the world's lying propaganda machine media is owned and run by Jews...Jews are also the ones that came up with and enforce male circumcision, and I'm not convinced that is a good practice...If I'm correct it's the Jews who founded the false nation of Israel by wholesale murdering and enslaving the native people of that land, who are the when the enlightened one begins to point out negative things about the Jews, even though I don't know they are all true, nevertheless, I pay for his statements on Albert Pike and Rudolf Steiner I have no idea about this, I am not familiar with any of this, and have made no statements in support of those comments...

As for my comments on race mixing, they were made in the interest of general discussion between all people, and were not directed at you Scorpio...and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that...Peace bro we need to love one another

Flood said...


Once again I am not familiar or educated on Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner, Albert Pike and the Masons or any of that stuff, but yes if what you say is correct, if the enlightened one is substituting white supremacy for actual history, then of course I see your point/argument... As for "the differences of humanity" (we are kicking a dead horse now uughh) there's no way in hell anyone is going to have a discussion on history and race without looking at things we have in common and things we have conflict on...maybe your comment had nothing to do with "differences of humanity", and that's fine, I don't care, but mine did and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

scorpio1995 said...

@Flood I asked for specific examples but if there aren't any I'm willing to accept that as well. Don't get how I can express a tone through writing but that's pretty damn impressive if I say so myself.

And I have to disagree with you. No one is trying to destroy the white race. I can count the number of white genocides on one hand. Did you know Flood that those Jews (Ashkenazi) that control the media are not the original Jews of the Bible and Torah but converts that originated from the Khazar Empire? 1400 years ago, they were less than 10% of the Jewish population. They are now 92% and the majority of them reside in Israel. This is also the reason why they are Satanists, but not all Jews. Hopefully I helped you learn something new.

scorpio1995 said...

@Flood I only took umbrage at your assertion of "fighting" over differences. I expressed to you that was not what I was "fighting" about at all. If you left that part out I would've had no reason to comment you.

Like I mentioned, I don't see why this "difference" conversation needs to take place. I don't even see what differences exist except culturally, some spiritual aspects, and minor genetic variations that's expression mostly depends on the environment. Nothing to debate about.

The enlightened one said...

@scorpio1995 I think you have bought too much into the propaganda about white guilt and racism.

Tribal racism is widespread in all "primitive" societies. Tribes attacking and killing each other. Racism as we know it today didn't exist in the early past because global travel were scarce and inter-racial interactions few. I am not sure what you mean by "race-based society", but if you are referring to blacks being treated bad, I can inform you that Jews were a leading force in the transatlantic slave trade.

With inhabitants, I meant intelligent inhabitants, that is, humans. I seriously don't believe the fairytale that all people came from Africa. I also think it is wrong to say white people completely lack melanin. Of course it matters what Africa looked like in the past. You said whites could not live there because of the strong sun. But more rain makes the sunlight weaker, right? Clouds.. you know? I am not claiming a relationship between Egyptians and Atlanteans, but between Atlanteans and the pyramid building culture of Egypt and other civilizations.

The ridiculousness of your claim that white people cannot live in Africa, is demonstrated by the fact that the indigenous population of the Canary Islands in northwestern Africa were whiteskinned and blue eyed!

Flood said...


Well you are certainly entitled to your own opinion Scorpio, but I think TPB have an agenda to destroy all races, which includes the white race, by interbreeding all of us together into one culture and one race, to be controlled by them. Think Egyptian caramel, think Beyonce, that's what they all want us to look like in their totalitarian world. And yes I know that their are plenty of good Jews around, just average good people, who are good Jews.

Actually Scorpio I like learning something new most every day! So are you saying that only 8 percent of original jews are left worldwide? That would mean lots of extermination of the original DNA/GENES, lots of extermination of this race. Hmmm, this sound like what was done to the Native Americans. Very little of that dna/genes and race left around these parts these days either.

I think the Jews owned ran a lot of the slave ships that took the black tribes to America. They were looking to make money. Although yes white men from Europe certainly played a huge part in the founding of slavery and the enslavement of blacks once they were brought to the Southern plantations. Unfortunately, the black warlords and powerful greedy black tribal men in Afica also played a major part in the selling and enslavement of their own black tribal brothers and sisters. The black tribal leaders would conquer a neighboring tribe and then sell their fellow Africans to the whites and Jew slave traders.

Flood said...


I agree we have more in common than we do differences. But sometimes those cultural differences can be quite big. Sometimes we have different values and desires. If we all put love first over everything else, then I think the people/races of humanity can create world peace. Then we will have one global culture, a culture of love.

As for spiritual and genetic differences, yes I agree I think they are minor. Although I think there may be important distinctions to be recognized and maximized, all for the positive benefit of humanity. Like for instance, lets say blacks are the physically strongest. Or maybe Asians are the best at math or maybe whites make the best Air Force pilots lol.

scorpio1995 said...

@the enlightened one

"Tribal racism is widespread in all "primitive" societies. Tribes attacking and killing each other."

how is that an example of racism? Seriously.

how was global travel scarce when cultures have been mixing for thousands of years. The middle east is the main example of the mix of Turk, Asian, Arab, African, Mediterranean cultures. And no I wasn't referring only to "blacks being treated bad". I'm referring to the European royal families defining the world based on a race based caste system. They did this in Africa, separating a "white" North Africa from the rest of Africa, in Asia, Australia and the Americas. That is literally the entire world. You yourself admit there was not even an idea of racism, but erroneously attribute it lack of intermixing which is not based on any scientific evidence.

"With inhabitants, I meant intelligent inhabitants, that is, humans. I seriously don't believe the fairytale that all people came from Africa. I also think it is wrong to say white people completely lack melanin."

What? On what grounds can you say that? Because you just feel that way? It is almost insulting how you ignore reality. If whites had melanin they wouldn't burn in the Sun. They would develop a tan or darker tone. I've never used suntan lotion in my life and will never need to.

"But more rain makes the sunlight weaker, right? Clouds.. you know?"

This is so wrong. Water actually refracts the Sun's rays and makes it stronger. You can't invent a cloudy climate to explain your faulty reasoning. Egypt was able to become so powerful due to their agriculture, and cloudy skies don't make such a great yield.

"The ridiculousness of your claim that white people cannot live in Africa, is demonstrated by the fact that the indigenous population of the Canary Islands in northwestern Africa were whiteskinned and blue eyed!"

That would be pretty ridiculous if I claimed that. A person can live anywhere. I said whites are not indigenous to Africa. And don't understand why again you are misrepresenting information. Your link says nothing about them being white or blue eyed. They are actually originally Berbers which are the nomadic tribes that traveled the Sahara long ago. Berbers are not white.

Although the Berbers are the most probable ancestors of the Guanches, it is deduced that important human movements have reshaped Northwest Africa after the migratory wave to the Canary Islands.

Flood said...

@Scorpio...Are you a sun sign Scorpio, Scorpio? Cheers and peace to you brother from a fellow kin of the Plutonian tribe... In my natal I have Mercury/Uranus conjunct in Scorpio, Pluto in the 8th house(natural house of Scorpio), and my Sun is on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, in Sagittarius

scorpio1995 said...


I don't get how this became a discussion on slavery. It's not the topic at all and honestly don't feel like discussing how you have accepted propaganda as fact. Hopefully you find some interest in doing your own research in that subject. Books are better than random web pages.

Hope you also figure out that your own prejudice is determining these "differences" that are so apparent to you. I would not agree that those are important distinctions nor are they correct. Blacks are not dumber than Asians or Whites nor is a white person a better pilot. Those are just stereotypes.

scorpio1995 said...

Yep sun sign and pluto scorpio, but my mars is in the 7th house. this is probably the aggression you perceive. :P


Flood said...

@Scorpio...Well once again you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. As for all the comments I have made, I was only trying to discuss what I personally found interesting. If you don't want to make nice and be friendly in this discussion, fine bro, I don't really give a fuck, I know who I am and what I'm about. If you are not interested in what I was talking about, if you disagree with everything I said and it bores you shitless, that's fine too. I don't know man, I find some of your comments inflammatory and antagonistic. I'm not innocent either but you keep doing it over and over. Don't worry, I have no interest in addressing you on this comment page again. As for slavery the whole discussion was not about slavery, that was just an offshoot. I don't know who you are but I'm beginning to think you are a government troll.

And I agree, this conversation has started to get off topic and has gone on long enough now. So that's it for me.

Peace and love to everyone that wants peace and love.

Flood said...

"The objects of this measure," wrote Dr.Hooten, "include reduction of the birthrate of 'pure' Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals."

concerning neutralization of German aggresiveness...LOL I always thought the Germans were quite strong-willed and a robust and formidable people...OF COURSE THIS IS A GOOD THING, so before someone comes in and says I'm slandering Germans, let me make it clear THAT THIS IS A GOOD THING

"neutralization of German aggressiveness"...heh heh apparently the PTB are also of the opinion that certain races or ethnic groups have different strengths and weaknesses...I think it's almost obvious this is's probably not just national pride and culture they want to extinguish but the German DNA/gene catalog as well

Flood said...

We can all sit around and meditate all we want and work on keeping a higher vibration all we want but that doesn't change the fact that probably every race on the planet, at this time, is guilty of certain evils and negativity. And sooner or later this will have to addressed, so as a collective we can all put it behind us. So, what better time than now? Heal the wounds and division of the past. Look to our racial/personal strengths and weaknesses, and use these as a building block for the benefit of the collective as we move towards galactic citizenship and our galactic future. Yes, by raising our vibes and living a life of love that will naturally solve a lot of this, bit it's also the 1000 pound elephant in the room and I think we have to communicate and engage one another on this issue instead of just hoping it will all go away on it's own.

Lisa said...

The absurd thing about the German "race" is that escpecially the Germans are one of the most mixed European races at all.
It starts that a lot of the germanic tribes 2000 years ago travelled as far as Spain and settled in the end in Northern Portugal. On the other hand, the Romans with ist big and multicultural army occupied Germany and mixed with the Germanic Population. Many People of Southern Germany are a mix between Romans (including for example North African soldiers etc) and Germanic tribes. Meanwhile the industrial revolution in the 19th century, many Polish/Slavic people came to Midtwest-Germany to work in the industry and mixed with the population there.
Also, when the Huns from Mongoly entered Europe, they mixed with the population at once.
So, Germany today is one of the most mixed population at all in Europe. So, the Hooton plan about eradicating "THE GERMAN RACE" is ridiculous because there is no pure German race at all. Never was, at least, since the Romans and Huns arrived. Of course also Hitler was ridiculous with his teachings, therefore.

And Germany already became even more multicultural in the last 50 years. No problem, economy was/is booming and every (mostly) happy and peaceful living.

But - every day, there are arriving 10.000 (!) new refugees and although Germany is willing to take them, they just are on the Limit already! Today, I read in the newspaper, that they used trains to let the refugees sleeping inside. But- with this high number of refugees, the situation gets just more crazy every day.

It would be nice from Lynn, if she could comment a little bit further, how this situation will develop (in detail)... concerning the Euro (financial Situation) and if we get a civil war in Germany sooner or later. Thank you.

EA RW said...

Just to add. In a previous reading you talked about germany wanting to break free from the eurozone. Maybe the PTB don't like it what germany is doing and by bringing in these refugees they cancel the breaking up of the E.U. as in making it a Eurothingy. As I live in europe and I don't have the privilege of a private bank. And the thing in greece like in when the banks close their doors you can't collect your own bloody money. I really like to know what I'm up to regarding this financial crisis. Everyone has witnessed the downfall of the DSB bank in 2008-2009 (pluto in capricorn). By 1 man saying on national TV get your money back.

Ryno said...


Are the 2 races you are referring to Homo Erectus (Cain) and Neanderthal (Abel)? Those 2 were living at the same before the deluge.

I recommend reading this: and definitely Wes Penre's "5 Levels of Learning."



"Blacks are not dumber than Asians or Whites nor is a white person a better pilot. Those are just stereotypes."

The white person has the technological advantage, being that they were more than likely exposed to and conditioned to accept and *understand* the technology of the airplane.

Although I do respect your view on the situation, I have great concern over how this abundant influx of forced integration, of two completely different cultures (who think differently), will effect European society in the coming years. I keep getting the image of the elites benefiting from a group of "cheap labor" whose education and language barriers will limit their involvement in a highly skilled workforce. I share the same questions expressed here and the unknown truly frightens me.

scorpio1995 said...

@Real McCoy Fan

"Although I do respect your view on the situation, I have great concern over how this abundant influx of forced integration, of two completely different cultures (who think differently), will effect European society in the coming years."

I understand the dilemma and hope it was obvious that I don't assume mass emigration and integration is always beneficial. For any country this would be a large problem. The issue is many immigrants do not plan to stay in Europe unless their country is truly unlivable. They send money to their families and hope to retire at home. The best way to fight against mass immigration is not supporting war and other destructive methods in foreign lands so they have a place to return to.

Flood said...


Honestly I see and respect his view on the black vs white issue in America too. Heh heh because let's get right down to the root of the conflict here, Scorpio, that's really what we were fighting about now, wasn't it? Yes, I think so. I want to remind you Scorpio that you are the one that brought the blacks into this issue in your second comment when you said, and I quote,"It's sad how white civilization got us to the point of demonic overlords but you still have delusional people believing whites are superior to blacks". The enlightened one, in his comments before that, had only mentioned Jews, he had never mentioned blacks.

Also I never said blacks were dumber than asians or whites, you said that. But hey, you wanna know my opinion, I'll tell ya, yea I think they are, at least in America. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I call them like I see them.

Oh, and when you started attacking the white race in your comments, I don't believe for a second that all you wanted to do was clear the air on some propaganda and false history from the enlightened one. No, you also wanted to 'stick up for the black race' and therefore talk a little smack about the white race.

Look Scorpio, I know white people enslaved blacks in this country I did unspeakable horrible things to them day in and day out. This was decades ago now though. All I'm sayin is that I see a lot of negativity being created by the blacks in America today, and they alone are solely responsible for it. They create their own problems today. It's past time for blacks to take responsibility for themselves and stop pointing the finger at the white race and blaming us for everything.

Lynn, I'm aware that this comment is inflammatory, but I just wanted to get down to the root of the conflict between Scorpio and I. No need to deny reality I say, it is what it is. So I hope you post this comment.

Flood said...

Well, that last comment from me was supposed to read, "and did unspeakable horrible things to them day in and day out." not, "I did." Shit makes me wonder who I was in a past life.

The enlightened one said...

Black people are like children, you need to set firm boundaries for them, or you'll have a heck of a problem once they reach adolescence.

Especially if they have been taught by their Jewish slavemasters to hate whites.

Ain't that right, scorpio?

Joke aside, I actually think that black people have certain strengths just as white people do. I think black people have a strength in their capacity to take the day as it comes and be able to laugh and sing in the midst of the harshest of hardships.

But that doesn't mean I would invite them to settle in my country. I think racial mixture is negative. It leads to rootlessness. IN the long term, I think most of the blacks in the US should be reintegrated into different African tribes.

Flood said...


Thank you sir for the link. I'm going to look at that. Yes, this is probably what we were discussing. You said Sasquatch was here before the current version of man. I was specifically wondering what was the old version of man and what is the current version of man.

Also, do think think that Sasquatch was an early version of primitive man/ape that decided to retreat into the wilderness and live there once the controller/malevolent ETs took over full control of society and the planet? I'm thinking that is a possibility, and from then on Sasquatch developed into the wild and psychic being he is today.

kris said...

""Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio."": Very very INTENSE...exudes power, distaste for superficiality, focus can be dark or negative, desire intense experiences,
are strictly self-controlled, secretive and controlled, dislike of 'controlling people' (they want to do that), forceful, can be bitter and vengeful when 'crossed'.
Personal magnetism, extremely loyal, best friend and worst enemy, passionate, sensitive, intuitive.

kris said...

Scorpio... you wrote the following: ""Flood you shouldn't believe everything in the internet as the aboriginals didn't just "appear" on Australia they got there by boat. And they have much resemblance of Africans from their skin tone to their hair texture""
I have been researching races of our planet for some time .. including their DNA. I never did see the anything like ""the aborigines arrived by boat"" ? Please explain?
And actually there is a stronger resemblance of Indian in Aborigines and is evident in DNA.
There is also a very early connection with ET's for the Aborigines. That's why they talk of their dreamtime.
Also there has been older skeletons than aborigines' found in Australia -(with very different bones - and DNA).

scorpio1995 said...


yes, Aboriginals are actually mixed somewhat with South Indians before they traveled onwards to Austrailia. Indians themselves are descendants of Africa. here is a source:

These findings suggest that modern Aboriginal peoples are the direct descendants of migrants who left Africa up to 75,000 years ago.[17] [18] This finding is supported by earlier archaeological finds of human remains near Lake Mungo that date to 45,000 years ago. The same genetic study of 2011 found evidence that Aboriginal peoples carry some of the genes associated with the Denisovan peoples of Asia; The data suggest that modern and archaic humans interbred in Asia before the migration to Australia.

The picture I'm posting shows the migration routes from Africa to other parts of the world. It even shows when the original humans intermixed with a different species, the Neanderthal. you can see that the ancestors of the Indians traveled from the Himalayas to South India many thousands of years before the Aboriginals. At that point in time they probably did not have the technology to build boats. Thousands of years later, the ancestors of the aboriginals knew that technology and went straight to South India without traveling through the North. They stayed for awhile, then traveled to Australia. Difference between the South Indians and Aboriginals is that those Aboriginals kept their culture from 40,000 years ago, which the Indians did not do. You have to remember the Earth landmass looked very different then, as the continents were much closer to together so would not be that difficult of a trip. this map shows what the landmass looks like currently but it doesn't discount the migration.

As for the ET contact, there were many cultures that had a relationship with ETs, that doesn't mean that those are the same ETs as we know there are many with different interests. I also don't believe ET' created every civilization. They obviously helped a large amount of them, and procreated as well. but they procreated with only a select few so they would have divine right to rule. I'm not speaking about original humans, just the ones who migrated and later on had contact with ETs.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the info and sharing. I appreciate and respect the passion that you have in relaying info and allowing others to soak it in. Love and light-

scorpio1995 said...

@Lynn Thank you Lynn. I truly, truly appreciate that.

Blimpy Peach said...

There's a documentary series here in Australia called "footprints". It is understood that aboriginal people did actually arrive by boat after migrating from Africa and Asia over many tens of thousands of years before leaving from Papua New Guinea/Indonesia and arriving in the Northern Territory when the lands were much closer about 40-50000 years ago. They had a lot of contact with ETs which is documented throughout dreamtime stories and drawings which is arrogantly dismissed by "experts" now a days. Their stories are amazing. They are very intelligent and warm people

kris said...

I am still pondering the aboriginal scenarios. There are so many unanswered questions and conflicting answers. I have convinced myself they are hybrid.

As far as Mungo man and woman go ....their skeleton and dna is different to aborigines' and europeans' ... Mungo man was 6'5" tall. Very curious as below.
"""Mungo Man's skeleton's contained a small section of mitochondrial DNA. After analysing the DNA, the school found that Mungo Man's DNA bore no similarity to the other ancient skeletons, modern Aborigines and modern Europeans. Furthermore, his mitochondrial DNA had become extinct. The results called into question the 'Out of Africa' theory of human evolution. If Mungo Man was descended from a person who had left Africa in the past 200,000 years, then his mitochondrial DNA should have looked like all of the other samples""".

kris said...

Very interesting is Steven and Evan Strong's journey (and books) into the discovery (or rediscovery) of the early Aborigines from 400,000yrs ago. Their connections with the Egyptians (and others) and their journey to South America where groups/tribes have Aboriginal genomes in their DNA. Their latest book titled "Shunned" I haven't read yet...
this one is very intereting: "Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity"

Flood said...


A white guy professor type was in Australia, studying the Aboriginal people and he observed the men sticking long wooden sticks in the earth and moving them back and forth, up and down, over and over again...he got curious and asked them what they were doing... they told him they were fucking Mother Earth, and they meant it...
heh heh true story...

Flood said...

As far as the white race race being 'polluted' with neanderthal genes, I just got done watching a series on PBS that showed that neanderthals were not as dumb and unevolved as previously thought. The series showed were neanderthals had art and culture. They were also physically strong and solidly built hunters, which I consider a plus. They did a DNA/gene test on various modern people and if I remember correctly no one person from any one race had more than 5 percent neanderthal genes left in them.

Isn't Australia the oldest continent?

I saw a cave wall painting, or cliff wall painting, done by ancient people in Australia, that seemed to depict the grey alien type, or the taller gumby type that Lynn has mentioned. I mean there was no mistaking it, it was a well done painting, probably at least a foot and a half tall, if not more, of multiple ETs.

Flood said...

Excuse me, in the name of being fair, Scorpio used the word "diluted", instead of "polluted"...but it's pretty much the same thing...

Blimpy Peach said...

The Egyptians have gold with DNa from Gympie (a town here in Australia) in tombs, and there are pyramids here as well, not that you will ever hear about it. There is reportedly a pyramid just outside Gympie with a vortex and gatekeepers. The mungo man was 40000 years old not 400000 so it was coinciding with when the first aboriginal people came here. My personal opinion is that perhaps the mungo man was hybrid with ET. I have done studies at university about aboriginal people

kris said...

Mungo man... Blimpy Peach .. sorry typo re the 4 and many zero's! I have to agree re the ET influence Mungo Man, considering the DNA difference. Also somewhere along the line the aborigines spent time in Brazil - DNA from those groups/tribes prove that. There are gumtree leaves in a pyramid in Egypt...Seems the Aborigines were very busy. I am not feeling positive re how long the Aborigines have been in Aust. Perhaps Lynn could look at this.

Ryno said...

@Flood: Right now I'm leaning towards Sasquatch (or something like) being one of the first hominoids on Earth and other E.T.'s were experimenting with their genes. I think that Sasquatch has always been "in tune" with Gaia and they were originally created with their abilities that we would consider unique since ours were made a lot harder to access.

Neanderthal's have been made to look like the stupid inferior species but I think they were actually more intelligent and spiritually inclined than Homo Erectus. Why do you think our overlords choose to got with the Erectus blueprint? Lastly, like you point out they were pretty social beings as well.

This is just my thoughts though.

scorpio1995 said...


Neanderthals were a very stupid, beast like species and that was the consensus for decades until certain peoples found out that Neanderthals mixed with humans in Europe. Now they are so smart, so much better than humans. It's revisionist history. They weren't smart enough to keep from going extinct.

Ryno said...

@scorpio1995: OK, you are free to believe whatever you want.

Blimpy Peach said...

@kris there is wide belief that both the Egyptians and South Americans visited here which could explain the dna being taken back there? There is a lot of stories about the blonde haired people who came from stars/seas which could either be the Egyptians or ETs. If you're interested try googling Gympie pyramid and Rex gilroy. There was also a pyramid in tin can bay not far from there which was destroyed by the army and disposed of off Fraser Island. They aren't sure if the Gympie pyramid is of Egyptian or South American descent.

Flood said...


Just to let you know I respect your views on Neanderthal man. Honestly I haven't done one iota of specific research, this is just information I have come across in a PBS series on the early primitive origins of man. I'm aware that revisionist history is a reality in our modern society. The program I caught was stating that Neanderthal man was much closer in evolvement to his contemporary humans than previously thought, as far as things like art, culture, tools, some form of primitive communication/language

The program I caught never stated that Neanderthal man was 'better', than his contemporaries, just that recent evidence is showing that their level of evolvement appears to be equal. They probably showed some recently discovered cave wall paintings or artifacts or something during the program, but I can't remember everything. As far as them going extinct because they were stupid, that's a possibility, but I'm not sure it's correct. Maybe they were just outnumbered by their contemporaries.

It's funny how we disagree on everything. I just laugh and shake my head. Peace.

Lisa said...

Hey, honestly, this should only be a thread for the flooding of Europe and especially Germany and how the situation will develop in the future.

It should not have become a battle and rattle between which human race is better (or not). So stupid, sorry.

There are more important things which concerns our live now.
No judging about the incoming races in Germany, please, just discussing the high numbers of refugees and how this will influence the future of Germany and other European countries.
Ok, there is one thing: I am more concerned about the influence of the Muslim religion on society than the different "race".

Camryn Villarruel said...

@ Lisa. Thank you I agree

Flood said...


No one was stopping you, or anyone else, from discussing whatever you wanted to. Now you want to come in at the end of this thread and take your little jab. You talk like we can't discuss what's on our minds, and I'm sorry but I find that possesive, and a bit arrogant. Last time I checked this was Lynn's blog, not yours...

Oh so we are allowed to discuss Muslim religion, and it's possible negative effects, but we can't discuss race? Your comment is absurd. And good luck with never 'judging anyone', everyone does it all the time.

Lisa said...

Well, it was my question and I did not ask about race but about the consequences of the flooding.

Flood, if you want to discuss races, ask your own question about it.

Actually, I did not ask about religion either, that is just my own little concern, which does not need to discussed here, since it was not asked either, but also better in a new question perhaps.

Lisa said...

I admit that I put the Hooton plan in the question. But since Germany is so mixed already since the last 2000 years, one of the most mixed countries of Europe - the "race question" was never my concern.

But it looks like that many people outside of Europe do not know this.
And perhaps have this plan to eradicate the original German population - which never have been one "original" already long ago.

Serene said...

Hello Everyone ~ Yesterday I was talking with a neighbor of mine who had most of her family in Syria. I asked her about the situation and she said that all of her family members (who lived in different Syrian cities) were told that they must leave their homes immediately or they would be killed. Everyone gathered up what they could and left their homes and most of all of their belongings except what they could carry. They are now scattered all over in Germany, Sweden and another country I cannot recall the name. There was no phone service in Syria so they were not able to contact anyone until they arrived in their new country to let them know they were still alive. My neighbor had been waiting several months until she heard from most of her family members. If I hear anymore on this situation via my Syrian neighbor I will share with our group.

scorpio1995 said...


Can you ask your friend if her family lived in rebel-held cities or government? And this happened within the last few weeks?

Thanks in advance.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Europe and these people need some positive energy and intent to help them through this tough time. Thank you, Serene, for sharing this information. Love and light-

Serene said...

@ Scorpio Yes I will see her next week and will ask for more details on the situation. She stopped hearing from her relatives about a year ago and it was only recently that she has been back in contact with them. She was fairly certain they were no longer living and was overjoyed to hear their voices again after so many months. There was no phone service in Syria and no way to contact anyone outside of their region. I will get back with you after my next conversation with her.

Thank you immensely to all that have sent positive energy and intent to the people of Europe.
TTYS Serene

Lisa said...

Just read this channeling and it says exactly the same as Lynn.
The goal is to deliberately create instability to Europe on the long term:

AND - they MSM do not talk about 1 Mio refugees anymore, they now say it is 1.5 Mio who arrived. As I understood, every day, there are arriving 10000 to 12000 new migrants now.

Serene said...

Hello Lynn, Scorpio and all our Focus Friends...I finally spoke with my neighbor from Syria and she gave me her perspective and experience about the situation in Syria.

She said that about 18 months ago her sibling relatives had been awoken one night somewhere between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. (each family was informed at different times) and was told by a group of Syrian govt. official men that they needed to leave by the next day (or very soon after) otherwise they were going to be killed. They said the Muslims (ISIS) were taking over and they needed to leave immediately. They could only take what they could carry and everything else was to be left behind. They boarded buses and were taken out of the country. They went to different destinations and in my neighbors family's case they were not able to make a phone call until they reached Lebanon several months later. She said there was food and water available to them.

They were given a form to fill out what country they would like to go to from a choice of Australia, Germany, Lebanon or Sweden. There may be other countries however she did not mention any others. It was very easy to apply to get into another country, however the U.S. was not a choice. Her family is now spread out and living in Germany, Australia and Sweden.

She did say also that some people chose to not leave immediately, and they assume they have been killed because none of them have been heard from again.

Talking about this with her brought her great sadness and she was devastated to know that the country she grew up in is now decimated and no more. Homes have been looted and damaged visibly, and apparently the country is barren of people. I wanted to ask her how she knew the country was torn apart if no one had been there since, however I declined because I think she was about to cry.

My neighbor's English is broken although I can understand most of what she says. I'm sure there are plenty of details left out, however my neighbor was willing to share as much as she knew. If I hear any more about this situation I will share with you all.

Let's send the people of Syria our Light that they will be safe and free from harm.

Serene said...

Scorpio: My neighbor said that it was anywhere that the Christian population was living, which is pretty much all of Syria. Entire neighborhoods and cities of people were told to leave or face execution.