Friday, July 3, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #14

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #14. Loosen up those paradigms, 'cause here we go.

Image #1: The Ummo Pictures
Backstory: These are classic UFO pics from the mid Sixties, taken in Spain, allegedly of a ship from the “Ummo” civilization. Their story is too complicated to go into here, but many would like to so simply know: are these images genuine?

What Lynn Saw
"I hear the words 'weather balloon.' The pics are real -- that is, not photoshopped or double-exposed -- but they're real pics of a weather balloon, not a true UFO."

Image #2: The Magic Mountain
Backstory: This is Mount Kailash, a holy place and legendary mountain in Tibet. Important to both Buddhists and Hindus, it is known as the center of the world. People are advised NOT to climb the mountain, as to do so is sacrilege and also may bring misfortune/death. It’s also rumored to be an ancient pyramid. Is it? Does it have any “magical" properties?

What Lynn Saw

"When I envision myself at the top, I get this smell of ozone. The air itself is charged, different, and has a distinct smell. It's a little gross. Then I keep seeing images of purple and lavender swirling about. It's like there's something electric coming out the top; it's electrified, and there's this low humming noise. Energetically, this mountain is so charged. It's like a battery sitting there, slowly dissipating energy at the top. There's some kind of energetic structure beneath it, an intersection of ley lines. I also see the "pyramid" as natural, and the natural formation was created due to the amount of energy beneath it. The earth shaped itself that way due to the energy there. People were told not to climb this as the quality of the air is not good."

Image #3: The Colossus at Rhodes

Backstory: This is one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. It was a huge bronze statue built at the entrance to Rhodes Harbor, which later became Rhode Island (ok, Da-da’s kidding about that last part), but was felled by an earthquake about 60 years after it was built. The pic here is an artist’s interpretation, as we have no idea what it really looked like. Question: was the statue standing as pictured here, or reclining? What did it really look like?

What Lynn Saw
"I keep getting references to the Statue of Liberty. The Colossus did have a spiky crown on his head, like Liberty, but he had a sword in his hand. In the other hand was a shield. He was put there to symbolize that he was protecting that area. He was mostly naked, with some kind of battle skirt, like a kilt, but if you parked a chariot underneath, you'd look up and see that he was totally naked. He was also barefoot, and faced east." Da-da's gonna leave that one alone.

Image #4: UFO Madonna
Backstory: Here we have an infamous painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio, showing what looks to be a UFO hanging over the shoulder of the Virgin Mary. This wouldn’t be so strange if it hadn’t been painted the 15th Century. What was the artist’s intent? Was he hip to the ancient knowledge of ETs dug up by the Knights Templar?

What Lynn Saw
"The painter WAS hip to that Templar knowledge of ETs having been on the earth for ages. Many people of this time knew that there are ETs and spaceships and they all accepted it, but religion came in and glossed over it, emphasizing other things to cover it up. Only in the last 200-300 years has this knowledge retreated, with different agendas taking over." Isn't THAT interesting?

Image #5: The Vajra
Backstory: This is a mystical object from long ago, depicted in numerous artworks through the ages. It’s called the Vajra, and first appears in Ancient India where it was the primary weapon of the Vedic sky-god Indra, the king of the Devas, and could reportedly hurl “thunderbolts.” Is this real, and if so, how did it work? It was held vertically, hand in the middle. Are those real ones, or ceremonial ones made later? I’m imagining some serious mental powers had to make it work, and that it somehow created a high energy plasma.

What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing images of the old cartoon 'He-man.' I see He-man holding this. His hands are stretched out and a lightning storm is going on. I see lightning coming out of the top and bottom. It looks like thousands of years ago, an ET (who manifested in human form) came here and used something just like this -- but these are replicas. The original was made of some kind of stone infused with crystal "specks" [much like the giant undersea spire we wrote about in Five for Friday #3]. I don't see the original was made of metal. They took the energy from their body and created lightning with it. They funneled energy that's all around us through their crown chakras to this device." So it looked like the ET has literally holding a lightning bolt. Sound familiar?

And that's that. Join us Friday after next for episode #15! Keep those kilts down.


Robert Schoen said...

Great group of images and answers as always. How tall was the Colossus of Rhodes, and did the legs spread apart so the feet were on twp bases that boats could pass under it? Are any pieces of it remaining?

Anonymous said...

Cool pics. During the full moon a few days ago the sun was still in the sky (sunsets are really late where I am in Western Europe) and I swear I saw a UFO (fast red orb) race across the sky. I got up from my seat to take a closer look (only a few seconds) and it was gone. I feel pretty stupid assuming spaceship but that's what I immediately thought it was. I also have a pic for the next Five Photos For Friday or just general viewing, it's quite beautiful on it's own:

You think they are practicing their own version of disclosure?

Baku Matsumoto said...

Vajra has something to do with Birds ET, that existed in Indonesia as Garuda???

A Man Called Da-da said...

Please allow Da-da to post this here, now. He's sensing that this is important:

It's time to act. You don't even have to leave your house.


Robert Schoen said...

@Da-da, What a great visualization meditation! It could really change the world and maybe this could be included in Lynn's Sunday meditations.
@Scorpio1995,I left a message for you on the Jahar posting. Sorry you felt I was referring to you, which wasn't the case. I mostly agree with what you wrote.

samferina said...

thanks da da and Lynn always learning something new that's so interesting love it!

Anonymous said...

5 for Friday is my favorite. Keep up the good work. I have always believed in aliens. I have no proof except my own beliefs. I am hoping the aliens are vegetarians, or if we are really fortunate they eat politicians.

Danny Do said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for another great reading. I've been following your Friday's photo readings for a while and really appreciate you taking the time and effort to do them.

Can you please take this photo for next week or future' photo reading?

This is the image of plasma tubes, which according to Cobra (, are part of the negative plasma implants constructed by the dark ones that keep us quarantined here on Earth and delay the planetary Shift (Event) and Disclosure.

"Earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well, or in other words Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, maintained by the plasma implant grid and supported by plasma strangelet and toplet bomb retaliation mechanisms is the background meta-strategy of the Chimera which maintains quarantine Earth status and still prevents the Event, Disclosure and First Contact." (Cobra)

However, I personally do not feel any negativity regarding these plasma tubes that an undergraduate student in science has recently discovered. I mean implants did exit that connected to our energy field as a mean to control us, but not these shown in the above photo like Cobra stated.

What do you feel about this?

Thank you very much for keeping this blog to answer all kinds of question from us and keeping us updated.

With love,

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: I can't get an exact height, but it was many stories high and very impressive. I do see that ships passed under it or were forced by it in some way. I see some if it still existing and being on the ocean floor..

@scorpio1995: I do see them practicing their own form of disclosure. I feel we have reached beyond our time frame and they will start to do it themselves.

@Baku: That connection does resonate with me.

@Dada: Thank you for this. It does feel like a good idea.

@Danny: Thank you for the submission. I will keep it in my drafts.

@Everyone: Thanks for the nice comments and information! Love and light-

PimpMyBrain said...

@scorpio : I don't know if it was the same red light orb/sphere i saw yesterday evenning, in in my location (near Brest), but it was just after sunset and it was to large by its size to be a plane. I had militaries jets flying around (above me) and wasn't clearly not that kind of artificial light... just few second, enough to me to locate it in my sight and diseppear behind the clouds on the horizon and never come back like a helicopter would have done... just stunning ... i don't know what think about this phenomenom...

Anonymous said...

@PimpMyBrain: thats awesome, we are in the same country as well. You are exactly describing my experience too. Trust your gut!