Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spirit Healers (Mr. Alfredo Luiz Di Palma Albarello)

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you please answer this question? As commented on your blog, this spirit healer (Mr. Alfredo Luiz Di Palma Albarello, age 50 to 60) falls sick for 3-4 days after each healing session. Could you possibly find the cause and if possible suggest some measures against it. He treats once every fortnight and tends up to 50 people (as far as I could observe).  His sessions are free and as a special gift during his sessions a MD is present and prescribes the drugs recommended by the spirit (the drugs can be bought at a pharmacy of the patient's choice).

This is intriguing because John of God who is almost 73 years old, always treats for 3 days in a row each week (and has around 1000 patients/week). With John of God one has to buy his medicine, if he prescribes some.

BTW, I was present at yesterdays healing session and asked for permission to pose this question to you..
A. I get that Mr Albarello is extremely empathic and uses those skills to preform a form of reiki on his clients. Being empathic allows him to experience someone else's life (emotions, physical condition,etc) through his own person.  I get that he does this intently, but never completely breaks away from his clients at the end of the healing (he remains attached so whatever ails them, will carry on and ail him until he goes through his 2-4 day cleanse that manifests as a sickness).

He could benefit from clearing himself quickly between clients, and then do an intense clearing at the end of a session.  Carrying other peoples energy for extended times can really wear on a system (stress, fatigue, etc).  In addition to clearing himself he can direct the energy he projects on to people in through his crown and out his hands and feet while he heals his own being.

 And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Watchand Knock said...

Thank You very muchLynn! Actually he does not recall anything from the healing sessions. He's kind of asleep while he incorporates the spirit doctor (even his voice and the way he speaks are distinct then). What cleansing method would you suggest once (as mentioned) he does not recall who and how many he treated during each healing session? thanks again!

Alpha X said...

Sorry to go a bit off topic but in your link about Empaths I especially like the paragraph that I've quoted below because it's yet another thing that I do all the time but didn't relate to empathic ability.

"Empaths often possess the ability to sense others on many different levels. From their position in observing what another is saying, feeling and thinking, they come to understand another. They can become very proficient at reading another person's body language and/or study intently the eye movements. While this in itself is not empathy, it is a side-shoot that comes from being observant of others. In a sense, empaths have a complete communication package."

I also do this when talking with someone, even if I can't see them.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@watchandknock: It is actually really common for someone while using intuitive or energetic abilities to sort of "zone out" (for lack of a better term) while going through the process. For example, when I am reading people most times I don't remember much of what I said. When I am approached later and am asked about a specific reading, I usually don't have any recollection of it (or remember it like a foggy dream). People I work with regularly, I know, but most people I cannot remember. I thought about why this is during a meditation (because I sensed many people did not understand), and it came to me that spirit/source/universal consciousness is working through me, not to me in those experiences. I would relate this to a DVD player: The player relays the information, but does not store it. You are the tool being used to provide a service.

I get that what he would need to do is develop a clearing process at the end of his sessions. He doesn't need to remember what he did, or who he connected to, but rather do a cleansing to break away from all energies that aren't his own. Develop a mantra as part of it that works for him. For example, "Anything that is not belonging to me, or that is not in my greater good needs to move to where it is better served." Then, take a minute to focus on that intent, and then take some cleansing breaths.

@Alpha: Being an empath is a beautiful gift. Understanding it helps so much and really aids in insight to yourself.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you so much Lynn! Recalling your recent reading on Rei-ki, I had the feeling that (in addition to what you said) doing a crown chakra opening medidation would possibly allow him to refill his energy reservoir faster, once during the session he pours great amounts of it out through his hands. Just a guess! Also, do you see those ritualistic cleansing baths (with 1. diluted coarse salt and followed by 2. macerated herbs (rosemary and basil) infusions) which are very popular among the afro-descendants in South America, as an additional helpfull measure? Muchas Gracias!

Me too said...

What about John of God (João de Deus)? I know a lot of people that go there often and several people from other countries fly to see him. Is he legit?

Raymond G said...

This is interesting. I wonder how Alfredo and others do this ? Jesus made a remark about healing and that we all had the ability within us. Unfortunately I can't find the quote. Is it an innate ability that all have within us and Alfredo just managed to 'click it on' ? Or was this a part of his soul contract and the angels above decided before he was born that he would be chosen to do this ?

How come Brazil and the Philippines have a lot of 'psychic' healers but they don't seem to be prevalent anywhere else ? Is it because of the laws in the West that prohibit practicing medicine without a license ?

I tried searching Alfredo Albarello on the internet but I did not find him. I just thought it would be interesting to learn more about him.

Watchand Knock said...

After a short collective prayer (starts 17:00) the medium receives the spirit (here in an interview program) of Dr. Fritz (19:30 until 28:25). From this moment on his voice and accent are slightly different. The purspose here is to heal the ear of a technician from the TV Network, as an example (
Many videos from John of God which are also available in english (, show essentially the same procedure.
The difference with Mr. Alberto is that he gets sick after each session (that's probably why he chose not to go public).

Me too said...

WhatandKnock - I do believe in him, my mom lives nearby and goes there very often. Sheis not cured, but her symptons were lessened...

PimpMyBrain said...

@ Raymond G in Europe the alternative Medecine is not prohibited, it is regulated, sometime (some country) recognized as real medecine. the "healer" can rule an office and make money with this, no banned (by paying their taxes).

In France (where i live) "Magnétiseur"(magnetizer), "boutefeu"(blaster) and remote healer can be found almost anywhere. Each municipality or group of municipalities have a well know in the surrondings and you can encounter a display panel on the roadside. They are anchored in the traditions and when the general medecine is stuck, people calls them quite easely (if not narrow-minded). You are just not cover by the healtcare (only your pocket money). No loud advertissing on them because to their non-official statut, but if asked, you can find one quite easily.

At moment they look like to have a "come back" in the needs of people,i see more people around me have appointment. And i hear and read more stories about professionals of the general medecine call them for help. So... time seems to change...