Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Jewish Faith

Q. Hi Lynn! I hope you and your family are doing well.

Could you please do a reading on Jewish people? I sincerely would like to know why they are so hated by the world? Even the support for the mere existence of the state of Israel is now wavering.

Most Jewish people I've met are hardworking people who just want a quit life with their families, they have no ties to the cabal. Why are they always under fire? Will it ever get better for them? What does the future entail for Israel?

I know this is a tough subject, but I have complete faith that you will be able to come with un biased information on this subject, not just that they are simply out for world domination. I'm looking forward to your view on this matter.
Thank you!  

A.  When I focus on this I get that much of the dislike comes from generalizations that are not true.  Many times people want to categorize people, which is unfair.  With every race, sex, religion, belief, occupation, political affiliation, etc there are good and bad people.  Lumping people together isn't right.  It would be like saying if you are proud of your European heritage you are racist, or if you are a conservative you are racist or if you have Christian ideals then you must dislike anyone that is not heterosexual- these statements are not true and as people we should be better than this!  These assumptions and generalizations create nothing but false narratives and unnecessary hatred.

Back to the generalizations.  Throughout history there has been a claim of 6 million Jews being murdered for various reasons even before Germany (please feel free to fact check all the bullets as I don't have time here:  There is a perception that the Jews have been trying to be seen as a victim and therefore protected since this number stuck after the war.  Whether true or not (again, please check me on this as I am just going off intuitive nudges and what I'm getting clairaudiently) people subconsciously reject things they deep down feel are false.  A lot of this stigma also stemmed from Europe after the war when facts were altered and people were forced not to share things that really went on- a reading for a different time.  

I get that as horrible as war was, evil occurred on both sides.  There was rape, starvation, death and torture.  People were upset that Jewish survivors received lifetime reparations while their devastations were dismissed:  

Because of the outlined actions, Israel is now treated much differently than most countries.  This doesn't settle right with most people, but they cannot say Israel is a bully out loud.  They get undeniable support which helps to encourage any agenda they may have.

Some of the most evil Powers That Were are Jewish, These PTW have sought power and control using tactics such as usury which hurt many people.

Again, you cannot judge and label people based on a group.  There are many great, loving and intelligent people that believe in the Jewish faith. Love your neighbor!

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Truth & light said...

They are “jewish” somewhat jew. They are not the original jews!

David said...

Lynn no doubt you do not hate me for my heritage . However you are passing along the most vile Jew hatred propagated for centuries by the Jesuistapo and their minions . FYI Rotschild may have Jewish heritage , by as they are the official guardians of the vat treasury --they in fact are the biggest traitors of our tribe .Along w/ those other Hofjuden such as the schiff ,warburg,bronfmann , soros --these so called ptw were really the gold plated servants of the ruling classes of Europe and America . Rarely did they exercise any real power on behalf of their co-religionists . Had they done so , for example by smuggling guns into the ghettos of Poland and eastern europe , they would have actually earned our admiration ... About the allegedly sacred figure of 6 mil --- it makes no difference whether the "actual number was a few hundred thousand less . The only people who obsess over our "control of the world" are our most deranged haters ... Pat buchannen simply follows the script popularized by fr coughlin and other foul creatures with absolutely nothing of Jesus' teachings in their putrid souls .I dare these scum to tell a Serbian or Roma there was never a holocaust . Jasenovic never happened ..... I'd pay to see what results ...

Truth & light said...

Who run the media, follywood, politricks, legal, healthcare - all questionable - the joos run these institutions sadly!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Truth and Light: To an extent we have all evolved from what we were over the years, but I do get what you mean.

@David: That is why I emphasized over and over (especially in my video) that you cannot lump people of any faith, sex, belief, etc into a group and make a general opinion. I was asked to see where the stereotype came from, but was clear that you should not pass that judgement onto a whole populace. There were vile acts committed by LOTs of different people in history.

David said...

Understand . Not claiming you are doing the bad folks work here ... Many decent people see prominent Jewish figures in government , industry , entertainment and conclude we have unfair control over their lives . In fact , the real PTW use us as tokens . If we really controlled the world , #1 WHERE'S MY CUT ??? #2 Israel receives so much military aid from the United States in order to control them / get them to do our work ... Israel is engaged in may cooperative endeavors w/ America's military . Whether this is good for Israel is open to debate . None of these prominent Jews are in their positions due to any kind of Zionist ideology ! Unlike the obvious troll who also commented on this post , I know you are the real deal with your reads on things . As for where this 2,00 year old blood libel originates , .... Who put Jesus on the cross ????? 7 headed beast propaganda has infected far too many of other traditions and religions ...

Truth & light said...

@david....takes one troll to know another!

Isanne said...

Thank you Lynn!
This is really a tough subject. I was always taught that jews had no choice to go into finances/usury because the Church had forbidden christians to have such an occupation. As jews were also excluded from the gildes during the Middle Ages this was a way for them to earn money in a society that was persecuting and discriminating against them.

This is where the stereotype that jews are always after money comes from.

I wonder why there is so little self reflection when it comes to jewish people. Like Lynn says, you cannot lump people together. Over the ages souls and groups have intermixed. There is no such thing as one type of jew or one type of christian.