Friday, June 1, 2018

Tommy Robinson

Q. Hi Lynn, thanks again for all the work you do.

In the UK Tommy Robinson who has been an outspoken critic of the snowballing Islamisation of Europe, has been in the cross-hairs of the authorities for a long time. This week he was arrested and thrown in jail for 13 months, while doing nothing illegal, in public and on camera, and there is even a reporting ban. Many now believe he will be killed. 

What do you see about him, the situation, the plan, the likely outcome, the broader political effects? Will this trigger off wider rebellion or an upsurge in similar suppression by the authorities? At some point I believe the powder keg will meet the spark. I don't say that because I want it, it just seems inevitable. 

This is another landmark blow for freedom in the UK. What can we do? Thank you for any insights.

[ - Hi Lynn, I must second what above question reiterates. I'm not a fan of Tommy Robinson, but openly arresting him on trumped up charges as the judge looks on smiling from a court house window is disgusting and outrageous.  I do believe the judge presiding is a pedophile himself, and he is doing the bidding of others higher up the chain.  This will hopefully come crashing down on them? Thanks and may the universe look after you.

  -Also concerned about Tommy Robinson. A true hero plastered for trying to bring the truth to light.]

A. I see many countries (US, Canada and much of Europe) are allowing agendas and influence to override all else.  Free speech is being muted, and anything that goes against the agenda of division is called "hate speech" and therefore, not allowed   A section of the population don't see it, but rights are slowly being taken, and we are getting to where opinion, free thinking and even facts that challenge what is going on in the world (even the obvious) will be banned.  The PTW (Powers That Were) love what is going on because it makes us weaker and destabilizes strong countries.  They've duped many on the alt-left to be the warriors (or social justice warriors) fighting for their cause so they don't have to carry the full burden of being the "bad guys."  These social justice warriors (SJWs) have been manipulated to act on emotion rather than facts and reason, so the PTW just have to keep evoking ideas that trigger their feelings (and ironically some of these SJWs that want to fight for right as some of the lower vibrational beings out there being filled with hate). 

What the PTW fail to realize is even though they have some of the alt-left fighting for them, the MAJORITY see this for what it is, however, only a few fight back.  When anyone that opposes or calls out this trend in society, they get labeled, and fear of the back lash or drama, so they stay quiet.  Google searches are being suppressed, YouTube hides alternative content and anyone outspoken threatens their career (this is why so much of Hollywood has to go against Trump, so they are favored and rewarded). 

Tommy Robinson did speak the truth.  He wasn't arrested because what he said was untrue, it was because it challenged government.  They wanted to use Tommy as an example, hoping to create fear so others would refrain in what they say and do.  At a minimum it makes them think twice.  Tommy looks to have a hard time with his jail sentence.  It looks like those in control will make it extra hard for him to send a message.  

I do get that people in general have had enough.  Things do look to escalate, and the majority looks like they will bust if they don't do something.  Within the next year I see civil unrest break out due to the threat of taking even more rights.  The PTW push too far, and cross the line as to what people will tolerate.  I would call this a rebellion.

What can we do?  Look at situations, and do what your gut tells you is right.  Not every situation is a reason to be offended.  Hate speech causing genuine fear and threats are one thing, but stating facts, opposing opinions or alternative ideas are just that.  For example, if you are tall and someone says, "Wow, you are tall," they are stating the obvious so don't look for ways to contort it as an offensive statement in your mind.  Hate speech, as it is defined, flows both directions, but is only addressed when it goes against the agendas at play  When it is directed toward conservatives, Trump supporters, free thinkers, etc, "that" free speech is allowed (Roseanne really pushed it and was fired immediately, but Samantha Bee can insult Ivanka with a fraction of the result ).  We have to learn (to some extent) to let things go that really don't matter (especially when it is just words, ALWAYS fight for your rights).  Educate your kids, and teach them to be people you are proud of, but having thick skin when needed is also a valuable skill.  Focus on what is worth your time, energy and effort, and let the rest go as it does not serve you well, and carries a heavy energy.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Carlene said...

Does voting help? I know this question may sound silly to some but many people seemed to have checked out even if they support causes that would be better for us as individuals-they think everyone is so corrupt that they have the attitude of “why bother?”

Bee E-lightened said...

Voting⁉️ Who counts the votes⁉️

Bee E-lightened said...

The battle is against principalities and power. It’s more ofna spiritual warfare more than anything, I believe.

Bee E-lightened said...

*of a

Ryno said...

Tommy Robinson is not really a good dude. Look at his past and all of his run-ins with the law. However, he is also being made an example of by "them" which is also exposing how stupid they really are in that it is garnering a lot of public support for him.

Ryno said...

Yes, voting still counts. If voting didn't count, we would have got the luciferian witch, Hillary Clinton as POTUS.

Fortunately, the NSA and Military Intelligence have many good guys that helped prevent enough voter fraud and the attempted coup of the rightful leader of the free world, Donald J. Trump.

Enjoy June everyone. The OIG report dropping on June 11th, N.K. summit on the 12th and hopefully the unsealing of all those sealed indictments around the same time.

Serene said...

"Educate your kids, and teach them to be people you are proud of, but a having thick skin when needed is also a valuable skill. Focus on what is worth your time, energy and effort, and let the rest go as it does not serve you well, and carries a heavy energy."

Excellent advice and exactly what I needed to hear today, thank you Lynn. :)

Buddhist Lady said...

Do you see this rebellion in the next year occurring in the US or elsewhere? How large and effective is the rebellion? Thanks, Lynn.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


"Tommy Robinson is not really a good dude. Look at his past and all of his run-ins with the law."

Yes, all over this same political issue. He is persistent. The PTW are making an example of him in hope of shutting up other troublemakers who refuse to bow to the NWO agenda.

Charlie said...

To Ryno and everyone else who thinks Tommy Robinson is not really a good dude, please watch this video before it's removed:
I consider him a war hero that he's been fighting for the last 8-10 years and I am deeply indebted to him. The elites are doing everything they can to shut him up. Since creating trumped up charges didnt shut him up, they're hitting his wife and mother with the same. While in jail they throw him in with Muslim gangs that beat him to a pulp.
Media is forced to take down all their articles as it's now illegal in the U.K. to post anything on him, and he just got arrested with an immediate 13 month jail time for talking about a trial going on right now with a gang of mulsims raping an 11 year old girl.

We've got every reason to believe that if they can get away with silencing the media and public in the U.K. that they will try us next. Ignoring this will not make it go away; in fact just the opposite. Please do the research- this guy needs our support.

Neeraj Chadha said...


What future hold for them - ptw ? Will they be held responsible for their crime against Mother Gaia, Humanity & Sentiment Beings? Thanks.

Kalamota Kook said...

I think the Tommy Robinson issue has now broken out of like-him or loathe-him camps, and even people who don't like him can perceive the broader agenda and see what is happening in terms of raw principles and blatant double standards. There is a dark authoritarianism that has implications for the rest of us, and more and more ordinary people are waking up to it.

I have been impressed with the scale and breadth of commenting about this online by people who just collectively 'get it', as well as the size of the petition. The PTW have been trying to paint TR as some kind of neo-nazi for years, and people can see that was just part of the tactics, that he was speaking the truth long before most had the courage to do so. I think the recent events served as a test, to see what the powers could get away with, which would then lead to a bigger roll out. That's what so many people now see. And the pushback is gaining momentum - right across Europe.

The TR issue used to be dismissed as some kind of fringe extremism, but the clarity and anger in the populace is rising. Each of these testing flashpoints is about all of us, whether or not someone agrees or likes the subject personally.

I manage to flow though daily life fairly cleanly and 'high-vibely', but the dark issues that TR speaks out on are woven through the everyday 3D necessities I have to interact and do business with. It's literally my neighbourhood that he describes. It's a tough balance to stay alert and speak out when appropriate, but not get sucked into primitive tribalism and low energies.

Thank you Lynn, we do seem to be reaching the tipping point. I just hope it tips in the right direction.

Kalamota Kook said...

Oops, forgot to follow.

Buddhist Lady said...

Well, I don't mind being sucked into primitive tribalism and low energies. Anyone who rapes an 11 year old girl should be shot.

Denise Christensen said...

Great reading, Lynn! You are spot on.

@Charlie -- thanks for the link. I agree, ignoring this will not make it go away. Here in Canada the government recently passed a bill that criminalizes free speech for the first time and the media spun it to make opponents in the Conservative party look like xenophobic bigots. We need to educate ourselves on the facts, support those brave souls on the front-line like Tommy Robinson and do our bit to speak out against this tyranny because it effects every last one of us.

@Kalamota Kook - you make great points, however, I would argue that it isn't primitive tribalism to want to defend one's cultural identity, country, rights and freedom of speech. The PTW love to use labels like "tribalism" (and racism, alt-right, neo-nazi, the list goes on) against their dissenters by deliberately twisting facts, misrepresenting individuals and outright lying. In truth, they use these labels as weapons to make people afraid to speak out against an increasingly corrupt system. I think we can keep our energies high by using our discernment and being vigilant against their brainwashing techniques and propaganda. And of course, as I think you were suggesting, we should not allow ourselves to be divided into camps of us and them. We need to come together as citizens and defend ourselves against the real threat (PTW).

Kalamota Kook said...

"I would argue that it isn't primitive tribalism to want to defend one's cultural identity, country, rights and freedom of speech."

I didn't say it was. Maybe I didn't explain what I meant very well.

"The PTW love to use labels like "tribalism" "

I have never heard anyone in power refer to tribalism, nor use it as a label or a weapon. Tribalism is embedded in the instinctive patterns of human nature. It's the work of enlightenment / ascension to transcend those impulses. I don't want to get dragged back down to that place.

" I think we can keep our energies high by using our discernment and being vigilant against their brainwashing techniques and propaganda."

This was essentially the point I was trying to express though I seem to have done a poor job of it.

Denise Christensen said...

@Kalamota Kook - I think you express yourself well and I'm the one doing a rather poor job of it. I think I was essentially agreeing with your comments but what I see the PTW doing is deliberately encouraging tribalism through identity politics which is promoted in our school system, media, etc. Instead of focusing the spotlight on our common interests, we are fighting about our differences in skin colour, gender, etc. And unfortunately, I have heard people in the media use the term tribalism when referring to Trump and his base. Perhaps the term is not (yet) widely used but it is one more label that I believe is being used to serve the PTW agenda.

Denise Christensen said...

Here's a link of what I'm trying to articulate . A presentation of political tribalism that gives the false impression that Trump was/is a major instigator (instead of perhaps a by-product).

Ma'at said...

@Kalamota Kook and @Denise Christensen:

Tribalism is a term first used extensively by the 1960s and 70s critics of Post-Modernist philosophy, and critical analysis, as well as neo-Marxism and identity politics--the idea that people obtain their political, social, and individual identity from their social grouping, i.e., their "tribe".

Par for the course, the deconstructionists on the Left twist the word around to refer to anyone on the right or conservative as "tribal", and anyone that prefers that individuals be responsible for their outcomes, thoughts, and actions is a racist, sexist, hate-mongering xenophobic, nazi idiot. So, one can therefore easily "lump in" Trump supporters with Nazis using guilt by association.

This movement is dangerous as Hell, and was well documented as such by Solzenitsen's book, "Gulag Archipelago".

Denise Christensen said...

@Ma'at - Yes, beautifully articulated. This is exactly the concern I was trying to raise with the use of this term (and not necessarily to refute the "primitive" tribalism that Kalamota was describing). It's been a long time since I've been in a university setting and would not even be familiar with the term if I hadn't been hearing about it in the MSM and social media. In my opinion, I see it as another example of social engineering by the PTW to foment social unrest. I've had that particular Solzenitsen book on my reading list for a while so thanks for the reminder!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! I'm just getting a chance to get on here and get caught up. Thanks so much for all the comments and great discussion...

An important thing I felt during the reading was, whether you like Tommy or not, what they did to silence him was really a message (and unjust). Rather than focus on him as a person, look at the act against him. This is the direction we are headed in, and will be the cause of some major social unrest (sooner rather than later).

Kalamota Kook said...

Thank you Denise, I agree with you. I think we just got crossed wires somewhere, while trying to say the same kind of thing!

Thanks too Ma'at. I see the danger of 'tribalism' as the tendency to fall into step with any kind of groupthink, whatever the ideology or collective identity. That doesn't preclude the positive side of belonging of course, or trying to protect or enhance any of the good that has evolved from it. But it is one of those pitfalls of human nature that people tend not to recognise when they're in that trap themselves. Identity politics and the encouragement of competitive group victimhood have been terribly corrosive.

It is alarming how many of the classics about totalitarianism are rolling out in front of our eyes. They used to be school homework, now it feels like a lot of people weren't paying attention.

neil macdonald said...

I'm sorry, but it is clear that most do not know what they should re. Tommy Robinson. He was already in contempt of court with a suspended sentence of 3 months jail. He was most clearly warned that if he repeated his actions, he would serve that 3 month sentence. He did repeat his actions, making him in contempt for the second time, meaning he was sentenced to 13 months in total. HE PLED GUILTY BOTH TIMES. Also, the charges were not trumped up. They laws under which he was charged have been in place for centuries. They are not new. So let's not get carried away with this despicable man. His name isn't even Tommy Robinson, btw - it's a rather more middle-class sounding Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon. And have a look at his list of convictions. I think you'll find a despicable list of fraud & violence.