Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Simon Parkes, The EVENT, Light Waves and Electromagnetic Waves

Q. Lynn I just heard Simon Parkes talk about the next large energy light wave coming. He says it's very soon and that it will consist of two waves actually. The first is an electromagnetic wave that may hinder or knock out some cell or landline service, followed by a light wave generated by Source, coming from our galactic center. This wave will be different than previous waves in that instead of lingering for hours, allowing us to adjust to it, this one will be strong and short. He says because of this action, it will cause everyone to feel really fatigued, and that those in hardcore 3D negativity, etc., will not be able to transmute this.

My question is, when do you see this coming, now that we are very close to it (I know you mentioned around the Equinox)? Also, how will those still deep in 3D react to this? What can we expect to see when this happens regarding human behavior or events triggered by this? Also any other thoughts or insights that you get from my description of this. Thank you so much.

A. When I tune into the next phase of The Event (and I have been focusing on this a lot), I am drawn to the spring equinox.  I see there being some mild electromagnetic interference (sounds like static or white noise), but I don't see it disabling our communications for any extended time.  The electromagnetic portion feels more like a nuisance versus something destructive. 

As far as our physical bodies... I get each person will have a unique reaction this Wave X surge depending on where they are vibrationally and where they are within the ascension process.  I see that those with a higher vibration absorb the surge much like a capacitor (word I hear) right in the heart chakra area.  This energy is intense, and looks to provide clarity (and a feeling of love / connectedness).  They will have two choices: push the energy upward to energize the throat and crown chakra, or force it down to ground for an ultra grounded balancing effect.  I hear there is no right or wrong way to shift this energy, but it will need moved, and your intuition will guide you in the right direction. 

For those very rooted in the 3D world, I see this being very tough.  They will feel the surge, but have no idea what to do with it.  They aren't in tune with their inner self enough to recognize or shift this "thing" within them.  It looks to result in anxiety, anger, irritability, frustration, etc (basically exacerbates the lower vibe emotions).   This also feels like a time when the PTW (Powers That Were) will strike out with some kind of protest, social unrest, or what I see most intently is instigating another false flag (something involving guns since their agenda is already in motion).  

I get the best way to prepare for this is be a detoxed as possible (not required, but makes the process more gentle).  I also see it is important to not resist it, because you can't.  Welcome it, feel the love, and shift it in the direction that most resonates with you.  This is a good thing (for many people). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light,  
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In preparations for the next wave and the spring equinox, I am planning another group meditation for March 20th at 12:00 PM (noon) EST.  I hope to see you there, even if only for a few moments as we welcome in the transition! (Thank you Da-da for the countdown calendar!).


Robert Schoen said...

I have been thinking a lot about the EVENT and how the anticipation of it in the collective consciousness is reflected in political and news events that will be coming to a boil around the same time. I think one of the best ways to prepare is to connect to a higher consciousness, the Godhead, and to set out the intent that all people unite in harmony during this period of extreme divide.

Lynn's obsevation that there will be more false flags with guns before also resonates. There are a lot of planned Marches and gatherings for March 24. Some other dates that have been mentioned either for revelations about the Deep State or engineered events are March 15th, the Ides of March and someone even thinks 3-11 (33, and like 9-11 having numeric significance) Two sources say it is good to limit your activities if you live in a city during this time and to stock up on water and food if there are disruptions. I don't want to be an alarmist, but want to pass it on just in case. A lot is going on behind the scenes that is never reported but are major moves to take down the PTW, so you can expect they will fight back or plan major distractions to keep people divided. We should try to visualise a better world, the one we want.

Unknown said...

Thank you Lynn! I can feel it’s near. I’m getting lots of downloads as I know many are, tuning the body for this next phase. Very exciting!

Suz said...

Thank you Lynn when is the spring equinox in Australia? is it our autumn? is there a date? also how can people prepare themselves for this event?

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Okay. I’m pretty unfamiliar with much of this, but am reading with an open mind. What does “rooted in 3D” mean? I’m not famiiar with the concept of 3D, except in how it applies to art. Thanks!

Craig said...

Thanks for this post. This may not be THE event, but it is definitely a big one. Many QHTT sessions have said it will culminate in 5 to 10 years, which seems like a long time. Personally I feel like those that are calling and yearning for this shift to occur - including those who simply desire truth, peace and justice -- will draw it to us, will bring it about even more quickly.

I have a question about assimilating the energy. Do you think it's okay to try to split the moving of the energy so that I could make it go both up to throat and chakra, and down to ground? I could use both! Or would that sort of dilute it and defeat the purpose? Thanks

daisy said...

Thank you Lynn and all.
@Craig - I like your idea!
@Suz - Autumn in Australia, 21st March.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@ResidentOutsideBoston ~ 3D pertains to "third density," which vibrates slower (thus more dense) than fourth density (4D). Most people here today are 3D. After one of these Event Steps (of 12; #9 is inbound), we're supposed to be split into a 3D timeline and a 4D timeline. 3D timeline is for those who either have more work to do, or are going there to help; 4D is for those who've been working their way closer and closer to SOURCE, by choice.

@Craig ~ I suggest (to all) that you use ALL the energy for one direction. Time to choose a lane. Meditate and ask your guides what they suggest. They're there, somewhere.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Great message and good thing to focus on for the meditation. We need unity rather than division.

@Suz: It is March 20th at 12:15 PM. I am planning a meditation to ease us into this. I put a countdown on the front of the blog too. :-)

@Dada: Thanks for answering resident and Craig. Well said.

@daisy: I know in the northern hemisphere it is March 20th, but I may be wrong for the southern. I just checked and it is March 20th at 12:15 PM EST (that may shift with time zones)

Thanks for all the comments! I know this is an important topic!

Chatty Cathy said...

@Craig - I agree with DaDa, moving the energy in one direction is about choosing either positive or negative polarity. Moving the energy downward from the heart (green chakra) towards the orange, yellow, and red chakras is negative polarity while moving it from green up to blue and purple is the positive polarity. Remember, Ascension to 4th Dimension is possible through both polarities: Service-to-Others requires 51% to others for Ascension to a 4D positive planet while Service-to -Self requires 95% to Self for ascension to a 4D negative planet (where mass murderers like Ghengis Khan entered to, according to the Law of One).

747 said...

Hi in gnostic work we direct the energy to our heart then once it is in the heart use imagination to use it for Devine purposes. Is that an option to leave it in the heart centre? And use imagination/mantra to transmute the energy?

Hulsie said...

Thanks to whomever officially asked this question

Neeraj said...

Thanks Lynn for the post. Find below the description of The Event from Q.H.H.T session:-

"It will be like a beam of light/frequency from the center of the Universe that will encompass the earth and penetrate everything right down to the very core of the earth. This light will encompass the earth for a few days.Its brightness will be so overwhelming people will be blinded by it.The client told me later what he was shown was like a very bright fog and people won’t be able to see their hand in front of their face. I asked if this bright fog would even be present indoors he said yes, it’s inescapable.

Everyone will experience this and many people will be afraid and panic.What they need to do is to calm down and sit in meditation.As the fear subsides and they regain their rationality they will sense a door appear. He said later he was shown something that looked like a black line that arched, like a rounded top doorway.This was the door. This door would appear close to the person and there would be many doorways appear near what sounds like all people.

What people need to do he said, is literally feel their way to that door when they see it, feel the edges of the door and then pull it open. Once open it will be bright on the other side of the door but not as bright as where they are.They need to go through that door to another dimension (5th?. this is what we will experience, just going through the doorway to a place where things that we struggle with today will not even matter."


Those Q.H.H.T clients who have experience THE EVENT describes as big huge wave of different colors encompass the earth and penetrate everything right down to the very core of the earth.Everybody will see & feel the wave. Is this how THE EVENT will happen? are there different version of THE EVENT? How THE EVENT changes the life on planet earth? Thanks

Guys Check the videos, describing THE EVENT in great details:-

Before, During and After the Event - QHHT Client Sessions

Messages From The New Earth (EVENT) [Angela Gabrielle]

Denise Christensen said...

@Neeraj -- thanks for sharing the links! I especially enjoyed listening to Angela Gabrielle.

daisy said...

@Dada: Re Craig's question - yes! That makes more sense. I've come across a few items lately about 'choice points' and this sounds like one.

@Lynn and Suz (there is no time ; ) !) But Eastern Australia is 16 hours ahead of US EST, so at the equinox it will be 4 am on the 21st here.

daisy said...

ps 4.15 am, 3.15 in Queensland.

@Watch said...

@ Neeraj Chadha , really intresting those QHHT Equinox predictions and I´m sure they are accurate but this info comes from a domain where time isn´t that relevant! Therefore it might not happen in 11 days, imho!

Charlie said...

I imagine to move the energies toward the crown chakra, do you meditate and imagine it moving up that way' playing with colors as well?
Any ideas???
Lynn and DaDa, have you heard about that door to enter through? I'd really appreciate your help!
I've been reading about qhht readings and it sounds like we're on our way to some exciting times.

Unknown said...

Curious if the up coming event is causing excessive static?

Alex said...

Sorry but what happens when we meditate the energy up to our higher chakras?
Will we be able to develop psychic powers or store this energy?

Neeraj said...

Find below Q.H.H.T session connected by practitioner Suzanne Spooner describing THE EVENT as light event, it will be change in the light.It will not cause society to come to standstill. The main EVENT will be the tipping point at which Humanity arrives which is very very close & will cause people to start coming together, caused people to understand who they really are.

The topics include:
~A wave of light coming to the Earth.
~Planting a seed to change consciousness.
~Humanity coming to the place where it will take an act of will to remain in the dark.

@Watch said...

Find connection to your higher self, exercise