Friday, March 16, 2018

Hawking and Marrs

The following question was sent to me, and I think it is best if I break it down into parts: 

Q.  Stephen Hawking died recently and Jim Marrs died a few months ago. If you were to channel them, would you be able to ask them if they have learned new secrets about the universe that they did not know when they were alive in this world? 

A. I don't channel, but I can serve as a medium for them.  In tuning in, and asking this question I hear that "everything has a life force tied to it, some is active and some is residual."  When I ask for clarification, I get that living things have a visible active life force.  It surrounds the being much like an aura.  It is like you can see the vibration surrounding it. 

Things that appear to be nonliving still have this phenomena.  It is caused by something living that touched it (residual) or something that was one living passed (like a fossil in a rock) during its' creating.  

They are also telling me that your senses open, and you absorb and experience things fully.  For example, if you see a flower you know what it smells, tastes, looks, feels (to the touch and it's actual feelings) and sounds like by being in it's presence.  

Q. Has Jim Marrs learned who killed JFK and if he had anything else to share with us? 

A. I hear him chuckle as he says "Yes, and now I can finally rest."  He made this assassination an obsession, and even though he would uncover a theory with reasonable doubt, he couldn't find the "smoking gun, literally" (he say followed by a laugh).  He then says something about "I can lay the truth out for the world, but they will like through it like it's invisible."

My impression is that Marrs liked to talk in limericks and puns. ??  He is acting like he wants to joke with me, and starts to sing karaoke, but the words on the screen don't match what he is singing.  He starts with a hum, and sings "Down by the C I walk along, walk along singing my song, and as I walk I start to fly, like A bird that sees all.  As I fly high, above the trees, and my eyes become wide, I stop to rest on a blueberry Bush."  He hums a little more, and then it fades off... 

Q. How did Stephen Hawking feel once he passed into the next world and he was free of his wheelchair and his Lou Gehrig disease? 

A.  He said he felt large.  He has been contained and limited in this body for so long, that once he shed it like a heavy snowsuit, he could stretch out.  He is saying he felt like what fluid looks like, so limber, so free. 

Q. Can you channel and RV someone immediately after they die or do you have to wait several days or months? 

A.  It depends on the person.  Some you can almost immediately, others it takes a little time. 

Q. Do they instantly know everything to be known?

A.  Every being is different.  Most know most everything right away, with some periodic "downloads" as they ascend in spirit.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn 
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Carlene said...

Thank you for this post. This reinforces what people have been thinking for a long time. Reminds me of the Bush/Tesla connection.
I have always wondered “Why” about Stephen-Could you shed light on the fact that the Hawking that recently passed away is not the original Stephen? Here is a photo of the Stephen that I knew:

Robert Schoen said...

Jim Marrs was a great truthseeker and intellect who I greatlyvadmired and learned a lot from. The JFK assassination was one of those pivotal false flag events that woke up many of our generation to how the government and media collude to hide things from the public. It was basically a coup d'tat overseen by Bush Sr and the CIA which would have been easily exposed and blown with today's cell phones, but as Marrs told Lynn, even if the truth was presented with clear evidence it wouldn't be seen by most people. Trump is smart to hire his own Blackwater body guards and I'm sure JFK is smiling down on him and hoping he succeeds in "breaking the CIA into a million pieces" as he attempted to do back in 1963.

Marrs also covered many other important topics of Aliens, and the world's secret history in books like "Rule by Secrecy." Another great researcher I admire is Lloyd Pye who wrote of Hominoids disproving evolution and even sasquash. I suspect both these truthtellers met an early death because of the topics they wrote about.

As to Charlene's point, Hawking never resonated with me, much like this Dalai Lama. I think they're both phonies or replacements on some level. As with Marrs and Pye they usually try to shut up the real deal and give airtime to those putting out messages they control.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn, very intresting!
Plz could you clarify this story about Hawking?
Back in 2004 the Iranian physicist Mehran Keshe submitted a paper to the English Astronomical Society versing on the Creation of Black Holes. " On the same day that Mehran Keshe received the answer from the British Astronomical Society stating that they would not publish it but rather keep it in their library for later consultation, Steven Hawkins announced that after thirty years of sticking to his opinion that black holes do not leak energy, he changed his mind.

In fact his new opinion was the exact copy of the submitted article.

Thank You!

Watchand Knock said...

Actually this is the active link, sorry!

The enlightened one said...

@Robert Schoen
I agree with the third section of your post!

@Watchand Knock
Very suspicious indeed!

Raymond said...

I wonder what Rocks and Trees would say to us if we could communicate with them?

I heard Jim Marrs on Coast to Coast AM a few times. He was a jovial guy with a hearty laugh. I like the way he said CIA, highlighted in a song and ended it with BUSH. Suggesting a Bush family member was involved in the shooting. Supposedly there is a grainy picture of George H W Bush standing among the crowd when JFK was shot. Bush41 says he does not remember where he was when it happened, which is surprising; because everyone in that era knew where they were when they heard about JFK's death. Just like we all know where we were when 9-11 occurred. I wish Marrs would tell you what he knows about it. People won't believe him because they don't want to consider anything other than the story line of Oswald being the lone gunman. People are more concerned about the Kardashians than the truth.

It's a shame we can't tap into someone from the other side and just ask questions all day long to get answers to unsolved mysteries.

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

Is Hawkins not embarrassed having vehemently denied an afterlife and a Creator his entire life?

Smart doesnt equal wise. Atheism is the nadir of spirituality. It is the equivalent of kindergarten in terms of understanding.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Thanks Lynn for the reading. Below is from quantum healing and beyond YouTube channel:-

"Thank you to all recent subscribers to our Quantum Healing and Beyond channel. Tomorrow, March 17, 2018 I will be interviewing Pamela Aaralyn LIVE on her YT channel. Her video is called "Stephen Hawking and the A Team, the EVENT and more" Surprisingly, Hawking is already anxious to share information from the other side of the veil, and this is at HIS request, not Pamela's. ;) Also DOLORES CANNON weighs in on The Event ... as well as others in the A Team."

Craig said...

Lynn, was there a karmic reason that Hawking had such a severe disability? I realize some souls want to fast track through a lot of karma and have accelerated soul growth, therefore take on a lot in one lifetime.

Robert Schoen said...

For decades I intuitively ignored Hawking (much like I did celebrity astronimer Carl Sagan) even though I have always been fascinated by Tesla and other geniuses who seem to tap into a higher consciousness. I never thought he was fake, just sensed he was not worth paying any attention to. I never suspected he might have been a replacement actor, but after comparing photos and reading up a bit it makes perfect sense. I highly recommend anyone interested to check out Mile Mathis, an artist and scientist I respect, who shows by comparative photos and common sense how Hawking was replaced by a younger lookalike with distinctly different facial structure in 1985.

I also recommend checking out the previous poster's "psychic healing" Youtube channel as a perfect example of a fake psychic. They call themselves "the A team" while tossing off a list of recognizable names like Hawking, Einstein, ect. who all had the urgent need to contact them to talk about the Event. I could watch for only a few minutes before tuning it out, it screamed dishonesty taking advantage of the gullible.

Denise Christensen said...

Interesting reading! (and the comments as well -- I learn so much from you all).

I also lost interest in Hawking when he proclaimed there was no Creator or afterlife. How can someone who studies the universe not be completely awed and humbled by its grand design? Intuitively, I sensed an emptiness with Hawking but had never (until now) heard this theory of his replacement. Will have to take a look at that, very interesting.

And yes of course the Bush family are guilty as can be! It would be common knowledge if the PTW didn't control the message.

The enlightened one said...

Carl Sagan may be mainstream, but I must say I like his documentary series Cosmos very much, and the way he presents different fields of science in it. He presents it in a very poetic, beautiful and slightly philosophical way.

Alex said...

@Xbots and @Denise

You two are confused between afterlife and your Christian god creator. Proof of afterlife doesn't imply there is a creator, these two concepts are mutually exclusive. Christianity don't believe in reincarnation even though they believe on an after-life which other eastern religions also believe in. Again, these two concepts (reincarnation, after-life) are mutually exclusive.

If everything needs to be created, then who created god in the first place? So your theory falls apart on your first assumption that everything needs to be created. Did chicken come first or egg come first.

Many Christians fail to realize that the existence of creator god doesn't imply that the bible was written by his so-called messenger and all the words in the bible are absolute truth. Many of the words in the bible were proven wrong by Lynn, Edgar Cayce, many other psychics and Buddha's readings on past lives etc.

Some PTW can easily create a new religion today and say these are the words of creator 'god' and that other religions are all demonic just like what those PTW did during the Roman empire to Christianity.

As for Hawkings, many of us who studied spiritual science already know that all living beings (Humans and animals) have aura which is actually manifestation of their souls. It is shocking that he couldn't fathom this while he was alive.

Alex said...


Physical disabilities (blindness, mute, paralysed legs, disfigurement etc) are all karmic lesson due to what one did or should have done to others in a past lives.

However, each person is unique and a reading on Hawkings's past life would shed some light on the reason for his disability.

If only Lynn could revive the 'past and future life series' that have stopped for a long time in this blog.

MediumBrian said...

Hawking visited the famous lolita island of jeffrey epstein, a known human sex trafficker.
Nobody should look up to him imo. Unless the real hawking was killed off before this and cloned or something.

Unknown said...

"Christianity don't believe in reincarnation..."
Actually, there are several references to reincarnation in the Bible. The Catholic Church banned mention of it early in its history, and the habit stuck and spread into Protestant churches too, but there is no Biblical basis for this custom.

What we call "The Bible" is a compilation of works by various authors put together by a council of Bishops at Nicea in 325 AD. Some works not included were saved separately as the "Apocrypha". The Bible is not a monolithic book.

"these two concepts (reincarnation, after-life) are mutually exclusive..."
People rest in the after-life for a while after their lives end, then have another incarnation if so desiring. Sort of like a summer vacation before another term of school.

Buddhist Lady said...

Actually, the comments are really fantastic, folks.

@Watch...didn't know about Hawking apparently stealing Keshe's work. I've read up (a little) on Keshe. He's impressive. How else can you explain Obama taking the actions he did? And, of course, Obama, like all U.S. presidents, works for the...whatever. Insert your name in the blank. Elite, consortium, power brokers, etc.

@Robert..."For decades I intuitively ignored Hawking (much like I did celebrity astronimer Carl Sagan)...." Perhaps because of a cavalier attitude, which remains a core characteristic of my being, I tended to ignore most of this stuff. You gotta kinda hit me over the head with a mallet or something.

@Alex...I see you're interested in reincarnation. I've recently encountered Tom Kenyon who channels a group called the Hathors. If this group exists (an Arcturian invited them here to help balance Earth energies), I see a Golden Mean Path from their Universe to ours. Their Universe is in complete harmony and balance. After following one of their exercises, I saw two aspects of my personality and how they are interwined and dependent upon each other...i.e., the Yin/Yang thing. One would not exist without the other, and actually, they "create" each other. Wild!!!!! The Hathors entered our Universe (supposedly) with no weapons. They disappear if conflict arises...they don't participate thereby honoring that life and their own. Sounds quite Buddhist to me.

@Neeraj...I'll take a look later...gotta go now. I always enjoy your references. When I had my QHHT, Dolores came through (amazing how you're pure consciousness when under) and "asked" me to convey (How do you speak about thoughts which just become your mind?) her appreciation and pride for the QHHT practitioner.

@Robert...true, the reading may well contain much false info. I'm reading Laura Knight-J 's wave series, and I think she well points out, as Lynn has, how lies are sandwiched between truths. Always interesting to consider.

GREAT comments, everyone.

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...


What a strange reply, you seem to conflate me with some kind of fundamentalist Christian. Seems like a straw man if I ever saw it.

God isnt created, God always was, all-that-is. God creates the universe by thought extending outward from self and by slowing down the vibrational rate of the living energy until it basically freezes and appears immutable. All matter is to viewed as frozen light. This isnt new, its basic Aristotle and the unmoved mover. A less known reference is Hermes Trismegistus, still nothing new for the enlightened.

Hawkings denied all of the above, basically parroting the mindless sentiments of the positivists.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the great comments. I just sat down and still digesting all of them.

Hawking didn't really feel surprised about the afterlife, because I feel that some influence forced him to make those statements...Those weren't his true feelings. Very interesting comments tied to this "belief" Hawking discussed.

I loved the quote someone said about "small doesn't equal wise." Something about that quote stuck with me.

Thank you again. I loved reading through all these! I realize there are other questions too. Please feel free to put them on the blog request page (they deserve their own post).

Denise Christensen said...

@Alex -- Interesting comment - I agree with you about Hawking but don't quite follow the rest of your argument. I gave up on chicken and egg questions a long time ago. I happen to be a firm believer in reincarnation and am not at all interested in limiting my definition of God to Christian or any other religious denomination for that matter. To me God is All That Is. Period. I suppose I'm one of those who sees some truth in all religions as well as some man-made tampering.

Denise Christensen said...

@Lynn-- now I'm really intrigued. I wonder what influence was behind Hawking that would prevent him from speaking his full truth.

Hulsie said...

I was really hoping you would have answered Carlene's first question. Was the Stephen Hawking that passed away this week, the original or a clone/look-a-like?

Denise Christensen said...

Sorry one last post on the topic of Hawking. I found this Daily Mail article that provides a good explanation of why he might have been replaced:

"The most common theory is that it was – and still is - important for those in control to push science and 'lose' God. The powers that be want people to feel that they are tiny unimportant dots in an infinite universe, on one of a trillion planets, in a sea of countless suns, the reason being that people who feel insignificant and small also feel powerless and unimportant, thus making them easier to control."

Alex said...

@Denise @Xbots

What I am saying is that there might or might not be a creator god but that god is certainly not equivalent to the Christian god depicted in the bible.

The creator god if he did exist, would not interfere in daily lives of living beings. He would only create the laws of the universe such as laws of gravity, newton's laws, spiritual laws such as karma and reincarnation. These laws don't need intervention from 'god' to work in different ways for different people if you pray or believe in creator god. The laws are impartial to everyone regardless of their beliefs.

If you were to watch the Discovery Channel, the universe wasn't formed in one day. Stars and planets were formed by gravity and dust particles which collapsed onto each other over million of years. Stars explode and new stars are born almost everyday through the interaction of matter left over by older stars.

The afterlife in Christianity meant that all souls are either condemned to eternal hell or eternal heaven based on whether they believe in Jesus. I have been ridiculed by Christians because I believe in reincarnation. So afterlife doesn't mean reincarnation.

Does this make sense?

Neeraj Chadha said...

I come across the following video in which a guy share his experience of THE EVENT. He had an experience on March 15, 2018. Lynn is his experience real? Thanks.

Thanks Buddy Lady for your kind words. Blessings.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Lady discussing her experience of THE EVENT:-

What do you think Lynn of their experience? Thanks.

Denise Christensen said...

@Alex -- I'm sorry you've been ridiculed by some Christians but there will always be those who think they've cornered the market on God. It's one of the reasons I stay away from religious communities and prefer to go it alone (or else seek out alternative blogs like Lynn's). I see the afterlife as a sort of resting place between lives but I'm keeping an open mind until I get there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you do make sense.