Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Selling Your Soul

Q.  Lynn, can you look at the spiritual repercussions of people who sell their soul to Lucifer? Celebrities and politicians? Why do they need a blood contract? And, what happens when they die since there is no hell. Do they eventually regret doing this? Thanks Lynn!!

A.  When people knowingly (and putting effort into) working against what they know is morally right, they are essentially selling their soul.  It doesn't necessarily mean it is Lucifer, but it could be to any low vibe entity.  It could also mean they have aligned with the Arcons, who are the most evil of the Reptilians.  As I see this, selling your soul can mean a variety of things, but you are basically forming an allegiance to a low vibe group.

The blood contract seals this genetically.  Once they have your blood, they have everything in this life, and possibly in the next.  It is a karmatic contract as well. 

I get that many celebrities and politicians have to do this as an insurance to the agreement.  Should the person forming the alliance back down, or not do as they were instructed, there is a karmatic stamp, but also the threat of being "taken out" and replaced with a clone.  Prior to clone technology, this was mostly for genetic and karma purposes.

Some regret this, and some do not.  It really depends on the person, and what type of lessons they signed up for during this life.  Some may not feel the effects until a future life.  It really does vary.

These people will continue to reincarnate in the 3D until they learn, and also serve the karmatic debt.  They need to clear themselves, but I will say the Universe is forgiving, and will put things in their path so they can accomplish a redemption of sorts.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn

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Ryno said...

Clones, one topic I feel like a lot of Anons are not quite ready for. Yes, the technology is real and yes, many actors and those that "scream the loudest" are clones.

mycale said...

Why are such low vibe beings allowed to exist? They are basically there to hurt everyone.

Also, clones would be a very interesting topic for a reading. I still find it hard to believe they exist. Do they have a soul or are they like robots? Do they have consiousness? Can a real person be transfered to a clone, basically be immortal? Stuff like that.

Myway said...
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Myway said...

I remember you did a post on Taylor Swift. According to you she is a clone and is no longer innocent. Britney Spears was your most recent post on a clone.

mycale said...

Oh alright. I've gotta read up on it. Though it would be interesting to get some info on the processes etc

TheOnlyOne said...

Thoughts on Joe M. selling his soul to Liquid Death and encouraging others to do so?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the comments!

@Ryno: Yes, you are so right!

@mycale: We need low vibe as a contrast and create situations to expand and grow (how do we interact, etc). Things aren't "good" or "bad" they just are...

@Myway: Yes, you are correct. And, they both came forward when I was doing this reading..

@TheOnlyOne: Oh wow. Thanks for sharing this. I had not heard about him. I know they do it, and just likes misery likes company, the dark/negative like company too.. Definitely something to think on.