Thursday, September 10, 2020

Beer Bug 2.0 / The B Disease

Q.  Lynn, I stumbled upon the following information and would like you to give me your thoughts.  How does this resonate with you? 

Christine Northrop, the well known natural health advocate, is sharing information regarding the phase 2 "beer bug" that has just been rolled out. She received information from an investigative reporter in NYC as well as from several others in the health field. Starting on 9/7/20  Brucellosis Undulant Fever, a bioweapon, has been introduced to the food supply (from now on I will refer to it as the "B" disease so I don't get flagged)

Immediately avoid all frozen food, conventional dairy and conventional meat. Please restrict your eating to organic, farm fresh food. This will be sprayed on all conventional foods. In case you get sick, these remedies will clear the it from your system: Pico Silver,  Lugol’sNascent Iodineor MMS. Each will kill the bacteria and viruses. In the U.S. also check out this PAGE for info on the B disease and remedies.  

Starting at 6:55 Christine discusses this in greater detail:  

Here are a few other links that further discuss this and may be helpful to all:

A.  I know I touched on this topic recently, but I have seen a growing concern about this from several different sources and wanted to look at this again as it is very serious.

I have always seen that the beer bug would be back in full force as we approach the election.  The Powers That Were (PTW) want fear high, beer bug numbers up and a pathway for them to manipulate the election through voter fraud and mail in voting.  Kids back in school, places slowly opening and people coming together create the perfect cover for the "spike" in numbers while the people are slowly infected.

One of the delivery methods I've seen is in the test itself.  I get that in specific geographic areas they are using tainted swabs to spread the beer bug.  It could be because they are conservative areas, areas of resistance or areas where rallies have been held.  Any places of opposition to the PTW are at risk.  

Our food has slowly been under attack for a while now.  Many ingredients found in our food are illegal in other countries (interesting article on this:  The goal isn't health, it is who can lobby our leaders the best.   Not only do food manufacturers/processors make money on the front end (subpar quality, cheaper ingredients, fillers that take weight/volume), pharma makes it on the back end via health issues and meds.

The real question is, Are they really putting the B disease in our food intentionally and are the outbreaks are under the guise of the beer bug?  I get when they knew they needed to relaunch the beer bug into the population this autumn they brainstormed different delivery methods.  The true beer bug needs to be transmitted through some kind of bodily fluid (mucus, saliva, sneezing, etc).  This makes it harder without direct contact, which makes the swabbing delivery system so effective.  

The true challenge is will the swabbing method be enough?  The PTW are in a panic because the election is approaching, so they need the numbers to be at a terrifyingly high volume.  Unleashing a pseudo "beer bug" AKA B disease has been a discussion.  This was a bioweapon that was supposedly discontinued, however, it is still on the shelf (so to speak).    It mimics the beer bug regarding symptoms, and would be easy to intermingle into the current "plandemic."  I get when they have even considered if they release it and people got sick, when the "results" come back different or even negative for the "beer bug," they will say the beer bug mutated.  People will be rushing to get in line for the vaccine (another benefit for the Gates/Faucci/PTW foundation).  

I do think this is a plan they are highly considering as the election approaches.  I don't see it has been done yet (I get they had a launch date that was delayed due to all the whistle-blowers).  The PTW still have some time as this bacteria is quick acting.  They want the numbers to sky rocket about 3 to 4 weeks before the election.  There is a lot of free will at play, but if they do it, I get September 25th is "go time."

Should you contract this bacteria, I do intuitively see the methods outlined in the question as a good place to start for healing.  I am most drawn to the Lugols Iodine (something about support to the lymph system and thyroid).  Even though I don't see the B Disease released as of now, it would still be a good practice to be mindful of your food and food source.  

Thank you so much for sending this important topic and information to me!  I am hopeful that it is helpful to some of you.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light, Lynn 

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Truth/knowledge Master said...

PTW just make it worse, sadly. 👎👎😞😢 Actually, this earth, world, and humanity are already been degrading and worse since many centuries ago. It's simple : our egoistic & carefree nature, makes this world destructed slowly. 😰 How many of you, who are really kind, loving, and great? Not many. Even if yes, you are not use your ability for noble reasons. 😰

We need to change to be better to save this earth & humanity. 🙏🏼❤️ Let's be more selfless and kind. Enlighten the others. 💕 👍

ss said...

Thanks Lynn for giving this topic timely attention. Your advice is very calming and appreciated.

@Watch said...

Thanks Lynn! Just a remark! From watching the following vid. I learned that in order to avoid sad associations (like some ppl avoid to say good morning) one should make sure that the black shirt one´s wearing actually comes from a black sheep in order to avoid dyed thread! ;)

Alice L. said...

A Facebook friend who is very outspoken about the beer bug had to take the beer bug test before being treated for a sprained shoulder. They swabbed her TEN times in each nostril and she had the full blown beer bug within two hours. Her doctor refused to prescribe H See Cue and she got really sick until someone was able to privately send some to her. I've heard a few similar stories from other folks.

Unknown said...

This new disease the PTW are threatening us with is a bacteria easily killed with antibiotics.

Anonymous Reader said...

It feels like that I'm lucky that I never got around to getting myself tested for the beer bug and hopefully never will have to be. I remember back in March when this all started and around the late March early April period I recalled feeling sick and simply stayed home for three weeks.

It's not surprising that the PTW are desperate to increase fear levels whenever possible, but I anticipate not only a "second wave" but continued use of so-called "antiracist" propaganda throughout, not to mention increased social shaming plans against T voters in case of a reelection.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Truth/Knowledge Master: Thanks for the message. At times we can all be more mindful.

@ss: You are most welcome!

@Watch: I'm not sure I fully understand, but thank you for sharing a video. I will check it out for clarity. :-)

@Alice: Yes! I've heard this happening in various ways a lot!

@Unknown: Yes if taken early. Be aware if you are feeling ill that it could be this instead.

@Anonymous Reader: I expect more propaganda too... So sad the country has gone in this direction. It feels almost encouraged rather than stopped.

Thanks for all the comments!

@Watch said...

Sorry probably you guys say : dyed cloth (instead of thread as we say)

Leslie said...

Interesting. Just received notification that my son's entire school district will be serving free lunch from tomorrow (9/17/20) until 12/31/20. Never heard of anything like this before.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Leslie: That is strange. Did they say why? Also, what kind of food is being served? Fresh, frozen, prepackaged?? That does feel odd unless there is some really great reason. I've never heard of that either..

Leslie said...

Not only that but kids can even pick up lunch on the days they don't go to school. We're currently hybrid model for social distancing, 2 days in school, 2 days home and alternating wednesdays in school. Previously only kids that financially qualified for the free lunch program were able to get breakfast and lunch. Now all kids can get free lunch just by asking. Seems like someone is trying to push processed food onto the children.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Leslie: I agree. Something is off there...