Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Crystals, Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Q.  Hi Lynn!  I was wondering if you could do a post about crystals? I have recently gotten into them and don't know why I am so drawn to them. Do they really help with healing and each have different metaphysical properties?
A.  People are drawn to crystals because of the healing and vibrational properties they possess.  When I focus on crystals, I see an energetic force tied to them.  Almost like a life force, or rather residual life force. 
Crystals come from the earth, and have a grounding quality to them.  They are also very unique, each crystal having a special property.  The properties sometimes overlap, especially when you combine a specific intent with the crystal (such as putting an intent of protection with the crystal), but they individually offer specific benefits. 

For example, clear crystal quartz (which feels the most universal) is great for clearing a space, lifting vibrations and helping to hold a space's protection.  Black tourmaline is a good crystal to absorb negativity (wonderful selection to place by doorways to cleanse everything that passes though).  Different ones do different things, but you can also "intend" for them to do what you need them to do by placing your intention and attaching it to the crystal, basically using the crystal as a tool to strengthen intent.

There are several reasons people use crystals.  As I mentioned above, the vibrations feel nice (especially for those that are more sensitive and can "feel" it).  They can enhance goals (protection, intentions).  They also aid in enhancing meditations because people relax when they feel a space is safe and protected (even though it is YOU that makes it that way, the crystals help in you feeling confident it truly is safe and protected).  

Crystals are wonderful.  I would encourage anyone to go to a rock shop and browse.  Try walking around with you have above them and see if you can "feel" the energy exude from them.  

Also, don't forget to clear your crystals (I like the moon light).  You never know where they have been, or what they went through to get to their destination.  

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Myway said...

Edgar Cayce believed the Tuaoi Stone was in Atlantis. It had 6 sides with a capstone.

Do you think the stone is still in use?

Karoline said...

Wonderful reading. I've loved Crystal's for some time, and enjoy collecting them. Mostly for their beauty. However, how can one feel their energy? Or try to connect with them? I hear and also as you posted that people feel drawn to a certain one. How is that? Thanks for your readings.

Ashley said...

Thank you for such an awesome reading Lynn! My first experience with crystals was when I was in a crystal shop and had a piece of black tourmaline in my hand. While still shopping, the hand that was still holding the black tourmaline started to have this 'buzzy" feeling. I took that as a sign it needed to come home with me, and I have been hooked with crystals ever since!

Just Curious said...

Hi Lynn. I have an assortment of crystals and even though I'm an empath, I don't feel a connection with any of them. Are some people, like me, just crystal non-responders? Also, do pyramid-shaped crystals have more power or potency than regular raw or rolled crystals?

@Watch said...

Hello Lynn, very intresting! My question(s) about magnetite is: does it also has a certain vibrations/properties and what type of propertty is it? The other is more related to its shape: there are mainly two types: a) the idiomorphic (the specimen have typical external crystal form, in this case typically a octahedron shape (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetite)) b) the xenomorphic where there was not enough space to grow into and the magnetite did not devellop the perfect external crystal form. Do you get that theyr vibration is different despite the fact that both attach equally to the magnet? Thanks!

EA RW said...

I use black tourmaline and auralite23 as my main for relaxing. I also have a nice piece of smoked quartz. Not always but sometimes I experience the reaction with them.

Karoline said...

I second your question. I also have a collection. Sadly I dont feel what other people feel. I often wonder why.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@PM: I don't think it is being used, BUT I do think it very much exists and is hidden.

@Karoline: If you hold a crystal or put your hand above it, and quiet you mind (like you do in meditation), you can feel a vibration or buzz come from ones you are drawn to. Maybe try to experiment with different ones in this way and see what you think. For me the strongest one is called Auralite-23 (one of my favorites, but it took me a while to be able to handle it since it is so strong, it used to make my head kind of hurt).

@Just Curious: There are people that are more sensitive than others. I don't find too much difference in the shape, it is more about type, and sometimes size.

@Watch: It has a magnetic draw to it (I have some). I would describe it as a "pulling" feeling. I don't see the type matters, it goes to the fundamental properties of it.

Thanks so much for the great comments. I would encourage anyone to play around with crystals and see how you react to them. :-)

mycale said...

That's interesting! I have to buy one too.

How do you clear a crystal? hold it up to the moon?

And how do you place intent in one? Just think that the crystall should do that and it does?

Thank you!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@mycale: Yes, get one that you really like (visually, vibration, etc). Leave it sit in a window or outside overnight in the moonlight. You can also let it sit beside selenite (I do that too). To put the intent, hold it and think about what you want it to do for you (like a prayer).

mycale said...

@Lynn Thank you very much. I'll do that

@Watch said...

Thank you Lynn! Mindat.org refference about Auralite (https://www.mindat.org/min-421.html)

Karoline said...

Thanks Lynn.

Hope said...


Sorry for this very late question on this topic. I'm emotionally exhausted taking care of my loved one with Dementia. Crying in silence is the only way to stay zen, to let go of pent-up frustration. Just wondering if there is a crystal that can help me to stay zen/calm etc?

Another question please, if I want to buy moldavite online, since I can't hold or touch it, how to feel it's the right one for me? I came across this e-shop that surprisingly has many moldavite for sale.

Note to others, I just so happened to come across this e-shop while looking for moldavite, so, I can't vouch for its quality nor its authenticity for its many crystals for sale - https://naturshop.cz/en/catalog/search?fulltext=moldavite

Thanks in advance.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hope: I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I would start with a clear crystal quartz, and then you can go from there. (And if anyone out there has advice, please jump in).

Go ahead and buy the moldavite, and clear it. Then start handling it and see how it feels. It is a powerful stone, and I do think you will connect to it.

Much love, Lynn

Hope said...

Thank you for your kind words and advices - I was overwhelmed with tears reading it as I just had a tough time again. I have to keep reminding myself that that was not my loved one saying those nasty things. But sometimes I lost my cool.

Is it better to buy raw moldavite or polished one? When you say clear it, you mean cleanse it overnight during a full moon etc?

Thank you again for your reply, it means so much to me! Much love to you too.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hope: I like my stones raw... but in the end either is nice and will work.

Hugs you guys!

Hope said...

Thanks again :)