Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Missing Polish Man

Q.  Hi Lynn,


How are you?


Could you please help to locate the missing polish man Michal Kozek lost in Madeira mountains?

His family is desperate to find him alive.  I suspect he may be dead now.


A.  When I focus on him I think the best thing is to place myself with him and watch how these events played out.

As I witness this through his eyes I see myself leave the hotel and start my training run.  I have everything I need and am feeling pretty good.  I decide that I want to head into the forest to enjoy the scenery because it feels to make the time more enjoyable and also provide a good workout.  

I start my way in and the path I'm on feels a little rough.  Typically running on the ground is nice and gives some cushion, but on this day it just feels off.  I still go in thinking the surface will change as I get into the shady areas.  I notice my left knee is a little off and feeling sore. I can't quite figure out why, but assume it has to do with the terrain and feel I can run through it.  

The deeper I get into the run I find myself distracted by my knee and I start to feel a little concerned and try to alter my cadence and also how I plant my feet.  It feels to help as I keep going.  

In a moments notice I realize I had stumbled upon an animal (large cat).  Typically I would be looking far ahead, but on this day I was distracted with the environment (it feels new or unseen before), and also the pain I was having in my knee.  I see the animal feeling threatened, and began to come after me.  

I had 1000 thoughts come to me all at once.  I was trying to decide if I should run, stay still, or what to do.  My instinct was to run and try to climb something.  I see a tree about 20 feet away and run for it.  I start to climb when I feel a tear at my left leg.  I hold on for as long as I can but the force was incredible.   I felt like I was ripped from the tree like a rag doll.  

At that moment everything went completely silent.   I was still trying to fight, but also realized this was a fight I may not win and wanted to try.  It was like my vision was focused solely on this cat.  I felt no pain, just pure fight within me.

Things then just went dark.  I think I passed out from either exhaustion or blood loss.  I'm not sure how long I was out, but the next thing I see is myself floating above my body and looking down.  What I witnessed seemed horrific, but at the same time not real.  I didn't know what I was seeing and felt very confused.  

I was then met by a young man that felt like a brother to me.  He was there to meet me and guide me.  He helped me to realize I was in spirit and I transitioned. 

At this point, this feels more like a recovery, but even that will be a challenge because I get the cat carried off the remains.  

My deepest regrets go to this family seeking answers and closure.  I am so sorry.

Love and light be with them, Lynn 

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Robert Schoen said...

What a remarkable read, Lynn, and so sad that this man still remains missing to his family without closure. From your first person recount f what befell him, it almost seems as though his body was trying to tell him to stop running into the forest, and that the pain in his left knee foreshadowed how the mountain lion later grabbed him on the left leg in the attack that ended his life. This is a lesson in learning how to recognize and trust your instincts.

Truth & light said...

Wow. Agree Robert. Our body/instinct is ALWAYS speaking to us.

Lynn, Did the cat eat his remains or just carried it away?!

Cyber said...


You're incredible to give so much details of what he went through. RIP.

Cathari said...

The real question here for me is this: Assuming Lynn is correct, what Karmic circumstances led to this individual having to experience this tragic fate?

Isit's Technical Analysis said...

'I felt like I was ripped from the tree like a rag doll.'

and carried away the body? I don't think a cat could just carry away a human body.

.. But a dogman could do both.


Jonah said...

Kinda weird you see a big cat being responsible because there are no large predators of any kind on Madeira…it’s an island. Mostly just rabbits, mice and birds. The most dangerous thing is probably the poisonous tarantulas there.

Also they had dogs searching for his body. Any kind of attack would leave a decent amount of blood, which dogs would pick up on.

Very odd. I wonder what really happened to him.

Athenry04 said...

There are no large cats on the island of Maderia. Unless one lives feral on the island, possibly from escapes from private collections. Very odd.

Anniemouse said...

Two posts on Trip Advisor, 5 and 9 years ago, mention sighting of a large wild cat. Poor man, may he rest in peace x

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the comments. Def some things to think on... -Lynn :-)

Plom said...

There are no big cats in island of Madeira forests.

Cyber said...


I think the solution to your question would be to look at his past lives because a big event like this doesn't happen randomly. So it's better to let it rest and make it private rather than public. His spirit already knew the reason.

Chatty Cathy said...

@Cathari - But his death wasn’t very tragic for him though, was it? He felt no pain, was calm and was welcomed on the other side by a person familiar to him. If anything, the karma of his tragic death may be directed towards those who are still living and have to mourn his loss. Something to think about.

Cathari said...

Having one's life cut short at age 35 by being mauled to death by a wild animal is certainly a tragic fate by any standard. The fact that he felt no pain and was lovingly welcomed into the higher worlds does not lesson the tragedy of it at all.
This individual may have contributed much good to the physical plane during decades more of Life here on Earth.

I'm not sure how an individual's Karma can be directed outward towards others. I never heard of such a thing.

Cathari said...

Yes, Karma would certainly mean delving into an individual's past lives on Earth, but also to their experiences in the higher worlds between those incarnations.

I can understand your concern for keeping certain matters private out or respect for family and friends. Yet, I also feel that we all can learn from these tragic events, and sometimes stories such as this one can be used to illuminate much about Life in general, as well as our own person experiences as we grope our way through the labyrinth of Life.

Athenry04 said...

@Anniemouse thanks for those reports, very interesting. However the size of the reports are not animals that are killing and dragging away a full grown man. Very interesting though, as African or the European wildcat could exist on Maderia if they'd been released.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for all the comments. I'm happy to discuss the reading, but for the sake and privacy of the family I hesitate to reveal any more specific details (I was unsure how this much would be received but wanted to help with some element of closure).

Love and light, Lynn