Friday, March 9, 2018

Five For Friday #48

By Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a special, pre-Equinox double-edition Five for Friday. Can’t believe we’ve not done one of these since November. Anyway, let's get started.

Image #1: Hawaii Light Pillar #1
There have been a number of light phenomena of late, recorded all over the place. What’s going on with this one over Hawaii?

What Lynn Saw
"First thing I get is... I see someone inside it, inside the light beam, riding it like an elevator. These are ETs going between the ground and their mothership (which we can't aways see). There's usually thick cloud cover to cloak the ship; if there's no cloud cover, they create it. So, who's behind it? This one feels positive. I'm leaning toward the Pleiadians doing this. This feels like a good thing. They're actually transporting to the ground, in this pic, in an observation situation.”

[They need to work on their stealth-beaming.]

Image #2: Hawaii Light Pillar #2
Here’s another. Just stray light into the camera? or something else?

What Lynn Saw
“This one has a fake vibe feel to it."

Image #3: Blobby Sunrise Over Alberta

What’s going on with the sun here? Or is this just ice crystals in the atmosphere? Doesn’t look like it.

What Lynn Saw
“I get that there was something near the sun’s “atmosphere" that has a big drag on it, like a liquefied magnetic substance. Something is tugging the sun's corona. Oh, it's the sun's dark sister sun doing it, close enough for the tug to show. Too bad we didn't get a more northerly view of this. This lasted for quite some time, but we don't often stare at the sun, so people missed it.

[What is the sun’s "sister sun,” anyway? I’m sure I asked before, but I forgot. A brown dwarf? It’s the core of an old star, right?]

It does look like a brown dwarf, but still holds a huge gravitational force. It spins in tandem with our sun, and looks like the to form a double helix spiral as it traverses through space. 

[That’s pretty dramatic.]

Image #4: Light Phenomena in Argentina

Light elevator from an underground base? or more fakery?

What Lynn Saw
“I get this is also a fake."

Image #5: Missouri River Light Phenomenon

So, real or fake? If real, who’s ship is that?

What Lynn Saw
“This is real. Let's see... this is a Tall Grey's ship. But these aren’t like the Greys, who are smaller. The Tall Greys are NICE. They have a base nearby where this pic was taken. They're just trying to get to their base."

Image #6: Gulf Heat Anomaly

So, what’s causing this heat anomaly in the Gulf of Mexico? That's the site (crater) of that huge meteorite that crashed there 65 million years ago.

What Lynn Saw
“I get there's an underwater volcano [!] there that's really close to erupting. That meteorite played a bit of a role, making the crust thinner, but this is getting close to erupting. It's nothing to freak out about, but once it goes it will change the environment there!”

[Buckle up.]

Image #7: Cannonball on Mars?

Ok, how did this (iron?) sphere find its way on Mars? I guess it could be natural, but I doubt it.

What Lynn Saw
“This marks an entrance. There's an underground base there and this is a marker that covers a hole that they use to get in and out of this base. It's actually really big, much larger than it looks."

[Do you remember that other Mars pic I had you look at in Five for Friday #47 (Image #8)? It was the entrance to a base, too. Must be a Martian thing. Btw, do they look like us? They’re just transplanted humans, right?]

“Yes, they do look similar to us, but (I hear), they have thicker skin, and longer arms, longer legs, and longer hands (and nail beds???)."

Image #8: Dead Birds in Brazil

Hm. 60 birds -- geese, ducks, and chickens — were found dead in a chicken coop in Brazil a few days ago. All had their hearts torn out, save for two chickens and they’re not talking. The birds had "precise cuts on the chest, back and neck.” So, whodunit? 

What Lynn Saw
“This took me a minute. This story is legit. Looks like this was done by some kind of... dog-like creature (el chupacabra?), or something like it."   

[So... does it hypnotize its victims so they don't move? And are they purely 3D animals, or 4D? can move in and out of phase?]

"They sort of paralyze their victims with a bite (like a snake). They do phase in an out, but mostly reside in the 3D."

Image #9: Giant Brownie From Space
This is the Hoba meteorite in Namibia, the largest meteorite ever found intact. 60 tons of iron. Question: why are the sides so square? Looks like a giant brownie. Where did it come from, originally?

What Lynn Saw
“It is a giant brownie. [crowd reaction] Seriously, when it was in space, it broke off a much larger… meteor? It was a ‘recent’ break before it fell to earth, so there wasn't time for it to become totally deformed by the collisions and heat violence of space. Originwise, I keep seeing what looks like a comet. It broke off a comet. I didn't realize that comets had iron in their ice, but this one did." 

[Where did the comet originate?]

“Hmm. I was looking at Jupiter, Neptune, and even Pluto, and none of that connected. I want to say it was a planet in our solar system way off -- one we don’t know of, beyond Pluto. It's REALLY far out there." 

Image #10: That Portal Someone Video’d
I asked about this a week-or-so ago. The above is a video still. Someone was calling this a “ UFO wormhole phenomenon” that they got video of through a telescope, but it’s a portal. Did anything else about it jump out at you about this? Is it natural? Or part of The Event?

What Lynn Saw
“This does feel naturally occurring. In general, many portals are very active because of The Event. The one thing I do see is... when one portal is ready to open, the sky will clear around the portal. There is a purity to these portals, and something doesn't want any pollution to go through the portal.” 

[That portal is smiling at me.]

And that’s it. Join us next time (hopefully not too far in the future) for Five for Friday #49.

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Portis said...

Holy cow! What fantastic work you two have done here. I love it. And I am looking forward to the meditation for the Equinox.

One question (of course): What is a "portal?" It sounds like a kind of space-wormhole thingy that would connect one point in space with another point in space a long way off. But is that accurate? If you drove a space ship into that portal, as they did in the fictional film "Interstellar," do you come out in one particular spot or is it not that simple?

Thanks for all your work, Lynn and Dada!


Ma'at said...

Re: Tall Grays

Bashar's (Darryl Anka is his channel) people? They are nice. Hybrids of Greys and Humans. I am told they want to stay off Earth because their frequency is way too high for most of us and freaks us out in a psychotic way. There are some others that will make the first public relations in the very near future. The Essessani will come later.

Re: Gulf of Mexico Volcano

I live on Galveston Island. Are we to expect anything drastically adverse from an eruption? Inquiring minds that want to stay above water want to know. Asking for a friend.


Buddhist Lady said...

I tremendously enjoyed this "Five for Friday"!!! Thank you, Lynn and Dada.

Stealth-beaming Pleiadians. I suspect, just a feeling, that (since I see pix like this one from all over the world) they want us to see them.

Something has changed. Does anyone else feel it? Trump's willingness to meet with Kim Jong-un is an event on the international scale which I haven't seen in my 69 years. Something has really changed...or I'm deluded.

AManCalled Da-da said...

QMa'at ~ There are over 300 different types of ETs/beings on and around earth: good ones, bad ones, and neutral (and all layers in-between). There will soon come a time when the vibration here will be raised high enough that only neutral-good/good ETs will remain. THEN we can sort things out. Till then, many ETs are excellent at looking like... anyone... though psychic (SOURCE-based) viewings can see through that kind of subterfuge. Still, some ETs are expert at shielding, even against psi powers. Thus, it's almost irrelevent to speculate about who, when, or where. But note that high-vibe beings will not spook anyone; I have met several and they're very nice. If some species is making people psychotic, it's deliberate.

@Buddhist Lady ~ I am cautiously optimistic. ;)

Ma'at said...

Nothing has changed, except that new thing which you are now feeling free to see. The perceptions of Trump are largely mass produced by the powers that still are, but not for much longer. The change he truly represents is a fearful thing to the PTSA,BNFML. That is why there is so much hew and cry to depose him. As HRC said right before the election, "Either we win, or the nooses will be around our necks."

AManCalled Da-da said...

Yeah, I doubt anyone will cry any big salty tears for HRC or the PTW.

Robert Schoen said...

Glad to see the 5 for 5 is back Lynn and Da-da! I can't believe that the Gulf of Mexico is going to get a volcanic eruption now. First Katrina, then BP now this. At least this Volcano can't be blamed on the Deep State, or can it???? Maybe it will burn off all BP oil and Corexit they dumped. Wonder how it will affect marine life and environment.

I really loved the ampitheatre setting for that Brownie meteor. Looks like a great place to gather and wonder if there is some energy that comes off the meteor. I really did feel a positive energy looking at that blueish portal caught on the telescope. What a beautiful image

Raymond said...

How come we have not detected Planet X in our solar system yet? If we can detect suns and planets light years away, it seems like we should be able to find one within our own star system? Has it been elusive because it is so small, perhaps smaller than Pluto ?

When the Portals open, do they emit radiation or other evidence that astronomers or modern technology can detect?

A Scholar Heart said...

Dear Lyn, thank you for fantastic 5 for Friday. I had missed them dearly!
Here are some curious questions on human race. It is hypothesised that humans will stop growing body hair altogether as it is not needed anymore. Will future humans have different hair, skin and eye color, texture, different teeth system, fingers or feet? Due to large number of interracial marriages/ relationships pure ethnicity will eventually disappear. There is expected to come a time when all the races will get so mixed up with each other as to result in one uniform race having more or less same eye, hair and skin color and toned down features. More details can be found in this BBC article:
How do you foresee human race evolving in future?
Could it be that in the beginning all the humans were kinda same and adaption, evolution and geographical factors made them assume different racial features and characteristics?

Animals are evolving too and displaying intelligence and problem solving skills employing clever tricks never seen before.
Recently crows have been observed to dig out worms deep inside tree trunks using a specifically hooked twig to pull them out, untangle complicated string noughts and drop pebbles in inaccessible water holes to bring the level up to drink it.
Similarly apes in Africa have been noticed using rocks to crack open tough nuts or try dropping them from a hight. What’s more they even make stone tools, spears and daggers just like Stone Age man and even reserve them for future use!
Most recently an article on BBC cited a curious phenomena in forest birds carrying burning twigs from forest fires to start fire elsewhere as it brings out hidden preys.
How will animals evolve? Will they continue learning till they become far advanced? Will apes of today become humans of tomorrow? Did it happen like this in the past: primitive apes existing side by side modern man, then modern man disappeared/died out and apes continued on to become modern man?

Are there any animal or human specie not yet discovered by science?

Why did humans despite having superior limbs and brain, stay primitive hunter gatherers for millions of years and suddenly shoot up in technological advancement within just a few decades?

Thank you so much!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks so much for the great comments and kind words! I do enjoy these segments with Dada (he finds really cool stuff!!). I will be in and out over the next few days, but look forward to getting caught up on all this (I love learning from all of you, and I am sure you have questions too!). Love and light- Lynn

Buddhist Lady said...

@Scholar...I'm no expert, but some channeled info hypothesizes that the Universal Ascension coming (the completion of the Grand Cycle) will not only allow those in 3D ready to ascend to do so but also those in 1D and 2D. [I'm looking at my cats. Yes, they've already ascended because I'm waiting hand and foot on them! (Kidding!)] So, those innovative techniques you describe from 2D entitites might be signaling their readiness and ability (frequency-wise) to ascend into 3D.

Alex said...

It's obvious that Dada's main interest is on these ETs.

But I would think that we can also reincarnate as one of these ETs in a future life. A human and an alien are just physical form for our souls to inhabit. Our soul vibration finds the physical body (animal, human, ET) that matches our vibration for our soul to grow.

Or I am wrong in this understanding?

AManCalled Da-da said...

@Alex ~ Actually, ETs are boring me more and more (no offense to them!). The meme of our future being so dependent on ETs has been oversold -- mostly by the ETs themselves and their human familiars (you know who you are). ETs are just... us... in different bodies, in some cases. Theme-wise, for this post anyway, the pics that were timely were mostly ET-focused, so they got more coverage. Note that the step above ETs are higher order BEINGS, and I find them a lot more interesting, as they're closer to SOURCE and live much more exotic existences.

Anyway, after you transition from this lifetime you go into your "in-between life," where you meet with your guides and talk about what worked and what didn't. (It's not exactly "Defending Your Life," but there are parralels.) Then, with recommendations, you decide where you want to go next, what opportunities are available, what greater needs need to be met (for yourself and your brothers), etc. In some cases, the decision is made *FOR* you, because of something you've done and need to look at. I won't name any names, but some members of the cabal will be meeting with guides for a LOOONG time, then take the next lifetime offered. Believe me, once they're reminded of being teardrops of SOURCE, they'll want to atone.

Oh, and contrary to some of the info out there, we typically DO NOT go back as animals. You only go UP in your incarnations.

Alex said...


Thanks for the info. I always thought it strange that some books say that we choose the next life we want to be born into. If that is so, nobody would want to come back to a life full of hardship so karma do come into play ie. action and reaction are equal and opposite.

True, most of us don't come back as animals but some do. Have you forgotten the readings by Lynn on her past and future life series? This fact is also confirmed by Edgar Cayce and Buddha himself. There are also life lessons to be learned in the animal form.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Q.H.H.T practitioner Allison Coe is having Q & A session on THE EVENT on Mar 12, 2018 10:30 AM Central Time. Check the following for more details:-

Thanks Lynn, missed "Five for Friday" session. Thanks once again. Blessings.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! I just sat down with some coffee and am getting caught up here. I love the comments and the info that is shared. You guys do a good job at answering questions too. Alex mentioned that we can come back as human or ET, and that is true depending on where you are on the ascension scale (and your vibration). We are spiritual beings living a human experience, and at times we need the ET experience as well to be complete.

Thanks again for all the great comments! Love and light-

The enlightened one said...

@AmancalledD ada

Tell us about your ET encounters, was it spiritual encounters, or physical? What degree of encounter? I mean did you just see a UFO or did you see an actual physical being?

Charles Smith said...

I'm really sick of hearing about the event. It's really stupid idea. And Fake. I've been hearing about it for almost eternity and still no sign of it.

The enlightened one said...

@Buddhist Lady
There was a Northkorea-US meeting in Sweden in 2016, however it was very low profile and secretive, and not much was revealed about it's contents. However I do agree that there is something big happening around the world.

Researchers have discovered a ninth planet (beyond Pluto that is, which doesn't count as a planet any more).

@Amanca le'd Ada

Wouldn't higher order beings be included as a subgroup among ET:s?

AManCalled Da-da said...

@Charles Smith ~ We can understand your frustration. We're anxious for it, too. The Event is certainly not fake. Whole tribes of psychics and non-psychics alike are feeling its effects, and have been for a while. Even *I* can feel its effects. It's actually happening now, but the "big one" is still to come. If recent readings are any indication, you will definitely feel the next Step of The Event (#9 of 12 Steps)... if you aren't feeling it already... any time between now and the 20th. The energy is usually strongest around 3:00 am. (Been waking up a lot, lately? Having dreams of stairs or elevators or being on different levels?) When you finally feel it, probably in your heart chakra (right underneath your sternum), be sure to BREATHE through it, thinking "SOURCE" on the intake. Then funnel the energy either to the ground (through a mental "grounding cord" from the base of your spine to the center of the earth) or out the top of your head, whichever one feels best. The "big one" can be detected before it arrives. Watch for mass airport closures and planes not taking off for whatever reason. Nothing will be in the air during The Event.

@The enlightened one ~ Sorry, I'm going to keep my interactions to myself until after The Event (I'm writing a book about them and their interactions with me and some other people). I have seen them and speak with them all the time. They don't use ships. As for higher-order beings being a subgroup of ETs... that doesn't work, as higher order beings aren't necessarily extraterrestrial. Two of the most powerful ones (that you've never heard of) originated here on earth. And they're much higher vibration than ETs; they're more akin vibrationally to angels. Again, they can move wherever they want in time and space (with some limitations), without having to use a ship. Quite amazing. As for UFOs... meh. I see them all the time. Pretty boring after seeing these other beings! Sounds crazy, I know. But people will be more open to this kind of thing AFTER The Event.

The enlightened one said...

@Amanca Le'd Ada
Can you tell us something about the purpose of them contacting you then?
I imagine there must be some really important reason.

Hulsie said...

@AManCalled Da-da - wow! I am so intrigued by your last comment - would love to read your book when you are done. It makes me curious why some of us (like you) have that ability or are 'chosen' to have contact with ET's and some of us (like me) have never even seen 1 UFO ? LOL.. I also do not 'feel' anything - does this mean, maybe I do not have a soul? I mean I am very interested in these topics (UFO's, ETs, history of Earth and Humans, The Event, etc) but I feel no special energy, have not had any kind of 'ability' that I know of other than the odd 'deja vous' sensation. If the Event is real I want to be ready to ascend.. I don't want 3D anymore but I'm worried...

Neeraj Chadha said...

@Amancalled Dada

Thanks for sharing your insight & all the very best for the book. We would like to hear more from on THE EVENT. When do you see the completion of THE EVENT?

I can relate to @ Hulsie view. Never the less been waiting for major changes to happen in our reality. When do you see major changes happening?

Hope said...

Just came across this article:

Lynn, do you see that happening?

For the last two days, I have headaches, more annoying than pain, which comes and goes. I hope it got nothing to do with the geomagnetic storm.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hope: I see us getting some of that, but I wouldn't call it massive. I feel like what you are experiencing if related more toward the upcoming wave of energy.. (I have it too!)

Hope said...

Thanks Lynn, though it's weird to say that I'm reassured that I'm not the only one who has headaches - Haha :)

At least in your blog, it's good to know that I will not be frown upon talking about spirituality, aliens, PTW etc ...and mostof all, I've learnt alot from you and the community here.

Love & Light to all.

irabaj sreyb said...

Gulf Heat Anomaly
How will any eruption not freak anyone out? Will the eruption not affect land along the gulf coast? How will the environment change after an eruption, will there be fresh water and food? or will the eruption kills all sea life, cattle and coastal infrastructure? How far inland will be a safe zone? Do you think Harvey was sent to the coastal areas to make people want to move away from danger of the volcano?

Thank you in advance. Blessings

teresa galuppo said...

Hi Lynn,
So this is in regards to the post about the "smiling" portal. I'm not sure what I sensed but about 5 years ago I was lying in bed and was awoken by a deep low strange sounding tone which seemed like it was outside my bedroom window but more like it was coming from the sky. I heard it three times so I went outside and looked around but saw nothing. It didn't happened again. I have always wondered if this could have been something from space or a portal or something else. It was so weird. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you so much.