Sunday, March 18, 2018

REMINDER: Equinox Meditation Tuesday, March 20th at 12 PM EST

Hi everyone! I wanted to send quick reminder that a group meditation is being organized for the Equinox this Tuesday. It it set to start at 12 PM EST. I hope to "see" you there even if it is only for a few moments. Remember, as you feel the surge of energy, take a breath, welcome it in and either send it through your crown or down to ground (whatever resonates as right at the time). 

Love and light, 


Watchand Knock said...

Apparently the southern part of the Americas did not ascend this time, sorry! ;)

Robert Schoen said...

This was a gorgeous day here and the energy is palpable. Thanks for proposing this meditation on such an auspicious day!

Raymond said...


I checked in a few minutes later for the meditation but are you able to 'sense' who was with you during the mediation or how many were present?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: I'm glad this was a good experience for you!

@Raymond: I just saw a lot of energy. I sense there were a lot of you, but didn't see faces.
To my surprise, I felt the need to ground it. I thought for sure i wanted it to go out my crown, but my internal feeling was different when the time came. I didn't feel the big surge either, but think that this may hit me in parts. It was interesting, I did feel a lot lighter, and it felt like some heaviness left too (like I am lighter)- maybe that was the grounding part. I would say it was a good meditation, but I still feel there is more to come.

Craig said...

Not today, but yesterday, I got a hit to look outside at the sun, not right at it. It was a gorgeous but chilly day in the northeast. When I opened the back door, I looked through the screen and couldn't believe what I was seeing. At first I thought it was one or two chemtrails , but they looked like they were vertical and went up to the sun, but as I looked closer, I saw what I would say we're two shafts of light originating from the sun and going out in a V. I opened the screen door and it disappeared. I closed the door and looked and it was there. Something about the screening enabled me to see this. So I took a picture of it and it came out okay. I will send it to you Lynn in case you want to post it. It wasn't clouds, or light filtering through clouds because there were none. I followed it all day, periodically checking it and the light remained that way all day. I even asked my wife to see what she sees and she agreed with what I saw. I think it was a cleansing light. Lynn maybe you have insight on this. It was so cool

Hope said...

I started by saying/thinking “Connect to Lynn’s meditation group” (as advised by AManCalled Da-da in a previous meditation). I was even asking you, Lynn, whether you see/feel me (then) … Haha!

During my 45 mins meditation, my headache was intensified tho bearable and the ringing in my ears was louder than usual. And when I drifted off with other thoughts, I said my intent to re-connect to your meditation. But other than that, I felt nothing. I guess that I wasn’t ready.

After the meditation, I had to lie down for a while as I was feeling a chill across my whole body. Don’t know whether it’s due to the lack of fuel in my body as I was fasting one whole day with just warm water. I wasn’t even hungry and just took a light dinner.

By now, glad that my headache and ringing are gone…at least when I wrote this.

Thanks Lynn, for this meditation.

Buddhist Lady said...

I woke up yesterday feeling psychically (mentally) beat up and bruised. I was absolutely fatigued. Foggy and discombobulated. Very, very strange for me. I had no marks on my body, but I felt like someone (as they say in the South) had "whopped my tail." I got up and got ready. I didn't meditate but did my normal Buddhist practice for an hour. I understood a little more about why I was feeling so fatigued...some little intuitions. I didn't feel any energy surge, but at a certain point, I felt the need to "bear down" as women do during childbirth and grounded into the floor. Weird, huh?

This morning, as I got up, the sun began peeking over my backyard wall (of cinderblocks), and I was struck by what I sensed was a glowing renewed energy and brightness. Honestly, I have never, ever seen the sun look so bright. I was literally thunderstruck. Fantastic. The sun felt like "all was good."