Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What are Migraines

Q.  Lynn,

What are migraines? How do you develop migraines? I read people who suffer are at risk for strokes. Do you see any correlation to migraines and strokes? What can we use to eliminate/alleviate migraines? I get these cyclical annoying migraines. 

A.  When I focus on migraines, I start to see a person having one.  I then start to see through them like an x-ray so I can analyze the root cause.  

I get there is a fascia that connects the scalp to the skull.  This fascia contains nerves and blood vessels.  People that suffer from migraines look to have "tight" fascia already.  When this already tight fascia has a spasm, it restricts blood flow which pinches and squeezes nerves.  This squeezing results in intense pain and can be debilitating.  

I see that pain medications can be helpful to dull the nerve reaction.  Caffeine and peppermint can help to dilate the blood vessels.  Even certain numbing agents can offer relief.  All of the above do feel to be a band aid fix versus prevention, but the intense pain can be unbearable.

In looking at prevention, I see that cranial sacral therapy is effective.  The goal is to loosen the fascia and prevent it from spasming.  You may need frequent fascia treatments early on, but once the fascia releases, occasional "tune ups" looks work well in offering relief.

There is some connection to people with this tighter fascia having strokes.  It is more about the fascia as an indicator, and the treatment of that helps to lessen the stroke probability.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn 

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

When I get a migraine aura, I take 4 feverfew tabs of 380 mg each. Half hour later, I'm fine, and if there's any pain, it's only minimal for a short while. A lot of time, there's no pain at all. I'm not a doctor, but I have several books on holistics, and this is common knowledge for those into herbalism/holistics.

Cyber said...

I think that taking any painkillers or blood vessel dilation medicine don't really solve the root cause but cause liver toxicity instead. Wouldn't a more permanent solution be to massage the appropriate point.

Neeraj said...

Thanks for covering this topic. My father has been suffering from migraine for 30+ yrs. I have seen him suffer & it is not been easy for us - me & my family. I wanted to know will healing technique's like Quantum Touch & Q.H.H.T help in overcoming the pain for good?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

HI everyone! Thanks for the comments. Regarding QHHT, I get you really need to work the fascia which is hands on. If you can find someone that does Cranial Sacral or fascia work, that would be really helpful with these.

David said...

Caffeine constricts blood vessels . Feverfew daisy is legendary for its migraine treating properties . Arginine increases nitric oxide production , which increases blood flow . Also cold laser has demonstrated remarkable success in treating all kinds of inflammatory conditions .

Serene said...

Sleeping "wrong" (head falling off pillow or not enough support) almost always gives me a migraine. That the blood vessels have cut off supply makes perfect sense. A hot shower or massaging the head and neck area is 99% effective in making it go away. I will share this also with my migraine affected friends, thank you for this read, very very helpful. :)