Friday, April 24, 2015

Five Photos for Friday #8

Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #8.

Image #1: Death Valley Rock Mystery
Backstory: What causes these rocks in Death Valley, CA, to move?

What Lynn Saw
 "I had to think on this a bit... I get there is a "perfect storm" going on here. The area is very dry, and high winds tend to blow away any loose dirt or sand (the friction) on the surface. At night (or during certain times) there is a small amount of moisture that gathers (I see it like dew), and it is just enough moisture to create a slick surface on the (highly reduced friction) cracked bed. I also get that spots on this bed are at a slightly higher elevation (this bed isn't exactly flat). When you combine positioning at the slightly higher end, the wind blown smooth surface, the right amount of moisture with huge gusts of wind -- the rocks travel."

Image #2: U.S. Capitol Beam
Backstory: So, real or fake? This pic looks like a UFO firing on the US Capitol building. If real, is this a transport beam? Who or what are they beaming?
What Lynn Saw
 "This is a communications beam, but it's going from OUT of the Capitol building, firing at the moon. [!] There's a lot of hostility on earth regarding ETs on the moon. It irritates the US Govt, NASA and the military that
we're not allowed to go there, and that we can't overpower the ET species on the moon, since we don't have the technology. They want us to stay away from the moon, which they've claimed for themselves. We can't even work out a treaty, as they want nothing to do with us. But there's some sophisticated kind of communications equipment in the Capitol dome that the govt is using to try to spy on the moon ETs, trying to figure out what they're doing, gain some kind of insight."
Image #3: What Did the Knights Templar Find Under Solomon's Temple?
Backstory: Many know this story. In 1118, the Knights Templar were recognized as an Order by the Pope and were granted a place to live, where they requested, within the sacred enclosure of what used to be Solomon's Temple, known to contemporaries as the Temple on Mount Moriah. They then allegedly spent ten years secretly digging beneath the Temple. What did they find? What's their big secret? And why do they show two knights riding on horseback on their seal? Is it due to influence from the old Cathar religion of the South of France?
What Lynn Saw
"I keep seeing scrolls and scrolls of paper. But then I also see these stone tablets. The tablets were converted to paper by the Templars, since the tablets couldn't be moved 'for spiritual reasons.' The tablets carried some kind of history or ancient knowledge. A lost story of the bible that wasn't included in the final document as it had to do with interactions with ETs in an historical sense. Some first-person descriptions of interactions with an ET, which was withheld as it changes the focus of the bible. Those tablets are still there. This ET thing was the Templars' big secret. Religion is power if you play it right, and having the ET knowledge is something very different. They did find (I saw stone) tablets, and that is what they spent their time transcribing for their own knowledge (essentially a hoard of knowledge). I get the impression that they felt they too could have the relationship with ETs if they had this knowledge -- like learn how to summon them, but I don't see that it ever happened. As for the seal, I keep hearing the word Gemini."
Image #4: Mothman on the Bridge
Backstory: Ok, is that really Mothman on the Pt. Pleasant Silver Bridge, the day before it collapsed in West Virginia, as immortalized in John Keel's excellent book, The Mothman Prophecies? What is Mothman, anyway?

What Lynn Saw
 "I get this is real. When I think of the Mothman I get this image of the Grim Reaper, this negative, lower vibrational stuff, just dark and heavy. It's dark energy, with almost an evil feel behind it. Where did it come from? It came here through some kind of portal, materialized out of nothing. I see that it came from this darker place. Something aligned perfectly and opened a portal and this thing came here, but it didn't belong, so it went back to where it's better served. It's gone."

Image #5: The Marfa Lights
Backstory: The famous Marfa Lights of Marfa, Texas... which look like orbs in this pic. What are they?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that these are positive ETs, celestials drawn to that spot. It feels good, it feels protective and healthy. These orbs are the energetic form of the ETs leaving their physical bodies and appearing on earth. They are protecting the people (and trying desperately to connect to the subconscious layer of earth). I want to use the term Pleiades when I think of them -- something feels magical about it (in a good way)."

Darn, that's the end. Da-da could do this all day. Join us Friday after next for episode #9!


masterz24 said...

There is a video on YouTube that shows a creature with spider legs crawling up a building in Russia. It looks like a slender man. Has anyone seen this video?

siketa said...

Looks creepy!!! If it's real....

Hannon said...

Thanks Da-da and Lynn, That Templar reading scratches an old itch! I wonder how folks would react if the whole and unedited Bible(I guess this goes for other religious text) were to be released? Would they even believe it? In the Northern European Heathen tradition, the "Gods" aren't what we would call Gods today, but ancient ancestors that predated humans who gave gifts to mankind, such as intelligence, language and good looks(I think I got short changed on this one) to name a few, but it makes me wonder if every old tradition points to these/this type of event(s), as if there is little bits and parts of our story around the world just waiting for us to piece together into one cohesive history. Anyways, I'm glad you said that mothman thing is gone, because as a self proclaimed tough guy, I'd pee my pants if I saw that thing :-)

Robert Schoen said...

What a cool grouping of topics! Thanks Da-da, you're really going through my list of burning issues. As for the Templars, now I'm wondering now if all secret societies have some variation of ET knowledge behind them, like if the FreeMasons in their Lucifer worship, could what we refer to as lucifer or the devil be an ET?

As far as that beam coming out of the Capitol, I keep thinking of 'Mars Attacks' and the nursing home granny Sylvia Sidney laughing her head off saying "They blew up the Congrees!" If only...

John Casey said...

Holy cow, another home run! You guys are great, and I have to say the Mothman picture gave me the chills, and I was astonished that Lyn's take on the Death Valley stones is pretty much in line with recent scientific theory on the matter.

As for the Temple Mount, would any of the Templar's transcriptions still exist today? I'm presuming the Israelis have access to these tablets. I wonder what they have done with the inscriptions.

And why would the DoD put lunar surveillance equipment in the Capitol building? Seems like there would be plenty of other places in that area that would be far less conspicuous.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da was also curious as to why they'd use the Capitol biuilding for such a purpose. Perhaps the equipment is mobile and they fired it off at night when no one's around to be sneaky. Who'd suspect it came form there? It's so random... which is prob why they did it.

And thanks for the kind comments, all.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@masterz24 and siketa: I don’t see that as real, so don’t fret too much.

@Hannon: It would be cool to see it all released, and have all ancient knowledge shared. So much has been hidden and suppressed b/c it doesn’t follow today’s ideals.

@Robert: LOL at the nursery rhyme… I do see there are many secrets regarding ETs that are hidden.. How liberating to have them released…

@John: I get there is a select group that does have access to these transcriptions and they are highly guarded.

I thought the capitol building was strange too- I kept seeing all this strange radio equipment, and is there some kind of point that sticks out of the top (which is really an antenna??)? I kept asking “why?” in my mind, but never did get an answer- more like it was “just because” and I had to be ok with that..

@Dada: Thanks for all your hard work. I do appreciate it!

I would also like to thank everyone for their feedback and comments. I do enjoy these “Friday 5” special posts. Love and light-

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw, since this seems to be the place where truth is exposed and the faithful congregates, Da-da's going to post this here:

A friendly heads-up for adamantine discernment.

John Casey said...

Thanks Lyn. I keep remembering that line fron "Dune": Fear is the mindkiller.

@Dada, I read the spherealliance post. That sounds like the cabal is planning to use disonformation based on religious belief systems to try to gain some time. Is that correct?

Raymond G said...

Thanks for the pics and the review, it was interesting.

Mark Noeth said...

Again another nice read on things.

The capital beam idea works for me. Are commander and chief may have to send messages from time to time and this may be the only way. It may be used to go to other locations as well.
The Templar's are interesting as well. Solomon had a huge amount of artifacts at the temple and their spread out all over now. I have looked for some of them with a dowsing method I created years ago. It might surprise you how many people and or Governments look for stuff like this.
Mothman - When I read something aligned perfectly and a portal opened. I immediately thought of a summation. As a occultist of over twenty years. This would have been a good or kewl experiment or someone may have tried something like this just to do it. Their are a lot of groups that do things like this as well and this entity may have been needed for something.
Again, good read...

Raymond G said...

What is the significance of Gemini ?

There are two guys on the horse and Gemini is the sign of twins. I get that much.

Gemini is from 21 May to 21 June.
Does that mean someone was born during that time or that something significant will happen then?

Or does it mean that the ET's come from the planets found in the constellation Gemini ?

I searched briefly online and the third closest planet system is found in Gemini, but they are brown dwarfs and said to be more like Jupiter than our sun. They are about 6.5 light years away.

Or was it an early form of online dating and some lonely Templars were looking for available women with the same sun sign?

A Man Called Da-da said...

@johncasey ~ Not sure. We're all gonna have to scrutinize everything over the next few months, and take everything with a giant salt lick. Now that their "custodian" cavalry has failed them, the cabal's defeat is a foregone conclusion. Given the fact that the folks they have on the payroll now aren't the A or the B teams, expect things to not go well at all for them; lots will get caught beforehand. The real problem will be trying to throttle back everyone's anger once the truth reaches the mainstream. They need to realize that surrender will work really well for them, and for us. They just need to step aside so the rest of the world can grow up.

[Deleted the first post b/c Da-da hates typos.]

John Casey said...

@Dada, I think we have a very hard job ahead. This telling the psyop from reality when all you have to differentiate between them is a vague fore knowledge represents quite a challenge. If I were them, my goal would be martial law and a complete breakdown in international communications, in short, to stovepipe everyone. But there are so many "memes" set up that could be whipped up suddenly to establish martial law, everything from "Contagion"-style disease or hostile ETs or asteroid impact, etc. But now, you said the A and B teams are out of the picture. But where did they go?

Mark Noeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: I totally resonated with that. Thanks for sharing!

@Raymond: I was puzzled by that too. That was all I got- the word “Gemini.” Maybe I am not supposed to know or maybe it will come to me later.

Thanks for the good discussion and dialogue. I am glad that you enjoyed this post and had some good conversation! Love and light-

Mark Noeth said...

@Dada, Deleted my last comment. The disclosure wasn't what I thought. Spent 4 hours after work reading through Corey's SBA page. WOW was I ignorant to all this. It's a lot to swallow at one time. Still in shock and awe. Focus Sessions reading on Corey is actually on his FB page.

Adrian Davidson said...

Hi Lynn, keep up the good work cos your doing a fantastic job. After reading your blog about the Knights Templar and you mentioning Gemini (being a bit of an astrologer myself and big time conspiracy theorist) I remembered the names Castor & Pollux, dicided to do a quick search and found this...
Life really is stranger than fiction somtimes.

Adrian Davidson said...

This link will also help
Good Luck...

YourPsychicFocus said...

@adrian: Thanks for sharing this.

They Live said...

Perhaps it was the age of Gemini when this discovery occurred.

They Live said...

Castor and Pollux remind me of Remus and Romulus but with a better brotherly connection. Supposedly Ester/Isis etc. had twins from Lucifer. This twin theme is a reaccuring thing eh?