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Occasionally you will see requests deleted because I've transferred them into my working drafts. Even if it takes a while for your post to show up, I will keep and address them all.  I have also been doing several personal requests.  My goal is to complete at least two blog requests a week (I also do group submissions covering several topics), so please check back if you are waiting on something specific.

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Anyone that has a GENERAL REQUEST (world changes, aliens, cool discoveries, phenomena, etc) can post their request in the comments area and I will respond when I have time.  The question / responses will appear on the main Home Page.  The basic key is as follows: Q-Question, A-Answer  ...-represents about a 10-20 second pause per dot.  

*NEW: Priority BLOG Requests:

$25 - 1 Public Interest Topic / Question
I have recently had some frustration expressed to me regarding the length of time it takes for some questions to be focused on.  I have over 100 great questions, and when I go to do a reading I scan them over and pick the one I feel connected to at that time.  I will always do free requests, it just may take a while for a specific question to get picked.  If you have something pressing and you would like me to set aside scheduled time to answer it, I am happy to take those requests as a Priority Blog Request.  They will be completed by your scheduled time and posted on the blog.  I will forward you a copy of the link to review, and will follow-up on any additional clarification or questions you may have.


Hulsie said...

Hi Lynn, was wondering if you could do a reading on Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan. Every time there is an election the electricity is cut off in Turkey. Is he or his team changing the election results during these times? I have never liked him and wonder how he can be in power for so long. Thanks!

A Fox said...

7 year old Sailor Gutzler was the sole survivor of a plane crash in Kuttawa, Kentucky in January 2015 that killed her parents, sister and cousin. This is another one of those “why are they photoshopping the images” question. The photos of her with her bio family who were supposedly killed are all tampered with or created. The ones where she’s with her new “adoptive family” actually look like they could be real making me think that’s her actual real family? This feels money related. Why create such an elaborate story of a 7-year-old surviving a plane crash with broken bones, walking through the forest in the complete darkness for miles with no shoes on and showing up on someone’s doorstep?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Do atoms have individual sentience? Are they all individuals in their own right with their own streams of consciousness and thoughts?

space said...

wondering about the Count of St. Germain ( )
dose he pretend to die every so often and show up as someone else, is this the same guy ?
Jacques St. Germain,
is the same guy ?
has there really been some guy walking around on earth for hundreds of years without aging ?
if so, how is he doing it ? does he really make gold from lead ?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hot button, here!

Is Enlil the real Old Testament god, and does that make the followers of that collection of chapters the tools of Enlil who allegedly hates humanity and is no doubt pissed that some survived the flood. (That didn't work, so let's try again by trying to incite everyone to kill each other off? That could explain a lot of our history, though I don't think it's a good thing in the Karmic scheme of things to have been 'CHOSEN' by the likes of Enlil, not that I like Enki any better.) I've been reviewing the Epic of Gilgamesh again, and it's older than the Bible, so. . .

Dante said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you take a look at this video where Bob Dylan said he made a bargain with the “chief commander”? Who is Bob Dylan talking about? Lucifer? Is Bob Dylan being literal or figurative here? Any other clarification to this video would be appreciated. Thank you.


Here is the link to the video:

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What is the agenda of the powers that think they are, in promoting Islam. . .which FORBIDS usury; by the way.

Me too said...

What really happened to the little boy Maddox Ritch? There are some questions about the circumstances of his disappearance.

Me too said...

There is going to be a big election in my country Brazil, what is the take on the 2 major candidates Bolsonaro and Haddad?

SMG said...

The video game 'Fortnight' Battle Royal, has many children and adults addicted. Many people are spending huge amounts of money and time playing this game, and therefore affecting their mental, social and financial wellbeing. The game is violent, encourage the gamer to shoot and kill people in order to win or score. Do you see an end to the success of this popular game, and children may even loose interest?

Dante said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you please take a look at the Kardashian family and see if they are connected with witchcraft and Satanism? I also noticed while watching "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" that in Kris Jenner's house there is a black and white checkerboard tile floor. Perhaps there is a Freemasonry connection as well? Also, is there such thing as the "Kardashian Curse"?

Thank you.

Raymond said...

A few weeks ago, astronauts on the International Space Station found a hole drilled into the side of a module. It was deliberate, not an accident.

Yesterday, a Russian rocket launched towards the ISS and a booster engine failed.
They aborted the mission and made an emergency landing.

We know that the hole in the ISS module was intentional. What about the engine failure? Was that intentional as well ? Is there someone, or a group of people that are intentionally trying to sabotage the ISS? Or, are the two incidents unrelated and just a very unfortunate coincidence?

Suz Nagel said...

Hi Lynn what ever happened to the schooner the Patanela which disappeared under strange circumstances in 1988. What is the truth about the two phone calls one wanting money for fuel and the other saying hello to his father before the line went dead.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Will the MGTOW movement (Men Going Their Own Way. . .a movement forsaking chicks.) grow big enough to make an impact on society?

wodasi in North Dakota USA Charlebois said...

well I hesitate to ask about people but thats all i've got for the moment .
Wes Penre

you tube channel ?

where does this guy come from?
there sure are alot of folks who say
they got special knowledge and want to help humanity..

how do you rate his info truthful or BS ?
he seems to not trust anybody..
and i tend to agree with him ..
you must examine any and all news these days , with extra caution ...
thanks Loco Charlie web bot forum ........................

A Fox said...

Did Scott Peterson really kill Lacey /Laci or is there more to the story ? Was she pregnant with his child?