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I have had some frustration expressed to me regarding the length of time it takes for some questions to be focused on.  When I go to do a reading I scan over the topics and pick the one I feel connected to at that time.  I will always do free requests, it just may take a while for a specific question to get picked.  If you have something pressing and you would like me to set aside scheduled time to answer it, I am happy to take those requests as a Priority Blog Request.  They will be completed on your scheduled day and posted on the blog.  I will forward you a copy of the link to review, and will follow-up on any additional clarification or questions you may have.


Patrick said...

Hi Lynn, trust you're well.
Just wanted to us to revisit an old file vis a vis, your previous prediction of the Red Comet.
Are we to expect it or something similar like a twin sun any time soon? That is, will there be a cosmic response to the hysteria and fear been projected by humanity or a cosmic response to mitigate the PTW's plans for total control, which is ramping up unbelievably at the moment.
Thanks as always

OhYeaIt'sAng said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you do a reading on Rebecca Zahau? She was a girlfriend of a billionaire pharmaceutical tycoon. She was found tied and hanged. How did she die? Was she murderded or did she kill herself? No one in this case was convicted.

Thank you.

BK said...


Can you describe the third Antichrist (Mabus)? What will he do? What are his characteristics?

a2k said...

Hi Lynn! Please do a reading on suicide of Sushant Singh rajput. We here in India is numbed by the tragic suicide death of a rising Bollywood star Sushant Singh rajput. To give you some info , he hailed from a very poor state of Bihar in India. He was a very intelligent engineering student who left studies to persue his passion of becoming Bollywood Star. He rose from scratch and made it to the Bollywood. He was a promising face of Bollywood with quite Good number of hits delivered. But his sudden suicide has left all his fans in utter shock. After his suicides media and fans are blaming nepotism as cause of his depression because he had no God father in the industry. Some are claiming that certain powerful director like Karan johar and actor Salman Khan is running a mafia which promote star kids only. One important link is suicide of his ex secretary 3 to 4 days prior to Sushant's suicide. What is the exact cause of his depression & suicide?

Vortex Spinner said...

Hello can you tell us what happens to the people taken by UFOs into the inner earth? I've heard they are put to work, is this correct, what type of work? Are they used as a food source or a biological source. Is it possible to escape the inner earth?

Anonymous Reader said...

Could you do a reading on the American Dream Mall? It's infamous for having an incredibly prolonged construction period and dealt with numerous setbacks over the years. Just as it was about to finally have a full grand opening, the beer bug crisis caused just about everything to be derailed.

It feels like that somehow, the whole megamall project was struck with a curse that plagued its construction from the beginning, but showed resilience in spite its difficulties. Is there a future for this megamall or will its American dream not fully be realized?

Sandy said...

Did colonists really bring diseases to the Native American Indians on purpose? Via small pox blankets?

Elizabeth Ashley Reis said...

hey lynn! i was wondering. it is said that antony levay, the founder of the church of satan converted to christianity on his deathbed. do you see any truth to this

Robin Obinrays said...

Hi. Lynn, i have more questions.
When i was researching different conspiracies, i stumbled upon an ukrainian youtuber Vyacheslav Kotlyarov. He created a whole worldview around a theory of our Earth being honeycomb, instead of a globe ( <- has to do with fractals and sacred geometry )
Vyacheslav also hosts a livestreaming show on youtube called "Kotlyarof fm". And throughout some of those livestreams and youtube videos i heard about the idea of Slavo-Aryan Vedas and highly-advanced race, which came from space, other star systems and colonized Earth. This race spoke ancient russian/slavic languages. And they had slavic appearance. (Similar to pleiadians?🤔 )

One of the researchers, who is highly-interesting to me, Nikolai Levashov, also talked about this. He mentioned that Encyclopedia Britannica had Great Tartaria as the biggest empire of the world. For myself i understood that it was like Soviet Union, but much larger and much more powerful. And i don't mean communism or political regime. The different races, just like different nationalities, all existed in one empire. That empire had a core race of ancient slavic people as its foundation, base + other non-slavic races as layers of support.
Nikolai said the Slavo-Aryans(called also as Rusy), the descendants of that ancient slavic race from space, were the most advanced on the whole planet at the time. Things like telepathy, clair-abilities, psychokinesis, energy-induced martial arts were normal for that race.
But then i see what is described in "Moksha" by @Technical Intuition as a strong possibility. That remote viewing summary implies our planet was invaded, and a highly-technological system of energy extraction and redirection was set up. Plus, the video doesn't mention this, but a system of social experimentation, experimentation on consciousness and free will was set up as well.
And so i'm unsure. Was there actually such race? Or is this yet another social engineering attempt of dividing & conquering? Because i also heard about ancient black people with elongated skulls who were highly-advanced. Or is this us shifting between timelines and realities?

To me it's very fascinating. If your intuitive side knows anything about this, let me know.

Robin Obinrays said...

Hi. I stumbled upon a theory on russian-speaking youtube that Russia, USA and Canada are on the same content - so the South America and Eurasia are the same content, and it's not divided by oceans. What does your intuition think about it? Is it true?

Johnathan said...

So been digging into tales of Ancient American civilizations lately. You may have possibly heard of the ancient US empires of Cibola and Quivra with boundaries ranging from the Desert Southwest into the Pacific Northwest before, maybe not. They were said to be highly advanced empires with great cities of Gold and Lights. That were possibly wiped out in a mudflood that hit most of the United States around the 1400s. Ever looked into those?

You might notice a lot of early maps of America showed California as its own separate island.

I have found a very different story about California than we have been told. That it once was a nation of black people ruled by a Queen that held the title of Queen Califa, or Khalifa. That they were part of what was once a great African Empire that reached from Africa to Australia and Hawaii all the way to America. That during history the royal bankers who created the English, Dutch, Spanish Trade Companies with massive Navies and Armies slowly wiped it out. It said that Christopher Columbus's navigator was actually African, because the Africans had already been traveling to America before the Europeans were.
One of the most interesting things I've found is that many of the legends about this nation said they had a caste of Amazon like women that road Griffins into battle. But after their nation was almost destroyed to a natural disaster, their spears, bows and arrows, were no match for the Spanish's guns, and they were wiped out. This is why when they Spanish tried to name the region Santa Cruz, the name didn't stick because all the natives knew it was California. Is it possible that some of America's black people are actually natives that lost the truth of their past in slavery? Can you see if there's any truth to any of that?

Has some interesting information about some lost Civilizations in America, including that.

XoXoLuxe said...


NORTH EAST AFRICA: What is going on with the Eritrea? It's a small north east African country that has suffered inflation, poverty, and corruption. The youth population is non existent because they are fleeing to neighboring countries. The national/presidential response has been one of silence or of blaming the citizens. What is the president not telling the people? Also similar situation is erupting in neighboring Ethiopia, do you see anything related there?

Whats going on with "Beeeyonce"? I love the use of African culture that she is seeming to tap into within her videos, but something about it seems dark. It gives me a heavy feeling when I watch her videos. Is there something deeper there?

SERIAL PODCAST: On the hit podcast Serial, the case of a high school boyfriend and girlfriend was presented. Here is a direct quote from the website: "It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he's innocent - though he can't exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. The trouble is, she’s nowhere to be found." Did Anan really commit murder?

Thanks Lynn for all that you do!

Elizabeth Ashley Reis said...

hey lynn! paris hilton has recently come out with a documentary exposing some childhood trauma. she says her parents sent her away to a school for bad kids and it was traumatic! they kidnapped her in her sleep and abused her at the school for 2 years. her parents don't show much remorse in her documentary. paris hilton's sister is married to a rothschild and she never got sent to the school, just paris. what's going on with the hilton's? is this some type of mkultra control/abuse that paris is breaking out of? apparently, this school still exists in utah, and she's helping to get it closed, especially since children as young as 8 are sent there. sounds like paris is the scapegoat child and nikki is the golden child, as many abusive parents label. thanks lynn!

FocusFan said...

I am hearing more and more about Free Energy that does not require power plants or generators.
What does Free Energy require?
Can people use it in their homes?
How does it work?
What year, if any, will it be understood enough to include in a new build?

Thank you, Lynn!

Javier said...

Hi Lynn.

I would like to know your impressions on the strange beings climbing a volcano glacier in Mexico, as described in the following video: