Friday, February 13, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #3

Hi, all. Thanks for tuning into the latest edition of Five for Friday. Buckle up, this is a fun and surprising one. Here we go.

Image #1: Megalithic "Stone Jars" of Laos
Backstory: These megalithic stone objects rest on a remote hilltop in Laos, in an area called the Plain of Jars. The current theory is that these were used as giant stone jars to hold and ferment rice wine, as some of them have lids. Lynn saw it a little differently!

What Lynn Saw
Lynn saw something shoot out of these "containers." They weren't containers at all, rather they were ancient weapons, like mortars (!), built during an ancient ET war in the sky. There should be cannon balls around somewhere, along with burn marks/sulphur components inside the mortars. The technology responsible for these came from ETs, but they were run by a tribe of humans with elongated heads. They called it, "fighting the fire gods," as the ETs' ships looked like balls of fire. These mortars were all made by hand (!) on a kind of stone lathe, using only manpower (which must've taken forever).

Image #2: "Handprint" of the Cretaceous
Backstory: This is an alleged handprint found in Cretaceous rock, often cited by some folks as evidence that man walked with dinosaurs... on their hands, apparently. Real, or fake... or something else?

What Lynn Saw
Lynn first saw the roadrunner! Then said, "Oh, it's a footprint." It's the footprint of an enormous, feathered, ostrich-looking bird like the moa. Datewise, this is from approx. 4000 B.C. (Fossilization can happen faster, depending on the matrix.) The bird is now extinct. (As you look at the original footprint, you can see where the claws on certain toes sunk into the mud.)

Image #3: Jade Mystery Cups
Backstory: Here's a strange archaeological find from Ecuador. These cups, hewn from black jade, are all hand-made, and show a constellation (Orion?). Each cup, when filled, totally fills the larger container exactly. Even more mysterious, the inside of the container is very magnetic, while the outside is not magnetic at all, which scientists have said is impossible, but most scientists are impossible, so...

What Lynn Saw
Lynn saw these cups used in a healing ceremony, by a tribe that predated the Maya. Water from a sacred spring was placed into the larger (magnetic) vessel, which infused the water with healing properties, or enhanced the natural properties of the water. The interior was made magnetic by rubbing the insides with a powerful magnet, which changed the molecular properties of the stone. If you put the cups in a certain order, the symbols make a prayer that was used during the ritual/celebration, each person drinking in succession.

Image #4: SOHO Space Blobs

Backstory: What the heck are these things, captured by the SOHO satellite aimed at the sun? Archons? Ships? Spirits? Cosmic one-finger bowling balls??

What Lynn Saw
The dark center: that's a ship. The light surrounding it is a force field. They come in and out of our plane, and know how to travel "on beams of light," altering the vibration of their ships. The sun is a key component to how a lot of this ET technology works. Inside the crafts are tall white beings, like greys, but taller and white.

Image #5: The South Atlantic Undersea Obelisk
Backstory: Speaking of tall, check this out. This is apparently an enormous underwater obelisk well over a thousand feet high, resting on the bottom of the South Atlantic! (Coordinates are below the image.) Some have claimed it's roughly on the opposite side of the earth from the Great Pyramid in Egypt. So, is this a computer imaging glitch? If it’s real, who built it and what is its purpose? What’s it made of?

What Lynn Saw

This is real. (!) It's an antenna, for ET communication (!), like a giant router to boost a signal. The core is made of something that looks like an alloy-infused granite, metal flecks in the granite. But it's encrusted in the muck of ages, as it was built... before the oceans had water! Built by ETs with white hair and white skin and ice blue eyes. (No info on WIFI hotspot login, just yet. Perhaps we get that when the earth comes out of quarantine.)

And that's it. Join us on the Friday after next for episode #4!


747 said...

What a fun read :) thanks

Bee E-lightened said...

I love these readings...keep em coming

Anonymous said...

when the earth comes out of quarentine? that's just as interesting as the obelisk. can you explain that please?

thanks! love the site and all of your input.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn, very intresting post specially the item with the magnetic jade cups! Relating to the imprint of the hand with the opposable thumb(5), while I have no evidence that it belongs to a human, it certainly is not the track of a bird (extinct or not). Birds, specially those who walk much (apparently object of this reading), need regularly spaced finger(3 and the short hallux) to guarantee maximum equilibrium. Opposable thumbs are not ubiquitous even among monkeys ( Just in time, apes have long and strong nails which might account for the holes that have been related to cllaws in the reading. While birds which rest on branches actually have opposable finger their sum never exceeds 4, and these birds, judging from the pic are not object of this reading. Last not least, birds exhibit an immensely higher finger lenght/palm diameter ratio than primates.Thanks

Hannon said...

Lynn, when you said the tall whites, is that white like the color or white like a Caucasian? I had an experience once, or at least it was real to me and it looked like a tall grey but it was a light tan color, similar to a Caucasian person but with the typical features of what we think of as grey, so my ears kind of perked up a bit when I read that.

Also, have you ever seen this alleged Alien pic, it's been bouncing around the internet for years. It's either an attractive albino woman or an alien:

Raymond G said...

I wonder where the obelisk can be found in the South Atlantic ? I wonder if it is around Bimini where Cayce said Atlantis once existed or Puerto Rico where they have a lot of UFO activity.

I wonder if the govt (U S Navy ) has seen this and why they are keeping it confidential. Whoever blows the whistle on this and says Look What I Found ! would live forever.

I wonder what kind of other artifacts could be found in the immediate area around the obelisk ?

There have been a lot of suggestions in the past that Atlantis would rise after a major earthquake and a cleansing. But I wonder who these new lands would belong to ? The first nation to plant a flag on them ?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Bimini is mid-Atlantic. That spire thing is nearer Antarctica. Note the coordinates at the bottom of the image.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you everyone for the comments. I will read them over, put some thought into the questions and reply in a day or so. Love and light-Lynn

Bee E-lightened said...

more underwater structures. its stated google earth removed them or it was a "glitch". why would a glitch show these structures of all things?

Bee E-lightened said...

oooops, heres the link

siketa said...

Lynn, I am a hockey fan of Medvescak Zagreb (KHL) and has just found that Steve Montador, our former player, has been found dead.
We are all in great shock here... :(

Can you see what happened to him and where is he now? Thank You.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Bee: They don't want us to see or question these things...

@siketa: I can add this to my drafts. I would need to really tune into this..