Monday, July 20, 2015

YouTube of Large Quake and Tsunami in NW United States

Q. I have had this video sent to me by several people, and many of you want to know is this true?  Is there a large earthquake and / or a tsunami headed for the northwest part of the United States? It is also strange that this information is being broadcast on mainstream Fox News.
A  I do see there is a buildup of potential energy in the northwest portion of the United States that could take and create three very different time lines...To some extent there is some free will interference that will determine the paths.. Let me explain.  

In one path I see that as tectonic plates move, and the earth grows, stretches and shifts, the potential energy that is pooling up in the northwest will expel through Yellowstone.  I still don't see it as a large volcanic eruption that creates an extinction event, but rather several smaller eruptions that form along a line, similar to dominoes in positioning.  There will be damage, loss of life (plants, animals and people), but on a much smaller scale when compared to one massive large eruption.  I also don't see the eruptions happening at the same time, but rather over phases.  It is as if one eruption goes off, then 12 to 18 months later there is another... This goes on for around three to five years.

The next path looks to involve an earthquake in the North Pacific Sea / Bering Sea.  The shocks of the quake will ripple out and be felt all around this area (Alaska, Japan and NW United States).  I too see that a tsunami could come to those areas, but I don't see it as drastic as what this news story describes.  This tsunami looks to also reach Hawaii but a lot of energy is lost before it gets that far.  A tsunami of any kind is terrifying, but I also get there is some kind  of warning (more that just a few minutes).  It sounds like during the days leading up to the quake the earth makes VERY loud groans, something that is difficult to describe, but it will resonate that something very wrong.  It isn't just one groan, it seems like it is daily and very consistent.  Animals act strange and it looks like there is an unusual amount of animal deaths on the coast (more than what we have now, and they can't be explained).  The water looks to go inland as far as this coastal highway that runs north and south in California (I need to google when I am done to get the name), and then it recedes back to its' normal location within days. [Note:  I just looked this up and there is a highway like that called 101].

The last path I see (which is what I feel will REALLY happen) is our collective energy (as our consciousness rises) will help to dissipate this potential energy more gently that is built up within mother earth.  I get images of this energy allowing (and encouraging) earth to grow and stretch at the equator through some kind of slow process.  I get an image of a mother in labor pains and slowly breathing and allowing her body to relax and go through the motion, and get the earth is going through this same painful growing process.  I also see that positive ETs are guiding earth, and trying to help those that live on earth to guide this planet. Along with this "growing pain" of earth there will be some energy displaced, and there will be earthquakes and Yellowstone will eventually release (but in small chunks at a time), but they won't be as horrible as described.  I get that many times the worst case scenario is shown, and hear that the reality it is rarely that bad.  This is a wonderful time right now regarding the human consciousness, and those that are evolving which makes this third path so possible (and probable).  

Q. What is causing the build up of energy?
A.  I have always seen the earth as a living thing.  As the sun shines on earth, it feeds all the living things in one way or another.  The earth also absorbs energy from the sun.  Energy is not created or destroyed, so when the energy is absorbed it is stored as potential energy for later.  After so much energy is stored, it has to be used in the form of growth (the earth actually grows wider) or expelled through an eruption / earthquake of sorts.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

What you say about the earth being a living entity, growing and absorbing the sun's energy resonates so true with me. Right after winter this year I noticed how dramatically lush all the tree canopies grew, much bigger than in previous seasons. I then think of how the sun is so much more intense, and all that energy being absorbed into the earth must result in either growth or release. This reading also points to the power of collective intent in that we can help direct the earth to expand at the equator instead of erupting or creating tsunamis.

23 tulips said...

Hmmmm...I live about 15 miles east from Highway 101 (inland...away from the coastline). I wonder if it's time to move??

Bee E-lightened said...

Is That san andreas movie a subliminal message?!

Juli T said...

The best for everybody there.

Lynn is this connected to the events of September 2015 and the Shemitah year?

Dante said...

How safe will Seattle and Portland be?

samferina said...

How much damage or will Los Angeles get hit at all? What time frame you see this happening in the future is it more like the process will start next year or even now?


mobius CDXX said...

San Andreas is an "overexaggerated" parrallel that is ongoing..that our particular plane of existance wont go thro. Thanks CAUSE of that movie. This collective mind has decided that thats not the one we want to experince..literally..that choice came from you..and you..all of you. So thank you!! All of you. But we will get the lighter side effects of that which did take place in our reality in the way Lynn mentioned. They all connected. Wooo such a great place to bee!!!!! Love it guys love yall peace

Watchand Knock said...

Great perspectives thanks! Here somebody else making a similar statement recently: "COBRA – There are a few things I’d like to say here. First, the positive time-line has been secured. It means that this drama that we have been experiencing on this planet will have a happy ending, That’s for sure. The second thing, it’s not ET’s saving us. It is them and us as a team liberating the planet together. We are doing our part and they are doing their part. They can not do this alone and we can not do this alone. We can only do this together as a team, so it’s not a matter of saving or not saving. It’s the wrong question. It’s the wrong perspective. The right perspective is we’re doing this together. We are a team and we are going to be victorious." Thanks again! (

Alex said...

Dear Lynn, thank you so much for your reading...... Yesterday i listened to the entire interview with Dr Simon Atkins on Youtube about his predictions (It's a 3 hour video....but worth listened to it).... and you are both talking about the same stuff.... Here is an article that summarises his predictions....and the effect of the electromagnetic waves affecting Planet Earth....Big shift is indeed happening....So grateful to be part of it. Love & Light to you all

A Man Called Da-da said...

What's happening? Da-da's been on the FREE DONUTS Timeline for quite some time. The tie-dye ones are exceptional.

Ryno said...

It must be around "Thanksgiving time" for the Draco and the Archon's (Spirtual Parasites). Can you feel (or at least the attempts to create) the fear and uncertainty in the world? I wonder if loosh taste more like white or dark meat? See, that's a joke and when you make a joke about "them," it's easier to not fear (maybe even help starve?)them.

Anyway, if something does happen up here in the PNW I will be sure and give you all a first hand report.

John Casey said...

I like the idea that a range of outcomes can be possible based on the input people apply to this specific issue. Would meditation in general help out, or would that need to be directed at that situation specifically?

Also, I wonder if the same model can be applied to the "end of September" reading? Might there be a range of outcomes, some less drastic than others, or has that situation been manipulated so much that the outcome is given?


PimpMyBrain said...

Okay, corey goode and david wilcock start their "cosmic disclosure" 52 episodes series, 2 first episodes for free at the link.

The stature of the Blue Avians remind me some bird cartoons characters, strabge and funny at same time. Even if a human-looking bird ET tend to be similar to our facial shape. That the same image you get to them at your first encounter Lynn ? :)

And Congratulations to all of you unknowingly allowed to reach this positive timeline!

Lov and light at all !

Anonymous said...

I'm am enjoying the positive energy this post has created. Also, I say...FREE DONUTS FOR EVERYONE!! :) L&L to all!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

First, I must say Great comments! I love seeing all the dialogue. I wanted to take some time to address some of these.

@Robert: You are right and the importance of the collective energy right now is so powerful. We are so much stronger than we think.

@23tulips: This wasn’t meant to create fear, but more about an awareness. Please do what you feel is right for you and your family based on your own intuition.

@Bee: I haven’t seen the movie yet (but want to)… I see it as the absolute worst case scenario if we were to go down a path of complete destruction with no caring about the human race or our planet. I don’t feel we are like that though… Very far from it as a whole. I like how someone else described it as an extreme parallel..

@Juli: I cannot get a connection to this…

@Dante: I see this area being grouped with the northwest challenges… Be safe and cautious (but please don’t live in fear).

@Samerina: I do see the process happening now, and has been happening.. Something major is on the horizon with Yellowstone.

@watchand knock and Alex: Thank you for the comments and info.

@Dada: LOL. Save me one with the caramel frosting. Those are my favorite!

@John: Meditation that raises consciousness whether focused on a specific issue or used to raise vibrations of a person helps! The goal is to uplift us, and that starts with the individual and spreads outward. Yes, we have to power to change outcomes.

capserone said...

Lynn: I live in Wyoming, (Casper), which is in the middle of the state. Do you see anything from Yellowstone which will be drastic enough to affect us here? What do you see actually happening with Yellowstone? Thanks for what you do. I follow you daily!