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Occasionally you will see requests deleted because I've transferred them into my working drafts. Even if it takes a while for your post to show up, I will keep and address them all.  I have also been doing several personal requests.  My goal is to complete at least two blog requests a week (I also do group submissions covering several topics), so please check back if you are waiting on something specific.

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Anyone that has a GENERAL REQUEST (world changes, aliens, cool discoveries, phenomena, etc) can post their request in the comments area and I will respond when I have time.  The question / responses will appear on the main Home Page.  The basic key is as follows: Q-Question, A-Answer  ...-represents about a 10-20 second pause per dot.  

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I have recently had some frustration expressed to me regarding the length of time it takes for some questions to be focused on.  I have over 100 great questions, and when I go to do a reading I scan them over and pick the one I feel connected to at that time.  I will always do free requests, it just may take a while for a specific question to get picked.  If you have something pressing and you would like me to set aside scheduled time to answer it, I am happy to take those requests as a Priority Blog Request.  They will be completed by your scheduled time and posted on the blog.  I will forward you a copy of the link to review, and will follow-up on any additional clarification or questions you may have.


Dante said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you take a look at this video where Bob Dylan said he made a bargain with the “chief commander”? Who is Bob Dylan talking about? Lucifer? Is Bob Dylan being literal or figurative here? Any other clarification to this video would be appreciated. Thank you.


Here is the link to the video:

Suz Nagel said...

Hi Lynn what ever happened to the schooner the Patanela which disappeared under strange circumstances in 1988. What is the truth about the two phone calls one wanting money for fuel and the other saying hello to his father before the line went dead.

Jackie said...

Hello Lynn,
There is this Pastor on utube, named Pastor Dowell. He speaks alot of truth and people either understand and are accepting or buck back at him bc of what he says. I'd like to know your thoughts on him. He has layed hands and healed people. He is really big into being a Yisralite, family structure & roles being lived by the true original Bible. Also about opting out "the system" and men not gettibg married. Here is a video he posted about "The real Jesus" and the reckoning of when he comes.

Sam said...

What is thw chi energy. Can it held by a machine being and used for healing?
Thank you ?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'd say yes, but what do you have to say on this question. Should all North Pacific seafood be avoided?

kris said...

Hi Lynn, There is a cyrpto coin out there called The Billion Coin (TBC).
The 'owner' is seemingly a 'team" and the only name attached to the team is Kris Kringle (Father Christmas)!
It is labeled a scam (by professionals )who advise to keep away .. saying: "The sad truth is that TBC is a scam and they’re good at it". And: "TBC is aimed at people in third world countries, and it’s trying to separate them from their hard-earned money. For the most part, TBC is being heavily promoted in Africa and the Philippines. TBC scam artists are simply robbing poor people".
On the other hand, some members are declaring TBC is the 'greatest'. And on the net we dont know who is who. Cheers Kris

Vicki Mayhew said...

Lynn, I have been wondering about this for sometime. All of these games that people are playing on their phones: words with friends, candy crush etc. Are subliminal mind control messages being sent by the PTW? I only play Words with friends (scrabble) but feel like it
is another way to keep the masses distracted and not paying attention. If I play before bedtime, I am finding it much harder to fall asleep. Was wondering about your take on all of these games.

Warcy said...

Hi Lynn

What are the spiritual or physical causes of food allergy. Why is it that some people are allergic to certain type of food eg. MSG, peanuts, shrimp while other aren't.

Jim McKelvey said...

Really liked the way you looked into Pilot Mountain. Have since learned it is a sacred mountain to the "first people" who were there for the past twelve thousand years or so. The Cherokee have a myth about the Nunne'hi who are said to "live everywhere" and "live nowhere." The Nunne'hi were recently portrayed on the cable tv series, "Outlander" in the third episode of the current season in North Carolina. Can you tell us about the Nunne'hi who live under Pilot Mountain and Black Mountain, how long they've been there and how do they decide to help some people? I know of one person who heard them walking on gravel type rocks at Pilot Mountain only a couple of years ago...

SMG said...

Hi Lynn

You have commented on Middle Earth in past blogs. I like to know more about the civilizations that live there. Do they look human, and can they die from illness and disease like we do on surface earth. What kind of foods do they eat? Thank you kindly for your time.

Nessie said...

Hi Lynn I hope you are well. Would you please do a post on Fallen Angels? They are recognised by both Christianity, Islam and Judaism, however how much truth is there in these writings? Thank you in advance :)

Jackie said...

Hi Lynn,
Was wondering if you can shed some new light on a theory I came across about the Transatlantic slave trade being a big deceptive lie. That not as as many slaves from Africa were truly shipped to America, and that people of color we're in fact natives to these lands and we're being assimilated into slavery by co-mingling through horrific ways the natives, Indians, and the small population of African slaves to dilute the blood and make a race of people more docile and able to cintrol.