Monday, June 30, 2014

Curses (Karma and Law of Attraction)

Q. Dear Psychic, I want to know what will happen is a person often curses people who anger or mistreat him/her by wishing them and their family very bad fortune, get killed in car crash, get murdered etc. How will it affect his or her present life? Will this person accumulate bad karma and maybe have a not so good next life. Thank you for your time.
A. I first get that positive intent (or rather intent this is directed in the greater good) is clearly understood and will often manifest, even though it may feel like it comes about in mysterious ways. When you project good intent, things that "feel" good come back to you.  I hear that truly what goes around comes around.  I am given this example- You stay positive, do something nice (like give a homeless person a $1) .  A few days later you realize that you need some cash, don't have time to go to the bank, you grab a jacket you haven't worn in a year and find $20 in the pocket... Good actions bring about good actions and keep that cycle flowing.

The same is true with negative actions, or ill willed intent.  When negative intent (or intent that is not in the greater good) is projected onto someone it can be misdirected, misinterpreted and come back to you in an adverse way.  I get the universe doesn't translate negative intent to same way it does positive intent.  It does not translate clearly and concisely. If you wish or curse something onto someone that is harmful, that wish may come back to you, your family or in some adverse unintended way. 

All intent and actions you project attaches to the karmatic piece of your soul.  It can effect your current life, or a future life until it is processed and resolved.  The universe is all about balance, so positive and negative energies are necessary for things to work (and at some point your soul has or will have to experience both sides of this in order to grow and expand through experience).  The goal is to continue to work through the negative challenges (some are much harder than others) and turn it into a positive experience.

I was left with one last thing... When things are phrased to the universe, you have to chose your words wisely.  For example, negative words aren't "heard" by the universe the same way we hear them.  If you say,'I don't want to get in a car accident', the universe "hears" "I want to get in a car accident'- the "don't" gets left out of the interpretation.  The better phrase would be 'I want to travel safely".  So remember when you say your prayers, put in your intent, meditate, focus on the law of attraction, create affirmations etc... to phrase your thoughts in a way that avoids words like don't, won't, shouldn't, can't, never, not, no..etc.  Be direct, clear and positively oriented.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.

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