Friday, July 17, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #15

Hi all, and welcome to a special mind-blowing edition of Five for Friday. You'll see what Da-da means. Here we go.

Image #1: One of the "Three Great Enigmas" of Japan: Ishi no Hoden
Backstory: Located in the village of Asuka in the Takaichi District of the Nara Prefecture, in Japan, this uniquely carved, neolithic monolith is called, “Ishi no Hoden,” japanese for "Heirloom Rock," but no one has any idea what it's for. Besides its asymmetrical shape, with a strange stone projection or fin on one side, it's also resting in water. Looks like it’s supposed to somehow vibrate?

What Lynn Saw
"The first image I get is of people standing beneath the fin, putting their hands up. They're extracting energy from the rock, like from an antenna. The rock feels energetic. The spot feels electrically charged. It's supposed to be used for healing, and for spiritual ceremonies. I'm also getting something about the people using the water, laying down in the water; it washes away negativity, or lower vibrational stuff. There's some kind of cleansing effect to the water.

"There's something significant about where it is. Beneath it, there's an underground river inside a cave system, so energetically it looks like there's something special about this place. In the past, water ran counterclockwise in this cove, while the underground water moved the opposite way, creating some kind of energy. In the B&W picture, the water flowed and was healing, but the current picture looks DISCONNECTED. Something is blocked. If it were connected, as it once was, the waters would have great healing powers. They could even help heal the Pacific Ocean.

Image #2: Bizarre Mystery Rock of Inestimable BLUENESS
Backstory: This bizarre, 55,000 year-old "rock" — the color of which has apparently NOT been photoshopped — was found in Sierra Leone, Africa, by a geologist. To date, no one has any idea what this is, how it was made, or where it's originally from. It's made of an unknown substance, though one scientist says it’s made of solid OXYGEN. Here’s the original link.

What Lynn Saw
"I keep getting references to it being like coal, but... I know coal is carbon-based. This isn't. It was a form of fuel. I keep getting this image of a UFO exploding while still in space, after a battle; this ship broke apart and this element that was its fuel somehow compressed, or the state of it was altered, and it fell to earth in this solid form. It came to earth like a meteorite, but it's really a solid form of some kind of ET fuel.

Image #3: Yet Another Impossibly Ornate Crop Circle

Backstory: What the heck is this crop circle -- recently seen in Torino, Italy -- trying to tell us? And is that some kind of binary code?

What Lynn Saw
"I do get that this is written in binary. The dark dots are ones, open spaces are zeroes. It starts in the center and works its way out. There's also some sacred kind of geometry associated with this. I get something about it being related to an amino acid, or some kind of protein building block.

"This came from beings who live in a ship on the far side of the moon, positive ETs. They're not ON the moon, though, just hanging out behind it. They put that crop circle there trying to give us a message. They're trying to teach someone something, something medical. It's some key ingredient to something, something that's been missed, blatantly put into a crop circle with positive intent. It's the key to something we need. They're trying to help the human race out.

Image #4: Giant Glowy UFO Thing
Backstory: Ok, what the heck is this? Someone caught it hovering over an Air Force base. For weird views of it in action, hit the video.

What Lynn Saw
"This looks genuine. There wasn't anyone inside the UFO, but someone was controlling it like a drone. It's under human control. It felt like the tail is just some kind of energy. It's stolen ET tech that they're testing. That energy-tail effect is the energy being exhausted out of the thing as it moves.

Image #5: Abe Lincoln Craziness You've Never Heard Of

Backstory: There's only one way to bring this up, and that's to excerpt a chunk from this site -- which excerpts it from Alex Christopher's impossible-to-find book, Pandora's Box. You'll soon see why. Da-da has tried to frame this for better readability [bold headers and brackets are his], and excised some incendiary language by simply using names, as you'll see. Buckle up.

Little has been published about the early life of Abraham Lincoln. However, during a search of some old property records and will in a small courthouse in central North Carolina, Alex Christopher, the author of Pandora's Box, found the will of one A. A. Springs. Upon reading the will he was shocked and amazed at the secret that it disclosed, but one must remember that it is a known fact that wills, even though they are classified public records are rarely combed through, and these records hold many dark secrets that can be hidden in public view, but are never uncovered because there are very few who research these old records.

A Surprising Find

In the will of A. A. Springs was the list of his property. Mr. Christopher, and others, were looking to find what railroads and banks this man might have owned and had left to his son, Leroy Springs. He didn't find anything like that, but he did find the prize of the century. On the bottom of page three of four pages was a paragraph where the father, A. A. Springs, left to his son an enormous amount of land in the state of Alabama which amounted to the land that is today known as Huntsville, Alabama and then he went into detail to name the son and at first Mr. Christopher and the others with him couldn't believe what they were seeing, but there it was the name of the son and it was "ABRAHAM LINCOLN"!

This new information about the Springs (real name Springstein) family was just another twist. [But] this new information about Lincoln built a fire under them to see where this new lead would take them, because everything they had found in the railroad and banking saga had been a real mind-bender. So they inquired at the local archives and historical records on families and found a reference to one Abraham Lincoln in the family genealogy of the family of the Carolina by the name of McAdden, in a published genealogy on the family. The family members in the Carolinas were in a limited edition that at one time could be found in the public libraries. The section on Lincoln and the story went something like the following: "In the late spring of the year of 1808 Nancy Hanks, who was of the family lineage of the McAdden family was visiting some of her family in the community of Lincolnton, North Carolina. While on her stay with family in the Carolina', she visited with many of the neighboring families that she had known for many years; one such visit was the Springs family. The sordid details had been omitted but obviously the young Nancy Hanks had found herself in a compromised position and was forced to succumb to the lust of A.A. Springs. She became pregnant as a result. There were no details of a love affair or an act of violence on a helpless female. Abraham Lincoln was the result of that act, which leads one to wonder if the name 'Lincoln' was real or a fabricated name for the are of conception was 'Lincolnton.' Was there really a Thomas Lincoln? Since the 'Springs' were Jewish, that made Lincoln part Jew, and as part of the Springs family, he also became a relative of the Rothschild family by blood."

The following information was derived from information that exists in the Smithsonian, National Archives, the Congressional Library, Courtroom Police files, public and private libraries and storage vaults across the United States and Europe: "Abraham Lincoln was slapped three times with a white glove by a member of the Hapsburg royal family of Germany (Payseur family relatives) during a White House reception in 1862. The German royal family member demanded a pistol duel with the then President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The blows to the face stunned Lincoln but he non-verbally refused to participate in the duel by bowing his head before walking out of the reception room." What had ol' honest Abe done to so enrage and up-set the royal European personage?

Now It Gets Juicy

It seems that the practice of promiscuity was rampant in many families in those days and the German King Leopold had an illegitimate daughter named 'Elizabeth' who was sent to America, where she lived in a very comfortable manner. Although Leopold could not recognize her position, he was very interested in her life. In the early or mid 1850s, Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth began having sexual liaisons that produced twin daughters named 'Ella' and 'Emily' in 1856. The regal German father who was so royally up-set with ol' honest Abe probably had full knowledge of what the true blood line of Lincoln really was. Abraham's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, did not find out about Elizabeth, Ella and Emily until 1865. Previous to being informed about Elizabeth and the twins, Mrs. Lincoln had developed a ravaging dependency on opium. Her main supplier of the drug was a former member of the Confederate Intelligence community, he was a former member because the Southern gentlemen did not approve of his drug pushing and unreliable behavior. It was because of his involvement with the Southern Intelligence Community, Mary's supplier -- John Wilkes Booth -- knew about the lover and the illegal twins.

After being spurned by the Confederate intelligence community, [Booth] approached and became involved with the Rothschild Empire of Europe, for he realized the European banking moguls would be very interested in his pipeline to the White House. (At this time) Lincoln was searching for an issue that would unite the North and South after the Civil War ended. The issue needed to be popular to all levels of American citizenry so they could 'rally around the Stars and Stripes' thus rapidly healing the wounds of the bloodiest war in history. Lincoln was seriously considering one major movement or event that would galvanize his fellow Northern and Southern patriot countrymen into cutting loose the United States of America from the dictatorial grip of the Hapsburg's bloodline of banking control in Europe. All the time, the Rothschild's were trying to take control of the entire world monetary system, and at that time the Rothschild's were trying to get a foot-hold in America and find a way around the British, Virginia Company, and French Bourbon family that were gaining control in this country through government help.

Lincoln found himself in hot water, because under the Virginia Company covenant, the 48 families that formed it were all of the "Holy Grail Bloodline." This country was to be an extension of what all the royal families of Europe controlled. The royalty of Europe is 'Hapsburg,' no matter what their name is. The royal family of England is one such example. Now what Lincoln did is he wanted to become independent of the... Rothschild side ... the Rothschild's and their family bloodline have always been undermining the affairs of the Hapsburg's and stealing the monetary control away from them. No matter what the history books say, the Rothschild's didn't get (total) real control on things in America and the Federal Reserve until the Springs usurped the Payseur family companies in the early 1920's. (But Lincoln had fallen from Rothschild grace, and so, due in part to his Executive Order to print United States Greenbacks, thus interfering with the International Banks' profits). It appears that the Rothschild family wanted Lincoln embarrassed to the maximum degree.

So, [Booth] was hired to kidnap the President of the United States. Abraham would be put on a boat for a two month cruise of the Atlantic where he would be injected with and addicted to opium and then dumped on the streets of Washington. While the forcefully addicted President was stumbling around our nation's capital, the press would be informed of Elizabeth, Ella and Emily.

[Booth] and the collaborator (agent) of the Rothschild's had his perfect accomplice in the plot to kidnap and discredit the leader of the North American Continent in the First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln. After being informed of Abe's lover and the twins and the kidnap plot by her drug supplier, Mary was promised that after her husband resigned or was impeached, she and Abe would be moved to Europe to live happily ever after with plenty of opium. Superficially, Mary expressed a desire to live in Europe with plenty of opium and no Civil War or Politics to distract her husband or family. But [Booth] had totally underestimated the confusion, desperation and anger of Mary Todd Lincoln.

Now It Gets Crazy

The plotters decided the Presidential snatch needed to take place in a public, yet discreet location where minimum witnesses would be present. There were too many potential witnesses at the White House. Two hours before the capture was to take place, Mary Todd had on the floor, a tantrum, because Abe had decided not to go out of the White House that night. Mary's outrageous outburst caused Abe to change his mind and the First family departed. Several minutes after arriving at the kidnap location, Mary instructed the family bodyguard to take a position that placed the First Family out of his visual sight. The position also required the bodyguard to traverse several flights of stairs to reach Abe and Mary should he be needed for any reason ... A wagon with a wooden cover arrived at the back entrance of the kidnap location with several men including [Booth]. The plan was for [Booth] to traverse the backstairs entrance, silently move down a hallway, and open an unlocked door to a darkened room where Mary and Abe were sitting.

After entering the room, [Booth] would tell the President an urgent message was waiting for him at the War Department. Before descending down the backstairs, Abe would be knocked out with chloroform. The kidnappers would load the limp body into the covered wagon and swiftly stow Lincoln on an opium boat for a novel 'cruise' of the Atlantic Ocean. When Booth actually opened the door to the darkened room where Abe and Mary were sitting, he went into a panic and shock. Abe was asleep with his head on Mary's left shoulder and the First Lady had her head turned toward the left looking at the door. When she was sure the man who opened the door was Booth, she turned and looked at the President to be sure the pistol she was pointing would explode beneath the lower left earlobe of her husband.

Before Mary pulled the trigger, John Wilkes Booth, drug supplier to the First Lady, realized he was the patsy in all this mess. But he did not know if he was only Mary's patsy or also a chump for the Rothschild family. Were the men hiding around the back door of Ford's Theater there to help Booth with the kidnapping or there to point the false finger at the 'innocent' Booth? Booth was not about to run into the hallway or down the backstairs to find out the answer to that question. The only escape route was to jump the balcony and crash onto the stage during the performance. That night, Booth gave a literal interpretation of the theatrical phrase 'break a leg' as he fractured one of his during his leaping act from 'lethally loony Mary' and the men lurking around the back entrance of Ford's Theater.

In a novelty case located on a wall in Ford's Theater is, 'The Gun That Shot Abraham Lincoln.' If anyone (assassin) were to kill a head of state, they would use a revolver, because several bullets might be needed to accomplish the murder and stop any guards during the escape. One would only use a one-shot pistol if they were absolutely sure they had intimate access to the victim. The gun on the wall of Ford's Theater is a derringer - the perfect weapon for the left handed female assassin who did not attend her husbands funeral. Mary Todd was not hiding in her room due to overwhelming grief and sorrow; she was imprisoned in her room with two armed guards for two weeks after killing her husband.

In the 1860's, an Act of Congress mandated the compensation of widows of former and active Congressmen, Senators, Vice Presidents and Presidents. The month and duration was ratified by both Houses of Congress for each widow. Mary Todd Lincoln applied for her widowers compensation three times and was denied the mandated compensation three times by both Houses of Congress. An unknown benefactor paid for Mary's passage to Europe where she died in a small cottage in Germany.

In 1867, the Secret Service was founded so that drunken municipal law enforcement could not unwittingly participate with drug-addicted First Ladies or Gentlemen in vengeful high-brow killings of philandering Presidents of the United States. (To cover up the murders committed which would reflect a bad light for the presiding Administration, such as the Vince Foster murder of President Clinton's administration). Before Booth jumped out of the balcony of the Presidential Box of the Ford Theater, he shouted at General Riley and his wife who were sitting to the right-front of the Lincolns. Booth's words expressed his innocence but also sealed the fate of the Riley's. Within a week of the shooting, General Riley and his wife were packed off to an insane asylum where they both died of 'unknown causes' within 30 days of being committed." (Pandora's Box, by Alex Christopher, pp. 282-286).


What Lynn Saw
"In looking at this, this resonates as being true! I also heard things like, 'the only things we learned in school are what they want you to know.' The Powers-That-Were (PTW) want us to feel the greatness of it all, while hiding the truth, as they don't want to be viewed for all their misdeeds, which are countless. The PTW know that people wouldn't be willing to fight for their country, etc., if they knew what their 'leaders' were really like.

"John Wilkes Booth did NOT shoot Lincoln, that's true. But I get that Mary was not the "druggie" she was purported to be; she did take some things, but she wasn't exactly a crazed "druggie" as this suggests. She was horribly depressed. She was a sad and unhappy person. She was so angry and sad and depressed -- and tired of Abe's extramarital affairs -- that SHE shot him and set up Booth as patsy. Booth wasn't necessarily a "pusher," that's awfully harsh, as is the word, "druggie," but he did provide medications that were to help Mary, not to make her dependent. Booth really cared about Mary and was trying to help her.


Ok, that’s enough for today. Join us Friday after next for episode #16. Wow, these should be in their own book. Speaking of books...

Lynn insisted that Da-da place a link here to Da-da's third book, The TAO of Da-da, which just came out on Amazon. It's not nearly as bizarre as Abraham Lincoln's private life, but it should serve as a kind of funny, existential palliative to keep things like this from happening. Anyway, enjoy.

Attached is a link to the previous Five for Friday posts in case anyone missed one and would like to go back and take a look.


EA RW said...

So, the crop circle has something to with DNA, spiritual DNA then? If these ET's are teaching someone, why in a crop circle like the average human doesn't even care to look at these things.

Robert Schoen said...

Congratulations on your book Da-da!

I'm still reeling from the Abraham Lincoln Mary Todd read, which is stranger than the more conventional conspiracy theories of his death to put his VP Andrew Johnson in office. I thought Lyndon Johnson was our first Jewish president, but Abe had both the name an the looks. I wonder now if his ties aided his political ascent.

Does any one remember the airline Pilot Doug Ruby who deciphered crop circles in the nineties and said they were sending us messages and plans for free energy generators? He wrote a book "The Gift" and appeared on Art Bell. Sometimes they would mow down right away certain circles they felt imarted too much information. It would be nice if that monolith in Japan could help clean up the Pacific.

jana said...

Hello Lynn,
Found this a few days ago on BIN where they claim the Torino crop circle has been decoded:

This video explains the method used to decipher the code in the crop circles:

Can you please tell us if this circle has been deliberately mistranslated or if something
is off on their decoding procedure? Thank-you.....

susan said...

HI Lynn,

Could you enlighten us more about Vince Foster's murder...why? What did he know that needed to be kept secret? Did Hilary feel bad about the murder or is she so cold that she did not care?

Thanks Lynn and Dada, as always great!

Odin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert Schoen said...

Did some checking on the Abe Lincoln story and there was an A. B. Springs with ties to Huntington Ala, and seemed well to do with family interests in railroads and banking, but there was also a compelling case Lincoln's father was Abraham Enloe, whose legitimate son Robert looks the spitting image and build and height of Abe.
Can you check this paternity Lynn?

Ma'at said...

It is nice that this stuff is coming out. The thing about the Clintons, Bushs and Obamas is that they are all related. For the last 30 years they have gotten away with the most obvious and outrageous things right in front of our eyes.

Needless to say, you don't have to be psychic to see them. Just remove the scales.

Guru Grace said...

Hi Lynn,

could you see what was the medical related message that was meant to help the human race, in the crop circle?

Alice L. said...

Here's a link to a pdf of Pandora's Box:

Raymond said...

That is a nice looking crop circle. I know that some of them are man made, but I find it hard to believe that anyone could fabricate this one and others like it in one night. Look at the detail and how everything is the same size, the lines are straight and equal distance. There is no way that you could coordinate a group of people to do this in one night. Have you ever been on any kind of committee or a PTA meeting ? There is a lot of bickering. It's hard to agree on anything and difficult to steer everyone in the right direction. It's unrealistic for me to believe that a group of people could spend the time in advance designing anything so intricate and then carrying out the design in 1,2 hours in the middle of the night. I just wish the aliens would make their messages easier to interpret....:)

BTW, some farmers mow down the crop circles as soon as they are found so people don't trespass on their land and damage the surrounding crops. Wheat is $5.50 a bushel and corn is $4 a bushel. That adds up quick.

Raymond said...

If you were to visit the monument in Japan and 'unblock' whatever is disabling it, would it be functional ? Perhaps if you restored the water running in opposite directions ? Is water running in opposing directions a significant factor in the magic of the Pyramids, Coral Castle and Tesla's free energy ?

@Dada......Nice artwork, it's very colorful !

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh, folks note that that FIVE artwork is Demuth's "I saw the Number Five in Gold," a famous artwork from 1928.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw, use the following info to move forward w/optimism and hope:

"25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink"

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@EA RW: Because in some way you have to be “worthy “ of being able to take in this “truth” they are sending. It isn’t meant for the average American to understand. You have to be able to look at it and just “see” what it is saying, and if you really get it, the message is meant for you. There isn’t really a code to break, but rather you mind will just know.

@jana: I do not see these as a warning.. Some are of some kind of ego energetic feeling, and some are informational. I don’t see them as fear based at all. I also feel like I said in EA RW’s comment, if you are meant to know, you are meant to know, and there is no true algorithm to deciphering it.

@Robert: I get that he didn’t talk much about his personal history, because it wasn’t something he wanted spread across the country and also didn’t wanted judged for it. I can’t exactly confirm what you are saying, but there does feel like there was some emotional blocks tied to it.

@Raymond: I do see this one as legit. It is quite beautiful.

John Casey said...

Mind-blowing is an understatement.

Does anyone know a binary code person who can translate the crop circle? It's nice to know ETs out there care to help us out, even if reading their message is problematic.

Thanks, again, as always.

A Man Called Da-da said...

You make a good point, John. Why not just come right out and say "USE THIS PROTEIN FOR THIS THING"? Why the code?

Unknown said...

"Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…"
Theodore Roosevelt

Grace Mumbi Kihumba said...

Loved this one Lynn and Da-da! Thank you. Do you know if the right person got the message? it'd be a shame for them to miss it..or is there some synchronicity helping the message delivery?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada and Mumbi: I get that when you refer to the universe, binary is the most basic language that "feels universal." Most higher level ETs communicate telepathically (and some humans do get the message which inspires a thought they may not have had). Ideally, they would come here and telepathically relay the message, but I don't see it being that easy. We have to earn this in some way.

Raymond said...

@Mumbi.......Apparently it has been decoded......

An outer binary code from a spectacular crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 said “timeo ET ferentes!” or “beware of ET bearing gifts!”. This brief but lucid phrase seems to warn about a “Trojan Horse” kind of gift, which deceptive extra-terrestrials may give to Earth humans in the near future (see comments). Field imagery nearby suggests that their gift may be some kind of “airplane”.


Unknown said...

Lincoln's insight is fascinating! Again, it reminds us that truth is always closer and simpler than we could think of. Related to this topic, I have a very absurd question. But despite of this question's stupidity, I still want to ask it. I remember, I read an article that Boston marathon 'bomber' Dzohar/Jahar Tsarnaev tweeted a few days before the event, that he just had a very clear dream that he killed Abe Lincoln. Since this dream could not be related to the future event (in the dream he was a killer, not the victim), I thought that may be, in this case, he retrieved his past life in that dream, and the whole thing for him is his karma comeback. So I ask, Lynn, could Dzohar be Mary Todd Lincoln in his past life? Sorry for a such absurd question, but I can't make it not to ask:-).