Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Time Monk Radio Show with Melodi

Thank you for the opportunity to do this show.  I had a great time Melodi!



KnockandWatch said...

Hi Lynn very interesting interview: Once the Amazon is one of the biggest fresh water basins of the globe how do you see it getting affected by the short term climate change you commented on in the video? CPRM federal government agency warned May 30,2014 that Manaus (where severall WC soccer games where carried out recently) is going to experience its most important flood so far this year (floods are very common in this area and people got kind of used to it, see PIC in the link). Are worse floods to be expected in Manaus and Belem (next to the Amazon river delta),where millions of people live,in the next years? Thank You! http://acritica.uol.com.br/manaus/Manaus-prepara-cheia-Negro-Solimoes_0_1147685257.html

Clarissa fatola said...

Hi Lynn enjoy the radio program.