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sen said...

Hi Lynn,
Can you tell me if they convicted the right person on the Josue Flores murder? The story is tragic but something just seems off about the case.

goldenrainbowasana said...

Hi Lynn

I have seen this young man, Matias De Stefano, on tv a lot lately. I see he has a show on Gaia tv and I have seen him in other interviews. Is he the real deal?

Thank you!

Sanles said...

What happened to the little girl Leigh Occhi the truth has never been discovered

Unknown said...

I have a question about some famous lost religious writings, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essene Gospel of Peace. Are these legitimate ancient writings? Were they edited, changed or completely fabricated? Is there any truth in them? The Dead Sea Scolls were supposedly found in a cave in Palestine in 1947, which is suspicious because that was huge year for PTW fakery. They contain a lot of seemingly true (and controversial) spiritual information that was not included in the Bible. Then there is the Essene Gospel of Peace, which Edmond Szekely says he found in the V@tican library. Was Jesus really a raw vegan that promoted enemas and pulled snake-sized parasites out of lepers? Or did he make it all up to promote his health spa? I have to know! Thank you!!

Nurse1277 said...

ISMAEL PEREZ (Galatic Warfare) and author of Our Cosmic Origin, is what he is saying true or false?

Unknown said...

I am asking about a Black New Yorker who runs a popular Christian prophecy blog. She presents under the name "Celestial", and she is the daughter of at least one university professor who told her stories of aliens and other paranormal topics from a young age. This individual has some incredible sci-fi visions of the future, obviously the lower-timeline 3D future since it is very dark and dystopian. Truly amazing stuff.

This person could make a fortune as a Hollywood scriptwriter. However, she would not fit into that culture at all, and seems sincerely dedicated to warning people that a violently oppresive transhumanist future is coming if we do not all change our ways radically.

She says she channels Yah, aka Jehovah. I don't think it is Source, it really doesn't have that flavor AT ALL, and is heavily concerned with 3D physical reality. She does not see the Event aka the Rapture happening at all, and says that if the mess she sees materializes, we will all be stuck in it with no escape.

Historically, the story of the Old Testament god Jehovah has been at least partially derived from the story of Enlil and Enki, the Sumerian gods. There is a lot of Ancient Aliens-type content in this blog.

Who or what is this person channeling? Her own Higher Self? An alien with a proprietary interest in mankind? Some other kind of entity? Like I said, I don't think it is Source, but I could be wrong.

Tuul said...

Hello, Lynn!
This stone is meant to be alien technology. It has to be activated.
Questions: How to activate it? Is the activating worth it? Is this technology from positive or negative aliens'?

Blackbird said...

Hi Lynn! :-)

A while back (years) I asked here if you could please look into whether that young man's claims that he was replaced by the man who is now Prince Harry, had any substance. My comment was removed, so I wondered if you were looking into it. Alas, I can't find a reading so thought I'd ask again.

From memory, the young man who claimed to be the real Harry was found dead some years later ...

Thank you!

mariac said...

Hi Lynn! I hope that you are doing well! I just finished listening to Rabia and Ellyn's podcast on the Laci & Scott Peterson case. They brought up a lot of facts that the media never told us and mentioned a lot of witnesses that were never able to testify on Scotts behalf. I have always thought that he was guilty but now I am not sure what to think. I would love to know what you see! Thank you!

LH said...

I am wondering if you can look into the real murderer of the McStay family please.

He got the death penalty.

warm regards Lorna

PewPewPew said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm wondering if you could give some insight into scalar energy. There are some machines available that use scalar energy as a healing modality. These machines can also heal remotely. I am curious if using this type of energy to heal actually works? Or do the machines that are available on the market actually work? Here is a prominent one:

Thank you!

SMN said...

Hi Lynn what's behind the strange disappearance of all the people in hoer verde

Alice Hatter said...

Debbie Collier case baffles me completely. They just ruled her death a suicide. Was she murdered? How did she end up in the woods, undressed, burned, and what is the explanation of the mysterious text and money she sent her daughter? Was it really her in the footage at the Dollar General? There are so many questions. And no answers. IF you could look into this one, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Jackie said...

Hi Lynn, there recently since the lunar eclipse videos have come out of flocks of animals gathered and just going around in a circle herd motion. In a perfect circle! So if looking down there going jn the kotion of a circle and the center is empty. Do they know something we do t that is about to happen? Any insight into why there doing this?

Jackie said...

Hi Lynn,

I was wondering if you could give insights into the Nubian pyramids- there are over 200 of them and they are older then the Egyptian ones.
What were these ones used for? Is there an alien connection to these and to the land?
Here is a link to learn more about them.

Sandy said...

What ever happened to Richard Simmons? I have heard rumors that he has been in hiding and is scared for his life because of what he has seen in Holly weird.