Thursday, October 16, 2014

Q & A XXXIX: Mysterious Deaths or Missing People Part II [Group Post]

Q. Hello Lynn.  Thank you for this wonderful post! Could you please do a reading on Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, Michael P. Anderson, Ilan Ramon Kalpana Chawla, David M. Brown and Laurel Blair Salton Clark? They disappeared February 1 2003 and are the crew of space shuttle Columbia! What did actually cause their disappearance? Thank You!
A. I get they really died on this shuttle.  I cannot connect to a malicious or intentional act (negligence on the part of NASA, yes).  

Q. I was wondering what you can see about the Dennis Martin case. He was a 6 year old boy that disappeared in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. That was in 1969. It has been 45 years and that family has no idea what really happened to him. It was a very big case at that time around the whole nation. 
A.  I hear a phrase saying "it was supernatural, like the heavens opened up."  I see a craft above him (I get a vision of the movie Taken) and it looks like a beam of light came down, and rode the beam of light back up to the ship.  I see his face during this time, and he looks as though he is absent of feelings- he isn't scared, happy, excited, upset, just kind of numb.  He was in a totally numb looking state as he rode this beam of light to the ship.  I also get there were some UFO sightings (but maybe were hidden, or recorded off the books??) at the time this happened.  Once the government got notified of this, I get there was a huge investigation (again, not totally on the books) to research, investigate and try to make contact with these beings.

Why did they chose him?  The first thing I hear is that he was "at the wrong place at the wrong time."  It really was very random.  There was no energetic connection or seeking this boy out, it was really random (and to some extent Dennis's destiny).  I see he is still on board this ship, but he stopped aging as a teen??  He has actually made peace with the situation, and looks to these ETs as his family (this was learned over many years, at first this was not so accepted by him).  They keep him in order to learn.  I don't see physical experiments being done on him, but rather mental ones.  I see Dennis communicating telepathically to the ETs aboard the ship.

Will he be released?  I do not see him being released, and to some extent Dennis is psychologically able to acclimate back to earth.  I cannot connect to him being here on our physical plane again.

Q. Dear PF, could you please help us solving the murder-mystery of Arushi Talwar here in India? Some say that Talwar's servant Hemraj murder Arushi (a teenager girl, daughter of two influential doctors Mr. and Mrs. Talwar) while some say Arushi's parents only killed her. On that murder-day only 4 persons i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Talwar, Arushi and Hemraj was present, out of which Arushi was murdered first then later Hemraj was found dead. Who is the actual killer of Arushi and Hemraj?

A.  I immediately got that the parents are involved in this, but indirectly.  I get they hired someone to come in and kill their daughter, and the servant got in the way and was killed too.  There was never an intention (or payment negotiated) for the servant to be murdered,, but because of his presence and witness of this (something was strange about his routine) he was killed to protect the identity of the real murderer.  

I also got that they may have checked the phone records of the parents, or even what they are able to see with the daughter and servant, but the plans that were made between the hired assassin and the parents (I am pulled more toward the mom) were done on an alternate anonymous phone (which the records are unable to be found).  I get details were given, and the plan was put in motion when both parents had a good alibi.  The key to solving this case is finding the "real" phone used to make the plans.

Why do this?  I hear that  "money is the root of all evil" and get this impression that monetary gain was to be made (along with fame, but money was more the motivator).

Q.Teoh Beng Hock: April 20, 1979 – July 16, 2009. On 15 July 2009, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) took him into custody for questioning about allegations of corruption. He was found dead the next morning on the rooftop of a building adjacent to the MACC offices.  Teoh's mobile phone was still in the possession of MACC officials when he was found dead at 1.30 pm despite the MACC's claims that Teoh was released at 3.45 am. A royal commission of inquiry ruled Teoh's death as suicide resulting from abusive behaviour by MACC officers, a verdict which was rejected by the victim's family. Nobody believed that he would commit suicide as he has planned to register his marriage with his fiance the day following his death and that his fiance was pregnant.  It was heart-breaking to see that his fiance still go ahead with the traditional Chinese marriage ceremonies on 15 August, so that her name could be engraved in his tomb as his wife.  Without further proof what really happened to him, the family is still waiting for a closure
A.  I do not see that this was a suicide, but rather a murder.  I see he was questioned about what he knew, and he stood true to what he was saying.  Their government even tried to bargain with him (get him to share information) and talk to him in a way that feels like a "mind trick" to make him think he didn't know what he really did know, and it didn't work. He realized there was no "win" in the situation, and kept true to himself.  

The government was frustrated with the line of questioning, and his lack of compliance.  At the conclusion of the interview something happened, and they "talked" him into killing himself and making it look like a suicide, when in reality it was forced.  I get that he was a very strong person, but then they made real (and believable) threats on his family which terrified him.  He was very scared, and did what they wanted.  (I feel blocked from going into this more.)
Q. Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed: 1955 – April 6, 2011 He was a Malaysian customs officer from Port Klang. On 6 April 2011, according to MACC accounts, Ahmad Sarbani was brought into a room on the third floor by an officer and disappeared a few minutes after 10:15 am. He was then found dead in the open air badminton court on the first floor at 10:20 amHis death coincided with the MACC's investigation into allegations of corruption in the Royal Malaysian Customs. The MACC insists that Ahmad Sarbani was not murdered, nor did he commit suicide, but rather fell to his death trying to escape from the building. In September 2011, the coroner's court ruled the death an accident. His family and colleagues said that he was a calm and patient man with high integrity. Another family who could not accept the court’s ruling.
A. I get a clear image of a man being taken and thrown from the rooftop.  It looks like there were 3 men holding him and literally threw him off.  I don't see questioning, or any explanations.  The government was so sure of his involvement with the Royal malaysian Customs that they wanted him silenced.

Q. Have you heard of the mysterious black woman wandering around Hillsboro? She's so mysterious that nobody recognizes her.  Is she perhaps an angel or another entity in disguise? Or just some human being?

A.  I see her as human and she is on some kind of spiritual quest (the image I have is of a nun that has taken an oath of silence).  She began her mission that is both physical and spiritual to become closer to her higher self. I will say that as I tune into this more, she is carrying some negative energy with her (it looks attached and following closely behind her as she walks), and I get that in addition to reaching her higher self, she feels this journey will rid her of the negativity that feels to be connected to her.

Q. Who killed Meredith Kercher? Was it Amanda Knox? Will this case ever be solved?

A.  I get that Amanda Knox didn't do the killing, but was somehow involved or knowledgeable and protecting someone else (someone she cared about or even felt she loved??).  She regrets not coming forward now, but in a way feels it is too late to change her story, and by changing her story now she will get worse consequences because the true story does show her involvement.  This case feels twisted because there are many truths mixed with lies (and mislead or misrepresented evidence).  It is difficult for the legal system to sort out the truths.  I cannot see a real "truth" being revealed with this case, but I also hear something about justice being served. ??

Q. Can you focus on Arturo Gatti's death?

A.  I see this as a true suicide.  I get he was taking something artificial to help enhance his skills while fighting (not a steroid but something like that).  I get that this drug also gave him fluctuating mood swings- not really happy or sad, but rather super anxious and very depressed.  He was in a depressed point, and mixed that emotion with some kind of recreational drug, which made his out of his mind and led to him taking his life.

And that is all I have for this reading.  I have MANY more question on this topic that I will continue in a future reading.  Thank you. Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.


NOCALGAL2013 said...

Are homeless people going missing in U.S. cities? who is taking them? where did they go? What happened to them after they were taken? Why?

a2k said...

Dear PF, thanks for letting us know the actual murderer of Arushi. But why & how would a parent kill their own daughter just for the sake of money? and How were they able to make money out of this?

Marina said...

Thank you for the post Lynn! Was Lloyd Pie´s untimely death, which occurred less than one year ago, due to an incduced disease? He´s a known researcher who devoted much time researching on the Yeti Zara who after getting captured lived in Abkhazia (part of the former Soviet Union)and gave birth to 8 hybrids. ( position 1:06)

Charlie said...

I love your posts, always so informative! Thank you!!!

Chatty Cathy said...

The Dennis Martin case sounds straight from the movie I saw recently, Guardians of the Galaxy.

As a child in Missouri in 1988 and following his mother's death from cancer the main character, Peter Quill, was abducted up into a spaceship and raised by a group of alien thieves and smugglers called the Ravagers. In adulthood he begins to exhibit heightened extrasensory abilities and it is later learned that he is actually a half-human/alien hybrid who looks like a normal human.


AKKL said...

How is one able to rid themselves of negativity attached to them? How does it attach itself?

Craig said...

@AKKL From my spiritual teachings, here are some ideas:

For starters, notice when you are being negative and consciously change to a neutral or more positive position or attitude. Negativity does not necessarily "attach itself" to people, it is more of a learned behavior, subconscious as well from habit.

Know that whatever energy you put out in the world, you are responsible for, and in addition,it will return back to you at some point to be dealt with.

What does attach itself to people are negative entities who are like spiritual energy suckers (people can be like that too, sapping your energy). They are attracted by negativity, fear, anger/rage. Fear puts holes in your aura and allows entrance by these energies, and therefore allows influence into your mind and emotions.

Meditation daily, and calling for spiritual protection are a couple of good ways to keep your energy strong.

Others may have more to add, but that is my personal view after years and years of proving this to myself through meditation and some excellent spiritual teaching from some great teachers.

susan said...

Dear PF,

There is this "Miracle Mineral Solution" or "Miracle Mineral Supplement" which was supposed to offer a cure for many illnesses' (HIV, malaria, hepatitis viruses, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, autism, acne, cancer).
Many government(Canada, Britian) are banning this drug saying it is toxic.
Just wondering your thoughts on this drug and if governments are trying to keep good cures out of the hands of the public.


And regarding these abductions, will they become more common in the future. Thanks!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@NOCALGAL2013: I see the government is taking them and disposing of them… It is like some kind of a “clean up” project they are working on..??

@a2k: I see it around the insurance money (and some mental problems too).

@marina: Thanks for the question. I will add this to a future post.

@Charlie: 

@Chatty Cathy: That is interesting! Never heard of the movie. I do see that many things that are real (but maybe too hard to believe) seep through the subconscious and end up portrayed in books, movies, tv, etc. I do not think things are coincidence, but rather a synchronicity. Thank you for sharing.

@AKKL: It attaches because you allow it. You are a strong person (all human souls are), you just have to believe it. You can force it off with your intent. Some use tools to strengthen the intent (crystals, organite, herbs, rituals, smudging, etc), but ultimately is you that drives it off.

@Craig: You said it beautifully. Thank you.

@Susan: I saw this as being beneficial (if not abused or over used). It can really help the body to heal. I have even done a reading on this in the past.

Rajesh Gajra said...

(sorry, i had to delete my earlier post, as i had made some mistakes in it)

Lynn, in the Aarushi murder case (my heart goes out to the soul of this little sweet girl & i hope she is in peace whereever it is now), while one would not have held anything in favour or against the parents, there were certainly major problems one would have had with the way the CBI (investigating agency) and the court Judge handled the case. It was full of un-substantiated insinuations and completely shoddy findings. The Judge continously denied the parents the basic stuff that any US court would have certainly allowed.

The insurance money angle was never taken up by the CBI. No one has ever (as far as I have read about the case in detail) pointed out in this direction. One does not even know that there was an insurance policy in her name.

So, what is confusing to me is this: 1. Why was the investigating agency and the courts being biased if they did know about the insurance money angle. 2. What is the mental problem you alluded to in your reply to a2k here in the comments section? Is it about the mother or the daughter?

Plz assist as this case has sown very deep disquiet (about CBI, courts on one hand and about parents likely to do this on the other hand) in the minds of many many among us here in India.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rajesh: The insurance thing just came to me... It is definitely something to investigate (is it real and who cashed in??). I also got that the mom had mental issues and was taking some kind of harsh drug (In my mind I saw valium and lithium). I am not sure how to aid in the investigation- I have never done or pursued that (not sure it is even within my scope).

oceandrivejr said...

How interesting that you say Dennis Martin was abducted. According to Dr Douglas James Cottrell, through his DTM he said he was eaten by a bear

Marina said...

maybe by ETs from the Great Bear constellation? ;)

Rusty Bojador said...

Hi Lynn
My question got deleted
I would to know what alien life forms kidnapped Dean Martin? Can the grey alien helped him?

I also curious if this husband and wife at this website claimed to have contact with the aliens? Is it true? And are these aliens part of the Galactic Frederation?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@oceandriverjr: I didn't see anything about a bear... I can't connect to that.

@marina: That could be possible- I didn't see a location, but rather the "event" of his capture...

@Rusty: I am not sure which ones kidnapped him. I can't get a clear image of them- When I pose the question of being helped- I get that at this point he doesn't really think or want helped. It is as if he is so far removed from this human population that he is in acceptance of where he is. It would be hard to adjust back to our way of life.

I do see the husband and wife have had some mental type of communication, but I don't see it as very intense. I do get the impression that the aliens they are connected with are part of the Federation.

Rusty Bojador said...

Thank you Lynn for answering my question
I only hope Dennis Martin is being fairly treated by these aliens and it's interesting that you mentioned he stopped aging is this have anything to do with the space dimension he is right now? What sort of interaction he is getting from these ETs?

I've read in this forum
The government did not handle the case very well and until now, Dennis Martin parents and family are completely destroyed by his disappearance. I just hope in some way, Dennis might understand what his family have been through and I honestly don't think he can get the same closeness from these ETs.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rusty: I do see he is being treated fairly. His dynamic is that he exists and interacts with them, but it feels a little "sterile" or absent of deep emotion. In some way I get that if his family went to a medium or was able to meditate themselves, he is capable (either himself or ETs he is with) of sending some kind of mental communication to them..??

Sadiya Shaikh said...

Hi,I am from Goa,India.I came across your blog today itself when I Googled "murder mystery solved by remote viewing". Actually what is bothering me is that I don't think the Indian police is taking help me any psychics to solve murder cases (when they are obviously incompetent.) On today's newspaper two murder cases have appeared in the headlines. The one that has taken my breath away is the murder of Monika Ghurde an independent perfumer and researcher. She was 38 year old and her body was discovered Thursday night. She was found without clothes and her hands were tied to the bed. Could you please give an insight into this case? Who could be the murderer? There were no visible injuries on her body. Please help us, the police could use this information to find the murderer.